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Judy Christenberry
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    93 Books (10 Series)
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    October 1988
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    July 2011
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About the Author

Judy Russell Christenberry was born in Dallas, Texas, USA, where she raised in a family of four children with a stay-at-home mom who was a terrific cook and an excellent teacher, where family tradition was concerned. As a child, Judy was surrounded by animals. Her father raised a few head of cattle to keep meat on the table. At one time or another, there were sheep, Thanksgiving turkeys, ducks and dogs, and there were always chickens. Judy learned the importance of family at an early age. But, Judith's marriage ended in divorce. Yet, with support from her mother and siblings, she and her two daughters discovered their own definition of family. The family comes in all shapes and flavors. What's important isn't the two parents and the 2.5 children, it's love and support. She raised her children, taught during the day, wrote at night, and pursued her dream.

Judy, hasn't always been a writer, but she's always been a dreamer. As a child, for entertainment while doing chores, she told herself stories-she was always the heroine. However, she didn't start writing until she turned thirty-eight, just one year after her father's unexpected death. After this, she realized life promised no guarantees about how much time you have. Why wait to pursue your dreams? She had begun reading Harlequin Romance novels about ten years earlier, so romance writing came naturally. She signs her novels as Judy Christenberry, Judith Christenberry and Judith Stafford. Now, with her daughters pursuing their own dreams, Judy writes full-time and is wrapped up in her storytelling. She lives each new adventure with the vigor of a young girl, still dreaming up tales while washing dishes. She hopes to entertain her readers as much as she entertains herself!

Full Series List in Order

Brides for Brothers

1 - Cowboy Cupid (Oct-1996)
2 - Cowboy Daddy (Nov-1996)
3 - Cowboy Groom (Jan-1997)
4 - Cowboy Surrender (Feb-1997)
5 - Cowboy Come Home (Sep-1998)
6 - Randall Pride (Aug-2001)
7 - Randall Riches (Apr-2002)
8 - Randall Honor (Jul-2002)
9 - Unbreakable Bonds (Aug-2002)
10 - Randall Wedding (Dec-2002)
11 - Randall Renegade (Oct-2003)
12 - A Randall Returns (Dec-2003)
13 - Randall On The Run (Dec-2005)
14 - A Randall Thanksgiving (Oct-2006)
15 - A Randall Hero (Jan-2008)

Children of Texas

1 - Rebecca's Little Secret (Sep-2004)
2 - Rachel's Cowboy (Mar-2005)
3 - A Soldier's Return (Jul-2005)
4 - A Texas Family Reunion (Jan-2006)
5 - Vanessa's Match (Jun-2006)

Dallas Duets

Daddy Next Door (Jan-2007)
The Marrying Kind (May-2007)
Mommy For A Minute (Aug-2007)

From the Circle K

1 - Never Let You Go (Jun-2000)
2 - The Borrowed Groom (Jul-2000)
3 - Cherish the Boss (Aug-2000)
4 - Snowbound Sweetheart (Oct-2000)
5 - Least Likely to Wed (Feb-2002)
6 - Beauty & The Beastly Rancher (Aug-2003)
7 - Hush (Sep-2003)
8 - The Last Crawford Bachelor (Apr-2004)

The Lazy L Ranch

1 - Runaway Cowboy (Apr-2008)
2 - Trust a Cowboy (Jul-2008)
3 - The Christmas Cowboy (Nov-2008)

Lone Star Brides

1 - The Texan's Reluctant Bride (Aug-2005)
2 - The Texan's Tiny Dilemma (Sep-2005)
3 - The Texan's Suite Romance (Oct-2005)

Lucky Charm Sisters

1 - Marry Me, Kate (Jan-1999)
2 - Baby in Her Arms (Feb-1999)
3 - A Ring for Cinderella (Mar-1999)

Mistletoe & Marriage

1 - The Cowboy's Christmas Proposal (Nov-2007)
2 - Snowbound With Mr. Right (Dec-2007)

Related Books

1 - A Cowboy at Heart (May-1998)
2 - My Daddy the Duke (Jul-1998)

Tots for Texans

1 - One Hot Daddy-to-Be? (May-1999)
2 - Surprise -- You're a Daddy (Jun-1999)
3 - Daddy Unknown (Jul-1999)
4 - The Last Stubborn Cowboy (Aug-1999)
5 - The Great Texas Wedding Bargain (Mar-2000)
6 - The $10,000,000 Texas Wedding (Sep-2000)
7 - Struck by the Texas Matchmakers (Jun-2001)
8 - Saved by a Texas-Sized Wedding (May-2003)

Multi-Author Series List

2001 Ways to Wed

1 - Rent a Millionaire Groom (Mar-2001)

The Baby's Secret

1 - Newborn Daddy (Apr-2001)

Christmas is for Kids

Wanted: Christmas Mommy (Dec-1995)
Cowboy Santa (Dec-1998)

The Coltons

5 - The Doctor Delivers (Sep-2001)
19 - The Diplomat's Daughter (Oct-2002)

Delivery Room Dads

Baby 2000 (Dec-1999)

Having the Boss's Baby

When the Lights Went Out (Oct-2001)

In Name Only

Daddy on Demand (Apr-1996)

Lone Star Country Club

The Last Bachelor (Feb-2003)

Maitland Maternity Clinic

14 - Guarding Camille (May-2001)
22 - A Heartbeat Away (Nov-2001)
23 - Triplet Secret Babies (Dec-2001)

New Arrivals

2 - Who's the Daddy? (Apr-1995)

Once Upon a Kiss

5 - In Papa Bear's Bed (Nov-1997)


Patchwork Family (Dec-2000)

Virgin Brides

8 - The Nine-Month Bride (Oct-1998)

Western Weddings

1 - The Rancher Takes A Family (Sep-2006)
2 - Rancher And Protector (Feb-2007)
7 - Coming Home To The Cattleman (May-2008)
8 - The Rancher's Inherited Family // Inherited: Instant Family (Aug-2008)

Book List in Order: 93 titles

Award-Winning Books by Judy Christenberry

Rent a Millionaire Groom
2001 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Harlequin American

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Judy Christenberry has published 93 books.

Judy Christenberry does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Wedding Promise, was published in July 2011.

The first book by Judy Christenberry, The Notorious Widow, was published in October 1988.

Yes. Judy Christenberry has 10 series.