Series     Author
The Bloodstone Quadrilogy B, Calinda
A Charming Shifter Mystery B, Calinda
The Claws of the Earth B.
A DeKok Mystery Baantjer, A.C.
Related Books Baart, Nicole
Clovis Kelly Babbin, Jacqueline
Sqs Mystery Babin, Janet
Media Crew Babley, Stephen
Douglas Perkins Babson, Marian
Eve Sinclair & Trixie Dolan Babson, Marian
Jeremiah St. John Babula, William
Billionaires in Disguise: Maxence Babylon, Blair
Dragon’s Den Casino Babylon, Blair
O'Casey Brothers in Arms Bacarr, Jina
Century Baccalario, P.C.
Ulysses Moore Baccalario, P.C.
Guardian of the Seventh Realm Baccaro, J.W.
Phreakers Bach, Alice
Paradox Bach, Rachel
Ferret Chronicles Bach, Richard
The Ever Afters Bach, Shelby
Bad Witch: The Emily Chronicles Bachar, Robyn
The Galactic Cold War Bachar, Robyn
Just One Spell Bachar, Robyn
Chris Beth Bacher, June Masters
Courtney and Clint Desmond Bacher, June Masters
Heartland Heritage Bacher, June Masters
Rachel Buchanan Bacher, June Masters
Guernsey Saga Bachmann, Diana
The Peculiar Bachmann, Stefan
Ship Breaker Bacigalupi, Paolo
Beartown Backman, Fredrik
After the Fall Backus, John Phillip
Kevin Bradley Bacon-Smith, Camille
Soldiers Bacon, John
The Civil War Chronicles of a Citizen Soldier Bacon, Karl A.
Joshua Dread Bacon, Lee
Legendtopia Bacon, Lee
Northrop Hall Bacon, Margaret
A Tressa Jayne Turner Mystery Bacus, Kathleen
Spooky School Bader, Bonnie; West, Tracey
Pomelo the Garden Elephant Badescu, Ramona
Space Scout Badger, H.
Super Baddies Badger, M.C.
Tinklers Three Badger, M.C.
Fairy School Dropout Badger, Meredith
Tweenie Genie Badger, Meredith
Clan of Dragons Badger, Nancy Lee
Dragon Badger, Nancy Lee
Highland Games Through Time Badger, Nancy Lee
Kilted Athletes Through Time Badger, Nancy Lee
An Opportunity Falls Novel Badger, Nancy Lee
Warriors in Bronze Badger, Nancy Lee
White Mountain Thrillers Badger, Nancy Lee
Ben Sylvester Mystery Badke, William B.
Learning with the Flowerrrs Badu
Gossip Girl: The Manga Baek, Hyekyung
AKA Investigations Baeli, Kelli Jae
Northwoods Baeli, Kelli Jae
Rain Falls Baeli, Kelli Jae
The Great Adventures of Hotdog Man Baer, David Lee
The New Adventures of Hotdog Man Baer, David Lee
Eva Baer, Edith
Cedar River Daydreams Baer, Judy
Fairy Tales Baer, Judy
Forever Hilltop Baer, Judy
Live from Brentwood High Baer, Judy
Three Friends' Stories Baer, Judy
The Whitney Chronicles Baer, Judy
A Claire Waters Thriller Baer, Neal; Greene, Jonathan
A Jack Colt Murder Mystery Baer, William
Breaking Away Baethge, Sarah
Black Diamond Baganz, Susan M.
Orchard Hill Baganz, Susan M.
West Texas Sunrise Bagdon, Paul
Pressia Belze Baggott, Julianna
Conjure Man Bagley, Cyn
A Measurements of Murder Mystery Bagley, Stephen B.
Animal Ark Baglio, Ben M.
Animal Ark Hauntings Baglio, Ben M.
Animal Ark Pets Baglio, Ben M.
Animal Ark Pets: Christmas Special Baglio, Ben M.
Animal Ark Specials Baglio, Ben M.
Dolphin Diaries Baglio, Ben M.
Little Animal Ark Baglio, Ben M.
Nine Lives Baglio, Ben M.
Pet Finders Club Baglio, Ben M.
Australian Kitchen Cleaning Adventures Bagnall, Carolyn
Sidney Sheldon's Bagshawe, Tilly
A Swell Valley Story Bagshawe, Tilly
Heartland Holidays Bagwell, Stella
Men of the West Bagwell, Stella
Twins on the Doorstep Bagwell, Stella
The Adventures of Spotty and Sunny Baijoo, Saisnath
The Wacky, Wonderful Adventures of Kat, Tiff, Amy, and Hanna Baila, Arden; Baila, Melissa
Olympian Love Bailey, Andrya
If I Never Knew You Bailey, Aubrey
Starjumper Legacy Bailey, Christopher
Sub-Heroes Bailey, Christopher
Zonescapes Bailey, Darren William
Brides by Chance Bailey, Elizabeth
Governesses Bailey, Elizabeth
Lady Fan Mysteries Bailey, Elizabeth
Detective Hannah McCabe Bailey, Frankie Y.
A Lizzie Stuart Mystery Bailey, Frankie Y.
Dark Angel Academy Bailey, G.
A Demon's Fall Bailey, G.
The Familiar Empire Bailey, G.
From the Stars Bailey, G.
A Warriors of the Iriquois Novel Bailey, Gen
Reginald Fortune Bailey, H.C.
Electra Brown Bailey, Helen
Topaz Bailey, Helen
Dillon Creek Bailey, J. Lynn
Granite Harbor Bailey, J. Lynn
The Chronicles of Servitude Bailey, J.S.
A General Jack Hospital Mystery Bailey, Jo
Texas Ranger Holidays Bailey, Jodie
The Chronicles of the Fists Bailey, Joseph J.
Legacy of the Blade Bailey, Joseph J.
Secret Order Bailey, Kristin
Silver Gate Bailey, Kristin
Good Times Travel Agency Bailey, Linda
Stanley Bailey, Linda
A Stevie Diamnd Mystery Bailey, Linda
Highland Pride Bailey, Lori Ann
Wicked Highland Misfits Bailey, Lori Ann
Related Books Bailey, Lynn
A Tabitha Hart Mystery Bailey, Martine
Action Figures Bailey, Michael C.
The Adventures of Strongarm & Lightfoot Bailey, Michael C.
Mathilda Haycastle Bailey, Michele
Bear Club Bailey, Miranda
Brothers of the Dark Places Bailey, Miranda
Bramson Brothers Bailey, Rachel
Hawke Brothers Bailey, Rachel
Dyre Bailey, Rachel E.
Bocephus Haynes Bailey, Robert
A McMurtrie and Drake Legal Thriller Bailey, Robert
An Art Hardin Mystery Bailey, Robert E.
Brothers of the Dragon Bailey, Robin Wayne
Dragonkin Bailey, Robin Wayne
Infocom Bailey, Robin Wayne
Saga of Frost Bailey, Robin Wayne
Gemma Woodstock Bailey, Sarah
Kiss of the Wolf Spider Bailey, Sharianne
The Academy Bailey, Tessa
Beach Kingdom Bailey, Tessa
Broke and Beautiful Bailey, Tessa
Crossing the Line Bailey, Tessa
The Girl Bailey, Tessa
Hot & Hammered Bailey, Tessa
A Line of Duty Bailey, Tessa
Made in Jersey Bailey, Tessa
A Romancing the Clarksons Novel Bailey, Tessa
Wedding Dare Bailey, Tessa
Beastly Lords Baily, Sydney Jane
Defiant Hearts Baily, Sydney Jane
Rare Confectionary Baily, Sydney Jane
Dr. Stanley Highstreet Bain, Brian
A Will Castleton Adventure Bain, David
Margaret Truman's Capital Crimes Bain, Donald
The Chronicles of Robin Hood Bainbridge, John
An Inspector Abbs Mystery Bainbridge, John
An Inspector Chance Mystery Bainbridge, John
A Sean Miller Adventure Bainbridge, John
A William Quest Victorian Mystery Bainbridge, John
A Delilah Thriller Baines, Anne
The Dragon Throne Baird, Alison
The Willowmere Chronicles Baird, Alison
Christmas Town Baird, Ginny
Holiday Brides Baird, Ginny
Romantic Ghost Stories Baird, Ginny
Summer Grooms Baird, Ginny
The Brazen Serpent Chronicles Baird, R. Dennis
Silver Music Box Baites, Mina
Ore Baity, Cameron; Zelkowicz, Benny
Baby Shark Bajet, John John
Mog Bajoria, Paul
A Story of the Chosen Baker-Engel, A.M.
Deathmarks Baker, Abigail
Little Rabbit Baker, Alan
The Bloodlines Legacy Baker, Apryl
The Coven Baker, Apryl
The Crane Diaries Baker, Apryl
The Ghost Files Baker, Apryl
Kincaid Security & Investigations Baker, Apryl
Manwhore Baker, Apryl
Wolfpack University Baker, Apryl
Miss Alice Mysteries Baker, Blythe
Rose Beckingham Baker, Blythe
Sunrise Island Mysteries Baker, Blythe
Seaside Cafe Mysteries Baker, Bree
Almost a Billionaire Baker, Bridget E.
Birthright Baker, Bridget E.
Sins of Our Ancestors Baker, Bridget E.
Karate Club Baker, Carin Greenberg
Last Summer, First Love Baker, Carin Greenberg
Brick Walls Baker, Carl A.
High School Horror Baker, Chandler
An Ellie Tappet Cruise Ship Mystery Baker, Cheri
Emerald City Spies / Jessica Warne Baker, Cheri
A Kat Voyzey Mystery Baker, Cheri
A Doll to Die For Mystery Baker, Deb
A Yooper Mystery Baker, Deb
The Cumbrian Saga Baker, Donna
The Glassmakers Saga Baker, Donna
The Weavers Saga Baker, Donna
Fairy-Tale Matchmaker Baker, E.D.
The Frog Princess Baker, E.D.
Magic Animal Rescue Baker, E.D.
More Than a Princess Baker, E.D.
A Tale of the Wide-Awake Princess Baker, E.D.
Tamisin Baker, E.D.
The Angel Trilogy Baker, Elizabeth
The Sun God's Heir Baker, Elliott
Amish Romance in the West Baker, Faye P.
Class Secrets Baker, Jennifer
First Comes Love Baker, Jennifer
He Said, She Said Baker, Jennifer
BBW Christmas Baker, Joann; Mason, Patricia
Billionaire Rancher Baker, Joann; Mason, Patricia
Christmas in Lonely Hearts Baker, Joann; Mason, Patricia
The Cowboy Connection Baker, Joann; Mason, Patricia
The Cowboy's Homecoming Baker, Joann; Mason, Patricia
Cowboys of Colton County Baker, Joann; Mason, Patricia
The Duvall Brothers Baker, Joann; Mason, Patricia
Heartbreak Ridge Baker, Joann; Mason, Patricia
Matchmaking a Marriage Baker, Joann; Mason, Patricia
Men of the West Baker, Joann; Mason, Patricia
Western Romance Baker, Joann; Mason, Patricia
Sam Turner Baker, John
Santa Baker, Judy
A Silver Sage Creek Novel Baker, Judy
A Yellow Creek Novel Baker, Judy
Nell Gwynne Baker, Kage
Novel of the Company Baker, Kage
Related Books Baker, Kage
The Dreaming Dark Baker, Keith
A Mr. and Mrs. Green Adventure Baker, Keith
Mr. and Mrs. Green Baker, Keith
Peas Baker, Keith
Thorn of Breland Baker, Keith
City of Fire Baker, Kevin
A Sweetland Novel Baker, Lacey
Sweetland Valley Baker, Lacey
Fallen Baker, Laura
From Your Diary with Love Baker, Laura
Hope Chest of Dreams Baker, Lisa Jones
Apache Runaway Baker, Madeline
The Lightning Baker, Madeline
Loving Apache at Christmas Baker, Madeline
Reckless Baker, Madeline
Time Travel Baker, Madeline
Homer the Tortoise Baker, Margaret J.
Ridley Family Baker, Margaret J.
The Shoe Shop Bears Baker, Margaret J.
Come Again Baker, Miranda
Double Helix Baker, Miranda
Arcadia Project Baker, Mishell
Paul Chowder Baker, Nicholson
A Virginia Kelly Mystery Baker, Nikki
The Hawks Baker, Paula; Davies, Aidan
Wounded Kingdom Baker, R.J.
Blades of Moonsea Baker, Richard
Breaker of Empires Baker, Richard
The Last Mythal Baker, Richard
Neitherworld Baker, Scott
Darby Baker, Scott Alexander
Everlasting Night Baker, Scott Alexander
The Vampire Hunters Trilogy Baker, Scott M.
Kate Fox Baker, Shannon
A Michaela Sanchez Southwest Crime Thriller Baker, Shannon
A Nora Abbott Mystery Baker, Shannon
A Mavis Davis Mystery Baker, Susan P.
Perfect Pairs Baker, Tamsin
Quiet Strength Baker, Tina Hawkey
Slow Boat to Purgatory Baker, Vernon
Slow Boat to Purgatory Baker, Vernon J.
Boy Ranchers Baker, Willard F.
The Aspect Emperor Bakker, R. Scott
A Disciple Novel Bakker, R. Scott
The Prince of Nothing Bakker, R. Scott
Fallen Bakshis, Ann
Wasteland Bakshis, Ann
The Creature from the 7th Grade Balaban, Bob
McGrowl Balaban, Bob
Cyber.kdz Balan, Bruce
A Jim Stanton Mystery Balcom, Dave
The House of Baric Bald, Jillian
Aloysius Archer Baldacci, David
Amos Decker / A Memory Man Novel Baldacci, David
Atlee Pine Baldacci, David
The Camel Club Baldacci, David
Freddy and the French Fries Baldacci, David
John Puller Baldacci, David
Sean King & Michelle Maxwell Baldacci, David
Shaw Baldacci, David
Vega Jane Baldacci, David
Will Robie Baldacci, David
Solveig, Alaska Baldridge, Madame
The Abbey Mysteries Baldry, Cherith
Eaglesmount Baldry, Cherith
Saga of the Six Worlds Baldry, Cherith
Helmsman Baldwin, Bill
Slow Approach to Midnight Baldwin, C.J.
A Cassidy & Spenser Thriller Baldwin, Carey
An Ashley Hayes Mystery Baldwin, Dan M.
Related Books Baldwin, Faith
DI Frank Farrell Baldwin, Jackie
Alexi Sokolsky: Hound of Eden Baldwin, James Osiris
The Archemi Online Chronicles Baldwin, James Osiris
My Notorious Aunt Baldwin, Kathleen
A Stranje House Novel Baldwin, Kathleen
Elite Operatives Baldwin, Kim; Alexiou, Xenia
Highland Outlaws Baldwin, Lily
Isle of Mull Baldwin, Lily
Love in The City Baldwin, Melissa
A Belle Franklin Mystery Baldwin, Richard L.
A Louis Searing & Margaret McMillan Mystery Baldwin, Richard L.
Captive Bale, Karen A.
Shadow Hawk Bale, Karen A.
Sweet Medicine's Prophecy Bale, Karen A.
Wade and Sandrine Bale, Karen A.
Colorado Amish Courtships Bale, Leigh
Forest Rangers Bale, Leigh
Medieval Romance Bale, Leigh
Men of Wildfire Bale, Leigh
Highland Loyalties Bale, Veronica
Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose Balent, Jim
Signe Bales, Sharyl
Miracle Balik, Shea
Paige Comber Mystery Ball, Agatha
New Frontier Ball, Cliff
Dogleg Island Mystery Ball, Donna
The Hummingbird House Ball, Donna
Ladybug Farm Ball, Donna
Raine Stockton Dog Mysteries Ball, Donna
Dino School Ball, Jacqueline A.
A Chief Jack Tallon Mystery Ball, John Dudley
A Virgil Tibbs Mystery Ball, John Dudley
Family Honor Ball, Karen
Cowboy Seasons Ball, Kathleen
Dawson Ranch Ball, Kathleen
The Langley Legacy Ball, Kathleen
Lasso Springs Ball, Kathleen
Mail Order Brides of Texas Ball, Kathleen
Oregon Trail Dreamin' Ball, Kathleen
The Settlers Ball, Kathleen
Collaborator Ball, Krista D.
The Dark Abyss of Our Sins Ball, Krista D.
Ladies Occult Society Ball, Krista D.
Spirit Caller Ball, Krista D.
Tranquility Ball, Krista D.
Applied Topology Ball, Margaret
Dragon Speech Ball, Margaret
Harmony Ball, Margaret
Regency Magic Ball, Margaret
Tales of Aurduin Ball, Martin W.
Alien in My Pocket Ball, Nate
Restored Hearts Ball, Susan Elizabeth
Related Books Ball, Toby
Chase Brothers Ballance, Sarah
Firefighters of Station 1 Ballance, Sarah
A Sins of Salem Novel Ballance, Sarah
A Book of the Order Ballantine, Philippa
A Shifted World Novel Ballantine, Philippa
Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Ballantine, Pip; Morris, Tee
AI Ballantyne, Tony
Dream World Ballantyne, Tony
Penrose Ballantyne, Tony
Sci-Hi Ballard, Carol
An Augusta Goodnight Mystery Ballard, Mignon F.
Miss Dimple Ballard, Mignon F.
The Tinker Trilogy Ballard, Shelley
Bill Lennox Ballard, Willis Todhunter / Ballard, W.T.
Lieutenant Max Hunter Ballard, Willis Todhunter / Ballard, W.T.
Babysitter's Guide to Monsters Ballarini, Joe
A Skye MacLeod Mystery 1 Ballem, John
The Execution Underground Ballenger, Kait
Seven Range Shifters Ballenger, Kait
Calder Pillay Balliett, Blue
Barr Breed Ballinger, Bill S.
Joaquin Hawks Ballinger, Bill S.
Bloodline Ballinger, S.K.
Swanson Ballinger, S.K.
The Black Blade Trilogy Ballotti, Matthew
Heliotropic Ballou, Mardi
A Mama Claus Story Ballou, Mardi
Teach Him Tonight Ballou, Mardi
Bedwyn Saga Balogh, Mary
Courting Julia Series (Sullivan) Balogh, Mary
Denning-Mainwaring Balogh, Mary
Georgian Balogh, Mary
Horsemen Balogh, Mary
Huxtable Quintet Balogh, Mary
Mistress Balogh, Mary
Related Balogh, Mary
Simply Balogh, Mary
Stapleton-Downes Balogh, Mary
Stewart-Frazer Balogh, Mary
Survivors' Club Balogh, Mary
Waite Balogh, Mary
Web Balogh, Mary
Westcott Balogh, Mary
Forest Wolves Collection Baloun, Anika
Liam Taggart and Catherine Lockhart Balson, Ronald H.
Timeless Baltazar, Armand
DC Comics: Tiny Titans Baltazar, Art
Gillbert Baltazar, Art
Green Lantern: The Animated Series Baltazar, Art
Superman Family Adventures Baltazar, Art
Young Justice Baltazar, Art
A Maggy Thorsen Mystery Balzo, Sandra
Main Street Balzo, Sandra
Hoes Be Winning Bam, Ms.
An Elite Novel Banash, Jennifer
Mac Slater Bancks, Tristan
My Life and Other Stuff... Bancks, Tristan
The Aphrodite Academy Bancroft, Blair
Golden Beach Bancroft, Blair
Regency Warriors Bancroft, Blair
Owen Stanley Bancroft, George O.
Saving Armont Bancroft, George O.
Tales of Armont Bancroft, George O.
The Books of Babel Bancroft, Josiah
Ever After Bandeira, Isabel
Guardians of Honor Bandy, J.E., Jr.
Smoky Mountain Romance Bane, Roslyn
Star Sisterz Banerjee, Anjali
Prescott Pioneers Baney, Karen
Little Rat Bang-Campbell, Monika
Sophie Bang, Molly
By Blood Banghart, Tracy E.
The Diatous Wars Banghart, Tracy E.
Grace and Fury Banghart, Tracy E.
The Castle of Dark Dreams Bangs, Nina
Gods of the Night Bangs, Nina
MacKenzie Vampires Bangs, Nina
A Tall Tale from the Far North Bania, Michael
Wildflowers Banicki, Leah
Deadly Banis, V.J. / Banis, Victor J.
The Nightsong Saga Banis, V.J. / Banis, Victor J.
The Ganesa Sequence Banker, Ashok K.
Ramayana Banker, Ashok K.
A Slade Stone Mystery Banko, Richard
Block Party Banks, Al-Saadiq
True 2 Life Street Banks, Al-Saadiq
Finding Serendipity Banks, Angelica
Serubel Banks, Anna
Syrena Legacy Banks, Anna
The Anvil of Time Banks, Cam
Robin Vaughan Banks, Carolyn
Artemis Lupine Banks, Catherine
Ciara Steele Banks, Catherine
Dragon Kissed Banks, Catherine
Her Royal Harem Banks, Catherine
The Lioness's Harem Banks, Catherine
Little Death Bringer Banks, Catherine
Pirate Princess Banks, Catherine
Timeless Banks, Daisy
Mortal Path Banks, Dakota
The Culture Banks, Iain M.
Ruby Gordon Banks, Jacqueline Turner
A Monkey Reader Banks, Kate
A Crimson Moon Novel Banks, L.A.
Dark Banks, L.A.
Neteru Academy Banks, L.A.
A Vampire Huntress Legend Banks, L.A.
The Bellagio Shoe Company Banks, Leanne
The Billionaires Club Banks, Leanne
Honeymoon Mountain Banks, Leanne
How to Catch a Princess Banks, Leanne
Lone Star Families: The Logans Banks, Leanne
Masters Brothers Banks, Leanne
The Medici Men Banks, Leanne
Million-Dollar Men Banks, Leanne
The Pendletons Banks, Leanne
Royal Babies Banks, Leanne
The Royal Dumonts Banks, Leanne
The Rulebreakers Banks, Leanne
Sisters Trilogy Banks, Leanne
Dangerously In Love Banks, Lena
Soul Food Banks, Leslie Esdaile
Harry the Poisonous Centipede Banks, Lynne Reid
Indian in the Cupboard Banks, Lynne Reid
L-Shaped Room Banks, Lynne Reid
The Anetakis Tycoons Banks, Maya
KGI (Kelly Group International) Banks, Maya
McCabes Highlanders Banks, Maya
Pregnancy & Passion Banks, Maya
A Slow Burn Novel Banks, Maya
An Amos Hatcher Mystery Banks, Oliver T.
Geek High Banks, Piper
A Cal Innes Novel Banks, Ray
Secret Kingdom Banks, Rosie
Secret Kingdom Special Banks, Rosie
Secret Princesses Banks, Rosie
Middle School Bites Banks, Steven
Henry Morton Banks, T.F.
Modelland Banks, Tyra
The Gianni Legacy Bankston, K.R.
Commissaire Dupin Bannalec, Jean-Luc
Ant & Bee Banner, Angela
A Dead Cold Mystery Banner, Blake
Harry Bauer Banner, Blake
Omega Banner, Blake
The Last Descendants Banner, Catherine
The Beautiful Dead Banner, Daryl
The Brazen Boys Banner, Daryl
A College Obsession Romance Banner, Daryl
Outlier Banner, Daryl
Lowcountry Mysteries Banner, David
An Anna Romano Mystery Bannerman, Cheryl Denise
The Magic Man Bannerman, David
Kearney Banning, Lynna
Smoke River Banning, Lynna
A Brodie Farrell Mystery Bannister, Jo
Clio Rees Bannister, Jo
Frank Shapiro Bannister, Jo
Hazel Best / A Gabriel Ash Mystery Bannister, Jo
Mickey Flynn Bannister, Jo
Primrose Holland Bannister, Jo
Cadets Bannister, Ned
A Black Mystery Bannister, Steven
A Quickline Book Bannon, Anne Louise
Street Wizards Bannon, Troy
Klooz Banscherus, J.
Griffin & Sabine Bantock, Nick
The Revolutions Trilogy Banville, John
John Blaine Banville, Vincent
Dove Chronicles Bao, Karen
The Lightship Chronicles Bara, Dave
The Bloodhound Files Barant, DD
Five Kingdoms Barany, Beth
A Janey McCallister Mystery Barany, Beth
Touchstone Barany, Beth
The Torah Codes Barany, Ezra
Adventures of Sherlock Bones Baratz-Logsted, Lauren
Jane Taylor Baratz-Logsted, Lauren
A Johnny Smith Novel Baratz-Logsted, Lauren
The Sisters 8 Baratz-Logsted, Lauren
Spy Gear Adventures Barba, Rick
Vampyres of Hollywood Barbeau, Adrienne; Scott, Michael
Lil' Mookey Barbee, Mary; Barbee, L.E.
Detective Sergeant Gilbert Montoya Barber, Christine
Last Stop Station Barber, Griffin
Aliis Mundi Barber, Jordana
The Book of Raphael Barber, Michael
Deities & Desires Barber, T.K.
The Twin Bay Saga Barber, T.K.
Tiki & Ronde Barber (Junior High) Barber, Tiki; Barber, Ronde
Tiki & Ronde Barber (Picture Books) Barber, Tiki; Barber, Ronde
He Found Me Barbetti, Whitney
Amber Barbieri, Elaine
Dangerous Virtues Barbieri, Elaine
Texas Barbieri, Elaine
Wolf Barbieri, Elaine
Permafrost Barbieri, Kara
An Alison Bergeron Mystery Barbieri, Maggie
A Maeve Conlon Novel Barbieri, Maggie
Sage Seed Chronicles Barbo, Holly
The House of Uncommons Barbosa, Jackie
A Lords of Lancashire Novella Barbosa, Jackie
Play Action Barbosa, Jackie
Working It Barbosa, Jackie
Jem January Barbour, Anne
Talents Barbour, Anne
Time Barbour, Anne
Angels with Attitude Barbour, Mimi
Elvis Barbour, Mimi
Her Sweet Revenge Barbour, Mimi
Holiday Heartwarmers Barbour, Mimi
Mob Tracker Barbour, Mimi
Undercover FBI Barbour, Mimi
Vegas Barbour, Mimi
Vicarage Bench Barbour, Mimi
Forever Geek Trilogy Barbour, Victoria
Heart's Ease Barbour, Victoria
The Trials of Oland Born Barclay, Alex
Sheep Dog and Sheep Sheep Barclay, Eric
Derek Strong PI Barclay, George W., Jr.
A Sandra Lerner Mystery Barclay, George W., Jr.
Crime Minister Barclay, Ian
Chronicles of the Raven Barclay, James
Elves Barclay, James
Legends of the Raven Barclay, James
No Time for Goodbye Barclay, Linwood
Promise Falls Barclay, Linwood
Zack Walker Barclay, Linwood
Lions Barclay, Suzanne
Sommerville Barclay, Suzanne
A Crown Prince Gregory Mystery Barclay, Tessa
Mid-City Hospital Barclay, Virginia
Legend of the Phoenix Barcus, Michael H.
Jake Bronson Bard, Richard
A Bad for You Novel Bardan, Amber
Personal Protection Bardan, Amber A.
Cinderella Smith Barden, Stephanie
A Pansy the Poodle Mystery Bardes, Cynthia
Caveboy Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta
Merida Chapter Book Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta
Purrmaids Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta
A Broken Heart Novel Bardsley, Michele
Diary of a Demon Hunter Bardsley, Michele
Lost Souls & Broken Hearts Bardsley, Michele
Pack Rules Bardsley, Michele
The Pleasure Seekers Bardsley, Michele
A Violetta Graves Mystery Bardsley, Michele
Wizards of Nevermore Bardsley, Michele
The Grisha Trilogy Bardugo, Leigh
Nikolai Duology Bardugo, Leigh
Six of Crows Bardugo, Leigh
Airplane Girl Bardwell, Harrison
A Nora Franke Mystery Barer, Helen
A Sammi Mitchel Mystery Barer, Shoshana
Infernal Barger, Andrew
The Fashion-Forward Adventures of Imogene Barham, Lisa
Sure Mastery Barker, Ashe
Power Stones Barker, B.S.
Bridleton Barker, Becky
McCain Ranch Barker, Becky
Prescott Pilots Barker, Becky
A Flower Fairies Chapter Book Barker, Cicely Mary
A Flower Fairies Friends Book Barker, Cicely Mary
Flower Fairies Barker, Cicely Mary
Abarat Barker, Clive
Book of the Art Barker, Clive
Books of Blood Barker, Clive
Imajica Barker, Clive
A Caesar's Creek Cozy Mystery Barker, Constance
Eden Patterson, Ghost Hunter Barker, Constance
A Mad River Mystery Barker, Constance
A Sweet Home Mystery Barker, Constance
The Teason and Pleasen Hair Salon Barker, Constance
The Witchy Women of Coven Grove Barker, Constance
Max and Molly's Guide to Trouble Barker, Dominic
Arrow's Edge MC Barker, Freya
Cedar Tree Barker, Freya
Northern Lights Barker, Freya
PASS Barker, Freya
Portland, ME Barker, Freya
Rock Point Barker, Freya
Snapshot Barker, Freya; Dove, K.T.
A 4MK Thriller Barker, J.D.
Quest for Earthlight Trilogy Barker, Laraine Anne
Daniel Linnehan Barker, M.P.
Cousins Barker, Margaret
French Hospital Barker, Margaret
Greek Island Hospital Barker, Margaret
Roman Hospital Barker, Margaret
Thames Gateway Barker, Nicola
Ninja Master Barker, Wade
War of the Ninja Master Barker, Wade
The Year of the Ninja Master Barker, Wade
Critter Club Barkley, Callie
The Quartus Family Saga Barkley, Kerr
A Katie Carter Mystery Barkley, P. Katie
Mirrors Barlette, Danielle
Sierra Chronicles Barley, Tammy
The Guardian's Chronicles Barlow, Ann H.
Love Heart Lane Barlow, Christie
A Kenneth Sheridan Mystery Barlow, Donald
Adams Barlow, Linda
Night Games Barlow, Linda
Trevor Family Chronicles Barlow, Linda
Cybernuts Barlow, Steve; Skidmore, Steve
A John Locke Mystery Barnao, Jack
The Falls Mysteries Barnard, J.E.
Blue Barnard, Jules
Cade Brothers Barnard, Jules
Halven Rising Barnard, Jules
Men of Lake Tahoe Barnard, Jules
The Debt & the Doormat Barnard, Laura
Charlie Peace Barnard, Robert
Perry Trethowan Barnard, Robert
Earthlink Barnard, Sarah
Portal Barnard, Sarah
Secrets of the Ghosts Barner, Solease M.
Zodiac Shifters Barner, Solease M.
Code Breakers Barnes, Colin F.
Last Flotilla Barnes, Colin F.
The Techxorcist Barnes, Colin F.
The Black Belt Club Barnes, Dawn
Ruby and the Booker Boys Barnes, Derrick
Wolfie Barnes, Emma
The Hidden Republic Barnes, Gary
Bailey Morgan Barnes, Jennifer Lynn
Debutantes Barnes, Jennifer Lynn
A Fixer Novel Barnes, Jennifer Lynn
The Inheritance Games Barnes, Jennifer Lynn
A Naturals Novel Barnes, Jennifer Lynn
A Raised by Wolves Novel Barnes, Jennifer Lynn
The Squad Barnes, Jennifer Lynn
A Barry and Rebecca Forester Adventure Barnes, John
Daybreak Barnes, John
Giraut Barnes, John
Jak Jinnaka Barnes, John
Meme Wars Barnes, John
Timeline Wars Barnes, John
Timeraider Barnes, John
Matchmaking Madness Barnes, Laura A.
Romancing the Spies Barnes, Laura A.
Tricking The Scoundrels Barnes, Laura A.
A Carlotta Carlyle Mystery Barnes, Linda
A Michael Spraggue Mystery Barnes, Linda
Desolace Barnes, Lucian
Shadows of the Crown Barnes, Margaret Campbell
Echoes of the Empire Barnes, Mark
The Third Symbol Barnes, Robert
Horsehead Boy Barnes, Rory
At the Kingsborough Ball Barnes, Sophie
The Crawfords Barnes, Sophie
Diamonds in the Rough Barnes, Sophie
The Honorable Scoundrels Barnes, Sophie
Secrets at Thorncliff Manor Barnes, Sophie
A Summersby Tale Barnes, Sophie
The Townsbridges Barnes, Sophie
Assassin's Creed Barnes, Steven
Related Books Barnes, Steven
Related Books - 2 Barnes, Steven
Freaks Barnes, Steven; Due, Tananarive
Dream Park Barnes, Steven; Niven, Larry
A Blanche Hampton Mystery Barnes, Trevor
Genesis Barnett-Gramckow, Kacy
A Brock & Poole Mystery Barnett, A.G.
A Mary Blake Mystery Barnett, A.G.
Gideon Smith Barnett, David
Owen Smith Barnett, James
Cantrells Barnett, Jill
Christmas in the City Barnett, Jill
Medieval Wedding Barnett, Jill
Regency Magic Barnett, Jill
Related Books Barnett, Jill
Three Sisters Trilogy Barnett, Jill
Golden Gate Chronicles Barnett, Karen
The Brixton Brothers Barnett, Mac
Jack Barnett, Mac
Mac B., Kid Spy Barnett, Mac
Shape Barnett, Mac
Against All Odds Barnholdt, Kels
Shattered Glass Barnholdt, Kels
Westport High Barnholdt, Kels
At the Party Barnholdt, Lauren
Girl Meets Ghost Barnholdt, Lauren
Hailey Twitch Barnholdt, Lauren
Moment of Truth Barnholdt, Lauren
Playing With Fire Barnholdt, Lauren
Legacy of Beowulf Barnhouse, Rebecca
Skinny Bitch Barnouin, Kim
Blessing Trilogy Barnwell, William
A Billy Rucker Crime Thriller Baron, Adam
A Lily Sampson Mystery Baron, Aileen G.
A Tamar Saticoy Mystery Baron, Aileen G.
The Cloaker Chronicles Baron, Angie
Cassandra's Tear Trilogy Baron, Hyacinthe
A Psychic Crystal Mystery Baron, Marilyn
The Nightmare Club Baron, Nick
Stormrider Baron, Robert
ESX Barone, Elizabeth
On the Edge Barone, Elizabeth
Dream Barone, Jessica
A Roy Rogers Mystery Barone, Joe
After The Crash Barone, Maddy
Dallas Hearts Barone, Maddy
Daughters of the Wolf Clan Barone, Maddy
Eskkar Saga Barone, Sam
Fantasy Park Barr, Bobo
Path of Heroes Barr, Brandon; Lynch, Mike
The Head Barr, Brian
Metal Magic Barr, Brian
The Superstars Trilogy Barr, Errol
A Robin Hamilton Mystery Barr, Nancy
Anna Pigeon Mysteries Barr, Nevada
A Macy Adams Mystery Barrasso, Sibylle
A Wil Hardesty Mystery Barre, Richard
Queen of the Mist Barret, Tabitha
The Third Throne Barret, Tabitha
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CSI Eddie Collins Barrett, Andrew
The Dead Trilogy Barrett, Andrew
The Matchmaking Motor Coach Barrett, Barbara
Sullivan's Creek Barrett, Barbara
Magnolia Sisters Barrett, Brenda
Mount Faith Barrett, Brenda
New Song Barrett, Brenda
Resetter Barrett, Brenda
The Scarletts Barrett, Brenda
Three Rivers Barrett, Brenda
Adjustor Barrett, Brennan
J. Godfrey After Life Consulting Barrett, Brennan
A Duck Darley Novel Barrett, Casey
Gregg Kaplan Barrett, Chuck
Jake Pendleton Barrett, Chuck
A Return to Briarwood Novel Barrett, Elisabeth
Star Harbor Barrett, Elisabeth
West Coast Holiday Barrett, Elisabeth
A Wolfshead Whiskey Novel Barrett, Elisabeth
Buried Secrets Barrett, Gail
The Crusaders Barrett, Gail
Stealth Knights Barrett, Gail
Crossing Barrett, Jean
Hawke Family Barrett, Jean
Challenger Barrett, Jo
The Barrett Files Barrett, John T.
Soul Barrett, Julia
Beth Hartley Barrett, Kathleen Anne
Could It Be Magic Barrett, Kerry
The Bluebonnet Inn Barrett, Linda
Pilgrim Cove Barrett, Linda
Sea View House Barrett, Linda
Starting Over Barrett, Linda
A Booktown Mystery Barrett, Lorna
Life at Havertown Elementary Barrett, Matthew
Aldair Barrett, Neal, Jr.
A Wiley Moss Mystery Barrett, Neal, Jr.
Cinnamon Bay Barrett, Nikki Lynn
Life Won't Wait Barrett, Nikki Lynn
Love and Music in Texas Barrett, Nikki Lynn
Masterpiece Barrett, Nikki Lynn
Secret Santa Barrett, Nikki Lynn
Soul Connection Barrett, Nikki Lynn
Winning Your Heart Barrett, Nikki Lynn
Les Norton Barrett, Robert G.
Diva Code Diary Barrett, Selby
The Sherlock Files Barrett, Tracy
A Ballroom Dance Mystery Barrick, Ella
Hunters Ridge Barrie, Sarah
Manga Math Mysteries Barriman, Lydia
A Ben Morgan Thriller Barrington, James
An Eddie Dawson Novel Barrington, James
A Paul Richter Thriller Barrington, James
The Flames of Vampire Passion Barris, Elaine
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Holly anna Paladin Mysteries Barritt, Christy
K-9 Mountain Guardians Barritt, Christy
The Security Experts Barritt, Christy
The Sierra Files Barritt, Christy
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A Squeaky Clean Mystery Barritt, Christy
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Bloodstone Dagger Barron, K.E.
Isaiah Coleridge Barron, Laird
Salcombe Seaside Fairies Barron, Liz
Kingdom of Souls Barron, Rena
Maya and the Rising Dark Barron, Rena
A Jane Austen Mystery Barron, Stephanie
Atlantis Saga Barron, T.A.
The Great Tree of Avalon Barron, T.A.
The Heartlight Saga Barron, T.A.
The Lost Years of Merlin Barron, T.A.
Hollow Earth Barrowman, John; Barrowman, Carole E.
Ivy + Bean Barrows, Annie
Magic Barrows, Annie
The Sehret Chronicles Barrows, C.F.
Unicorn Trilogy Barry, Amy L.
Lace Reader Barry, Brunonia
Body Barry, C.J.
Unforgettable Barry, C.J.
Joe Bass Adventures Barry, Christopher
Class Trip Barry, Dave
Fly Me to the Moon Barry, Emma; Turner, Genevieve
Lone Wolf Barry, Mike
The Lone Wolf Barry, Mike
An Ethan Sparks Adventure Barry, Nick
A Sergeant Alan Murray Mystery Barry, P.B.
The Janissary Barsa, Firsid
Ellie McDoodle Barshaw, Ruth McNally
Alpha Antihero Bartel, Sybil
Alpha Bodyguard Bartel, Sybil
Alpha Elite Bartel, Sybil
Unchecked Bartel, Sybil
Uncompromising Bartel, Sybil
Norman England Bartell, Linda Lang
Renaissance Italy Bartell, Linda Lang
Tender... Trilogy Bartell, Linda Lang
Aisle Bound Barth, Christi
Bad Boys Gone Good Barth, Christi
Bad Decisions Barth, Christi
Love Lottery Barth, Christi
A Naked Men Novel Barth, Christi
Shore Secrets Barth, Christi
Unexpectedly Royal Barth, Christi
Dr. Samuel Garvey Barth, Richard
A Margaret Binton Mystery Barth, Richard
Seven Stars Bartholomeusz, James
Three Sisters Island Trilogy Bartholomew, Barbara
Time Keeper Bartholomew, Barbara
Whippoorwill Corners Bartholomew, Barbara
Maggie Reid Bartholomew, Nancy
Sierra Lavotini Bartholomew, Nancy
Stella Valocchi Bartholomew, Nancy
Confidant Bartiromo, L.T.
Cash Braddock Bartlett, Ashley
Dirty Bartlett, Ashley
Glory St. Clair Bartlett, Gerry
Lone Star Bartlett, Gerry
Real Vampires Bartlett, Gerry
Texas Heat Bartlett, Gerry
A Pete Hacker Mystery Bartlett, James Y.
Glitter & Grit Bartlett, Kay
A Jeff Resnick Mystery Bartlett, L.L.
Life On Victoria Square Bartlett, Lorraine
Lotus Bay Bartlett, Lorraine
A Tale From Blythe Cove Manor Bartlett, Lorraine
A Victoria Square Mystery Bartlett, Lorraine
Kicker Bartlett, Lorrie; Bartlett, Helen
After the Galaxy Bartlett, Scott
Fleet Ops Bartlett, Scott
Ixan Legacy Bartlett, Scott
Ixan Prophecies Trilogy Bartlett, Scott
Mech Wars Bartlett, Scott
Out of Dodge Bartlett, Scott
Unable to Die Bartlett, Scott
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A Rosen Brothers Novel Bartley, Regina
Trinity Bartley, Regina
Unbroken Bartley, Regina
A Kate Williams Mystery Bartness, Becky A.
Kricket Bartol, Amy A.
The Premonition Bartol, Amy A.
Secondborn Bartol, Amy A.
I'm Trying to Love Barton, Bethany
This Monster Barton, Bethany
3 Babies for 3 Brothers Barton, Beverly
The Camerons Barton, Beverly
Cherokee Pointe Barton, Beverly
Griffin Powell Barton, Beverly
The Kendricks Barton, Beverly
The Protectors Barton, Beverly
The Rands Barton, Beverly
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Heart of Thorns Barton, Bree
Fire Barton, Bridget
Hearts Barton, Bridget
Mighty Truck Barton, Chris
A Biff Kincaid Mystery Barton, Dan
Kate Waters Barton, Fiona
Boardinghouse Betrothals Barton, Janet Lee
Brides of Arkansas Barton, Janet Lee
Family Barton, Janet Lee
Mississippi Barton, Janet Lee
Roswell Barton, Janet Lee
Bishop's Snowy Leap Barton, Kathi S.
Dalton's Kiss Barton, Kathi S.
Foster's Pride Barton, Kathi S.
House of Wilkshire Barton, Kathi S.
Marshall's Shadow Barton, Kathi S.
McCray Bruin Barton, Kathi S.
Prince of Tigers Barton, Kathi S.
Queen's Birds of Prey Barton, Kathi S.
Robinson Destruction Barton, Kathi S.
The Stanton Pack Barton, Kathi S.
Wilkerson Dynasty Barton, Kathi S.
Xavier's Hatchlings Barton, Kathi S.
Next Move, You're Dead Barton, Linda L.
An "Off-the-Books" Mystery Barton, Sara M.
A "Paint an Impression of Murder" Mystery Barton, Sara M.
A "Tell No One" Mystery Barton, Sara M.
A Bard's Bed & Breakfast Mystery Barton, Sara M.
The Bodacious Baby Boomer Escapades Barton, Sara M.
A Dance with Danger Mystery Barton, Sara M.
A Gabby Grimm Fairy Tale Mystery Barton, Sara M.
Military Brats Club Barton, Sara M.
The Practical Caregiver Capers Barton, Sara M.
A Roaring Kill Mystery Barton, Sara M.
A Scarlet Wilson Mystery Barton, Sara M.
A Jack Susko Mystery Bartulin, Lenny
Hidden Places Barwell, Anne
A Milton Mystery Base, Ron
The Sanibel Sunset Detective Base, Ron
Penned in Time Basham, Pepper
Pleasant Gap Basham, Pepper
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The Return of the Vampire Trilogy Basnett, David
Sam Teagarden Basnight, Gray
A Medium Mystery Basque, Elizabeth
The Burning Sands Bass, B.K.
The Night Trilogy Bass, B.K.
The Ravencrest Chronicles Bass, B.K.
Dinkin Dings Bass, Guy
Gormy Ruckles Bass, Guy
Legend of Frog Bass, Guy
Stitch Head Bass, Guy
A Body Farm Novel Bass, Jefferson
Outlaws of Moonshadow Marsh Bass, L.G.
Benny Freedman Bass, Milton R.
A Vinnit Altobelli Mystery Bass, Milton R.
The Gentry Brothers Bass, Norm
Bakari Katari Johnson Bass, Patrik Henry
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The Dragon Below Bassingthwaite, Don
Legacy of Dhakaan Bassingthwaite, Don
World of Darkness Bassingthwaite, Don
The Ellinghams Basso, Adrienne
Hearts at Risk Basso, Adrienne
The McKennas Basso, Adrienne
Grace Allen Basso, Alisha
Brotherhood of the Damned Bast, Anya
A Dark Magick Novel Bast, Anya
Elemental Witches Bast, Anya
Aristeia Basta, Wayne
Wolfgang Mozart and Princess Victoria Bastable, Bernard
Element Odysseys Bastian, Kimberlee Ann
No Weddings Bastion, Kat; Bastion, Stone
Forever Yours Bastone, Cara
The Gameworld Trilogy Basu, Samit
Turbulence Basu, Samit
Circle of Heck Basye, Dale E.
The Accidental Archmage Batara, Edmund A.M.
A Dan Starkey Novel Bateman, Colin
Eddie & the Gang With No Name Bateman, Colin
Papercuts Bateman, Colin
SOS Adventure Bateman, Colin
Legacy of the Shadow's Blood Bateman, E.G.; Anderle, Michael
Silkwin Bateman, Harvey; Schwinkendorf, Judy
Secrets and Spies Bateman, K.C.
Bow Street Bachelors Bateman, Kate
Ruthless Rivals Bateman, Kate
Gavyn Donatti Bateman, Sonya
Claire Bateman, Tracey Victoria / Bateman, Tracey
Drama Queens Bateman, Tracey Victoria / Bateman, Tracey
Kansas Home Bateman, Tracey Victoria / Bateman, Tracey
The Mahoney Sisters Bateman, Tracey Victoria / Bateman, Tracey
Oregon Brides Bateman, Tracey Victoria / Bateman, Tracey
The Penbrook Diaries Bateman, Tracey Victoria / Bateman, Tracey
Westward Hearts Bateman, Tracey Victoria / Bateman, Tracey
SEALed With A Kiss Bates, Aiden
Darkness Revealed Bates, Andrew
Trinity Field Reports Bates, Andrew
Year of the Scarab Trilogy Bates, Andrew
Rise of the Grandmaster Bates, Bradford; Anderle, Michael
Waking Land Bates, Callie
Body Rock Bates, Doeneseya
The Larkins Bates, H.E.
The Midnight Book Club Bates, Jeremy
World's Scariest Legends Bates, Jeremy
World's Scariest Places Bates, Jeremy
An Alex Powell Novel Bates, Karen Grigsby
Smith High Bates, Marni
Bloodlust Bates, Michael
Sandy Lane Stables Bates, Michelle
Officer Gunnhilder Bates, Quentin
A Detective John Bowers Mystery Bates, Ray
Cuphead Bates, Ron
A Howard Boward Book Bates, Ron
Gibson Falls Paranormal Society Bates, Sarah
Stevens Island Bates, Sarah
Watkins Cove Bates, Sarah
Larry Vernon Bateson, David
Castle Cant Bath, K.P.
Gilda Wright Mystery Bator, Diane
Wild Blue Mysteries Bator, Diane
Yin-Yang Mysteries Bator, Diane
Adventures of a Space Bum Batson, Jon
Dark Sea Annals Batson, Wayne Thomas
The Door Within Trilogy Batson, Wayne Thomas
Dreamtreaders Batson, Wayne Thomas
Pirates Batson, Wayne Thomas
The Berinfell Prohecies Batson, Wayne Thomas; Hopper, Christopher
A Crang Mystery Batten, Jack
The Medicine Boy Battice, H.J., II
An OSI Novel Battis, Jes
A DCI Jim Ashworth Mystery Battison, Brian
A DCI Paul Wells Mystery Battison, Patti
Billy Fidget Battle, Nick; Delve, Eric
The Excoms Battles, Brett
A Jonathan Quinn Thriller Battles, Brett
A Logan Harper Thriller Battles, Brett
The Night Man Chronicles Battles, Brett
A Project Eden Thriller Battles, Brett
Rewinder Battles, Brett
The Trouble Family Chronicles Battles, Brett
An Alexandra Poe Thriller Battles, Brett; Browne, Robert Gregory
Dragonsword Baudino, Gael
Water Baudino, Gael
Harley Bauer, Cat
Life Lessons from the Chapman Daily Adventures Bauer, Chicaga A.
Angelbound Bauer, Christina
Angelbound Offspring Bauer, Christina
Angelbound Origins Bauer, Christina
Angelbound Worlds Bauer, Christina
Beholder Bauer, Christina
Dimension Drift Worlds Bauer, Christina
Fairy Tales of the Magicorum Bauer, Christina
Pixieland Diaries Bauer, Christina
The Memory Box Trilogy Bauer, Cindy
Jenna Boller Bauer, Joan
A Hillary King Mystery Bauer, Lois Browning
Ghost Bauer, Marion Dane
The Osbornes Bauer, Pamela
A Gabby Wells Thriller Bauer, Pete
Bite Somebody Bauer, Sara Dobie
Enchanted Bauer, Sara Dobie
School of Essential Ingredients Bauermeister, Erica
The Chronciles of Promise Paen Bauers, W.C.
Loopiethotamus, the Chihuahua Who Thinks He is a Hippopotamus Baugh, Ayana Sala
Clan Lasombra Trilogy Baugh, Bruce
Time of Judgment Baugh, Bruce
A Nora Khalil Novel Baugh, Carolyn
The Dream Catcher Bauler, Traci K.
Oz Baum, Margaret
The Immortal Ones Baum, S.L.
A Lush Novel Baum, S.L.
Girls Wearing Black Baum, Spencer
The Rangers Bauman, Edward
Cozy Mystery Bookshop Baumann, Tamra
A Heartbreaker Novel Baumann, Tamra
An It Had to Be Novel Baumann, Tamra
Rocky Mountain Matchmaker Baumann, Tamra
Snowglobe Connection Baumbich, Charlene
Welcome to Partonville Baumbich, Charlene
Laura's Star Baumgart, Klaus
Little Green Dragon Baumgart, Klaus
The Amish Detective Bawell, Ruth
Amish Wedding Romance Bawell, Ruth
Clean Amish Romance Bawell, Ruth
Clean Inspirational Amish Romance Bawell, Ruth
A Harmony Creek Amish Romance Bawell, Ruth
A Kathryn King Amish Mystery Bawell, Ruth
Katie Zook, An Amish Detective Bawell, Ruth
A Miller Sisters Amish Romance Bawell, Ruth
A Rebecca Troyer Amish Mystery Bawell, Ruth
A Salome Saunders Amish Mystery Bawell, Ruth
Jacob Singer Baxt, George
A Pharoah Love Mystery Baxt, George
Sylvia Plotkin & Max Van Larsen Baxt, George
Alex Caine Baxter, Alan
The Balance Baxter, Alan
An Eli Carver Supernatural Thriller Baxter, Alan
Tales From The Gulp Baxter, Alan
Beastly! Baxter, Andy
A Lickety Splits Mystery Baxter, Cynthia
A Murder Packs a Suitcase Mystery Baxter, Cynthia
A Reigning Cats and Dogs Mystery Baxter, Cynthia
A Gladys Babbington Morton Mystery Baxter, Glen
The Loyalist Trilogy Baxter, Jean Rae
Last True Vampire Baxter, Kate
Billionaire's Club: Texas Baxter, Mandy
A US Marshals Novel Baxter, Mandy
Davis-Dixon Baxter, Mary Lynn
Kincaid-Nelson Baxter, Mary Lynn
Heartland Chronicles Baxter, Nancy Niblack
Magical Bedtime Stories Baxter, Nicola
Smart Girls Baxter, Rhoda
Destiny's Children Baxter, Stephen
Mammoths Baxter, Stephen
Manifold Baxter, Stephen
NASA Baxter, Stephen
The Northland Trilogy Baxter, Stephen
Related Books Baxter, Stephen
Time's Tapestry Baxter, Stephen
The Web Baxter, Stephen
Xeelee Sequence Baxter, Stephen
The Empire State Bay, Louise
Mister Bay, Louise
The Nights Bay, Louise
Royal Collection Bay, Louise
The Royals Bay, Louise
Lyons' Tales Bay, Rita
Rocked Bayard, Clara
Rocked: Rick & Julia Bayard, Clara
Seduced by Danger Bayard, Clara
Christine de Pizan Mystery Bayard, Tania
Amish Acres Bayarr, Samantha Jillian
Amish Hearts Bayarr, Samantha Jillian
Amish Homecoming Bayarr, Samantha Jillian
Amish Outcasts Bayarr, Samantha Jillian
Amish Weddings Bayarr, Samantha Jillian
Jacob's Daughter Bayarr, Samantha Jillian
Mail Order Brides Bayarr, Samantha Jillian
Once Upon a Christmas Wish Bayarr, Samantha Jillian
The Quilter's Son Bayarr, Samantha Jillian
Western Mail Order Brides Bayarr, Samantha Jillian
Foreign Detective Bayer, William
Frank Janek Bayer, William
Kay Farrow Novels Bayer, William
Junior Explorers Society Bayham, Dalan J.
A Clairvoyant's Complicated Life Bayless, Katherine
The Coventry Years Bayless, Katherine
Invested in Love Bayley-Burke, Jenna
Dr. Peter Brown, aka Pietro Brnwa Bazell, Josh
Trinity of Flames Beachem, John
Alstone Sisters Beacon, Elizabeth
The Seaborne Trilogy Beacon, Elizabeth
A Year of Scandal Beacon, Elizabeth
The Yelverton Marriages Beacon, Elizabeth
Dominion Beal, Jene
A Lou Spencer Mystery Beale, Elaine
Eternal Warriors Beale, Theodore
Woodley, USA Beall, Kim
Zoo Patrol Squad Bean, Brett
A Sheriff Harry Starbranch Mystery Bean, Gregory
The Main Man Trilogy Bean, Jane
Benji Franklin: Kid Zillionaire Bean, Raymond
Out of This World Bean, Raymond
School Is A Nightmare Bean, Raymond
Sweet Farts Bean, Raymond
Deadly Sins Bear, Andris
Scandal Bear, Andris
Witches of Whisper Grove Bear, Andris
Edda of Burdens Bear, Elizabeth
The Eternal Sky Trilogy Bear, Elizabeth
Jacob's Ladder Bear, Elizabeth
Jenny Casey Bear, Elizabeth
Karen Memory Bear, Elizabeth
Lotus Kingdoms Bear, Elizabeth
A Novel of the Promethean Age Bear, Elizabeth
White Space Bear, Elizabeth
Iskryne Bear, Elizabeth; Monette, Sarah
Darwin Bear, Greg
The Forerunner Saga Bear, Greg
Forge of God Bear, Greg
Quantico Bear, Greg
Queen of Angels Bear, Greg
Songs of Earth and Power Bear, Greg
War Dogs Bear, Greg
The Way Bear, Greg
World of Aluvia Bearce, Amy
John Fury Beard, G.S.
An Angel Baker Novel Beard, Julie
Annals of Kar-Neloth Beard, Michael C.
A Jack Sheet Investigation Beardshear, Edward L.
Sir Gadabout Beardsley, Martyn
Tumtum & Nutmeg Bearn, Emily
Circus Mirandus Beasley, Cassie
Meltdown Beasley, Linda L.
A Neema Mystery Beason, Pamela
Run for Your Life Beason, Pamela
A Summer Westin Mystery Beason, Pamela
Maggie Adair Beaton, Jane
An Agatha Raisin Mystery Beaton, M.C.
Fellworth Dolphin and Maggie Partlett Beaton, M.C.
Hamish MacBeth Beaton, M.C.
Magnocracy Beats, Christopher
Caribbean Pirates Beattie, Michelle
Frontier Montana Beattie, Michelle
Sam Steele Beattie, Michelle
Tangled Up in Texas Beattie, Michelle
Maria Looney Beatty, Jerome
Home to Dover Beatty, Lorraine
Mississippi Hearts Beatty, Lorraine
Heartseeker Duology Beatty, Melinda
Serafina Beatty, Robert
Fluffy Bunnies Beaty, Andrea
The Questioneers Beaty, Andrea
The Questioneers (Chapter Books) Beaty, Andrea
The Traitor's Trilogy Beaty, Erin
Time Masters Beauchamp, Geralyn
Hearts in Winter Chronicles Beaudelaire, Simone
Love on the High Plains Beaudelaire, Simone
Victorians Beaudelaire, Simone
An Alec Lonsdale Victorian mystery Beaufort, Simon
An Antarctica Thriller Beaufort, Simon
Geoffrey de Mappestone Beaufort, Simon
Lays of Anuskaya Beaulieu, Bradley P.
Song of Shattered Sands Beaulieu, Bradley P.
The Bodyguards of L.A. County Beauman, Cate
A Carter Island Novel Beauman, Cate
Journalists Beauman, Sally
Damaged Bad Boys Beaumont, Emilia
Expecting & Loving Beaumont, Emilia
Reigning Love Beaumont, Emilia
Briarcliff Beaumont, Lorraine
Ravenhurst Beaumont, Lorraine
A Sabrina Vaughn Novel Beaumont, Maegan
Related Books Beaumont, Nina
Summer Camp Science Mysteries Beauregard, Lynda
The Christ Clone Trilogy BeauSeigneur, James
Royal Babysitters Beauvais, Clementine
Sesame Seade Mysteries Beauvais, Clementine
Cold War Bebelle, Ken; Vee, Julia
A Mr. & Mrs. Darcy Mystery Bebris, Carrie
Nimbus Rune Bechen, Jeremy
Buster Bechtold, Lisze
Elliot Moose Beck, Andrea
Pierre Le Poof! Beck, Andrea
Cowboys of the Northwest Beck, Anne Marie
Tropical Escape Beck, Anne Marie
The Obsession Trilogy Beck, Bruce K.
The Tolerance Trilogy Beck, Bruce K.
Agenda 21 Beck, Glenn
Alex Hunter Beck, Greig
The Valkeryn Chronicles Beck, Greig
The Horror Diaries Beck, Heather
Legends Unleashed Beck, Heather
Shadow Keepers Beck, J.K.
The Moretti Crime Family Beck, J.L.
Breaking The Rules Beck, J.L.; Hallman, C.
North Woods University Beck, J.L.; Hallman, C.
The Rossi Crime Family Beck, J.L.; Hallman, C.
Cabots Beck, Jamie
Potomac Point Beck, Jamie
Sanctuary Sound Beck, Jamie
St. James Beck, Jamie
Sterling Canyon Beck, Jamie
The Cast Iron Cooking Mysteries Beck, Jessica
A Classic Diner Mystery Beck, Jessica
A Donut Shop Mystery Beck, Jessica
Ghost Cat Beck, Jessica
Iris Cooper Beck, K.K.
A Jane Da Silva Mystery Beck, K.K.
Workplace Mystery Beck, K.K.
Caged Love Beck, Mandi
Larva High School Beck, Mia Schmeltzer; Schmidt, Stine Falkenberg
Haven, New Jersey Beck, Nancy
The Atlantis Saga Beck, S.A.
The Earth Grid Beck, S.A.
The Mage's Daughter Trilogy Beck, S.A.
Compromise Me Beck, Samanthe
Love Emergency Beck, Samanthe
A McCade Brothers Novel Beck, Samanthe
Private Pleasures Beck, Samanthe
Palmera Royals Beckenham, Jane
The Journey Trilogy Becker, Aaron
Mindhunters Becker, Anne Marie
Bear and Mouse Becker, Bonny
Presence Becker, Charity
Abracadabra Becker, Eve
Dirk Daring, Secret Agent Becker, Helaine
Chris Bronson Becker, James
Lost Treasure of the Templars Becker, James
A Steven Hunter Thriller Becker, James
Click Becker, Lisa
A Kurt Hunter Mystery Becker, Steven
A Mac Travis Adventure Becker, Steven
A Storm Thriller Becker, Steven
Tides Of Fortune Becker, Steven
A Will Service Eco Thriller Becker, Steven
Kate the Great Becker, Suzy
Darkside Becker, Tom
Dark Eden Beckett, Chris
Mrs. Quent Beckett, Galen
The Bounceback Beckett, L.X.
The Dumont Bachelors Beckett, Macy
Sultry Springs Beckett, Macy
David Hunter Beckett, Simon
Hot Brazilian Docs! Beckett, Tina
New York Bachelors' Club Beckett, Tina
Beautifully Ugly People Beckford, Michael D.
Detective Inspector Skelgill Investigates Beckham, Bruce
A Roy Neely Novel Beckhardt, Arnold R.
Forever after in Apple Lake Beckstrand, Jennifer
Honeybee Sisters Beckstrand, Jennifer
The Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill Beckstrand, Jennifer
The Petersheim Brothers Beckstrand, Jennifer
A Will and Betsy Black Adventure Beckwith, David; Beckwith, Nancy
Blacksword Becnel, Rexanne
Maker Becnel, Rexanne
Rosecliffe Becnel, Rexanne
Blue-Collar Werewolves BeCraft, Buffi
A Southern Fraud Thriller Becton, J.W.
Personages of Pride & Prejudice Becton, Jennifer
The Firestorm Chronicles Becvar, Karlajean Jirik
Mystic Bedard, Tony
Negation Bedard, Tony
Route 666 Bedard, Tony
The Stinson Saga Beddall, Jack
Hatter M: Looking Glass Wars Beddor, Frank
The Looking Glass Wars Beddor, Frank
Team Bedford, David
Angela Bedford, David A.
Academy of Witches Bedford, Erin
A Caeles Adventure Bedford, Erin
Celestial War Chronicles Bedford, Erin
Children of the Fallen Bedford, Erin
The Crimson Fold Bedford, Erin
Curse of the Fairy Tales Bedford, Erin
Fairy Tale Bad Boys Bedford, Erin
A Ghost of a Thing Bedford, Erin
Her Angels Bedford, Erin
House of Durand Bedford, Erin
House of Van Helsing Bedford, Erin
The Mary Wiles Chronicles Bedford, Erin
New Orleans After Dark Bedford, Erin
The Underground: The Crimes of Alice Bedford, Erin
The Underground: The Lost Fae Princess Bedford, Erin
Underground Bedford, Erin
Starcrossed Dragons Bedford, Erin; Cipriano, J.A.
A Psi-Tech Novel Bedford, Jacey
Rowankind Bedford, Jacey
Anna Southwood Bedford, Jean
Rance Toller Bedford, Paul
Thomas Collins Bedford, Paul
Chip Hilton Sports Bee, Clair
From the Peculiar Adventures of John Lovehart, Esq. Bee, Ishbelle
Castaways Beech, Sandy
Amanda Valentine Mystery Beecham, Rose
Jude Devine Beecham, Rose
An Oliver Swithin Mystery Beechey, Alan
Arising Beecroft, Alex
Trowchester Blues Beecroft, Alex
Under the Hill Beecroft, Alex
Colonel Alastair Granby Beeding, Francis
Inspector George Martin Beeding, Francis
Professor Kreutzemark Beeding, Francis
Investigator Weird Al Beerbower, Melinda
The Devil's Dream Beers, David
Red Rain Beers, David
The Singularity Beers, David
The Singularity Rising Beers, David
Beckett Files Beers, Laura
Milward Chronicles Beers, Robert Lee
A Tony Mandolin Mystery Beers, Robert Lee
Seduction of a Wanton Dreamer Beeson, Richard
A Bricks and Cam Job Beetner, Eric; Zafiro, Frank
A Paul Jacobson Mystery Befeler, Mike
Willow Buds Begin, Mary Jane
Jack Dana Begley, Louis
Schmidt Begley, Louis
The Keeper Beguine, Anna
SheetzuCacaPoopoo Behar, Joy
Billionaires for Heiresses Beharrie, Therese
Conveniently Wed, Royally Bound Beharrie, Therese
One Day to Forever Beharrie, Therese
Spider-man Behling, Steve
Madison Falls Behon, Susan
Tidewater Trilogy Behre, Mary
Lola's Super Club Beigel, Christine
The Waddodles of Hollow Lake Beighey, Carole La Flamme
Monstacademy Beighton, Matt
The Shadowland Chronicles Beighton, Matt
Agents of the Glass Beil, Michael D.
The Red Blazer Girls Beil, Michael D.
A Novel of the Fated Blades Bein, Steve
Tony Casella Beinhart, Larry
Children of the Anarii Bek, Alii M.
Dance Class Beka
Scandals of the Heart Bekemeyer, Michele
An Ali "The Cat" Armeni Thriller Belanger, Jeffrey
A Novel of the Shadowside Belanger, Michelle
The Houses of Storem Belanger, P.J.
Mage Riders Belanger, P.J.
Soldiers Belanger, P.J.
Space Detective: A Skip Brown Adventure Belanger, P.J.
The Frontiersmen Belanger, Sean
A Gabriella Giovanni Mystery Belcamino, Kristi
Brotherhood of the Wheel Belcher, R.S.
Golgotha Belcher, R.S.
The Nightwise Belcher, R.S.
Children of Arable Belden, David
Attachments Belden, P.J.
A Baby Saved Me Belden, P.J.
Hidden Secrets Belden, P.J.
Stranded Belden, P.J.
Mind-Call Belden, Wilanne S.
Holloway Pack Belfield, J.A.
Molly Rafferty Belfort, Sophie
The Castilian Saga Belfrage, Anna
The Graham Saga Belfrage, Anna
The King's Greatest Enemy Belfrage, Anna
The Wanderer Belfrage, Anna
A Claudia Hershey Mystery Belgrave, Laura
Exiles of the Realm Bell, Adrienne
Second Service Bell, Adrienne
The Sinner Saints Bell, Adrienne
The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club Bell, Alex
The Marine's Love Bell, Alexandra
Montana Skies Bell, Ann
A Lady Jane Mystery Bell, Annis
Middle School Magic Bell, Braden
Fantastique Unfettered Bell, Brandon H.
Rabbit & Robot Bell, Cece
A Jake Sullivan Novel Bell, Chip
Dare Me Bell, Christine
A For Hire Novel Bell, Christine
McDaniels Brothers Bell, Christine
Stormy Gale Bell, Christine
The Wolves of Pray Bell, Christine
A Bekki the Beautician Cozy Mystery Bell, Cindy
A Chocolate Centered Cozy Mystery Bell, Cindy
A Donut Truck Cozy Mystery Bell, Cindy
A Dune House Cozy Mystery Bell, Cindy
A Heavenly Highland Inn Cozy Mystery Bell, Cindy
A Little Leaf Creek Cozy Mystery Bell, Cindy
A Macaron Patisserie Cozy Mystery Bell, Cindy
A Nuts About Nuts Cozy Mystery Bell, Cindy
A Sage Gardens Cozy Mystery Bell, Cindy
A Wagging Tail Cozy Mystery Bell, Cindy
A Wendy the Wedding Planner Cozy Mystery Bell, Cindy
The Named Bell, Clare
Halle Shifters Bell, Dana Marie
Terra Noctem Bell, Dana Marie
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Dance Hall Road Bell, Dorothy A.
Laura Creek Bell, Dorothy A.
Alan Cole Bell, Eric
Charming, Texas Bell, Heatherly
Heroes of Fortune Valley Bell, Heatherly
The Men of Stone Ridge Bell, Heatherly
Starlight Hill Bell, Heatherly
A Wilder Sisters Novel Bell, Heatherly
Wildfire Ridge Bell, Heatherly
The Farsala Trilogy Bell, Hilari
Goblin Bell, Hilari
A Knight and Rogue Novel Bell, Hilari
The Raven Duet Bell, Hilari
Shield, Sword and Crown Bell, Hilari
Forever Clover Bell, Holly
Limits Bell, J.C.
The Amazing Adventures of Nate Banks Bell, Jake
Force of Habit Bell, James Scott
A Mike Romeo Thriller Bell, James Scott
The Trials of Kit Shannon Bell, James Scott
Ty Buchanan Bell, James Scott
Uncommoners Bell, Jennifer
Curvy Submissive Bell, Jordan
Henry Frost Bell, Josephine
Steve Mitchell & David Wintringham Bell, Josephine
Irreparable Bell, K.J.
Countess Scandals Bell, Kimberly
A Tale of Two Sisters Bell, Kimberly
The Disgraceful Dukes Bell, Lenora
School for Dukes Bell, Lenora
Wallflowers vs. Rogues Bell, Lenora
A Funeral Parlor Mystery Bell, Lillian
A Lainey Quilholt Mystery Bell, Lorelei
Sabrina Strong Bell, Lorelei
Haitian Revolution Bell, Madison Smartt
The Queen's Guard Bell, Marcella
Passport To Danger Bell, Mary Reeves
A Southern Cake Baker Mystery Bell, Maymee
Kitten Kingdom Bell, Mia
Butterfly Box Bell, Michele Ashman
Latter-day Spies Bell, Michele Ashman
Biggie Weatherford Bell, Nancy
A Judge Jackson Crain Mystery Bell, Nancy
Agent of Light Bell, Odette C.
Anna's Hope Bell, Odette C.
Axira Bell, Odette C.
Betrothed Bell, Odette C.
Betwixt Bell, Odette C.
Broken Bell, Odette C.
Captain's Witch Bell, Odette C.
Celeste Cross Bell, Odette C.
Enchanted Writes Bell, Odette C.
Ghost of Mind Bell, Odette C.
Ki Bell, Odette C.
Ladies in Luck Bell, Odette C.
Magical Influence Bell, Odette C.
Modern Gods Bell, Odette C.
Ouroboros Bell, Odette C.
A Plain Jane Bell, Odette C.
Trouble and Treasure Bell, Odette C.
Twincy Quinn Bell, Odette C.
Witch's Bell Bell, Odette C.
Yin and Yang Bell, Odette C.
Black Mountain Bears Bell, Ophelia
Fate's Fools Bell, Ophelia
Immortal Dragons Bell, Ophelia
Second Skin Bell, Ophelia
The Train to Impossible Places Bell, P.G.
Benny Mitchell Bell, Pauline
Cruz Bell, Robert
Returning Home Bell, Serena
Seattle Grizzlies Bell, Serena
Tierney Bay Bell, Serena
White Collared Bell, Shelly
Woodbury Boys Bell, Sidney
The Ultra Violets Bell, Sophie
Fleet Quintet Bell, Susannah J.
Alex Hawke Bell, Ted
A Nick McIver Time Adventure Bell, Ted
Mon-Ton Bell, Vance
Guido la Vespa Bell, Veronica
A Mark Stewart Novel Bell, William
Related Books Bell, William
A Zach Dolan Novel Bell, William
Dangerous Tides Bella, Susan Zoe
Flamethrower Bella, Susan Zoe
Forever in Darkness Bella, Susan Zoe
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An Anthony Monday Mystery Bellairs, John
A Johnny Dixon Mystery Bellairs, John
Lewis Barnavelt Bellairs, John
Hot Under Her Collar Belldene, Amber
A Siren Romance Belldene, Amber
Good Buy Girls Belle, Josie
Heron Quartet Belle, Pamela
Wintercombe Belle, Pamela
Les Petits Fairytales Belle, Trixie; Caruso-Scott, Melissa
Layers of the Otherworld Belleau, Heidi
Borrowing Amor Bellemore, Kat
A Lakeview High Novel Bellemore, Kat
Starlight Ridge Bellemore, Kat
Hip-Hop Kidz Beller, Jasmine
Call of the Rockies Beller, Misty M.
Heart of the Mountains Beller, Misty M.
Hearts of Montana Beller, Misty M.
Mountain Dreams Beller, Misty M.
Texas Rancher Beller, Misty M.
Wyoming Mountain Tales Beller, Misty M.
The Gryphonpike Chronicles Bellet, Annie
A Remy Pigeon Story Bellet, Annie
Six-Gun Shifters Bellet, Annie
The Twenty-Sided Sorceress Bellet, Annie
Empress of a Thousand Skies Belleza, Rhoda
Survival Colony 9 Bellin, Joshua David
The Adventures of Star Lite Bellina, Naomi
Agents of DART Bellina, Naomi
Badass Demon Bounty Hunters Bellina, Naomi
Messed-Up Heroes Bellina, Naomi
Nocturne Bellina, Naomi
New England Witch Chronicles Bellingeri, Chelsea
The Little Miss Detectives Bellino, Sarah
Darkness Trilogy Bellis, Naomi
Ellie Ultra Bellisario, Gina
Citizens of Logan Pond Belliston, Rebecca
Sadie Belliston, Rebecca
Frisky Kittens Bello, Alice
Hope Trilogy Bello, Alice
Slash & Burn Bello, Alice
Zachary Blake Bello, Mark
Canadian Spy Bellon, Julie Coulter
Griffin Force Bellon, Julie Coulter
Hostage Negotiation Team Bellon, Julie Coulter
Lincoln Love Stories Bellon, Julie Coulter
Veterans Club Bellon, Julie Coulter
Soccer School Bellos, Alex
My Way Bellus, H.J.
That Girl Bellus, H.J.
Star Mage Belmond, Anneliese
Rather Belmond, C.A.
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Jenny McKay Belsky, Dick
A Clare Carlson Mystery Belsky, R.G.
A Gil Malloy Novel Belsky, R.G.
Lucy Shannon Belsky, R.G.
Connecticut Kings Belvin, Love
Love In Rhythm & Blues Belvin, Love
Sadik Belvin, Love
Waiting to Breathe Belvin, Love
Wayward Love Belvin, Love
Treasure Sleuths Belzoni, Paul
Madeline Bemelmans, Ludwig
Sudden Falls Bemis, Elizabeth
The Clockwork Dark Bemis, John Claude
Out of Abaton Bemis, John Claude
Adventures of Sam X Ben Kemoun, Hubert
KaiRo Ben, Judah
The Aere Saga Bende, S.T.
Alfheim Academy Bende, S.T.
The Elsker Saga Bende, S.T.
Viking Academy Bende, S.T.
Colt Family Saga Bendell, Don
Criminal Investigation Detachment Bendell, Don
Detachment Delta Bendell, Don
A Joshua Strongheart Novel Bendell, Don
Vietnam Special Forces Bendell, Don
Dora's Diary Bender, Carrie
Joy's Journal Bender, Carrie
Miriam's Journal Bender, Carrie
Whispering Brook Bender, Carrie
Thrace and the Centaur Bender, Keith
Alias Bendis, Brian Michael
Beyond Desire Benedict, Alexandra
Castles in the Sky Benedict, Alexandra
The Fallen Ladies Society Benedict, Alexandra
The Hawkins Brothers Benedict, Alexandra
A Bliss House Novel Benedict, Laura
A Shadows Inquiries Novel Benedict, Lyn
Day of Sacrifice Benefiel, Stacey Wallace
Penny Black Benefiel, Stacey Wallace
Zellie Wells Benefiel, Stacey Wallace
A Requiem for Heroes Benem, David
Landmaster's Woods Benevides, Debra
Galactic Center Benford, Gregory
What Might Have Been Benford, Gregory
Bowl of Heaven Benford, Gregory; Niven, Larry
Colonies of Earth Benge, Philip R
A David Charlton Story Benge, Philip R
A Father Christmas Mystery Benison, C.C.
Her Majesty Investigates Benison, C.C.
Geneva Sommers Benjamin, C.J.
A Rachel Alexander and Dash Mystery Benjamin, Carol Lea
Boyfriend Benjamin, Christina
The Geneva Project Benjamin, Christina
Second Chance Romance Benjamin, Christina
Seven Brothers Benjamin, Curt
Heaven & Earth Benjamin, J.M.
Ride or Die Chick Benjamin, J.M.
The Ramos Family Benjamin, Meg
Gray Benjamin, Nikki
Chocolate Benjamin, Zelda
Judith Thornton Benke, Patricia D.
The Unicorn Quest Benko, Kamilla
A Billy Boyle World War II Mystery Benn, James R.
Evolution Revolution Bennardo, Charlotte
Sirenz Bennardo, Charlotte; Zaman, Natalie
The Defectors Trilogy Benner, Tarah
Fringe Benner, Tarah
Lawless Trilogy Benner, Tarah
A Ben Garston Novel Bennet, James
Hardcastle Inheritance Bennet, Julia
South Florida Riders Bennett, Breezie
Broken Bennett, Amanda
The Disreputable Debutantes Bennett, Amy Rose
Highland Rogue Bennett, Amy Rose
Scandalous Regency Widows Bennett, Amy Rose
Debutante Diaries Bennett, Anna
Wayward Wallflowers Bennett, Anna
Clayhanger Bennett, Arnold
Misfits of Mayfair Bennett, Bethany
Club Sunset Island Bennett, Cherie
Hope Hospital Bennett, Cherie
Pageant Bennett, Cherie
Sunset After Dark Bennett, Cherie
Sunset Island Bennett, Cherie
Surviving Sixteen Bennett, Cherie
Teen Angels Bennett, Cherie
University Hospital Bennett, Cherie
Wild Hearts Bennett, Cherie
Mirror Image Bennett, Cherie; Gottesfeld, Jeff
Trash Bennett, Cherie; Gottesfeld, Jeff
Arachne Bennett, Christopher L.
Hub Bennett, Christopher L.
Star Trek: Enterprise: Rise of the Federation Bennett, Christopher L.
Pirates Bennett, Constance
Girl With Broken Wings Bennett, J.
The Vampire's Housekeeper Chronicles Bennett, J.
A Ben Garston Novel Bennett, James
Events Unlimited Bennett, Janice
Related Books Bennett, Janice
Related Books - 2 Bennett, Janice
Xanthe Bennett, Janice
A Science Adventure with Max the Dog Bennett, Jeffrey
An Arcadia Bell Novel Bennett, Jenn
Roaring Twenties Bennett, Jenn
FBI Art Crime Team (ACT) Bennett, Jenna
Fidelity Investigations Bennett, Jenna
A Savannah Martin Mystery Bennett, Jenna
Sex on the Beach Bennett, Jenna
Soldiers of Fortune Bennett, Jenna
BainBridge Bennett, Jessie
Faces of Love Bennett, Jessie
Fairbanks Bennett, Jessie
The Inheritance Saga Bennett, Jessie
Truth & Lies Bennett, Jessie
The Barrington Trilogy Bennett, Jules
Dynasties: Beaumont Bay Bennett, Jules
Hollywood Bennett, Jules
Lockwood Lightning Bennett, Jules
Mafia Moguls Bennett, Jules
Marcum Brothers Bennett, Jules
The Monroes Bennett, Jules
Rancher's Heirs Bennett, Jules
Return to Haven Bennett, Jules
Return to Stonerock Bennett, Jules
The St. Johns of Stonerock Bennett, Jules
Stone Brothers Bennett, Jules
Two Brothers Bennett, Jules
Mallory Caine, Zombie at Law Bennett, K.
Peg Goodenough Bennett, Liza
The Fitheach Trilogy Bennett, Luanne
House of Winterborne Bennett, Luanne
A Katie Bishop Novel Bennett, Luanne
Camping in High Heels Bennett, Miki
A Florida Keys Novel Bennett, Miki
The Allegra Biscotti Collection Bennett, Olivia
The Chronicles of Cyric Bennett, Paul J.
The Frozen Flame Bennett, Paul J.
Heir to the Crown Bennett, Paul J.
Power Ascending Bennett, Paul J.
Junebug Bennett, Robert D.
Noah Chance Bennett, Robert D.
Divine Cities Bennett, Robert Jackson
Small Vampires Bennett, Robin
Aphrodite's Club Bennett, Sara
Greentree Sisters Bennett, Sara
The Husband Hunters Club Bennett, Sara
Medieval Bennett, Sara
Mockingbird Square Bennett, Sara
Pendleton Manor Bennett, Sara
Bluebell Castle Bennett, Sarah
Butterfly Cove Bennett, Sarah
Lavender Bay Bennett, Sarah
An Arizona Vengeance Novel Bennett, Sawyer
A Carolina Cold Fury Hockey Novel Bennett, Sawyer
Chronicles of the Stone Veil Bennett, Sawyer
The Forever Land Chronicles Bennett, Sawyer
Jameson Force Security Bennett, Sawyer
Last Call Bennett, Sawyer
Legal Affairs: Cal and Macy's Story Bennett, Sawyer
A Love Hurts Novel Bennett, Sawyer
Off Bennett, Sawyer
Sex and Sweet Tea Bennett, Sawyer
A Sugar Bowl Novel Bennett, Sawyer
Wicked Horse Bennett, Sawyer
Wicked Horse Vegas Bennett, Sawyer
Alpine Woods Shifters Bennett, Sondrae
Ophelia Bennett, Sophia
Threads Trilogy Bennett, Sophia
Koban Bennett, Stephen W.
The Brass Monkey Bennett, Susan Wells
Legacy Bennett, T.J.
Tradewinds Bennett, Taylor
Stuck in the Middle Bennett/Craig, Sharon
An Asheville Meadows Cozy Mystery Benning, Patti
Cozy Mystery Tails of Alaska Benning, Patti
Darling Deli Benning, Patti
Killer Cookie Benning, Patti
Papa Pacelli's Pizzeria Benning, Patti
A Whiskers and Witches Cozy Mystery Benning, Patti
A Signal Airship Novel Bennis, Robyn
A Nick & La Contessa Mystery Benns, Matthew
Invasion of the Ortaks Benonysson, Sveinn
Glory, North Carolina Benrey, Ron; Benrey, Janet
The Pippa Hunnechurch Mysteries Benrey, Ron; Benrey, Janet
Related Books Benrey, Ron; Benrey, Janet
A Royal Tunbridge Wells Mystery Benrey, Ron; Benrey, Janet
A Calliope Reaper Jones Novel Benson, Amber
An Echo Park Coven Novel Benson, Amber
The New Newbridge Academy Benson, Amber
Bands of Gold Benson, Angela
Genesis House Benson, Angela
The Plague Tales Benson, Ann
Vampyre 2000 Benson, Christopher F.
An Angela Marchmont Mystery Benson, Clara
A Freddy Pilkington-Soames Adventure Benson, Clara
Beauty for Ashes Benson, Dayo
Crystal Benson, Dayo
Dare Benson, Dayo
Drew Ashley Benson, Dayo
The Lincolns Benson, Dayo
Pure Passion Benson, Dayo
Saints and Sinners Benson, Dayo
The Cayman Islands Trilogy Benson, Dianna T.
Related Books Benson, E.F.
A James London Novel Benson, Iain
Wishing, Texas Benson, Julie
Secret Lives of the Ton Benson, Laurie
The Sommersby Brides Benson, Laurie
Beasts Benson, Manda
Lords of Spells & Steel Benson, Mila
Black Stiletto Benson, Raymond
Hitman Benson, Raymond
Ian Fleming's James Bond 007 Benson, Raymond
Metal Gear Solid Benson, Raymond
A Spike Berenger Rock 'n' Roll Hit Benson, Raymond
The Alliance Chronicles Benson, S.F.
Hearts Duology Benson, S.F.
The Rona Shively Stories Benston, Rebecca
Cutler Benteen, John
Fargo Benteen, John
Harmony Bentley, C.F.
Matt Drake Bentley, Don
Philip Trent Bentley, E.C.
CEP Bentley, Harper
Powers That Be Bentley, Harper
Serenity Point Bentley, Harper
True Love Trilogy Bentley, Harper
A Do-It-Yourself Mystery Bentley, Jennie
Magic Bunny Bentley, Sue
Magic Kitten Bentley, Sue
Magic Ponies Bentley, Sue
Magic Puppy Bentley, Sue
Dino Detective and Awesome Possum, Private Eyes Bentley, Tadgh
Little Penguin Bentley, Tadgh
Knightmare Bently, Peter
Vampire School Bently, Peter
Blood Immortal Benton, Ava
Dragon Heartbeats Benton, Ava
Everglade Brides Benton, Ava
Shifters Elite Benton, Ava
Catwad Benton, Jim
Dear Dumb Diary Benton, Jim
Dear Dumb Diary Year Two Benton, Jim
Franny K. Stein, Mad Scientist Benton, Jim
It's Happy Bunny Benton, Jim
Victor Shmud, Total Expert Benton, Jim
Living Hope Benton, John
Peter Craig Benton, Kenneth
Kindred Benton, Lori
The Pathfinders Benton, Lori
The Empire Trilogy Benton, Terry J.
The Fall of America Benton, W.R.
A Nate Grisham Young Adult Adventure Benton, W.R.
The Books of Raziel Benulis, Sabrina
An AKA Novel Benway, Robin
The Clockwork Chronicles Benz, Derek; Lewis, J.S.
Grey Griffins Benz, Derek; Lewis, J.S.
Unexpected Romance Benzin, Kate
Marianne Benzoni, Juliette
Related Books Benzoni, Juliette
Alison Brownstone Berens, Judith
Federal Agents of Magic Berens, Judith
The Last Vampire Berens, Judith
The School of Necessary Magic Berens, Judith
The School of Necessary Magic: Raine Campbell Berens, Judith
The Witch Next Door Berens, Judith
CIA Agent John Wells Berenson, Alex
Melanie Travis Mysteries Berenson, Laurien
A Bear Detectives Mystery Berenstain, Stan; Berenstain, Jan
A Bear Scout Merit Badge Mystery Berenstain, Stan; Berenstain, Jan
Berenstain Bears Beginner Books Berenstain, Stan; Berenstain, Jan
The Berenstain Bear Scouts Berenstain, Stan; Berenstain, Jan
The Berenstain Bears Berenstain, Stan; Berenstain, Jan
The Berenstain Bears (8x8) Berenstain, Stan; Berenstain, Jan
The Berenstain Bears (Chapter Books) Berenstain, Stan; Berenstain, Jan
The Berenstain Bears (Inspirational) Berenstain, Stan; Berenstain, Jan
The Berenstain Bears (Readers) Berenstain, Stan; Berenstain, Jan
The Berenstain Bears Big Chapter Books Berenstain, Stan; Berenstain, Jan
The Berenstain Bears Mini-Storybooks Berenstain, Stan; Berenstain, Jan
The Berenstain Bears: First Time Books (8x8) Berenstain, Stan; Berenstain, Jan
The Berenstain Bears: First Time Chapter Books Berenstain, Stan; Berenstain, Jan
Wings of War Berent, Mark
Lazlo Horvath Beres, Michael
The Wombles Beresford, Elisabeth
The Adventures of Philippe Bereznai, Steven
The Bridge of D'Arnath Berg, Carol
A Novel of the Collegia Magica Berg, Carol
The Rai-Kirah Saga Berg, Carol
Related Books Berg, Carol
A Sanctuary Novel Berg, Carol
Katie Nash Berg, Elizabeth
Mason Missouri Berg, Elizabeth
By The Bay Berg, J.L.
Lost & Found Berg, J.L.
Ready Berg, J.L.
The Walls Berg, J.L.
Related Books Berg, Patti
The Wildes Berg, Patti
An Echo Hunter 367 Novel Berg, Stacey
5-Ever Berg, Tammy
Catalyst Berg, Vincent
Great Death Berg, Vincent
Unknown Visitors Berg, Vincent
Bard's Blood Bergantino, David
Sophie Bergen, Lara
A Cultural Studies Murder Mystery Berger, Arthur Asa
A Sherlock Holmes Mystery of Social Theory Berger, Arthur Asa
A Dr. Risk Mystery Berger, Bob
Church Choir Mysteries Berger, Eileen
Related Books Berger, Eileen
Lyttle Lies Berger, Joe
Crankenstein Berger, Samantha
Even unto death Bergeron, Gerald
The Magnificent Glass Globe Bergeson, N.R.
Coyote Bergey, Michael
H2O Bergin, Virginia
Jack LeVine Bergman, Andrew
Oliver Bergman, Mara
The Feral World Bergmann, Gaddy
Full Circle Bergren, Lisa Tawn
Grand Tour Bergren, Lisa Tawn
The Homeward Trilogy Bergren, Lisa Tawn
The Northern Lights Bergren, Lisa Tawn
A Novel of the Gifted Bergren, Lisa Tawn
Once Upon a Summer Bergren, Lisa Tawn
Remnants Bergren, Lisa Tawn
River of Time Bergren, Lisa Tawn
The Sugar Baron's Daughters Bergren, Lisa Tawn
A Father Jack Carthier Mystery Bergsen, David
Austra Vampire Bergstrom, Elaine
Mina Harker Bergstrom, Elaine
The Cruelty Bergstrom, Scott
The Undertaken Trilogy Berk, Ari
Dance Divas Berk, Sheryl
The Cupcake Club Berk, Sheryl; Berk, Carrie
Fashion Academy Berk, Sheryl; Berk, Carrie
Hautboy Berkeley, Anne
Roger Sheringham Berkeley, Anthony
Bell Hoot Fables Berkeley, Jon
The Wednesday Tales Berkeley, Jon
The Morgan Crowe Trilogy Berkley, Maggie
Keepers of Life Berkley, Shea
A Claire Whitcomb Western Berkom, D.V.
A Kate Jones Adventure Berkom, D.V.
A Leine Basso Thriller Berkom, D.V.
A Jackson Steeg Novel Berkowitz, Ira
Scottish Docs in New York Berlin, Amalie
The Puzzling World of Winston Breen Berlin, Eric
Madagascar Manifesto Berliner, Janet
A Roman a Claire Berlinski, Claire
An Aaron Asherfeld Mystery Berlinski, David
Satin Slippers Bernard, Elizabeth
Bachelor Firemen Bernard, Jennifer
First Love Edition Bernard, Jennifer
Jupiter Point Bernard, Jennifer
Lost Harbor, Alaska Bernard, Jennifer
A Love Between the Bases Novel Bernard, Jennifer
The Rockwell Legacy Bernard, Jennifer
Dante's Wolves - Barbarian Mates, New Beginnings Bernard, Lynnette
Guardian Warrior Mates, Prophecy of Salvation Bernard, Lynnette
The Outcast Trilogy Bernard, Patricia
Black Rose Trilogy Bernard, Renee
A Jaded Gentleman Novel Bernard, Renee
The Mistress Trilogy Bernard, Renee
Find Me Bernard, Romily
Ellie Gordon Berne, Karin
Penhallow Dynasty Berne, Lisa
Charley's Ghost Berneathy, Sally
Death by Chocolate Berneathy, Sally
Judex Bernede, Arthur
Charles "Shake" Bouchon Berney, Lou
A Tom Greer Mystery Bernhard, Mark D.
Ben Kincaid Bernhardt, William
Conner Cross Bernhardt, William
Daniel Pike Bernhardt, William
Shine Bernhardt, William
Travis Byrne Bernhardt, William
Confessions of a D-List Supervillain Bernheimer, Jim
Dead Eye Bernheimer, Jim
Spirals of Destiny Bernheimer, Jim
River of Souls Bernobich, Beth
Balloon Bernstein, Ariel
Warren & Dragon Bernstein, Ariel
Bridget Wilder: Spy-In-Training Bernstein, Jonathan
A Hottie Novel Bernstein, Jonathan
Freaky Berran, Susan
A Ben Green Mystery Berrenson, Marc
Strike at the Heart Berrie, L.W.
The Greenwood Berrisford, Kay
Serendipity Berry, Brinda
Stand by Me Berry, Brinda
Whispering Woods Berry, Brinda
A Bonnie Indermill Mystery Berry, Carole
A Kate Hamilton Mystery Berry, Connie
Incredible Journey Berry, Connie Lee
The Oregon Trilogy Berry, Don
Adventures of Timmy and Cheri Berry, Eric Arden
The Sex Gates Berry, Jeanine; Bain, Darrell
Splurch Academy for Disruptive Boys Berry, Julie
Stonewylde Berry, Kit
A Sidney Becker Mystery Berry, Linda
A Trudy Roundtree Mystery Berry, Linda
Otherkin Berry, Nina
Pagan Jones Berry, Nina
A Cassiopeia Vitt Adventure Berry, Steve
Cotton Malone Berry, Steve
Luke Daniels Berry, Steve
An Eleanor Wilde Mystery Berry, Tamara
Bromo Perkins Berry, Tony
Port William Berry, Wendell
The Adventures of Chance Fortune Berryhill, Shane
Raging Earth Bertagna, Julie
Claus Bertauski, Tony
Foreverland Bertauski, Tony
Halfskin Bertauski, Tony
Maze Bertauski, Tony
Socket Bertauski, Tony
A Tito Rico Mystery Bertematti, Richard
Dragonlord Bertin, Joanne
Book Scavenger Bertman, Jennifer Chambliss
Dark Heritage Saga Bertolini, Michael J.
A Roland March Mystery Bertrand, J. Mark
A Jake Trent Novel Bertsch, David Riley
Twirly Shirley Beserra, Donna
Arthur and the Invisibles Besson, Luc
Steve Dancy Tales Best, James D.
The Aussie Witch Best, Morgana
Australian Amateur Sleuth Best, Morgana
A Cocoa Narel Chocolate Shop Mystery Best, Morgana
A Deadly Habit Cozy Mystery Best, Morgana
His Ghoul Friday Best, Morgana
The Kitchen Witch Best, Morgana
A MenoPaws Mystery Best, Morgana
The Middle-aged Ghost Whisperer Best, Morgana
A Misty Sales Cozy Mystery Best, Morgana
A Sea Witch Cozy Mystery Best, Morgana
A Sibyl Potts Cozy Mystery Best, Morgana
Witch Woods Funeral Home Best, Morgana
Witches and Wine Best, Morgana
Cool Nguni Bester, Maryanne
The Silent Force Betancourt, Enrique
Cheer USA! Betancourt, Jeanne
Pony Mysteries Betancourt, Jeanne
Pony Pals Betancourt, Jeanne
Pony Pals Super Specials Betancourt, Jeanne
Three Girls in the City Betancourt, Jeanne