Lisa Childs was born on 31 October, a Halloween birthday predestined her to a life of writing suspense. Born soft-spoken into a big, boisterous family where only he who speaks loudest is heard, she learned early to express herself through the written word. She has been writing since she could first form sentences and transfer them to paper with crayon. Her first books revolved around the antics of the family dog until she discovered Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. Then writing mysteries became second nature for her. At 11 she won her first writing award and was interviewed by the local newspaper. That story's plot revolved around a kidnapping, probably something she wished on any of her six siblings.

Lisa lives in Michigan, with a husband who provides loving support with praise and extra housecleaning duty, and two beautiful daughters who share her love of the written word. During the day she is a part-time insurance agent and full-time wife and mother. When night falls and fog from their 15-acre swamp wraps around their house, she becomes the focused writer, spinning stories she hopes her readers will enjoy. She enjoys the mix of suspense and romance. Readers are welcome to contact Lisa at PO Box 139, Marne, MI 49435.

Book List in Order: 91 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Bachelor Bodyguards

1) His Christmas Assignment (Dec-2015)
2) Bodyguard Daddy (Feb-2016)
3) Bodyguard's Baby Surprise (May-2016)
4) Beauty and the Bodyguard (Aug-2016)
5) Nanny Bodyguard (Mar-2017)
6) Single Mom's Bodyguard (Sep-2017)
7) In the Bodyguard's Arms (Jan-2018)
8) Soldier Bodyguard (Oct-2018)
9) Guarding His Witness (Feb-2019)
10) Evidence of Attraction (Dec-2019)
11) Bodyguard Boyfriend (Apr-2020)
12) Close Quarters with the Bodyguard (Jul-2021)
13) Bodyguard Under Siege (Apr-2022)

Bachelor Cowboys

1) A Rancher's Promise (Jan-2022)
2) The Cowboy's Unlikely Match (Apr-2022)
3) The Bronc Rider's Twin Surprise (Jul-2022)
4) The Cowboy's Ranch Rescue (Jan-2023)

A Bane Island Novel

1) The Runaway (Nov-2020)
2) The Hunted (Dec-2021)

Citizen's Police Academy

1) Once A Lawman (Feb-2009)
2) Once a Hero (May-2009)
3) Once a Cop (Sep-2009)

Hotshot Heroes

1) Red Hot (Jan-2016)
2) Hot Attraction (Apr-2016)
3) Hot Seduction (Sep-2016)
4) Hot Pursuit (Jan-2017)
5) Hotshot Hero Under Fire (Jun-2022)
6) Hotshot Hero on the Edge (Sep-2022)
7) Hotshot Heroes Under Threat (Dec-2022)
8) Hotshot Hero in Disguise (Mar-2023)

Legal Lovers

1) Legal Seduction (Feb-2018)
2) Legal Attraction (May-2018)
3) Legal Passion (Sep-2018)
4) Legal Desire (Nov-2018)

Liaisons International

1) Dating the Billionaire (Aug-2020)


1) Lawman Lover (Mar-2012)
2) Baby Breakout (Apr-2012)

Royal Bodyguards

1) Protecting the Pregnant Princess (Feb-2013)
2) The Princess Predicament (Mar-2013)
3) Royal Rescue (Apr-2013)

The Secret Vampire Society

1) The Secret Vampire Society (Oct-2009)
2) Holiday with a Vampire III: Nothing Says Christmas Like a Vampire (Dec-2009)
3) Mistress of the Underground (Mar-2010)
4) The Huntress (Aug-2010)
5) The Vampire Hunter (Sep-2010)

Shotgun Weddings

1) Groom Under Fire (Jun-2014)
2) Explosive Engagement (Jul-2014)
3) Bridegroom Bodyguard (Aug-2014)

Special Agents at the Altar

1) The Pregnant Witness (Mar-2015)
2) Agent Undercover (Apr-2015)
3) Agent to the Rescue (Sep-2015)
4) The Agent's Redemption (Oct-2015)

The Wedding Party

1) Unexpected Bride (Feb-2008)
2) The Best Man's Bride (May-2008)
3) Forever His Bride (Aug-2008)
4) Finally A Bride (Oct-2008)

Witch Hunt

1) Haunted (Dec-2006)
2) Persecuted (Apr-2007)
3) Damned (Aug-2007)
4) Cursed (Mar-2015)

Multi-Author Series List

Babies & Bachelors USA

4) His Baby Surprise (Apr-2010)

Colton 911

2) Baby's Bodyguard (Aug-2019)
14) Unlikely Alibi (Feb-2021)

Colton 911: Chicago

2) Unlikely Alibi (Feb-2021)

The Coltons

Unlikely Alibi (Feb-2021)
66) The Colton Marine (Jul-2017)
78) Colton's Cinderella Bride (Jul-2018)
93) Baby's Bodyguard (Aug-2019)
121) Colton Christmas Conspiracy (Nov-2020)

The Coltons of Shadow Creek

5) The Colton Marine (Jul-2017)

The Coltons of Red Ridge

7) Colton's Cinderella Bride (Jul-2018)

The Coltons of Kansas

5) Colton Christmas Conspiracy (Nov-2020)

The Coltons of Colorado

2) Snowed In With a Colton (Mar-2022)

Cowboys Royale

Ransom for a Prince (Mar-2011)

Dead Bolt

Bridal Reconnaissance (Feb-2004)


The Substitute Sister (Mar-2005)


25) Single Dad Sheriff (Sep-2010)

Men Made in America

Once A Lawman (Feb-2009)


Mystery Lover (Jun-2010)

Situation: Christmas

4) Daddy Bombshell (Dec-2011)

Top Secret Deliveries

7) The Bounty Hunter's Baby Surprise (Jun-2018)

Uniformly Hot!

61) Hot Attraction (Apr-2016)

Award-Winning Books by Lisa Childs

Mystery Lover
2010 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Harlequin Intrigue