Series     Author
Cajun Hearts Y'Barbo, Kathleen
Fairweather Keys Y'Barbo, Kathleen
Louisiana Brides Y'Barbo, Kathleen
Pies, Books & Jesus Y'Barbo, Kathleen
Second Time Around Y'Barbo, Kathleen
The Secret Lives of Will Tucker Y'Barbo, Kathleen
Class Pet Squad Yaccarino, Dan
Zorgoochi Intergalactic Pizza Yaccarino, Dan
Dave & Mom Yaffe, James
Minami Nanami Wants to Shine Yaku, Yuki
Daytime Shooting Star Yamamori, Mika
What This World Is Made of Yamamoto, Shin
The Ancient Magus' Bride Yamazaki, Kore
Frau Faust Yamazaki, Kore
The Faraway Paladin Yanagino, Kanata
The Highly Effective Detective Yancey, Richard
5th Wave Yancey, Rick
The Alfred Kropp Adventures Yancey, Rick
Monstrumologist Yancey, Rick
Books of Clash Yang, Gene Luen
Secret Coders Yang, Gene Luen
Shadow Hero Yang, Gene Luen
Mo's Mischief Yang, Hongying
Tensorate Yang, J.Y.
A Front Desk Novel Yang, Kelly
Enchanted Collar Yang, Robin Y.
Shark and Bot Yanish, Brian
Alien Invasion Yansky, Brian
Charles Spotted Moon Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn
Crisis of Empire Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn
Le Comte de Saint-Germain Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn
Shattered Light Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn
Sisters of the Night Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn
Porter Kingston Yarbrough, Jennifer Bryan
Fandom Hearts: A Geek Girl Rom Com Yardley, Cathy
Necessary Evil Yardley, Cathy
The Player's Club Yardley, Cathy
Ponto Beach Reunion Yardley, Cathy
The Firefly Legacy Yardley, Liz
An Azalea March Mystery Yarnall, Beth
The Misadventures of Maggie Mae Yarnall, Beth
Pleasure at Home Yarnall, Beth
Recovered Innocence Yarnall, Beth
A Johnny Sundance Mystery Yarosh, Ronald
The Empyrean Yarros, Rebecca
Flight & Glory Yarros, Rebecca
The Renegades Yarros, Rebecca
A Jo Epstein Mystery Yarrow, Joyce
A Max and Charles Nature Adventure Yaruta-Young, Susan
A Dr. Nell Ward Mystery Yarwood-Lovett, Sarah
Dino Detectives Yasuda, Anita
Short Tales: Chinese Myths Yasuda, Anita
Short Tales: Native American Myths Yasuda, Anita
Entangled Yates, Carlie
B-Berry Pleydell Yates, Dornford
Richard Chandos Yates, Dornford
Brides of Innocence Yates, Maisey
The Call of Duty Yates, Maisey
The Carsons of Lone Rock Yates, Maisey
Copper Ridge Yates, Maisey
A Diamond in the Rough Yates, Maisey
Forrester Siblings Yates, Maisey
Four Corners Ranch Yates, Maisey
A Gold Valley Novel Yates, Maisey
Gold Valley Vineyards Yates, Maisey
Heirs Before Vows Yates, Maisey
The Heirs of Liri Yates, Maisey
Once Upon a Seduction... Yates, Maisey
Princes of Petras Yates, Maisey
The Royal Desert Legacy Yates, Maisey
Secret Heirs of Powerful Men Yates, Maisey
Silver Creek, Oregon Yates, Maisey
Kojiki Yatsuhashi, Keith
Love in the Hamptons Yaye, Pamela
The Morretti Millionaires Yaye, Pamela
Poison Blood Yazmin, Neha
The Soulmates Saga Yazmin, Neha
An Elizabeth Will Mystery Yeager, Dorian
A Victoria Bowering Mystery Yeager, Dorian
Avatar Kyoshi Yee, F.C.
A Genie Lo Novel Yee, F.C.
America Girl: Lea Yee, Lisa
American Girl: Kanani Yee, Lisa
Bobby Ellis-Chan Yee, Lisa
Millicent Min & Friends Yee, Lisa
The Misfits Yee, Lisa
Mouse and Mole Yee, Wong Herbert
Hero Yeko, Cheryl
Related Yeko, Cheryl
Kantura World Yelverton, Robert M.
Army National Guard Yenne, Bill
Bladen Cole: Bounty Hunter Yenne, Bill
Raptor Force Yenne, Bill
Demon Download Cycle Yeovil, Jack
A Genevieve Novel Yeovil, Jack
American Girl: Isabelle Yep, Laurence
American Girl: Mia Yep, Laurence
Chinatown Yep, Laurence
City Yep, Laurence
Dragons Yep, Laurence
Golden Mountain Chronicles Yep, Laurence
Related Books Yep, Laurence
Tiger's Apprentice Yep, Laurence
Dragon's Guide Yep, Laurence; Ryder, Joanne
Angel Alves Yessayan, Raffi
A Hope Sze Medical Thriller Yi, Melissa
Hope's Seven Deadly Sins Yi, Melissa
Cat & Cat Adventures Yi, Susie
City of Secrets Ying, Victoria
The Buttons Ylvisaker, Anne
Freedom's Common Ground Yoakum, Marilyn
A Dennis Cunningham Thriller Yocum, Keith
A Clare James Art Adventure Yoder, Charlene
Amish Blizzards Yoder, Sicily
Amish Snowflakes Yoder, Sicily
Heaven Driven Yoder, Sicily
Whoopie Pie Bakers Yoder, Sicily
City of Dragons Yogis, Jaimal
Mop Rides the Waves Yogis, Jaimal
Grandpa Hates the Bird Yohalem, Eve
Special Kids of Sharon Yohn-Rhodes, Phyllis
Malayan Yoke, Selina Siak Chin
Commander Toad Yolen, Jane
The Great Alta Saga Yolen, Jane
How Do Dinosaurs...? Yolen, Jane
The Pit Dragon Chronicles Yolen, Jane
A Rock 'n' Roll Fairy Tale Yolen, Jane
School of Fish Yolen, Jane
Tartan Magic Yolen, Jane
An Unsolved Mystery from History Yolen, Jane
The Young Merlin Trilogy Yolen, Jane
Young Heroes Yolen, Jane; Harris, Robert J.
The Seelie Wars Yolen, Jane; Stemple, Adam
A Stone Man Mystery Yolen, Jane; Stemple, Adam
Legends of the Condor Heroes Yong, Jin
Confetti Kids Yoo, Paula
A Duck, Duck, Porcupine Book Yoon, Salina
Maurice Sendak's Seven Little Monsters Yorinks, Arthur
The Haggard Chronicles York, Alison
425 Madison Avenue York, Allie
The Broadway York, Allie
The K-9 Shores York, Allie
Words for Nerds York, Allie
Jonas Wilde: The Eliminator York, Andrew
Operations by Jonathan Anders York, Andrew
Tallant for Saga York, Andrew
Breaking Waves York, Anna
Descendants of the High King York, Ashley
Norman Conquest York, Ashley
The Order of the Scottish Thistle York, Ashley
Age of Conan: Anok, Heretic of Stygia York, J. Steven
A Panorama Beach Mystery York, J. Steven
Tales of the Clockwork Cowboy York, J. Steven
Christmas at the Sugarberry Inn York, Jessa
Las Vegas Angels York, Jessa
Learning to Love York, Jessa
Love In Santa Lena York, Jessa
The Rosetti Crime Family York, Jessa
The Sovrano Crime Family York, Jessa
Solomon Aleph Stories York, Julie L.
Half Light Saga York, Kelley
The Girls York, Kenni
A Royce Madison Mystery York, Kieran
A Door County Cozy Mystery York, Lilly
A Willow Crier Cozy Mystery York, Lilly
Swan's Knob York, Lynn
Bad Money York, Nicole
Dancing with the Devil York, Nicole
The Devil's Luck MC York, Nicole
Kadia Club Nights York, Nicole
Lost Breed MC York, Nicole
Secrets of the Night York, Nicole
Sins of the Night York, Nicole
43 Light Street York, Rebecca
Beyond York, Rebecca
Boys in Blue York, Rebecca
Chronicles of Arandal York, Rebecca
Decorah Security York, Rebecca
Demon Entanglements York, Rebecca
Gypsy Magic York, Rebecca
Mindbenders York, Rebecca
Moon York, Rebecca
New Orleans Magic York, Rebecca
Off World York, Rebecca
Peregrine Connection York, Rebecca
Ramsay Gallagher York, Rebecca
Renegade Magic York, Rebecca
Rockfort Security York, Rebecca
Unbound York, Rebecca
Caroline and West York, Robin
A Lauren Atwill Mystery York, Sheila
Hot Caribbean Nights York, Zoe
The Kincaids of Pine Harbour York, Zoe
Pine Harbour York, Zoe
SEALs Undone York, Zoe
Vikings in Space York, Zoe
Wardham York, Zoe
Related Books Yorke, Erin
Related Books Yorke, Katherine
Patrick Grant Yorke, Margaret
Musashi Yoshikawa, Eiji
Antique Bakery Yoshinaga, Fumi
Ooku Yoshinaga, Fumi
A Bait & Stitch Cozy Mystery Yost, Ann
Brides and Prejudice Yost, Ann
A Hattie Lehtinen Mystery Yost, Ann
Hollow Hearts Yother, Christina
Origins Youkey, Wilette
A Janet Schilling Mystery Youmans, Claire
The Toki-Girl and the Sparrow-Boy Youmans, Claire
Mistress Young-Ellis, Georgina
Courting Chaos Young-Nichols, Heather
Fallout Young-Nichols, Heather
Finding Love Young-Nichols, Heather
Gambling on Love Young-Nichols, Heather
Grounded Young-Nichols, Heather
Harbor Point Young-Nichols, Heather
HoliDATE Young-Nichols, Heather
Holiday Bites Young-Nichols, Heather
Pushing Daisies Young-Nichols, Heather
Rockstars: Forever 18 Young-Nichols, Heather
Shadow Coven Young-Nichols, Heather
Up for Grabs Young-Nichols, Heather
Fable Young, Adrienne
Frenemies Young, Alexa
Megan Young, Alida
Bad Boys Young, Christine
Good Girls Young, Christine
Lakota Pinkerton Young, Christine
Naughty Young, Christine
Sweet McKenna Young, Christine
Twelve Dancing Princesses Young, Christine
Baymoor Young, D.A.
Men of Whiskey Row Young, D.A.
Shopkeeper Young, D.A.
A Gemma Lamb Cozy Mystery Young, Debbie
A Sophie Sayers Village Mystery Young, Debbie
Staffroom at St. Bride's Young, Debbie
Tales from Wendlebury Barrow Young, Debbie
The Ardwellian Chronicles Young, Dennis
S.T.O.R.M. Young, E.L.
Riley Fisher Young, Erin
Dody McCleland Young, Felicity
Charlotte "Charlie" Cates Young, Hester
The Princess Parables Young, Jeanna; Johnson, Jacqueline
A Jack Barrett Mystery Young, Jerry D.
Fairylight Friends Young, Jessica
Finley Flowers Young, Jessica
Haggis and Tank Unleashed Young, Jessica; Burks, James
Dragon Cliff Trilogy Young, Julie
Nephilim Warrior Young, K.A.
The O'Connors Young, Karen
A Jane Doe Book Club Mystery Young, Kate
Marygene Brown Mysteries Young, Kate
The Angeline Gower Trilogy Young, Louisa
Chocolate Covered Young, Luke
Friends With Benefits Young, Luke
Taken by You Young, M.L.
Standing on the Promises Young, Margaret Blair
Miss Macintosh, My Darling Young, Marguerite
Franken-Sci High Young, Mark
A Gerrit O'Rourke Novel Young, Mark
A Tom Kagan Novel Young, Mark
A Travis Mays Novel Young, Mark
Beautiful Beasts Young, Mila
Haven Realm Chronicles Young, Mila
Rise of Hades Young, Mila
Savage Young, Mila
Shadow Shifters Young, Mila
Winter's Thorn Young, Mila
Sin Demons Young, Mila; Brooks, Harper A.
Dust Lands Young, Moira
Small Town Sexy Young, Morgan
A Patricia Amble Mystery Young, Nicole
Dre Thomas Young, Pamela Samuels
Vernetta Henderson Young, Pamela Samuels
The Brethren Young, Robyn
Captains Outrageous Young, Roy V.
The Adair Family Young, Samantha
The Fade Young, Samantha
Fire Spirits Young, Samantha
Hart's Boardwalk Young, Samantha
Hero Young, Samantha
The Highlands Trilogy Young, Samantha
Into the Deep Young, Samantha
On Dublin Street Young, Samantha
Play On Young, Samantha
The Tale of Lunarmorte Young, Samantha
Warriors of Ankh Young, Samantha
Old Town Country Romance Young, Savannah
Inspector Mateesie Kitologitak Young, Scott
Violent Sands Young, Sean
McClendon Holiday Young, Sean D.
An Enescu Fleet Mystery Young, Sherban
An Edna Davies Mystery Young, Suzanne
A Fishen-Rodd Mystery Young, Suzanne
The Forgotten Young, Suzanne
Girls with Sharp Sticks Young, Suzanne
A Naughty List Novel Young, Suzanne
The Program Young, Suzanne
Parson and Gold Young, Thomas W.
Michael Parson Young, Tom
Cities of the Dead Young, William
The Shack Young, William Paul
Almost an Angel Youngblood, Jennifer
Falling for the Doc Youngblood, Jennifer
Good Girls Don't Come Last Youngblood, Jennifer
The Grimm Laws Youngblood, Jennifer
Hawaiian Billionaires Youngblood, Jennifer
Honeysuckle Island Youngblood, Jennifer
Jackson Hole Firefighters Youngblood, Jennifer
The Jane Austen Pact Youngblood, Jennifer
Navy SEAL Romance Youngblood, Jennifer
Romeo Family Youngblood, Jennifer
Second Chance Youngblood, Jennifer
Texas Titans Youngblood, Jennifer
Angel Matchmaker Youngblood, Jennifer; Poole, Sandra
A Better Man Younger, G.
A Stupid Boy Story Younger, G.
Adventures in Odyssey Younger, Marshal
Kidsboro Younger, Marshal
A Turner Brown Western Yount, Steven
Promise of Sunrise Younts, Elizabeth Byler
Renaissance Brides Youree, Barbara
Reality Twist Yourzek, Tammy M.
The Magical Reality of Nadia Youssef, Bassem
Vermonia Yoyo
Hazel and Twig Yu, Brenna Burns
Legend of Snow Wolf Yu, F. Lit
Crown Colony Yu, Ovidia
A Singaporean Mystery featuring Rosie "Aunty" Lee Yu, Ovidia
Warriors of Ryon Yule, S.K.
Across Oceans Yunker, John