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    12 Books (3 Series)
  • First Book:
    August 1994
  • Latest Book:
    January 2006
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1 - Miss Henderson's Secret (Aug-1995)
2 - Isabella's Rake (Jun-1997)

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1 - The Baron and the Bookseller (Aug-1994)
2 - My Lord Ghost (Oct-1996)
3 - My Lady Ghost (Dec-1998)
4 - The Ruby Ghost (Jan-2006)

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1 - The Jilting of Baron Pelham (Dec-1994)
2 - The Duke's Desire (Mar-1996)

Book List in Order: 12 titles

  • The Innocent Seductress On the surface, Miss Gwynneth Dunlevvy seemed simply a sweet, shy young lady who ran a humble bookstore in the tiny town of Guilford. Few realized the ravishing beauty cloaked by her dowdy dresses. And no one knew of the le...

  • A Trio of Temptations Though new to the London marriage mart, Miss Davida Gresham had three marvelous men in her young life. One was the devastatingly attractive Baron Montgomery Pelham, newly jilted by the most beautiful belle of the ton, and see...

  • The Lord of License It was bad enough that the radical writings of the Earl of Dudley had filled Miss Eden Henderson with shocking notions of the immorality of marriage and the virtue of free love. It was even worse when the beautiful governess en...

  • Duty and Desire The beautiful Viscountess Deborah Silverton never wished to wed again. The death of her hateful husband had ended an unspeakable nightmare. On the other hand, she desperately wanted to see her sixteen-year-old daughter Jennifer saf...

  • The Haunted Heart Miss Juliette Berceau was a levelheaded young lady. Certainly she did not believe in ghosts. Even more certainly, she did not believe that the ghost of Hammerswold Castle could command the master of the manor, Lord Jared Faverill...

  • An Improper Passion Isabella Eardley's only passion was for painting -- to the dismay and despair of her noble father and mother. Instead of seeking to make her mark in the marriage mart as every proper young lady should, the only mark Isabell...

  • A Haunting Love Left penniless after her husband's death, pretty widow Allison Weatherby was blissfully happy under the kind care of Thorne D'Aumont, the dashing Marquess of Silverthorne. Soon friendship turned into an undeniable passion -- but wh...

  • An Unexpected Courtship Amanda Garfield's beloved sister Penelope was a well-known beauty, and would surely be the first to marry. So when handsome Lord Jack Maitland arrived for a shooting party, Amanda assumed he had come to woo her sister. ...

  • Odds on Love Penniless and without prospects, Lord Edmund Debham has returned from war longing for a peaceful life in the English countryside. Then he happens into a rustic tavern and plays a few games of cards for some sorely needed funds, never ...

  • Love For Sale Amy Armstrong doesn't enjoy being sold off to a prosperous farmer like a prized cow at a county fair. But what choice other than marriage has she when he's the only man willing to take in a woman with no dowry and a dependent...

  • A Rake's Destiny Elizabeth Longford wants only one thing from her cousin John Blayne, Earl of Wayneathe -- his help in saving the cherished forest where they played as children -- and where they once caught a glimpse of a leprechaun. But Lord ...

  • Dreams Are Made of This Penelope Jones is a young woman of reduced means, eager to give her family one less mouth to feed. Seeking a position as governess for the Silverthorne family, she is put off by James Betterton -- Lord Silverthorne's no...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

June Calvin has published 12 books.

June Calvin does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Ruby Ghost, was published in January 2006.

The first book by June Calvin, The Baron and the Bookseller, was published in August 1994.

Yes. June Calvin has 3 series.