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    21 Books (2 Series)
  • First Book:
    December 1990
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    June 2019
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Full Series List in Order

A Trish Maguire Mystery

1 - Creeping Ivy (Aug-1999)
2 - Fault Lines (Apr-2000)
3 - Prey to All (Dec-2000)
4 - Out of the Dark (Aug-2002)
5 - A Place of Safety (Sep-2003)
6 - Keep Me Alive (Oct-2004)
7 - Gagged and Bound (Sep-2005)
8 - Evil Is Done (Jan-2007)
9 - A Poisoned Mind (Jul-2008)

A Willow King Mystery

1 - A Common Death (Dec-1990)
2 - Poison Flowers (Jan-1992)
3 - Bloody Roses (Jan-1993)
4 - Bitter Herbs (Apr-1994)
5 - Rotten Apples (Jul-1995)
6 - Fruiting Bodies (1996)
7 - Sour Grapes (Jun-1998)
8 - The Drowning Pool (Mar-1997)

Book List in Order: 21 titles

  • When plain, analytical Willow King is accused of her boss's murder, she begins her own investigation of the crime, discovering a certain gossip columnist with a motive for revenge, a scandal at her company, and someone who wants her silenced...

  • The Department of Old Age Pensions is not noted for drama. Nor for scandal, corruption or even the odd leak to the tabloids. Not until Algernon Endlesham, its high-flying Minister, is brutally bludgeoned to death. Willow King, Assistant Secretary (...

  • Convinced that a single serial killer is responsible for three seemingly unrelated murders, Willow King, a dowdy civil servant and best-selling romance novelist, must use her novelist's imagination to search for the missing link...

  • Willow is sure Richard Crescent couldn't commit murder. The police, finding him drenched in his colleague's blood in the locked Corporate Finance department, are sure he did.

    Rushing back from a Tuscan idyll with Chief Inspector Tom Worth to h...

  • Passions run high in the world of publishing, but they rarely lead to murder - or do they?

    Gloria Grainger, wealthy bestselling novelist, is found dead in her room one morning. Everyone assumes she died of natural causes - except for Willow Ki...

  • Death...and taxes Willow King, civil servant, and Cressida Woodruffe, author of sweeping romances, are one and the same. But it is the former who's called into play when she is asked to probe the case of Fiona Fydgett, a famous art historian whose ta...

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    Fruiting Bodies is a compelling novel featuring female sleuth, Willow King, set within the fraught corridors of an NHS hospital.

    Just as Willow is giving birth to her first child, her obstetrician is found dead, face-down in his own birthing p...

  • Forty-four-year-old Willow King - dedicated British civil servant, glamorous romance writer, amateur sleuth, and wife to a Scotland Yard detective - is about to experience motherhood for the first time. Middle-age maternity and all its complications ...

  • TRUE LIES Now a full-time mother and bestselling writer, Willow King is content to leave crime-solving to her police chief husband. Yet she can't resist a case involving Andrew Lutterworth, accused of a fatal hit-and-run that landed him in prison ...

  • When Antonia Weblock's four-year-old daughter mysteriously vanishes from the local playground, Antonia calls in her cousin, barrister and child advocate Trish Maguire, for help, but Trish soon finds herself a suspect in the crime....

  • Trish Maguire is furious when the social worker she's depending on for her latest case fails to turn up for court. But when she finds out that the social worker has been murdered, Trish is determined to find the killer....

  • Barrister Trish Maguire has too much on her plate: not only is she swamped with work, but her father has just suffered a heart attack and he's not likely to pull through. The last thing Trish needs now is a seemingly unsolvable case, one closer to he...

  • The fourth in Natasha Cooper's Trish Maguire series, OUT OF THE DARK is a touching and gripping novel in the bestselling tradition of Frances Fyfield. An eight-year-old boy comes running out of the dark to find barrister Trish Maguire one wet Sunday ...

  • Barrister Trish Maguire needs all the time she can find to help her young half-brother adjust to life after the violent death of his mother. Sir Henry Buxford, an influential acquaintance, has other ideas. He asks Trish to investigate one of his priv...

  • Why did investigative journalist Jamie Maxden die? The coroner says it was suicide. The case is closed. Only one man fights to reopen it. Will Applewood is sure Jamie was about to expose a scandal that would shame the British food industry. But Will ...

  • Barrister Trish Maguire tackles a thirty-year-old terrorism case when distinguished biographer, Beatrice Bowman, hires her to fight a libel claim by a new ennobled member of the House of Lords who says she misidentified him as one of the terrorists w...

  • When barrister Trish Maguires first child-client comes back into her life as an adult, she has no idea of the terrifying events his sudden reappearance will touch off. Now a brilliant sculptor, Sam is married to Ceciliaone of Trishs colleagues on an ...

  • "I don't know how you've survived at the Bar this long," Anthony said to Trish. "Caring for your clients to the point of derangement is bad enough; but to start fretting over the opposition. . . . " In spite of the barristers' rule that any suitab...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Natasha Cooper has published 21 books.

Natasha Cooper does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, A Greater Evil, was published in June 2019.

The first book by Natasha Cooper, A Common Death, was published in December 1990.

Yes. Natasha Cooper has 2 series.