Carol I. Wagner and Marian L. Franz Scharf write as Melissa Carroll and Marisa Carroll.

Book List in Order: 43 titles

Complete Series List in Order


1) Rescue from Yesterday (Sep-1990)
2) Refuge from Today (Nov-1990)
3) Return to Tomorrow (Jan-1991)

Multi-Author Series List

4 Strong Men

Peacekeeper (Aug-1995)

The Birth Place

6) The Midwife and the Lawman (Feb-2004)

Cooper's Corner

Strangers When We Meet (Oct-2002)

Family Man

Before Thanksgiving Comes (Nov-1998)

Harlequin NASCAR

Forbidden Attraction (May-2007)
Victory Lane (Dec-2008)
No Holds Barred (Jun-2009)
Into the Corner (Feb-2010)
Lady's Choice (Jun-2010)
Daisy Chain (Oct-2010)

Hotel Marchand

9) Her Summer Love (Feb-2007)

Maitland Maternity Clinic

1) Baby 101 (2000)
28) Larrimore's Legacy: Baby 101 (Aug-2003)

Men in Uniform

Winter Soldier (Jun-1999)


Last-Minute Marriage (Oct-2000)

Secrets and Legends

2) Forbidden Attraction (May-2007)


Megan (Jun-1997)


Crossroads (Dec-1992)
Loveknot (Feb-1993)
Unexpected Son (Sep-1996)
Mission: Children (Aug-1997)

Weddings, Inc.

Wedding Invitation (Jun-1994)
Marry Me Tonight (Mar-1995)