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Maureen Child
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    128 Books (12 Series)
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    February 1992
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    August 2023
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About the Author

Maureen Child was born 28 September 1951 in California, USA. She and her husband enjoy traveling, usually taking road trips with her parents. When she’s at home, she is kept busy with her two grown children and a somewhat confused golden retriever named Abbey. She is busy writing her next book.

Under her own name, Maureen Child writes short contemporary novels—books she loves to write because of their fast pace and condensed story telling, she is also writing funny, contemporary paranormal romances. Over the years, she’s written under lots of different names and she prefers the term ‘pseudonym’ to ‘alias’. As Ann Carberry, she wrote western historical romances. As Kathleen Kane, she wrote not only Americana romances, but western paranormal romances as well. As Sarah Hart, she wrote one really spectacular western paranormal that is still one of her favorites. And once, Ann Carberry even wrote a Victorian historical which she absolutely loved doing. She writes paranormal romance novels under the pesudonym of Regan Hastings. Now, a USA Today best selling author of more than ninety romance novels and novellas, she is a five time nominee for the prestigious Rita award from Romance Writers of America. One of her novels, A Pocketful Of Paradise, was made into a CBS-TV movie called The Soul Collector, starring Melissa Gilbert, Bruce Greenwood and Ossie Davis.

Full Series List in Order

The Bachelor Battalion

1 - The Littlest Marine (Sep-1998)
2 - The Non-Commissioned Baby (Oct-1998)
3 - The Oldest Living Married Virgin (Nov-1998)
4 - Colonel Daddy (Apr-1999)
5 - Mom in Waiting (Aug-1999)
6 - Marine Under the Mistletoe (Dec-1999)
7 - The Daddy Salute (Feb-2000)
8 - The Last Santini Virgin (Aug-2000)
9 - The Next Santini Bride (Sep-2000)
10 - Marooned With a Marine (Oct-2000)
11 - Prince Charming in Dress Blues (May-2001)
12 - His Baby (Jul-2001)
13 - Last Virgin in California (Oct-2001)
14 - The Marine & the Debutante (Jun-2002)

The Candellanos

1 - Finding You // Knowing You (May-2003)
2 - Loving You (Jun-2003)

Demon Duster

1 - More Than Fiends (Jun-2007)
2 - A Fiend In Need (Mar-2008)


1 - Eternally (Nov-2006)
2 - Nevermore (Feb-2007)
3 - Vanished (Feb-2009)

Kings of California

1 - Bargaining For King's Baby (Mar-2008)
2 - Marrying For King's Millions (Apr-2008)
3 - Falling For King's Fortune (May-2008)
4 - Conquering King's Heart (Sep-2009)
5 - Claiming King's Baby (Oct-2009)
6 - Wedding at King's Convenience (Nov-2009)
7 - The Last Lone Wolf (May-2010)
8 - Cinderella & The CEO (Oct-2010)
9 - King's Million-Dollar Secret (May-2011)
10 - Ready for King's Seduction (Oct-2011)
11 - The Temporary Mrs. King (Dec-2011)
12 - To Kiss a King (Feb-2012)
13 - The King Next Door (Feb-2013)
14 - Her Return to King's Bed (Dec-2013)
15 - Double the Trouble (Mar-2014)
16 - Triple the Fun (May-2015)

Marconi Family

1 - And Then Came You (Jul-2004)
2 - A Crazy Kind of Love (Jan-2005)
3 - Turn My World Upside Down (Aug-2005)

Pregnant by the Boss

1 - Having Her Boss's Baby (Aug-2015)
2 - A Baby for the Boss (Jan-2016)
3 - Snowbound with the Boss (Mar-2016)

A Queen of the Otherworld Novel

1 - Bedeviled (Jan-2009)
2 - Beguiled (Aug-2009)

Reasons for Revenge

1 - Scorned By The Boss (Aug-2007)
2 - Seduced By The Rich Man (Sep-2007)
3 - Captured By The Billionaire (Oct-2007)

Related Books

1 - Up Close and Personal (Sep-2012)
2 - An Outrageous Proposal (Nov-2012)

Summer of Secrets

1 - Expecting Lonergan's Baby (Apr-2006)
2 - Strictly Lonergan's Business (May-2006)
3 - Satisfying Lonergan's Honor (Jun-2006)

Three-Way Wager

1 - The Tempting Mrs. Reilly (May-2005)
2 - Whatever Reilly Wants... (Jun-2005)
3 - The Last Reilly Standing (Jul-2005)

Multi-Author Series List

Billionaires and Babies

2 - Baby Bonanza (Sep-2008)
11 - Have Baby, Need Billionaire (Jan-2011)
43 - Double the Trouble (Mar-2014)
51 - The Cowboy's Pride and Joy (Nov-2014)
57 - Triple the Fun (May-2015)
71 - The Baby Inheritance (Jul-2016)
94 - Billionaire's Bargain (Jun-2018)
101 - Bombshell for the Boss (Jan-2019)

Crown and Glory

7 - The Royal Treatment (Oct-2002)

Dynasties: The Ashtons

Society-Page Seduction (Mar-2005)

Dynasties: The Barones

Beauty & the Blue Angel (Jun-2003)

Dynasties: The Connellys

4 - The SEAL's Surrender (Apr-2002)

Dynasties: The Danforths

2 - Man Beneath The Uniform (Feb-2004)

Dynasties: The Elliotts

Beyond The Boardroom (Dec-2006)

Dynasties: The Jarrods

Claiming Her Billion-dollar Birthright (Jul-2010)

Dynasties: The Lassiters

0.5 - Beauty and the Best Man (Apr-2014)
1 - The Black Sheep's Inheritance (Apr-2014)

Dynasties: The Carey Center

1 - The Ex Upstairs (Oct-2021)
2 - Ways to Win an Ex (Nov-2021)
3 - The Wrong Mr. Right (Dec-2021)
4 - One Little Secret (Jan-2022)

Fortune's Children

47 - Did You Say Twins?! (Dec-2001)
62 - Fortune's Legacy (Apr-2006)

The Fortunes of Texas

23 - Fortune's Legacy (Apr-2006)

The Highest Bidder

1 - Gilded Secrets (Jul-2012)

Hotel Marchand

5 - Bourbon Street Blues (Oct-2006)

The Hudsons of Beverly Hills

Seduced into a Paper Marriage (Jun-2009)

Little Secrets

His Unexpected Heir (Jul-2017)

Man of the Month

170 - An Officer And A Millionaire (Jan-2009)
186 - The Last Lone Wolf (May-2010)

Man Talk

Lost in Sensation (Oct-2004)

Merlyn County Midwives

Forever...Again (Apr-2004)

Millionaire of the Month

Thirty Day Affair (Mar-2007)

Park Avenue Scandals

High-Society Secret Pregnancy (Jul-2008)

Secret Lives of Society Wives

The Part-Time Wife (Oct-2006)

Texas Cattleman's Club

34 - One Night, Two Heirs (Jul-2011)
41 - Rumor Has It (Jul-2013)
44 - The Lone Star Cinderella (Oct-2013)
65 - A Bride for the Boss (Jun-2016)
66 - The Tycoon's Secret Child (Jan-2017)
71 - A Texas-Sized Secret (Jun-2017)
78 - Rich Rancher's Redemption (Feb-2018)
85 - Runaway Temptation (Sep-2018)
91 - Wild Ride Rancher (Apr-2019)
99 - Tempting the Texan (Dec-2019)
105 - The Price of Passion (Jun-2020)

Texas Cattleman's Club: The Showdown

1 - One Night, Two Heirs (Jul-2011)

Texas Cattleman's Club: The Missing Mogul

1 - Rumor Has It (Jul-2013)
4 - The Lone Star Cinderella (Oct-2013)

Texas Cattleman's Club: Lies and Lullabies

8 - A Bride for the Boss (Jun-2016)

Texas Cattleman's Club: Blackmail

1 - The Tycoon's Secret Child (Jan-2017)
6 - A Texas-Sized Secret (Jun-2017)

Texas Cattleman's Club: The Impostor

2 - Rich Rancher's Redemption (Feb-2018)

Texas Cattleman's Club: Bachelor Auction

1 - Runaway Temptation (Sep-2018)

Texas Cattleman's Club: Houston

2 - Wild Ride Rancher (Apr-2019)

Texas Cattleman's Club: Inheritance

1 - Tempting the Texan (Dec-2019)

Texas Cattleman's Club: Rags to Riches

1 - The Price of Passion (Jun-2020)

Book List in Order: 128 titles

Award-Winning Books by Maureen Child

Seduced into a Paper Marriage
2009 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Silhouette Desire

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Maureen Child has published 128 books.

Maureen Child does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Once Upon A Time: Cinderella, was published in August 2023.

The first book by Maureen Child, Temptation's Bride, was published in February 1992.

Yes. Maureen Child has 12 series.