Series     Author
Billy & Baxter C D Stampley Enterprises
Trust No Man Ca$h
Trust No Bitch Ca$h; Capri, NeNe
Cimarron Creek Cabot, Amanda
Mesquite Springs Cabot, Amanda
Secrets of Sweetwater Crossing Cabot, Amanda
Texas Crossroads Cabot, Amanda
Texas Dreams Cabot, Amanda
Westward Winds Cabot, Amanda
Abandon Cabot, Meg
An Airhead Novel Cabot, Meg
An All-American Girl Novel Cabot, Meg
Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls Cabot, Meg
Avalon High Cabot, Meg
Avalon High: Coronation Cabot, Meg
The Boy Cabot, Meg
A Heather Wells Mystery Cabot, Meg
Insatiable Cabot, Meg
Little Bridge Island Cabot, Meg
The New York Journal Cabot, Meg
The Princess Diaries Cabot, Meg
Princess Olivia of Genovia Cabot, Meg
Queen of Babble Cabot, Meg
A Witches of West Harbor Novel Cabot, Meg
Isle of Skye Cabot, Patricia
Rawlings Cabot, Patricia
Little Princesses Cabrera, Aleix
The Stories of the Seven Cabrera, Dax
Related Books Cach, Lisa
Succubus/Incubus Cach, Lisa
Wild Hearts Cade, Ashley
Willow Brook Falls Cade, Ashley
COTS: Coalition of the Supernatural Cadeaux, Sass
Waynes of Wood Mount Cadell, Elizabeth
Super Hero Adventures Cadenhead, Mackenzie
The Changes Cadman, Tim
Hubert and Edmund Cadnum, Michael
Robin Hood Cadnum, Michael
The Warren Files Cady, Kevin
Tapestry of Tten Caesar, Julia
Vincent Cafaggi, Vitor
Raven McShane Mysteries Caffrey, Stephanie
A Leroy Silver Adventure Cage, Alex
An Orlando Black Novel Cage, Alex
Orlando Black Stories Cage, Alex
Spy Girls Cage, Elizabeth
The Alphas Cage, Jessica
Djinn Rebellion Cage, Jessica
The High Arc Cage, Jessica
Scorned by the Gods Cage, Jessica
Siren Cage, Jessica
Bewitched with Love Cagle, J.M.
A Billionaire's Love Story Cagle, J.M.
Billionaires in Love Cagle, J.M.
The Billionaire of Nottinghamshire Cagle, J.M.
The Billionaire's Brother Cagle, J.M.
Daughter of Eden Cagle, J.M.
The Doctor and The Billionaire Cagle, J.M.
Falling for the Billionaire Cagle, J.M.
Haunting Love Cagle, J.M.
In Love with a Billionaire Cagle, J.M.
Loving the Billionaire Cagle, J.M.
Atheisaurus Cahill-Lloyd, Andrew
Call Me Cahill, Ellie
Cordially Invited Cahill, Ellie
Don't Ruin Katie's Wedding Cahill, Ellie
Alpha Bear Princes Cahill, Lily
Bull Rider Cahoon, Lynn
Castle View Cahoon, Lynn
A Cat Latimer Mystery Cahoon, Lynn
A Farm-to-Fork Mystery Cahoon, Lynn
A Haunted Life Cozy Mystery Cahoon, Lynn
A Kitchen Witch Mystery Cahoon, Lynn
A Survivors' Book Club Mystery Cahoon, Lynn
A Tourist Trap Mystery Cahoon, Lynn
Project Horizon Caidryn, Branli
A Maxey Burnell Mystery Cail, Carol
An Ian Quayle Spy Novel Caillou, Alan
A Mike Benasque Thriller Caillou, Alan
Tobin's War Caillou, Alan
Alpha's Claim Cain, Addison
Alpha's Control Cain, Addison
Cradle of Darkness Cain, Addison
Insatiable Instinct Cain, Addison
Wren's Song Cain, Addison
Archie Sheridan Cain, Chelsea
A Bermuda Triangle Mystery Cain, Chelsea
Kick Lannigan Cain, Chelsea
Man-Eaters Cain, Chelsea
Mockingbird Cain, Chelsea
Back to Silver Ridge Cain, Claire
The OCONUS Bonus Cain, Claire
Rambler Battalion Cain, Claire
Silver Ridge Resort Cain, Claire
Torn Slater Cain, Jackson
Saigon Commandos Cain, Jonathan
The Everheart Brothers of Texas Cain, Kelly
Secret Ties Cain, Kelly
Adventures of Alexin Cain, Kenneth W.
Jade Chronicles Cain, Kenneth W.
Lifeblood Saga Cain, Kenneth W.
Circles In Hell Cain, Mark
Little Saigon Cain, Nicholas
The Empire Cain, Ronald L.
An Accident Man Novel Cain, Tom
A Sam Carver Thriller Cain, Tom
A Cassidy Edwards Novel Caine, Carmen
The Glass Wall Caine, Carmen
Heather House Caine, Carmen
Highland Heart Caine, Carmen
Ace Carpenter Caine, Hamilton
A Domestic Bliss Mystery Caine, Leslie
A Benvolio Novel Caine, Rachel
The Great Library Caine, Rachel
Holly & Andy Caine, Rachel
The Morganville Vampires Caine, Rachel
Outcast Season Caine, Rachel
Red Letter Days Caine, Rachel
A Revivalist Novel Caine, Rachel
Stillhouse Lake Caine, Rachel
Weather Warden Caine, Rachel
Honors Caine, Rachel; Aguirre, Ann
The Holiday Heart Cajio, Linda
Kittredge Family Saga Cajio, Linda
Rescuing Diana Cajio, Linda
Best Babysitters Ever Cala, Caroline
Related Books Calame, Don
An Ada Lace Adventure Calandrelli, Emily
Ice Cream Dreams Calanni, Gina
Scourge Calas, Roberto
The Egyptian Sequence Caldecott, Moyra
The Sacred Stones Caldecott, Moyra
Royal Mates Calder, Alexis
Truck Buddies Calder, C.J.
A Bill Damen Mystery Calder, James
Bonanza Calder, Stephen
A Paula Savard Mystery Calder, Susan
A Backwoods Justice Novel Caldwell, C. Hoyt
Related Books Caldwell, Carol
All the Duke's Sins Caldwell, Christi
The Brethren Caldwell, Christi
Brethren of the Lords Caldwell, Christi
A Danby Novella Caldwell, Christi
The Heart of a Duke Caldwell, Christi
The Heart of a Scandal Caldwell, Christi
Lords of Honor Caldwell, Christi
Lost Lords of London Caldwell, Christi
The Read Family Saga Caldwell, Christi
Scandalous Affairs Caldwell, Christi
Scandalous Seasons Caldwell, Christi
Seven Deadly Sins Caldwell, Christi
Sinful Brides Caldwell, Christi
The Theodosia Sword Caldwell, Christi
Wantons of Waverton Caldwell, Christi
Wicked Wallflowers Caldwell, Christi
Brides of Archer Ranch Caldwell, Cindy
Wild West Frontier Brides Caldwell, Cindy
A Craft Fair Knitters Mystery Caldwell, Emmie
The Geek Girl Squad Caldwell, Jasmine
The Pig Caldwell, Joseph
Amish Pie Caldwell, Kelly
An Izzy MacNeil Novel Caldwell, Laura
Love, Lies & Limos Caldwell, Maggie
Star Struck Caldwell, Ri'chard J.
Barbours/Bouchards Caldwell, Taylor
Related Caldwell, Taylor
Southwark Scions Cale, Jessica
The Southwark Saga Cale, Jessica
Charlie Hernandez Calejo, Ryan
Tales of Triumph and Disaster! Caletti, Deb
The Aeon Chronologies Caley, Taylor
A Sloane Templeton Mystery Calhoun, Bonnie S.
Stone Braide Chronicles Calhoun, Bonnie S.
Eva of the Farm Calhoun, Dia
Greengard Orchard Calhoun, Dia
A Windward Adventure Calhoun, Dia
Texas Tracker Calhoun, Tom
Alaskan Grooms Calhoune, Belle
Guardians Inc. Calhoune, Belle
Home to Owl Creek Calhoune, Belle
Mistletoe, Maine Calhoune, Belle
Secrets of Savannah Calhoune, Belle
Serenity Peak Calhoune, Belle
Seven Brides Seven Brothers Calhoune, Belle
Seven Brides Seven Brothers Pelican Bay Calhoune, Belle
West Falls, TX Calhoune, Belle
The New Girl Calin, Cassandra
Boys of Wartime Calkhoven, Laurie
A Lucy Campion Mystery Calkins, Susanna
Speakeasy Mysteries Calkins, Susanna
Just Add Magic Callaghan, Cindy
Lost Callaghan, Cindy
A Cruise Director Millie Mystery Callaghan, Hope
A Cruise Ship Cozy Mystery Callaghan, Hope
A Divine Cozy Mystery Callaghan, Hope
Easton Island Callaghan, Hope
Garden Girls: The Golden Years Callaghan, Hope
The Garden Girls Callaghan, Hope
A Lack of Luxury Cozy Mystery Callaghan, Hope
A Made in Savannah Cozy Mystery Callaghan, Hope
Samantha Rite Callaghan, Hope
Sweet Southern Sleuths Short Stories Callaghan, Hope
Circle of Seven Callahan, Coreene
A Dragonfury Novel Callahan, Coreene
Dragonfury Bad Boys Callahan, Coreene
Dragonfury Scotland Callahan, Coreene
The Mirror Kingdom Chronicles Callahan, Coreene
Armored Corps Callahan, Pete
Campbell-Strayhorn Dynasty Callahan, Sadie
A Brian Donodio Mystery Callahan, Sheila Macgill
Fractured Legacy Callahan, Skye
Redline Callahan, Skye
Kentucky Summers Callahan, Tim
Dragon Callander, Don
Mancer Callander, Don
Warlock Callander, Don
Blackwoods Callaway, Grace
The Chronicles of Abigail Jones Callaway, Grace
Game of Dukes Callaway, Grace
Heart of Enquiry Callaway, Grace
Lady Charlotte's Society of Angels Callaway, Grace
A Bundilla Novel Callen, Alissa
Outback Dust Callen, Alissa
Wildflower Ranch Callen, Alissa
A Woodlea Novel Callen, Alissa
Brides of Redemption Callen, Gayle
Elizabethan/Renaissance Trilogy Callen, Gayle
Elizabethan/Renaissance Trilogy (Duplicate) Callen, Gayle
Highland Weddings Callen, Gayle
Scandalous Callen, Gayle
The Sisters of Willow Pond Callen, Gayle
Sons of Scandal Callen, Gayle
Spies and Lovers Callen, Gayle
Welles Reaissance Trilogy (Duplicate) Callen, Gayle
Welles Renaissance Trilogy Callen, Gayle
Darkest London Callihan, Kristen
Game On Callihan, Kristen
VIP Callihan, Kristen
Captain Edward Trapp Callison, Brian
Winter Callister, Alex
Kate Lange Callow, Pamela
First Daughter Calloway, Cassidy
Elemental Clans Calloway, Elaine
Southern Ghosts Calloway, Elaine
A Cassidy James Mystery Calloway, Kate
Grooms of Crooked Creek Calloway, Susannah
Hidden Creek Brides Calloway, Susannah
Mail Order Brides of Arkansas Calloway, Susannah
Mail Order Brides of Bluff's Pike Calloway, Susannah
Mail Order Brides of California Calloway, Susannah
Mail Order Brides of Colorado Calloway, Susannah
Mail Order Brides of Culver's Creek Calloway, Susannah
Mail Order Brides of Fielder's Union Calloway, Susannah
Mail Order Brides of Fort Regent Calloway, Susannah
Mail Order Brides of Fort Riggins Calloway, Susannah
Mail Order Brides of Landy City Calloway, Susannah
Mail Order Brides of Laramie Calloway, Susannah
Mail Order Brides of Lawton City Calloway, Susannah
Mail Order Brides of Miles Gulch Calloway, Susannah
Mail Order Brides of Missouri Calloway, Susannah
Mail Order Brides of Montana Calloway, Susannah
Mail Order Brides of Mossy Meadow Calloway, Susannah
Mail Order Brides of Nebraska Calloway, Susannah
Mail Order Brides of New Mexico Calloway, Susannah
Mail Order Brides of Pine Ridge Calloway, Susannah
Mail Order Brides of Rose Valley Calloway, Susannah
Mail Order Brides of Shadow Gulch Calloway, Susannah
Mail Order Brides of Spring Valley Calloway, Susannah
Mail Order Brides of Texas Calloway, Susannah
Plum River Brides Calloway, Susannah
Sister Brides of Pepper Gulch Calloway, Susannah
Sweetwater Brides Calloway, Susannah
The Xenton Chronicles Calloway, W.M.
The Adventures of Allie and Amy Calmenson, Stephanie
The Gator Girls Calmenson, Stephanie
Our Principal Calmenson, Stephanie
A Yes-And-No Book Calmenson, Stephanie
The Adventures of Allie and Amy Calmenson, Stephanie; Cole, Joanna
Ready, Set, Dogs! Calmenson, Stephanie; Cole, Joanna
American Girl: Z Yang Calonita, Jen
Belles Calonita, Jen
Fairy Tale Reform School Calonita, Jen
Lost Legends Calonita, Jen
Royal Academy Rebels Calonita, Jen
Secrets of My Hollywood Life Calonita, Jen
VIP Calonita, Jen
A Detective Reef Kahili Mystery Calverley, J.M.
Crisis Team Calvert, Candace
Grace Medical Calvert, Candace
Mercy Hospital Calvert, Candace
A Darcy Cavanaugh Mystery Calvert, Candy
Divine Darkness Calvert, Kris
Jane Doe Calvert, Kris
Moonlight and Magnolias Calvert, Kris
Tyler Bohannon Calvert, Patricia
Related Books Calvin, June
Related Books - 2 Calvin, June
Related Books - 3 Calvin, June
Gulf Coast Rescue Calvin, Sharon
A Hannibal Jones Mystery Camacho, Austin S.
A Stark and O'Brien Thriller Camacho, Austin S.
The Anti Demon League Camacho, Christopher
Demon High Camacho, Christopher
Ignite Camacho, Fleur
The Last Seeker Camacho, Fleur
Legends of Genesia Camarillo, Eric
Almanza Crime Family Camaron, Chelsea
Bad Boys of the Road Camaron, Chelsea
Blue Collar Bad Boys Camaron, Chelsea
Devil's Due MC Camaron, Chelsea
The Fire Inside Camaron, Chelsea
Hellions Ride Camaron, Chelsea
Hellions Ride On Camaron, Chelsea
Love and Repair Camaron, Chelsea
The Suffragettes Choice Brides Agency Cambridge, Kate
A Hidden Masterpiece Novel Cambron, Kristy
Lost Castle Cambron, Kristy
Abducted Cambule, Lee
The Blackstone Legacy Camden, Elizabeth
Empire State Camden, Elizabeth
Hope and Glory Camden, Elizabeth
The Alignment Camden, Kay
Unquiet Camden, Kay
Lightning Catcher Cameron, Anne
Amish Roads Cameron, Barbara
Coming Home Cameron, Barbara
Harvest of Hope Cameron, Barbara
Hearts of Lancaster County Cameron, Barbara
Quilts of Lancaster County Cameron, Barbara
Stitches in Time Cameron, Barbara
Related Books Cameron, Caryn
Corrigan Falls Raiders Cameron, Cate
Sullivan Lake Cameron, Cate
Behind Your Back Cameron, Chelsea M.
Benson Brothers Cameron, Chelsea M.
Castleton Hearts Cameron, Chelsea M.
Fall and Rise Cameron, Chelsea M.
Hot Mess Cameron, Chelsea M.
Love in Vacationland Cameron, Chelsea M.
Mainely Books Club Cameron, Chelsea M.
My Favorite Mistake Cameron, Chelsea M.
The Noctalis Chronicles Cameron, Chelsea M.
Rules of Love Cameron, Chelsea M.
Squad Stories Cameron, Chelsea M.
Surrendering Saga Cameron, Chelsea M.
Violet Hill Cameron, Chelsea M.
The Whisper Trilogy Cameron, Chelsea M.
Tom Swan and the Head of St George Cameron, Christian
Tyrant Cameron, Christian
Castle Bride Cameron, Collette
Chronicles of the Westbrook Brides Cameron, Collette
Conundrums of the Misses Culpepper Cameron, Collette
Daughters of Desire Cameron, Collette
Heart of a Scot Cameron, Collette
Highland Heather: Romancing a Scot Cameron, Collette
The Honorable Rogues Cameron, Collette
Seductive Scoundrels Cameron, Collette
A Waltz with a Rogue Novella Cameron, Collette
An Emma Fielding Mystery Cameron, Dana
Fangborn Cameron, Dana
Julia Redfern Cameron, Eleanor
Mushroom Planet Cameron, Eleanor
Redwood Cove Cameron, Eleanor
The Dream War Saga Cameron, Erica
The Ryogan Chronicles Cameron, Erica
Reading The Dead Cameron, J.B.
Twin Cities Cameron, J.B.
Omega Sub Cameron, J.D.
Landon Legacy Cameron, Julie
Related Books Cameron, Kate
Whispering Hills Cameron, Kate
Related Books Cameron, Kenneth
A Kit O'Malley Mystery Cameron, Lindy
Stringer Cameron, Lou
Arliss Cutter Cameron, Marc
Jericho Quinn Cameron, Marc
The Traitor Son Cycle Cameron, Miles
Silver Key Cameron, N.J.
Freddy vs. School Cameron, Neill
A Fisher Key Adventure Cameron, Sam
Dark Unwinding Cameron, Sharon
Demons of Oblivion Cameron, Skyla Dawn
Elis O'Connor Cameron, Skyla Dawn
A Livi Talbot Novel Cameron, Skyla Dawn
River Cameron, Skyla Dawn
A Waverly Jones Mystery Cameron, Skyla Dawn
Alex Duggins Cameron, Stella
Bayou Books Cameron, Stella
Chimney Rock Cameron, Stella
A Court of Angels Novel Cameron, Stella
Edgy Romance Cameron, Stella
The Elliot Brothers Cameron, Stella
Love in Seattle Cameron, Stella
Mayfair Square Cameron, Stella
New Orleans PD Cameron, Stella
Related Books - 2 Cameron, Stella
Revenge Cameron, Stella
Rossmara Family Cameron, Stella
Azophi Academy Cameron, T.R.
The Chaos Shift Cycle Cameron, T.R.
Federal Agents of Magic Cameron, T.R.
Scions of Magic Cameron, T.R.
Witch Warrior Cameron, T.R.
Dog Cameron, W. Bruce
A Dog's Purpose Puppy Tale Cameron, W. Bruce
A Dog's Way Home Tale Cameron, W. Bruce
Lily to the Rescue Cameron, W. Bruce
Ruddy McCann Cameron, W. Bruce
Bantu Academy Camille, D.
Black Diamond Camille, D.
The Black Land Camille, D.
The Blackman Saga Camille, D.
The Book Club Camille, D.
The Creators Camille, D.
Excellence Camille, D.
Fall Black in Love Camille, D.
The Heirs Camille, D.
The Life of Bliss Camille, D.
The Negus Effect Camille, D.
Sable Inn Camille, D.
Uncut Camille, D.
A Salvo Montalbano Mystery Camilleri, Andrea
The Guardians of Peace Caminsky, Jeffrey
Edison Beaker, Creature Seeker Cammuso, Frank
Knights of the Lunch Table Cammuso, Frank
The Misadventures of Salem Hyde Cammuso, Frank
Otto Cammuso, Frank
A Horse Rescue Mystery Camp, Amber
A Crescent City Novel Camp, Bryan
Aincourt's Hearts Camp, Candace
Legend of St. Dwynwen Camp, Candace
A Little Town in Texas Camp, Candace
The Lost Heirs Camp, Candace
Male Cousins Duet Camp, Candace
The Matchmakers Camp, Candace
Moreland Family Camp, Candace
Secrets of the Loch Camp, Candace
Stonecliffe Camp, Candace
Tyrell's Lilies Camp, Candace
Willowmere Camp, Candace
Campy Romances Camp, Deborah
Kindred Hearts Romances Camp, Deborah
Mind's Eye Camp, Deborah
Pride and Passion Camp, Deborah
Tough Man Camp, Deborah
Wild Hearts Camp, Deborah
Love & Adventure Camp, Elaine
The Mysterious Miss Snoddy Campain, Jim
Deepgate Codex Campbell, Alan
An Annie O'Hara & Claudius Mystery Campbell, Ann
Dashing Widows Campbell, Anna
The Lairds Most Likely Campbell, Anna
A Scandal in Mayfair Campbell, Anna
Scoundrels of Mayfair Campbell, Anna
Sons of Sin Campbell, Anna
Diary of an Almost Cool Girl Campbell, B. / Campbell, Bill
Trickster's Game Campbell, Barbara
Whitewater Campbell, Bethany
A Matty Graves Novel Campbell, Broos
Abducted Beauty Campbell, Candace
A Benedict Hall Novel Campbell, Cate
A Greg McKenzie Mystery Campbell, Chester D.
A Post-Cold War Trilogy Campbell, Chester D.
A Sid Chance Mystery Campbell, Chester D.
The Adventures of Jesus Christ Campbell, Colin
A Resurrection Man Novel Campbell, Colin
Steve Decker and Dave Black Campbell, Colin
Hopewell Saga Campbell, Drusilla
California Legends Campbell, Glynnis
Knights of de Ware Campbell, Glynnis
Scottish Lasses Campbell, Glynnis
The Warrior Daughters of Rivenloch Campbell, Glynnis
The Warrior Lairds of Rivenloch Campbell, Glynnis
Warrior Maids of Rivenloch Campbell, Glynnis
A Sergeant Wiseguy Chronicle Campbell, H.D.
Rainbow Porter Campbell, Harlen
Johnny Cannon Campbell, Isaiah
Into the West Campbell, J.A.
The Doomed Earth Campbell, Jack
Empress of the Endless Sea Campbell, Jack
Genesis Fleet Campbell, Jack
Legacy of Dragons Campbell, Jack
The Lost Fleet Campbell, Jack
The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier Campbell, Jack
The Lost Fleet: Outlands Campbell, Jack
The Lost Stars Campbell, Jack
Pillars of Reality Campbell, Jack
Angel Academy Campbell, Jamie
The Aron Angels Campbell, Jamie
The Defectives Campbell, Jamie
Fairy Tales Retold Campbell, Jamie
Fashion Campbell, Jamie
A Hairy Tail Campbell, Jamie
Keeper Campbell, Jamie
Never Alone Campbell, Jamie
Project Integrate Campbell, Jamie
Royal Fae Campbell, Jamie
Secret Songbook Campbell, Jamie
Shadow Academy Campbell, Jamie
Shadow Thief Campbell, Jamie
Star Kissed Campbell, Jamie
Suddenly Campbell, Jamie
Phantom Elements Campbell, Jennifer B.
Thoroughbred Campbell, Joanna
Thoroughbred - Ashleigh Campbell, Joanna
Thoroughbred Super Edition Campbell, Joanna
An Omega Days Novel Campbell, John L.
Fallen Angel Campbell, Jolene D.
Iron Blood Campbell, Jolene D.
An Olympia Brown Mystery Campbell, Judith
A Viridienne Green Mystery Campbell, Judith
Ginny Gordon Campbell, Julie
Zombie Problems Campbell, K.G.
Diary of an Almost Cool Witch Campbell, Kaz
Diary of Mr. TDH - (Also Known as) Mr Tall Dark and Handsome Campbell, Kaz
My Monster Campbell, Kaz
Smidge Campbell, Kella
L.G.H. Campbell, Kendra
Lunangelique Campbell, Kristin
Cartboy Campbell, L.A.
Century Farm Campbell, LeAnn
Innerworld Campbell, Marilyn
Innerworld Affairs Campbell, Marilyn
Lovers in Time Campbell, Marilyn
Lust and Lies Campbell, Marilyn
A Gina Gallo Mystery Campbell, Melodie
A Bully Novel Campbell, Morgan
Starlight Falls Campbell, Morgan
Brides of Ardent Campbell, N.L.
Trident Deception Campbell, Rick
Jake Hatch Campbell, Robert
A Jimmy Flannery Mystery Campbell, Robert
Whistler Campbell, Robert
Shadoweyes Campbell, Ross
Legend of Chip Campbell, Stanley E.
Grounding Quinn Campbell, Steph
Lengths Campbell, Steph; Reinhardt, Liz
John Burke Mystery Campbell, Tom Harley
Dead Forever Campbell, William
A Capucine Culinary Mystery Campion, Alexander
Best Intentions Campisi, Mary
Betrayed Trilogy Campisi, Mary
Family Affair Shorts: Park Bench Campisi, Mary
Model Wife Campisi, Mary
Reunion Gap Campisi, Mary
That Second Chance Campisi, Mary
Truth In Lies Campisi, Mary
Unlikely Husband Campisi, Mary
Vega Family Cana, Natalie
Carroll Davenport Canada, Wanda
A Black Sheep & Co. Mystery Canadeo, Anne
A Black Sheep Knitting Mystery Canadeo, Anne
Seven Blades of Legend Canady, Kyle
The Beantown Tales Canale, Suzie
Masters of Texas Canan, Lauren
California Dreamin' Canary, Kristin
Hallmark Beach Canary, Kristin
Age of the Five Canavan, Trudi
The Black Magician Trilogy Canavan, Trudi
Millennium's Rule Canavan, Trudi
The Traitor Spy Trilogy Canavan, Trudi
The Downworld Sequence Candon, Emma Mieko
Fairfield Orchard Cane, Emma
Valentine Valley Cane, Emma
Light Years Trilogy Cane, Nancy
Somerset ELM Canfield, Jeff
Misadventures of Max Bowman Canfield, Joel
Highlands Canham, Marsha
Pirate Wolf Canham, Marsha
Robin Hood Canham, Marsha
The Hard Cash Trilogy Cann, Kate
Holiday Cann, Kate
The Love Trilogy Cann, Kate
Related Books Cann, Kate
Rosalind Maclaren Cannam, Helen
Romance Cannavina, Whitney
Taken Cannavina, Whitney
An Ellie Haskell Mystery Cannell, Dorothy
A Florence Norris Mystery Cannell, Dorothy
PI Jack Wirta Cannell, Stephen J.
A Shane Scully Novel Cannell, Stephen J.
Giada the Healer Cannistra, Meg
Swords of Chaos Cannon, Alex
Boucher's World Cannon, Bea
Boyfriend Chronicles Cannon, Chris
Crossroads Chronicles Cannon, Chris
Dating Dilemmas Cannon, Chris
A Going Down in Flames Novel Cannon, Chris
Mysteries of Mystic Hills Cannon, Chris
Raven Chronicles Cannon, Deborah
Trafalgar and Boone Cannon, Geonn
Underdogs Cannon, Geonn
Joe Ryker Cannon, Jack
A Homegrown Novel Cannon, Julie
Love Cannon, Katy
Pooch Parlour Cannon, Katy
Kingdom of Walden Cannon, Kristan
Everson, Texas Cannon, Molly
Beautiful Darkness Cannon, Sarra
Eternal Sorrows Cannon, Sarra
Fairhope Cannon, Sarra
Sacrifice Me Cannon, Sarra
Shadow Demons Saga Cannon, Sarra
The Spiritwalkers Cannon, Sarra
Joanna Davis Cannon, Taffy
Nan Robinson Cannon, Taffy
A Roxanne Prescott Mystery Cannon, Taffy
Catalyst Cannon, Zoe
Hound of Hades Cannon, Zoe
Internal Defense Cannon, Zoe
A Crafty Chica Novel Cano-Murillo, Kathy
The O'Hara Dynasty Canon, Mary
Atlantis Canosa, Jamie
Dissidence Canosa, Jamie
Fight or Flight Canosa, Jamie
Pieces Canosa, Jamie
The Loew Brothers Canterbary, Kate
Talbott's Cove Canterbary, Kate
Vital Signs Canterbary, Kate
Walsh Canterbary, Kate
Adventures of Cowboy Bob Canterbury, David W.
A Poplar Cove Mystery Canterbury, Patricia E.
Ghoulia Cantini, Barbara
Brinna Caruso Cantore, Janice
Cold Case Justice Cantore, Janice
Line of Duty Cantore, Janice
Pacific Coast Justice Cantore, Janice
Demons of Saltmarch Cantrell, Courtney
Legends of the Light-Walkers Cantrell, Courtney
A Fat Cat Mystery Cantrell, Janet
Olympia Alien Mail Order Brides Cantrell, K.
Happily Ever After, Inc. Cantrell, Kat
In Name Only Cantrell, Kat
A Lot Like Home Cantrell, Kat
Love and Lipstick Cantrell, Kat
Newlywed Games Cantrell, Kat
SEALs of Duchess Island Cantrell, Kat
Switching Places Cantrell, Kat
Uptown Brides Cantrell, Kat
Hannah Vogel Cantrell, Rebecca
Celtic Storm Cantrell, Ria
Stone Family Saga Cantrell, Toni
The Dogs That Follow Their Detective Dreams Cantu, Sarah
A Barbara Marr Murder Mystery Cantwell, Karen
Love in Rustic Woods Cantwell, Karen
Sophie Rhodes Ghostly Romance Cantwell, Karen
Pax Femina Cantwell, R.J.
Cascade Mountain Railroad Mysteries Capeci, Anne
The Bone Mask Cycle Capes, Ashley
Book of Never Capes, Ashley
Reed Lavender Capes, Ashley
Slaves of the New World Capes, Ashley
The Brilliant Death Capetta, Amy Rose
Romantic Escapes Caplin, Julie
Positive Power Capozzi, Suzy
A Dana Leoni Mystery Capponi, Pat
Mission Multiverse Caprara, Rebecca
Florida Mystery Double Feature Capri, Diane
Heir Hunter / Michael Flint Capri, Diane
The Hunt for Jack Reacher Capri, Diane
The Hunt for Justice Capri, Diane
Hunt for Truth Capri, Diane
A Jess Kimball Thriller Capri, Diane
A Judge Willa Carson Mystery Capri, Diane
A Laura Cardinal Thriller Capri, Diane
A Park Hotel Mystery Capri, Diane
Related Books Capshaw, Carla
Biscuit Capucilli, Alyssa Satin
Biscuit (8x8) Capucilli, Alyssa Satin
Biscuit (Board Books) Capucilli, Alyssa Satin
Biscuit (Readers) Capucilli, Alyssa Satin
Katy Duck Capucilli, Alyssa Satin
The Library Fish Capucilli, Alyssa Satin
12 Days of Christmas Carabine, Sue
Night Before Christmas Carabine, Sue
Silent Fortune Carafa, Janet
Benteen Carberry, Ann
Four Roses Carberry, Ann
Zombies on the Rock Carberry, Paul
A Glacier Mystery Carbo, Christine
Monty Harris Carbo, Christine
Granite Cove Carbo, Denise
Dealing with Feelings Carbone, Courtney
Undersea Mystery Club Carbone, Courtney
Blood on the River Carbone, Elisa
The Lobster Lake Bandits Carbone, Tommy
Demi Brother's Carbonneau, Alannah
Donnelley Brothers Carbonneau, Alannah
Teach Me Carbonneau, Alannah
Nonna Maria Carcaterra, Lorenzo
Tank Rizzo Carcaterra, Lorenzo
Chronicles of a Reluctant Necromancer Card, Melanie
Empire Card, Orson Scott
Ender / Speaker Card, Orson Scott
Enderverse (chronologically) Card, Orson Scott
Fleet School Card, Orson Scott
Future on Fire Card, Orson Scott
Homecoming Card, Orson Scott
Maps in a Mirror Card, Orson Scott
Mither Mages Card, Orson Scott
Pastwatch Card, Orson Scott
Pathfinder Card, Orson Scott
Shadow (Bean) Card, Orson Scott
The Side-Step Trilogy Card, Orson Scott
Tales of Alvin Maker Card, Orson Scott
Women of Genesis Card, Orson Scott
The Worthing Chronicle Card, Orson Scott
Formic Wars Card, Orson Scott; Johnston, Aaron
Second Formic War Card, Orson Scott; Johnston, Aaron
Mayflower Trilogy Card, Orson Scott; Kidd, Kathryn H.
The Andrades Cardello, Ruth
Bachelor Tower Cardello, Ruth
The Barrington Billionaires Cardello, Ruth
Corisi Billionaires Cardello, Ruth
The Legacy Cardello, Ruth
The Legacy Collection Cardello, Ruth
Lone Star Burn Cardello, Ruth
The Lost Corisis Cardello, Ruth
The Switch Cardello, Ruth
Texan Nights Cardello, Ruth
The Twin Find Book Cardello, Ruth
Westerly Billionaire Cardello, Ruth
Barnford Abbey Cardigan, Jake
Skybox Saga Cardin, S.
Skybox Saga Cardinal, Donald
Monster Girlfriend Cardno, Marie
Rendering Nirayel Cardwell, Nathan
Blindsided Carella, A.J.
The Game Carella, A.J.
Lies Carella, A.J.
The McKays Carella, A.J.
Nightlands Carella, C.J.
Under the Northern Sky Carew, Leo
Blackbird Carey, Anna
An Eve Novel Carey, Anna
Rebecca Carey, Anna
The Sloane Sisters Carey, Anna
This Is Not the Jess Show Carey, Anna
Barbourville Carey, Carolynn
McCray County Carey, Carolynn
Distress Call 911 Carey, D.l.
Day of Honor Carey, Diane
The Dominion War Carey, Diane
Invasion Carey, Diane
The Iremonger Trilogy Carey, Edward
Callahan Cousins Carey, Elizabeth Doyle
Junior Lifeguards Carey, Elizabeth Doyle
Summer Lifeguards Carey, Elizabeth Doyle
Daughters of Italy Carey, Ella
Daughters of New York Carey, Ella
Adventures of the League Space Patrol Carey, Frank
Engine of Creation Carey, Frank
Heroes of the League Carey, Frank
Olly versus the Mechanoids Carey, Frank
Smuggler Elf Chronicles Carey, Frank
Stryker Team Carey, Frank
The Velara Experiment Carey, Frank
Lavender Road Carey, Helen
Agent of Hel Carey, Jacqueline
Kushiel Carey, Jacqueline
Kushiel's Legacy Carey, Jacqueline
Naamah Carey, Jacqueline
Santa Olivia Carey, Jacqueline
The Sundering Carey, Jacqueline
Noor Carey, Janet Lee
Wilde Island Carey, Janet Lee
Billionaire Ladies Club Carey, Jo; Carey, Frank
Bug Hunters in Space Carey, Jo; Carey, Frank
Cryptid Ops Carey, Jo; Carey, Frank
Galactic Cruise Lines Carey, Jo; Carey, Frank
Hairy's Cryptid Cafe Carey, Jo; Carey, Frank
Ice Search and Rescue Carey, Jo; Carey, Frank
Legendary Creatures Carey, Jo; Carey, Frank
Love on Ice Carey, Jo; Carey, Frank
ORBS Carey, Jo; Carey, Frank
Outbreak Investigations Carey, Jo; Carey, Frank
Season de Santa Fe Carey, Jo; Carey, Frank
Warrior Women of the League Carey, Jo; Carey, Frank
Girl with All the Gifts Carey, M.R.
The Pandominion Carey, M.R.
The Rampart Trilogy Carey, M.R.
Felix Castor Carey, Mike
Lucifer Carey, Mike
Sea of Rust Cargill, C. Robert
Elemental Bloodlines Carhart, C.L.
His Name Was Augustin Carhart, C.L.
A Forgotten Castles Novel Carie, Jamie
Shepherd Avenue Carillo, Charlie
A Relationship Novel Carl, Edward
A Chocoholic Mystery Carl, Joanna
A Jean Fairbairn / Alasdair Cameron Mystery Carl, Lillian Stewart
Related Books Carl, Lillian Stewart
Sabazel Carl, Lillian Stewart
Werewolf Apocalypse Carl, William D.
Other Side's Cuddlespikes to Dragons Pest Control Carla L.C.
The Other Side Carla L.C.
Biker Beauties Carlan, Audrey
Falling Carlan, Audrey
International Guy Carlan, Audrey
Lotus House Carlan, Audrey
A Soul Sister Novel Carlan, Audrey
Trinity Carlan, Audrey
Wish Carlan, Audrey
What's Your Favorite? Carle, Eric
On the Way to a Wedding Carleen, Sally
The Six Carleton, Susannah
A Peri Minneopa Mystery Carline, Gayle
The Secret Keeper Carling, Angela
The Codex Lacrimae Carlisle, A.J.
The Home Schooling Trilogy Carlisle, Anne
The Adventures of Viola Stewart Carlisle, Karen J.
An Aunt Enid Mystery Carlisle, Karen J.
Mrs. Hudson Investigates, Carlisle, Karen J.
A Bibliophile Mystery Carlisle, Kate
A Fixer-Upper Mystery Carlisle, Kate
MacLaren's Pride Carlisle, Kate
Atlanta Children's Hospital Carlisle, Susan
Heart of Mississippi Carlisle, Susan
Kentucky Derby Medics Carlisle, Susan
Love in the Air Carlisle, Susan
Modern Masters of Their Castles Carlisle, Susan
Some Nights The Stars Don't Seem That Far Carlisle, Vanessa
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Berserker Carlsen, Chris
A Garden Society Mystery Carlson, Alyse
Holly Danger Carlson, Amanda
Jessica McClain Carlson, Amanda
Mina Kane Carlson, Amanda
Phoebe Meadows Carlson, Amanda
Who's Afraid? Carlson, Amie
The Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates Carlson, Caroline
Three Days of Oblenite Carlson, Jean Lowe
A Novel of the Plague Year Carlson, Jeff
86 Bloomberg Place Carlson, Melody
The Allison Chronicles Carlson, Melody
Being Zoey Carlson, Melody
Carter House Girls Carlson, Melody
The Dating Games Carlson, Melody
Dear Daphne Carlson, Melody
Diary of a Teenage Girl Carlson, Melody
Diary of a Teenage Girl - Caitlin Carlson, Melody
Diary of a Teenage Girl - Chloe Carlson, Melody
Diary of a Teenage Girl - Kim Carlson, Melody
Diary of a Teenage Girl - Maya Carlson, Melody
Follow Your Heart Carlson, Melody
The Four Lindas Carlson, Melody
Girl Power Carlson, Melody
The Girls of 622 Harbor View Carlson, Melody
Homeward on the Oregon Trail Carlson, Melody
The Inn at Shining Waters Carlson, Melody
The Legacy of Sunset Cove Carlson, Melody
Life at Kingston High Carlson, Melody
The Mulligan Sisters Carlson, Melody
Notes from a Spinning Planet Carlson, Melody
On the Runway Carlson, Melody
The Princess Wars Carlson, Melody
Second Chances Carlson, Melody
The Secret Life of Samantha McGregor Carlson, Melody
Secrets Carlson, Melody
TrueColors Carlson, Melody
Westward to Home Carlson, Melody
Whispering Pines Carlson, Melody
The Black Swan Saga Carlson, Mikael
Michael Bennit Carlson, Mikael
Tierra Campos Carlson, Mikael
Watchtower Carlson, Mikael
Arnie Carlson, Nancy
Harriet Carlson, Nancy
Henry Carlson, Nancy
Louanne Pig Carlson, Nancy
Loudmouth George Carlson, Nancy
Maggie Ryan Carlson, P.M.
A Marty Hopkins Mystery Carlson, P.M.
Jesse Bear Carlstrom, Nancy White
Bisbee - Taos Carlton, Bea
Loring-Windthorn Carlton, Bea
Randolph Family Carlton, Bea
Cell Block Brides Carlton, Cass
Antasy Carlton, Clark Thomas
Colony: Aqua Carlton, Demelza
Colony: Holiday Carlton, Demelza
Colony: Nyx Carlton, Demelza
The Complex Carlton, Demelza
Heart of Ice Carlton, Demelza
Heart of Steel Carlton, Demelza
Heart of Stone Carlton, Demelza
Mel Goes to Hell Carlton, Demelza
Nightmares Carlton, Demelza
Ocean's Gift Carlton, Demelza
Ocean's Gift: Turbulence and Triumph Carlton, Demelza
Romance a Medieval Fairytale Carlton, Demelza
Romance Island Resort Carlton, Demelza
Siren of Secrets Carlton, Demelza
Siren of War Carlton, Demelza
Cat and Mouse Carlton, H.D.
The Zero Saga Carlton, H.D.
Lies Carlton, Kat
Accidental Heirs Carlyle, Christy
The Duke's Den Carlyle, Christy
A Love on Holiday Novel Carlyle, Christy
Romancing the Rules Carlyle, Christy
Wanton Widows Club Carlyle, Christy
Whitechapel Wagers Carlyle, Christy
Books featuring George Kemble Carlyle, Liz
Lorimer Family & Clan Cameron Carlyle, Liz
MacLachlan family & friends Carlyle, Liz
The Neville Family Carlyle, Liz
The Rutledge Family Carlyle, Liz
The St. James Society Carlyle, Liz
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An Elizabethan Mystery Carmack, Amanda
Losing It Carmack, Cora
The Muse Carmack, Cora
Rusk University Carmack, Cora
Stormheart Carmack, Cora
Chronicles Between the Pages Carman, Mary Ann
The Clan Hewit Trilogy Carman, Mary Ann
A Helena Foster Paranormal Mystery Carman, Mary Ann
Love After Life Carman, Mary Ann
3:15 Carman, Patrick
Atherton Carman, Patrick
Dark Eden Carman, Patrick
Elliot's Park Carman, Patrick
Fizzopolis Carman, Patrick
Floors Carman, Patrick
The Land of Elyon Carman, Patrick
Pulse Carman, Patrick
Skeleton Creek Carman, Patrick
Trackers Carman, Patrick
Strip You Carmel, Marissa
The Cure Carmel, Sandra
Risking Love Carmen, Callie
A Bitter Root Mystery Carmichael, C.J.
Carrigans Of Circle C Carmichael, C.J.
Coffee Creek, Montana Carmichael, C.J.
The Fox & Fisher Detective Agency Carmichael, C.J.
Return to Summer Island Carmichael, C.J.
The Shannon Sisters Carmichael, C.J.
Three Good Men Carmichael, C.J.
Twisted Cedars Carmichael, C.J.
The Miracles and Millions Saga Carmichael, Ella
Hearts of Gold Carmichael, Emily
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The Z Infection Carmichael, Griffin
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Texas Two-Step Carmichael, Kathy
Billionaires with Brains Carmichael, Kim
Hollywood Stardust Carmichael, Kim
Seductively Ever After Carmichael, Kim
Colors of Faith Carmichael, Virginia
Season Carmichael, Virginia
A Haunting in Highland Carmitchel, Andrew
The Gateway Trilogy Carmody, Isobelle
Kingdom of the Lost Carmody, Isobelle
Little Fur Carmody, Isobelle
Obernewtyn Chronicles Carmody, Isobelle
Tales from the Tower Carmody, Isobelle
A Dan Gordon Intelligence Thriller Carmon, Haggai
The Prophecy Chronicles Carmony, Misty; Hunyor, Wendy
Africa Carnegie, Shirley
Kincaid Trilogy Carney, Curtis
Reign of the Elements Carney, Riley
The Lost Sisters Carnie, Dilys J.
Beach House Carobini, Julie
Chocolate Carobini, Julie
A Cottage Grove Mystery Carobini, Julie
Hollywood by the Sea Carobini, Julie
Otter Bay Carobini, Julie
A Sea Glass Inn Novel Carobini, Julie
Guido Guerrieri Carofiglio, Gianrico
A Madison Cruz Mystery Carol, Lucy
Bayou Caroll, Robin
Darkwater Inn Caroll, Robin
Evil Caroll, Robin
Gallagher Caroll, Robin
A Justice Seekers Novel Caroll, Robin
Samantha Sanderson Caroll, Robin
Helen of Sparta Carosella, Amalia
The Barronlands Trilogy Carozza, Claudia
Choices Carpenter, Beth
A Northern Lights Novel Carpenter, Beth
A Megan McGinn Novel Carpenter, C.J.
A Home Renovation Mystery Carpenter, Callie
Bohemian Gospel Carpenter, Dana Chamblee
A Campbell Young Mystery Carpenter, J.D.
A Daizlei Academy Novel Carpenter, Kel
Dark Maji Carpenter, Kel
A Demon's Guide to the Afterlife Carpenter, Kel
Demons of New Chicago Carpenter, Kel
Her Immortal Monsters: Magic Wars Universe Carpenter, Kel
Immortal Vices and Virtues Carpenter, Kel
Immortal Vices and Virtues: Her Monstrous Mates Carpenter, Kel
Queen of the Damned Carpenter, Kel
Reapers of the Grimm Brotherhood Carpenter, Kel
Saved by the Blog Carpenter, Kerri
Something True Carpenter, Kerri
Wrong Man Carpenter, Kerri
The Charms of Daria Carpenter, Michelle K.
A Psychedelic Spy Mystery Carpenter, Sally
Princess Camp Carpenter, Teresa
Alexandrian Saga Carpenter, Thomas K.
The Crystal Halls Carpenter, Thomas K.
The Dashkova Memoirs Carpenter, Thomas K.
Digital Sea Carpenter, Thomas K.
Gamers Carpenter, Thomas K.
The Hundred Halls Carpenter, Thomas K.
The Hundred Halls: Animalians Hall Carpenter, Thomas K.
The Hundred Halls: Gamemakers Online Carpenter, Thomas K.
The Hundred Halls: Stone Singers Carpenter, Thomas K.
The Hundred Halls: The Order of Merlin Carpenter, Thomas K.
The Hundred Halls: The Reluctant Assassin Carpenter, Thomas K.
Children of Poseidon Carr, Annalisa
Laszlo Kreizler & John Moore Carr, Caleb
Sherlock Holmes Carr, Caleb
A Madam of Espionage Mystery Carr, Carol K.
Mrs. Boots Carr, Deborah
The Cost of Love Carr, G.S.
Ladies of the Civil War Carr, G.S.
Modern Not-So-Fairy Tales Carr, G.S.
An Abercrombie Lewker Welsh Climbing Mystery Carr, Glyn
League of Second Sons Carr, Isobel
James Reece Carr, Jack
Buddy and Bea Carr, Jan
A Dr. Gideon Fell Mystery Carr, John Dickson
A Monsieur Bencolin Mystery Carr, John Dickson
Kalvan Carr, John F.
There Will Be War Carr, John F.
War World Carr, John F.
The Giving Trilogy Carr, L.M.
Stones Duet Carr, L.M.
A Chris Matheson Cold Case Mystery Carr, Lauren
A Joshua Thornton Mystery Carr, Lauren
A Lovers in Crime Mystery Carr, Lauren
A Mac Faraday Mystery Carr, Lauren
A Thorny Rose Mystery Carr, Lauren
Queen of the Flightless Dragons Carr, Martha
Wallis Jones Carr, Martha
Academy of Necessary Magic Carr, Martha; Anderle, Michael
The Adventures of Maggie Parker Carr, Martha; Anderle, Michael
Case Files Of An Urban Witch Carr, Martha; Anderle, Michael
Diary of a Dark Monster Carr, Martha; Anderle, Michael
Dwarf Bounty Hunter Carr, Martha; Anderle, Michael
Goth Drow Carr, Martha; Anderle, Michael
I Fear No Evil Carr, Martha; Anderle, Michael
The Origin Story of Monsters Carr, Martha; Anderle, Michael
Pixie Rebels Carr, Martha; Anderle, Michael
The Revelations of Oriceran: Midwest Magic Chronicles Carr, Martha; Anderle, Michael
The Revelations of Oriceran: Soul Stone Mage Carr, Martha; Anderle, Michael
The Revelations of Oriceran: The Fairhaven Chronicles Carr, Martha; Anderle, Michael
The Revelations of Oriceran: The Leira Chronicles Carr, Martha; Anderle, Michael
Rewriting Justice Carr, Martha; Anderle, Michael
The School of Roots and Vines Carr, Martha; Anderle, Michael
WarMage: The Never Ending War Carr, Martha; Anderle, Michael
The Witches of Pressler Street Carr, Martha; Anderle, Michael
Darkwater Saga Carr, Patrick W.
The Staff and the Sword Carr, Patrick W.
Daughters of England Carr, Philippa
Forgotten Self Carr, Rachel
Dolly and Ike Carr, Richard Wallace
Grace Valley Carr, Robyn
Sullivan's Crossing Carr, Robyn
Thunder Point Carr, Robyn
Virgin River Carr, Robyn
The Rose Sisters Carr, Sienna
Starling Bay Carr, Sienna
Pink Ice Carr, Susanna
Twins Carr, Susanna
An Electric Empire Novel Carr, Viola
A Dream Horse Mystery Carrabus, Candace
Witting Woman Carrabus, Candace
Kate Stanley Carrell, Jennifer Lee
Evolution Carrero, Kelly
Jane Doe Carrero, Kelly
Severed Wings Carrero, Kelly
Unearthly Paradox Carrero, Kelly
Rook & Rose Carrick, M.A.
A Thomas Dordrecht Mystery Carriel, Jonathan
Jack Handler Carrier, Michael
Jack's Justice Carrier, Michael
The San Andreas Shifters Carriger, G.L.
The Custard Protocol (1890's) Carriger, Gail
Delightfully Deadly (1860's) Carriger, Gail
Finishing School (1850's) Carriger, Gail
The Parasol Protectorate (1870's) Carriger, Gail
Parasolverse Carriger, Gail
San Andreas Shifters Carriger, Gail
Tinkered Starsong Carriger, Gail
Destroy Carrillo, K.D.
My Escort Carrington-Russell, Kia
Phantom Wolf Carrington-Russell, Kia
The Three Immortal Blades Carrington-Russell, Kia
Token Huntress Carrington-Russell, Kia
Arrow and Saber Carrington, G.A.
Discovering Emily Carrington, Rachel
Spirit of Christmas Carrington, Rachel
Vampires Destined Carrington, Rachel
4 Encounters Carrington, Tori
Dangerous Liaisons Carrington, Tori
Indecent Proposals Carrington, Tori
Kiss & Tell Carrington, Tori
Legal Briefs Carrington, Tori
The Magnificent McCoy Men Carrington, Tori
Old Orchard Carrington, Tori
The Pleasure Seekers Carrington, Tori
Private Scandals Carrington, Tori
Sleeping with Secrets Carrington, Tori
A Sofie Metropolis Novel Carrington, Tori
The Bed & Biscuit Carris, Joan
Paxton Carrol, Shana
Hearts of Wyoming Carrole, Anne
Dorado, Texas Carroll-Bradd, Linda
Entertainers of the West Carroll-Bradd, Linda
Escape From Texas Carroll-Bradd, Linda
Sugar & Spice Bakery Carroll-Bradd, Linda
The Foothill Spirits Carroll, Betty Casbeer
The Assassin Chronicles: The Red Cross of Gold Carroll, Brendan
Angels of the Apocalypse Carroll, Cindy
Demon Hunter Academy Carroll, Cindy
The Soterian Chronicles Carroll, Cindy
An Accessories Mystery Carroll, Grace
Crazed Carroll, John H.
The Dralin Trilogy Carroll, John H.
A Story for Demented Children Carroll, John H.
The Willden Trilogy Carroll, John H.
Wyvern Carroll, John H.
The Crane's View Trilogy Carroll, Jonathan
Garet James Carroll, Lee
Alice in Wonderland Carroll, Lewis
Saigon Carroll, Marisa
Quantum Prophecy Carroll, Michael
Super Human Carroll, Michael
Mail Order Brides of Black Horse Mesa Carroll, Patricia PacJac
Mail Order Brides of Hickory Stick Carroll, Patricia PacJac
Mail Order Brides of Misfit Ranch Bluebonnet, Texas Carroll, Patricia PacJac
Montana Brides of Solomon's Valley Carroll, Patricia PacJac
Cheney Sisters Carroll, Susan
Fantastic Fairy Tales Carroll, Susan
The St. Leger Legacy Carroll, Susan
Navy SEAL Ash Roberts Carroll, Ward
Punk Carroll, Ward
Stephen Benson Carron, Pamela
Stinky Boys Club Carse, Jodi
The Doctors MacDowell Carson, Caro
Masterson, Texas Carson, Caro
Texas Rescue Carson, Caro
Battle Champions Carson, Jack
Ali Falco Carson, Jeff
David Wolf Carson, Jeff
Dial Witch Carson, Jo-Ann
Fangsters Carson, Jo-Ann
Gambling Ghosts Carson, Jo-Ann
A Ghost & Abby Mystery Carson, Jo-Ann
Mata Hari Carson, Jo-Ann
Perfect Brew Carson, Jo-Ann
A Calvin Stewart Thriller Carson, John
A DCI Harry McNeil Crime Thriller Carson, John
DCI Sean Bracken Carson, John
A DI Frank Miller Crime Thriller Carson, John
Ley Lines Carson, Kate
In the Shadows of Angels Carson, Kiss
Aura Weavers Carson, Lizann
Calter Creek Carson, Lizann
Girl of Fire and Thorns Carson, Rae
Gold Seer Carson, Rae
Daisy Buchanan's Daughter Carson, Tom
Secret Healer Carsta, Ellin
The Blackcoat Rebellion Carter, Aimee
The Goddess Test Carter, Aimee
Simon Thorn Carter, Aimee
A Pet Detective Mystery Carter, Ali
Embassy Row Carter, Ally
Gallagher Girls Carter, Ally
A Heist Society Novel Carter, Ally
Julia James Carter, Ally
Winterborne Home Carter, Ally
An Inishowen Mystery Carter, Andrea
Lillum of the Nile Carter, Ann
Whispers In the Woods Carter, Ann
A Beacon Street Mystery Carter, Anne
StarCrossed Romance Carter, Anne
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Bear Lake Carter, Charlotte
Big Sky Carter, Charlotte
A Cook County Mystery Carter, Charlotte
Nanette Hayes Carter, Charlotte
A Robert Hunter Thriller Carter, Chris
Bugland: Ready-to-Read Carter, David A.
Bugs in a Box Carter, David A.
Carlousia Carter, E.G.
Love by Numbers Carter, E.S.
The Red Order Carter, E.S.
Jesse Carter, Eve
Tempted Carter, Eve
Josey Wales Carter, Forrest
Rails West! Carter, Franklin
The Roarin' Twenties Carter, Joann
Climatic Climacteric Carter, L.B.
Loan Soul Carter, L.B.
Brits in Manhattan Carter, Laura
Captain Wobbly Carter, Laura
The Elect Duology Carter, Laura
The Lost Kingdom Saga Carter, Laura
Vengeful Love Carter, Laura
Flashing Swords Carter, Lin
Gondwane Epic Carter, Lin
Green Star Carter, Lin
Thongor of Lemuria Carter, Lin
Zarkon, Lord of the Unknown Carter, Lin
#MyNewLife Carter, M.E.
Charitable Endeavors Carter, M.E.
Florida Glaze Carter, M.E.
Hart Carter, M.E.
Texas Mutiny Carter, M.E.
A Blake and Avery Novel Carter, M.J.
A Bev Morriss Mystery Carter, Maureen
D.I. Sarah Quinn Carter, Maureen
Killmaster Carter, Nick
A Fab Life Novel Carter, Nikki
A So For Real Novel Carter, Nikki
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Related Books - 2 Carter, Noel Vreeland
Adventures in the Worlds of Minecraft Carter, P.J.
Mysteries By Design Carter, Paula
So Close to You Carter, Rachel
The Black Mage Carter, Rachel E.
The Language of Stones Trilogy Carter, Robert
Prelude to Glory Carter, Ron
The Settlement Triology Carter, Ron
Sky Warriors Carter, Sadie
Zerconian Warriors Carter, Sadie
A Candy Shop Mystery Carter, Sammi
A Garrison Gage Mystery Carter, Scott William
A Myron Vale Investigation Carter, Scott William
Between Two Thieves Carter, Solomon
DI Hogarth Carter, Solomon
DI Hogarth: Deadly Kiss Carter, Solomon
DI Hogarth: Fool Me Once Carter, Solomon
DI Hogarth: Poison Path Carter, Solomon
DI Hogarth: Secret Fear Carter, Solomon
DI Hogarth: Storm House Carter, Solomon
DI Hogarth: The Blood Line Carter, Solomon
Harder They Fall Carter, Solomon
London Calling Carter, Solomon
Long Time Dying Carter, Solomon
Nomads and Warriors: Detectives Eva Roberts and Dan Bradley Carter, Solomon
Roberts and Bradley Casebook Carter, Solomon
Elm Harbor Carter, Stephen L.
The Boyne Club Carter, Vi
Broken People Carter, Vi
The Cells of Kalashov Carter, Vi
Murphy's Mafia Made Men Carter, Vi
Obsessed Carter, Vi
Wild Irish Carter, Vi
Young Irish Rebels Carter, Vi
Arnaud Legacy Carthage, Lynn
Warrior Princess Cartharn, Clarissa
A Saga of Hearts Cartland, Barbara
The Paperback Sleuth Cartmel, Andrew
A Vinyl Detective Mystery Cartmel, Andrew
Sam Reilly Cartwright, Christopher
Amish Bouquet Bakery Cartwright, Emma
Wolf Cartwright, Susan
Swords and Fire Caruso, Melissa
Planet Tad Carvell, Tim
An Inspector Stone Mystery Carver, Alex R.
Shady Forks Brides Carver, Blythe
Wagon Wheel Justice Carver, Blythe
Westbound Hearts Carver, Blythe
Western Brides Carver, Blythe
Western Destinies Carver, Blythe
Western Fates Carver, Blythe
Westward Hearts Carver, Blythe
Captain Jay McCauley Carver, C.J.
Chaos Chronicles Carver, Jeffrey A.
Roger Zelazny's Alien Speedway Carver, Jeffrey A.
Star Rigger Carver, Jeffrey A.
Starstream Carver, Jeffrey A.
Young, Gifted and Dead Carver, Lucy
The Brothers of Dove Grey Carver, Rhonda Lee
Buttermilk Valley Carver, Rhonda Lee
Cooper's Hawke Landing Carver, Rhonda Lee
Cowboys of Nirvana Carver, Rhonda Lee
Cowboys of Second Chances Security Carver, Rhonda Lee
The Knight Brothers Carver, Rhonda Lee
Lawmen of Wyoming Carver, Rhonda Lee
Letting Go Carver, Rhonda Lee
Mountain Force Carver, Rhonda Lee
Rhinestone Cowgirls Carver, Rhonda Lee
Saddles & Second Chances Carver, Rhonda Lee
Second Chance Cowboy Carver, Rhonda Lee
Studs in Scrubs Carver, Rhonda Lee
Tarnation, Texas Carver, Rhonda Lee
Wings of Steel MC Carver, Rhonda Lee
Brennan & Esposito Carver, Tania
Detective Inspector January David Carver, Will
A Miss Seeton Mystery Carvic, Heron
The Heartstone Trilogy Carwyn, Giles; Fahnestock, Todd
Bloodline Cary, Kate
Bluebonnet Casad, Mary Brooke
Tales of Erets Casale, Nicholas S.
American Girl: Chrissa Casanova, Mary
American Girl: Grace Casanova, Mary
American Girl: McKenna Casanova, Mary
Dog Watch Casanova, Mary
Just Rules Casanovas, Anna
Ethical Chiang Mai Detective Agency Casarett, David
Deadtime Stories Cascone, A.G.
Hollow City Case, Andrew
The Adventures of Finnegan Dragonbender Case, Charley
The Lone Valkyrie Case, Charley
A Macbeth Novel Case, Dave
Cody's Army Case, Jim
A Jimi Smith Mystery Case, Susan
Psychic Investigator Jack Stein Caselberg, Jay
Asheville Brewing Casella, A.R.
Fairy Godmother Agency Casella, A.R.
Finding You Casella, A.R.
Bad Luck Club Casella, A.R.; Swank, Denise Grover
The Adventures of Bianca Dangereuse Casey, Donis
An Alafair Tucker Mystery Casey, Donis
Manor Cat Mystery Casey, Eliza
Southern Sewing Circle Casey, Elizabeth Lynn
Apocalypsis Casey, Elle
Bourbon Street Boys Casey, Elle
Clash of the Otherworlds Casey, Elle
Drifters' Alliance Casey, Elle
Duality Casey, Elle
Just One Night Casey, Elle
Love in New York Casey, Elle
Rebel Wheels Casey, Elle
Red Hot Love Casey, Elle
Shine Not Burn Casey, Elle
Vampire Seasons Casey, Elle
War of the Fae Casey, Elle
Wrecked Casey, Elle
A Cunningham Family Novel Casey, Ember
The Devil's Set Casey, Ember
The Fontaines Casey, Ember
His Wicked Games Casey, Ember
Royal Heartbreakers Casey, Ember; Peak, Renna
Ivy Thorn Casey, Emily
Undead Fairy Tales Casey, Emily
A Jess Tennant Mystery Casey, Jane
Maeve Kerrigan Casey, Jane
Unwritten Rules Casey, K.D.
Detective Clara Jefferies Casey, Kathryn
Sarah Armstrong Casey, Kathryn
The Godmaker Legacy Casey, Kirkland D.
A Second Chances Novel Casey, Kristen
Triple Threat Casey, Kristen
A St. Skin Novel Casey, London; Kidman, Jaxson
After the Storm Casey, Ryan
A Blake Dent Mystery Casey, Ryan
Chloe Zombie Apocalypse Casey, Ryan
DS Brian McDone Casey, Ryan
The Infected Chronicles Casey, Ryan
Jared Colwright Casey, Ryan
Survive the Darkness Casey, Ryan
The Turnstone Saga Casey, Ryan
The Watching Casey, Ryan
World Without Power Casey, Ryan
Tall Tales of the Domestic Equalizers Cash, Dixie
The Amish Community of Walnut Creek Cash, Jeanie Smith
Healing Hearts Cash, Jeanie Smith
The Kensington Family Cash, Jeanie Smith
A Jemimah Hodge Mystery Cash, Marie Romero
Chausiku Cash, Pamela E.
The Meq Cash, Steve
Graceling Cashore, Kristin
Featherton Sisters Caskie, Kathryn
The Royle Sisters Caskie, Kathryn
Seven Deadly Sins Caskie, Kathryn
A Chief Inspector Odhiambo Mystery Casley, Dennis
The First Family of Texas Casper, K.N.
Related Books Casper, K.N.
The Continuing Story of Anna Caspersen, Barbara Bailey; Williams, Marilyn
Peggy and Barbie on the Farm Caspersen, Barbara Bailey; Williams, Marilyn
Superstar High Cass, Isabella
The Betrothed Cass, Kiera
The Selection Cass, Kiera
A Bookmobile Cat Mystery Cass, Laurie
An Elder Darrow Mystery Cass, Richard J.
Dominion Falls Cass, Sarah
The Tribe Cass, Sarah
Colours of the Earth Cass, Suzanne
Dark Tides Cass, Suzanne
Island Cass, Suzanne
Island Bound Cass, Suzanne
Love in the Mountains Cass, Suzanne
Stargazer Ranch Cass, Suzanne
Stormcloud Station Cass, Suzanne
Immortal Eyes Cassada, Jackie
A Father Ballou & His Dog Spot Mystery Cassara, Ernest
Apache Snow Casselman, William L.
Chad Halverson Cassiday, Bryan
Ethan Carr Cassiday, Bryan
Mina Deerling Cassiday, Bryan
Nick McQueen Cassiday, Bryan
Crimson Cassidy, Amos
The Darkling Saga Cassidy, Amos
The Murder Notebooks Cassidy, Anne
A Bar 10 Western Cassidy, Boyd
The Baker Brood Cassidy, Carla
Cherokee Corners Cassidy, Carla
Cheyenne Nights Cassidy, Carla
Cowboy Cafe Cassidy, Carla
Cowboys of Holiday Ranch Cassidy, Carla
The Delaney Heirs Cassidy, Carla
Kings of Coyote Creek Cassidy, Carla
Lawmen of Black Rock Cassidy, Carla
Men of Wolf Creek Cassidy, Carla
Mustang, Montana Cassidy, Carla
The Pregnancy Test Cassidy, Carla
The Recovery Men Cassidy, Carla
The Scarecrow Murders Cassidy, Carla
Scene of the Crime Cassidy, Carla
Sisters Cassidy, Carla
The Swamp Slayings Cassidy, Carla
Wild West Bodyguards Cassidy, Carla
Dizzy Cassidy, Cathy
Accidentally Paranormal Cassidy, Dakota
A Bewitching Midlife Crisis Mystery Cassidy, Dakota
The Call Girls Cassidy, Dakota
Ex-Trophy Wives Cassidy, Dakota
Fangs of Anarchy Cassidy, Dakota
Hell Cassidy, Dakota
A Lemon Layne Mystery Cassidy, Dakota
A Marshmallow Hollow Mystery Cassidy, Dakota
A Nun of Your Business Mystery Cassidy, Dakota
Paris, Texas Cassidy, Dakota
A Witched and Hitched Mystery Cassidy, Dakota
Witchless in Seattle Cassidy, Dakota
Wolf Mates Cassidy, Dakota
Chronicles of Midnight Cassidy, Debbie
Deadside Reapers Cassidy, Debbie
Demons of Morningstar Cassidy, Debbie
Fearless Destiny Cassidy, Debbie
Gargoyles of Stonehaven Cassidy, Debbie
Gatekeeper Cassidy, Debbie
The Monsters Among Us Cassidy, Debbie
The Nightwatch Cassidy, Debbie
Sleeping Gods Cassidy, Debbie
Survivors Heart Cassidy, Debbie
Tri-Star Selection Cassidy, Debbie
The Witch Blood Chronicles Cassidy, Debbie
The Cinderella Society Cassidy, Kay
Related Books Cassidy, Laura
Heir to the Darkmage Cassidy, Lisa
The Inkweaver Archive Cassidy, Lisa
The Mage Chronicles Cassidy, Lisa
A Tale of Stars and Shadow Cassidy, Lisa
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Goddess Cast, P.C.
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Partholon Cast, P.C.
Sisters of Salem Cast, P.C.
Tales of a New World Cast, P.C.
The Dysasters Cast, P.C.; Cast, Kristin
House of Night Cast, P.C.; Cast, Kristin
House of Night Other World Cast, P.C.; Cast, Kristin
Catahoula Casteix, Lane
Brides of Skye Castel, Jayne
Courageous Highland Hearts Castel, Jayne
Guardians of Alba Castel, Jayne
Immortal Highland Centurions Castel, Jayne
The Kingdom of Mercia Castel, Jayne
The Kingdom of Northumbria Castel, Jayne
The Kingdom of the East Angles Castel, Jayne
Light and Darkness Castel, Jayne
On the Empire's Edge Castel, Jayne
The Pict Wars Castel, Jayne
Rebellious Highland Hearts Castel, Jayne
The Sisters of Kilbride Castel, Jayne
Stolen Highland Hearts Castel, Jayne
The Warrior Brothers of Skye Castel, Jayne
Forty & Fabulous Castell, Dianne
Hot Castell, Dianne
The O'Fallons Castell, Dianne
Analogy of My Heart Castile, Mia
The Butterfly Chronicles Castile, Mia
Generations Castile, Mia
Happy Endings Castile, Zoey
Club Excelsior Castille, Sarah
Legal Heat Castille, Sarah
Ruin & Revenge Castille, Sarah
Sinner's Tribe Motorcycle Club Castille, Sarah
Our Friend Hedgehog Castillo, Lauren
High Country Heroes Castillo, Linda
Kate Burkholder Castillo, Linda
Operation: Midnight Castillo, Linda
Dori Orihuela Castillo, Mary
The London Murder Mysteries Castle, Alice
Spell Sisters Castle, Amber
Austin Druidic Detective Agency Castle, Anna
A Cunning Woman Mystery Castle, Anna
A Francis Bacon Mystery Castle, Anna
A Lost Hat, Texas Mystery Castle, Anna
A Professor & Mrs. Moriarty Mystery Castle, Anna
The Chronicles of Alburnium Castle, Jackie
Lavender Vale Farm Castle, Jackie
Madison Creek Bed & Breakfast Castle, Jackie
Madison Creek Shorts Castle, Jackie
The Sentinel Archives Castle, Jackie
A White Road Tale Novella Castle, Jackie
The White Road Chronicles Castle, Jackie
Curtain: Ghost Hunters of Harmony Castle, Jayne
Curtain: St. Helen's / Synergy, Inc. Castle, Jayne
Guinevere Jones Castle, Jayne
An Illusion Town Novel Castle, Jayne
Rainshadow Castle, Jayne
America Girl: Blaire Castle, Jennifer
Butterfly Wishes Castle, Jennifer
You Look Different in Real Life Castle, Jennifer
The Bridesmaid's Checklist Castle, K.T.
Dark Dynasties Castle, Kendra Leigh
Harvest Cove Castle, Kendra Leigh
Highland Castle, Kendra Leigh
O'Bannion Trilogy Castle, Linda
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Bogus Brides Castle, Linda Lea
A Carmen & Chill Mystery Castle, Linda Lea
The Vaudrys Castle, Linda Lea
The Clone Chronicles Castle, M.E.
Fakespeare Castle, M.E.
Dark Mirror Castle, Marie
Derrick Storm Castle, Richard
Nikki Heat Castle, Richard
Richard Castle Castle, Richard
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An Andrea Cort Novel Castro, Adam-Troy
Gustav Gloom Castro, Adam-Troy
Sinister Six Castro, Adam-Troy
A Nola Cespedes Novel Castro, Joy
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The Deucalion Sequence Caswell, Brian
A Jab Boone Murder Mystery Catalano, Mike
2nd Grade Friends Catalanotto, Peter
Monkey & Robot Catalanotto, Peter
The Books of Umber Catanese, P.W.
Donny's Inferno Catanese, P.W.
Further Tales Catanese, P.W.
Cynn Cruors Bloodline Cate, Isobelle
Second Chances Cate, Isobelle
Key & the Flame Caterer, Claire M.
A Magical Bakery Mystery Cates, Bailey
Beacon Cates, Georgia
Beautiful Illusions Cates, Georgia
Beauty Cates, Georgia
Going Under Cates, Georgia
Men of Lovibond Cates, Georgia
Sin Cates, Georgia
Southern Girl Cates, Georgia
Sweet Cates, Georgia
Vampire Agape Cates, Georgia
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Raider Cates, Kimberly
Struck by Lightning Cates, Kimberly
Soulweaver Catherine, Heidi
Djinn Catherine, Laura
The Guardians of Ivalice Catherine, Laura
Poppy and Sam Cathon
The Vorrh Catling, Brian
John Midas Catling, Patrick Skene
Mega Mash-Ups Catlow, Nikalas
Funny Fingers Catlow, Nikalas; Sinden, David; Morgan, Matthew
Blood of Earth Cato, Beth
Chefs of the Five Gods Cato, Beth
Clockwork Dagger Cato, Beth
A Travelling Cook Mystery Cato, Joyce
All the Rivers Run Cato, Nancy
Max Spaniel Catrow, David
Glory Gardens Cattell, Bob
An Enchanted Garden Mystery Cattrell, Bailey
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Fairchild Family Story Caudill, Rebecca
Hilary Tamar Caudwell, Sarah
Saturday Night Special Causey, James O.
A Bobbie Faye Novel Causey, Toni McGee
A Toni McGee Causey Novel Causey, Toni McGee
Secret Passages Cauthen, Tommy E.
A Charlotte Holmes Novel Cavallaro, Brittany
Accursed Women Cavallaro, Luciana
Coin of Time Cavallaro, Luciana
Servant of the Gods Cavallaro, Luciana
Eddie Flynn Cavanagh, Steve
A Mike Garrity Mystery Cavanagh, Thomas B.
The American Family Portrait Cavanaugh, Jack
Book of Books Cavanaugh, Jack
Kingdom Wars Cavanaugh, Jack
Songs in the Night Cavanaugh, Jack
A Dinah Harris Mystery Cave, Julie
Sharp North Cave, Patrick
The Passing of the Techno-Mages Cavelos, Jeanne
A Pizza Lover's Mystery Cavender, Chris
A Lady Grace Mystery Cavendish, Grace
Alec Devlin Caveney, Philip
Sebastian Darke Caveney, Philip
Thea Barlow Caverly, Carol
Retrograde Cawdron, Peter
Zombie Nightmares Cawdron, Peter
Five Nights at Freddy's Cawthon, Scott; Breed-Wrisley, Kira
Five Nights at Freddy's: Fazbear Frights Cawthon, Scott; Breed-Wrisley, Kira
Belmary House Cayman, Cassidy
The Cursed Painting Cayman, Cassidy
Knight Everlasting Cayman, Cassidy
Lost Highlander Cayman, Cassidy
Sisters Cazenove, Christophe
Grandpa Spanielson's Chicken Pox Stories Cazet, Denys
Minnie and Moo Cazet, Denys
Carly & Co Cebulash, Mel
Ruth Marini on the Mound Cebulash, Mel
A Sully Gomez Mystery Cebulash, Mel
A Terry Tyndale Mystery Cebulash, Mel
Knights of Silence MC Cecil, Amy
Colonel Brain Cecil, Henry
Freedom's Crossroad Cecil, Ramona
A Monumental Journey Cederberg, Richard L.
Lindon U Celeste, B.
Golden Celeste, Kathryn
Undesirable Celi, S.
A Gourmet Pet Chef Mystery Celine, Marie
Beyond the Four Kingdoms Cellier, Melanie
The Four Kingdoms Cellier, Melanie
The Hidden Mage Cellier, Melanie
A Mage's Influence Cellier, Melanie
Return to the Four Kingdoms Cellier, Melanie
The Spoken Mage Cellier, Melanie
Black Gold Billionaires Celmer, Michelle
The Caroselli Inheritance Celmer, Michelle
Douglas Siblings Celmer, Michelle
Paradise, Colorado Celmer, Michelle
Royal Seductions Celmer, Michelle
Elbow Grease Cena, John
Elbow Grease (Readers) Cena, John
Godzilla Cerasini, Marc
Sprouse Bros. 47 R.O.N.I.N. Cerasini, Marc
A Pink Panther Mystery Cerasini, Marc; Alfonsi, Alice
Helen Sorby & Milo Kachigan Cercone, Karen Rose
A Dr. Cory Cohen Mystery Ceren, Sandra Levy
The Vampire Seduction Cereo, Frank
Love By Design Cerny, M.C.
The Monroe Matchmakers Cerny, M.C.
Revenge & Legacy Cerny, M.C.
Flirting with Fate Cervantes, J.C.
Shadow Bruja Cervantes, J.C.
The Storm Runner Cervantes, J.C.
Felicia Sevigny Cerveny, Catherine
Clown in a Cornfield Cesare, Adam
Windy City Magic Cestari, Crystal
A Juniper Song Mystery Cha, Steph
Eerie Elementary Chabert, Jack
Awesome Man Chabon, Michael
Adam Templeton Chacko, David
Inspector Levent Chacko, David
The Iron Rose Chacko, David
Jason Ender Chacko, David
Roman Empire Chacko, David
The Life of Israel Potter Chacko, David; Kulcsar, Alexander
Cork & Fuzz Chaconas, Dori
Age of Misrule Chadbourn, Mark
Dark Age Chadbourn, Mark
Kingdom of the Serpent Chadbourn, Mark
Swords of Albion Chadbourn, Mark
A Will Swyfte Adventure Chadbourn, Mark
The Ash Mistry Chronicles Chadda, Sarwat
Billi SanGreal Chadda, Sarwat
Savage Fortress Chadda, Sarwat
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The Wild Hunt Trilogy Chadwick, Elizabeth
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Fire Chadwick, Elizabeth (1)
Lovers Chadwick, Elizabeth (1)
How Dark the World Becomes Chadwick, Frank
A Copper Penny Cooper Mystery Chadwick, Leise
Ark Chafe, Paul
A Calendar Mystery Chafer, Camilla
A Deadlines Mystery Chafer, Camilla
A Lexi Graves Mystery Chafer, Camilla
Stella Mayweather Chafer, Camilla
Hooded Cloak Chronicles Chaffee, Stephen G.
The Remnant Trilogy Chaffey, Tim; Adams, K. Marie
Buccaneers Chaikin, Linda / Chaikin, Linda Lee
Dawn of Hawaii Chaikin, Linda / Chaikin, Linda Lee
A Day to Remember Chaikin, Linda / Chaikin, Linda Lee
East of the Sun Chaikin, Linda / Chaikin, Linda Lee
Great Northwest Chaikin, Linda / Chaikin, Linda Lee
Heart of India Chaikin, Linda / Chaikin, Linda Lee
Jewel of the Pacific Chaikin, Linda / Chaikin, Linda Lee
Lions of the Desert Chaikin, Linda / Chaikin, Linda Lee
Love in the West Chaikin, Linda / Chaikin, Linda Lee
Royal Pavilions Chaikin, Linda / Chaikin, Linda Lee
The Silk House Chaikin, Linda / Chaikin, Linda Lee
Trade Winds Chaikin, Linda / Chaikin, Linda Lee
The School for Good and Evil Chainani, Soman
Daevabad Trilogy Chakraborty, S.A.
The Home Team Chalker, Dennis; Dockery, Kevin
Changewinds Saga Chalker, Jack L.
The Dancing Gods Chalker, Jack L.
The Four Lords of the Diamond Chalker, Jack L.
G.O.D.S. Inc. Chalker, Jack L.
Quintara Marathon Chalker, Jack L.
The Rings of the Master Chalker, Jack L.
The Saga of the Well World Chalker, Jack L.
Soul Rider Chalker, Jack L.
Three Kings Chalker, Jack L.
The Watchers at the Well Chalker, Jack L.
The Wonderland Gambit Chalker, Jack L.
A Rex Graves Mystery Challinor, C.S.
Convict Girls Challinor, Deborah
The Restless Years Challinor, Deborah
The Smuggler's Wife Challinor, Deborah
Tamar Deane Trilogy Challinor, Deborah
Tatty Crowe Challinor, Deborah
A Daphne du Maurier Mystery Challis, Joanna
Spirited Spinsters Chalmers, Robyn
The Malo Kemp Assignments Chamberlain, Andrew J.
Kiss River Chamberlain, Diane
Lies Chamberlain, Diane
Riley MacPherson Chamberlain, Diane
Joan of Arc Tapestries Chamberlin, Ann
The Valkyries Chamberlin, Ann
An Eliot's Corner, Maine Novel Chamberlin, Holly
A Yorktide, Maine Novel Chamberlin, Holly
The Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse Chamberlynn, A.A.
The Timekeeper's War Chamberlynn, A.A.
Zyan Star Chamberlynn, A.A.
Zyan Star: The Quinn Chronicles Chamberlynn, A.A.
Lacunae Grimore Chambers-Wright, L.
Dark Eldar Chambers, Andy
Monk & Robot Chambers, Becky
Wayfarers Chambers, Becky
Adventures in Frontier America Chambers, Catherine E.
An Angela Bivens Thriller Chambers, Christopher
Jim Evans Chambers, Clem
Nick Daley Chambers, Diana Reynolds
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The Mitchells and O'Haras Trilogy Chambers, Kimberley
Mark Preston Chambers, Peter
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Contract Killers Chambers, V.J.
Empire of Rust Chambers, V.J.
Innocence Unit Chambers, V.J.
Jason And Azazel Chambers, V.J.
Phineas and Liam Chambers, V.J.
Werewolf Romance for Three Chambers, V.J.
Wren Delacroix Chambers, V.J.
Amigas Chambers, Veronica
Marisol and Magdalena Chambers, Veronica
Lost Souls Champion, Chayil
A Bomber Hanson Mystery Champion, David
Chasing the Golden Treasure Champlin, Tim
The Linthwaite Saga Champney, Anna
A Phillip Bethancourt and Jack Gibbons Mystery Chan, Cassandra
Mill River Chan, Darcie
Kid Emperor of Occultoria Chan, Jason W.
Celestial Battle Chan, Kylie
Dark Heavens Chan, Kylie
Dragon Empire Chan, Kylie
Journey to Wudang Chan, Kylie
The Alpactory Chan, Ruth
Georgie and Friends Chan, Ruth
Shark Princess Chanani, Nidhi
Super Boba Cafe Chanani, Nidhi
A Poker Mystery Chance, Jackie
Gowns & Crowns Chance, Jennifer
Rule Breakers Chance, Jennifer
Cassandra Palmer Chance, Karen
Dorina Basarab Chance, Karen
Gillian Urswick and Kit Marlowe Chance, Karen
Lia de Croissets Chance, Karen
Mircea Basarab Chance, Karen
The Deceit Duet Chance, Logan
Me Chance, Logan
Playboy Chance, Logan
The Trifecta Chance, Logan
The House of Rule Chance, Lynda
Logan and Lauren Chance, Lynda
Louisiana Liaisons Chance, Lynda
Redwood Falls Chance, Lynda
An Agnes and Effie Mystery Chance, Maia
A Discreet Retrieval Agency Mystery Chance, Maia
A Fairy Tale Fatal Mystery Chance, Maia
Fianna Trilogy Chance, Megan
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Brody's Crossing Chancellor, Victoria
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A Royal Twist Chancellor, Victoria
A Bird Brain Book Chand, Emlyn
Farsighted Chand, Emlyn
Psy Mind Chanda, Val
An Art Deco Mystery Chandlar, L.A.
Rim World Chandler, A. Bertram
The Saga of John Grimes Chandler, A. Bertram
Voyages of the Flying Dragon Chandler, Ben
The Blades of Janus Chandler, Cassandra
Court of the Yuletide Fae Chandler, Cassandra
Cygnian 7 Chandler, Cassandra
The Department of Homeworld Security Chandler, Cassandra
Forbidden Knights Chandler, Cassandra
Summer Park Psychics Chandler, Cassandra
The Ancient Blades Trilogy Chandler, David
Dark Secrets Chandler, Elizabeth
Kissed By an Angel Chandler, Elizabeth
Sam Johnstone Chandler, James
A Shay O'Hanlon Caper Chandler, Jessie
Kincade Western Adventure Chandler, Michael; Chandler, Loahna
Philip Marlowe Chandler, Raymond
Friends, Lovers, or Nothing Chanel, Jackie
Hustler's Promise Chanel, Jackie
Love and War Chanel, Jackie
Orion Colony Chaney, J.N.
Renagade Origins Chaney, J.N.
The Renegade Chaney, J.N.
Renegade Star Chaney, J.N.
The Variant Saga Chaney, J.N.
Tough Scratches Chang-Lim, Eichin
A Detecttive Jack Yu Investigation Chang, Henry
An Allen Choice Novel Chang, Leonard
Fire and Sylvia Channer, Colin
Atlas Carter Saga Channing, J.
Beagle Sisters Chanslor, Torrey
A Devon Childs Adventure Chant, Daniel Marc
Animal Rescue Shifters Chant, Zoe
Bears of Pinerock County Chant, Zoe
Bodyguard Shifters Chant, Zoe
Cedar Hills Lions Chant, Zoe
Christmas Valley Shifters Chant, Zoe
Elemental Mates Chant, Zoe
Enforcer Bears Chant, Zoe
Fae Mates Chant, Zoe
Fae Shifter Knights Chant, Zoe
Fire & Rescue Shifters: Wildfire Crew Chant, Zoe
Fire and Rescue Shifters Chant, Zoe
Fire and Rescue Shifters: Friends and Family Chant, Zoe
Glacier Leopards Chant, Zoe
Gray's Hollow Chant, Zoe
Green Valley Shifters Chant, Zoe
Hideaway Cove Chant, Zoe
Hollywood Shifters Chant, Zoe
Honey for the Billionbear Chant, Zoe
Lost Dragons Chant, Zoe
A Mate for Christmas Chant, Zoe
Outback Shifters Chant, Zoe
Protection, Inc: Defenders Chant, Zoe
Protection, Inc. Chant, Zoe
Ranch Romeos Chant, Zoe
Rowland Lions Chant, Zoe
Salem Creek Shifters Chant, Zoe
Searching Dragons Chant, Zoe
Shifter Cub Camp Chant, Zoe
Shifter Dads Chant, Zoe
Shifter Kingdom Chant, Zoe
Shifter Suspense Chant, Zoe
Shifter Vets Chant, Zoe
Shifters and Sweets Chant, Zoe
Shifters for Christmas Chant, Zoe
Shifters of Coral Beach Chant, Zoe
Shifting Sands Resort Chant, Zoe
Silver Shifters Chant, Zoe
Silver Shifters: Godiva's House Chant, Zoe
Stone Shifters Chant, Zoe
U.S. Marshal Shifters Chant, Zoe
Upson Downs Chant, Zoe
Veteran Shifters Chant, Zoe
Virtue Shifters Chant, Zoe
Westerly Cove Chant, Zoe
Squire & Knight Chantler, Scott
Three Thieves Chantler, Scott
Voyagers Chapa, Xavier
A Courage and Cowboys Mail Order Bride Romance Chapel, Christy
Mail Order Husband Chapel, Christy
Alula-Belle Adventures Chapian, Marie
The Chronicles of Kilix Chapin, T.K.
Diamond Lake Chapin, T.K.
Embers and Ashes Chapin, T.K.
Faithful Love Chapin, T.K.
The Lost Truths Chapin, T.K.
Love's Enduring Promise Chapin, T.K.
Protected by Love Chapin, T.K.
An Alex Campbell Real Estate Mystery Chaplin, Charles
An Anna Sweet Mystery Chapman, Brenda
A Hunter and Tate Mystery Chapman, Brenda
A Stonechild and Rouleau Mystery Chapman, Brenda
The Tribe Chapman, Clay McLeod
Puatera Online Chapman, Dawn
The Secret King Chapman, Dawn
Tales from the Secret King Chapman, Dawn
A Garrett Reilly Thriller Chapman, Drew
Highlander Chapman, Janet
The Knights Chapman, Janet
Midnight Bay Chapman, Janet
Puffin Harbor Chapman, Janet
The Sinclair Brothers Chapman, Janet
Spellbound Falls Chapman, Janet
John Cannon Chapman, Jean
Philipps-Sinclair Saga Chapman, Jean
Blood of the Rainbow Chapman, John; Chapman, Shelia
A Vested Interest Chapman, John; Chapman, Shelia
The Dales Detective Chapman, Julia
Dowling Academy Chapman, Lara
Amarillo Sour Chapman, Laura
The Marrying Type Chapman, Laura
Queen of the League Chapman, Laura
Best Friends' Bakery Chapman, Linda
Forever Homes Chapman, Linda
Loving Spirit Chapman, Linda
The Magic Keepers Chapman, Linda
Mermaids Rock Chapman, Linda
Moonlight Riders Chapman, Linda
Mr. Monkey Chapman, Linda
My Secret Unicorn Chapman, Linda
Not Quite a Mermaid Chapman, Linda
Skating School Chapman, Linda
Sophie and the Shadow Woods Chapman, Linda
Star Friends Chapman, Linda
Stardust Chapman, Linda
Unicorn School Chapman, Linda
The Adventures of Freddie & Stumper Chapman, Linda J.; Sanders, Mary Lois
Lion Heart & Alessio Chapman, Megan Joy
Florida Brides Chapman, Muncy
An Anna Davies Mystery Chapman, Rita Lee
A Silicon Valley Mystery Chapman, Sally
Agatha's Amish B&B Chapman, Vannetta
An Allison Quinn Thriller Chapman, Vannetta
An Amish Bishop Mystery Chapman, Vannetta
An Amish Village Mystery Chapman, Vannetta
Cyber Division Chapman, Vannetta
Defending America Chapman, Vannetta
Indiana Amish Brides Chapman, Vannetta
Indiana Amish Market Chapman, Vannetta
Jacobs Family Chapman, Vannetta
Kessler Effect Chapman, Vannetta
The Pebble Creek Amish Chapman, Vannetta
Plain and Simple Miracles Chapman, Vannetta
Remnant Chapman, Vannetta
A Shipshewana Amish Mystery Chapman, Vannetta
An Alien Teen Fantasy Adventure Chapoton, Debra
Big Pine Lodge Chapoton, Debra
Exodia Ledgers Chapoton, Debra
Tunnels Chapoton, Debra
A Hollis Ball/Sam Wescott Mystery Chappell, Helen
A Navajo Nation Mystery Chappell, R. Allen
Midnight's Edge Chappuis, David; Klinger, Michael
Vigilantes For Justice Chaput, Alan
A Tiny Pretty Things Novel Charaipotra, Sona; Clayton, Dhonielle
Woods Family Saga Charbonneau, Eileen
Dividing Eden Charbonneau, Joelle
A Glee Club Mystery Charbonneau, Joelle
Rebecca Robbins Charbonneau, Joelle
Testing Charbonneau, Joelle
Verify Charbonneau, Joelle
American Gold Charbonnet, Gabrielle
Disney Girls Charbonnet, Gabrielle
The Atonement Duet Chardou, Selene
A Dance With The Devil Novel Chardou, Selene
A Love Unexpected Novel Chardou, Selene
The Lovers Duet Chardou, Selene
Lucifer's Saints MC Chardou, Selene
One More Night Chardou, Selene
Rough Riders MC Chardou, Selene
Scarlet Fever Chardou, Selene
A Ties That Bond Novel Chardou, Selene
Kincaid Strange Charish, Kristi
Owl Charish, Kristi
Forever Friends Charles, Allyson
Lost Coast Love Charles, Allyson
Marine Raiders Alpha Charles, Allyson
Pineville Charles, Allyson
An AC Silly Circus Mystery Charles, Ann
Deadwood Charles, Ann
Deadwood Shorts Charles, Ann
Deadwood Undertaker Charles, Ann
A Dig Site Mystery Charles, Ann
A Goldwash Mystery Charles, Ann
Jackrabbit Junction Charles, Ann
Bodhi Charles, Christopher
Caldwell Brothers Charles, Colleen
Dangerous Futures Charles, Colleen
Dangerous Pasts Charles, Colleen
Rochester Riot Charles, Colleen
Vegas Venom Charles, Colleen
Richard Stocker Charles, Edward
The Devil's Due Charles, Eva
Meadows Shore Charles, Eva
The New American Royals Charles, Eva
Sinful Empire Charles, Eva
The Fireblade Array Charles, H.O.
A Baxter Academy Novel Charles, Jane
The Baxter Boys ~ Rattled Charles, Jane
Devils of Dalston Charles, Jane
The Garden Brides Charles, Jane
A Gentleman's Guide to Once Upon a Time Charles, Jane
Her Muse Charles, Jane
Magic and Mayhem Charles, Jane
Magic and Mystery Charles, Jane
Observations of a Wallflower Charles, Jane
The Other Trents Charles, Jane
Scot to the Heart Charles, Jane
Sinclair Brothers Charles, Jane
The Spirited Storms Charles, Jane
Tenacious Trents Charles, Jane
To Love a Governess Charles, Jane
The Wiggons' School for Elegant Young Ladies Charles, Jane
A Charm of Magpies Charles, K.J.
The Doomsday Books Charles, K.J.
The Lilywhite Boys Charles, K.J.
The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal Charles, K.J.
Sins of the Cities Charles, K.J.
Society of Gentlemen Charles, K.J.
The Will Darling Adventures Charles, K.J.
A Book of Psalms Mystery Charles, Kate
A Callie Anson Mystery Charles, Kate
An Everly Gray Adventure Charles, L.J.
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Captured by Love Charles, Miranda P.
Indie Rebels Charles, Miranda P.
Lifestyle by Design Charles, Miranda P.
Moonstruck Cove Charles, Miranda P.
Secret Dreams Charles, Miranda P.
Time for Love Charles, Miranda P.
Archer Cove Charles, Natalie
The Law of the Lycans