Series List in Order

Order Book Genre Date Rating
1 Paranormal Romance / PNR 3 Buy
2 Paranormal Romance / PNR 3 Buy
3 (e) General Fiction / GF 0 Buy
3.5 (e) Paranormal Romance / PNR 0 Buy
4 Paranormal Romance / PNR 0 Buy
4.5 (e) Contemporary Romance / CR 0 Buy
4.6 (e) Contemporary Romance / CR 0 Buy

Book Descriptions for series: Highland Warrior

  • Book - 1

    A MAN FROM ANOTHER TIME... Faelan is from an ancient clan of Scottish Highland warriors, charged with shielding humanity from demonic forces. Betrayed and locked in a time vault, he has been sleeping for nearly two centuries when spunky historian B...

  • Book - 2

    They were driven apart by a timeless secret... Cody MacBain let the woman of his destiny slip away. A member of an ancient clan of Scottish warriors, he grew up beside Shay Logan as her secret protector, but his heart compelled him to become more. U...

  • Book - 3

    Faelan: A Highland Warrior Brief (novella)Secret warriors, Ancient evil, Destined love. Highlander Faelan Connor was the most powerful secret warrior the clan had known, until a demon locked him in a time vault where Faelan slept for 150 years while ...

  • Book - 3.5

    Angus: A Highland Warrior Brief (novella)Highland warrior Angus Connor lives in a world filled with danger and mystery, but the secret he’s just discovered could destroy the woman he loves and stretch the boundaries of time. While searching for a l...

  • Book - 4

    A bloodthirsty evil stalks the Connor Clan… Brave, beautiful, and haunted by her past, demon hunter Anna MacKinley will do anything to help the Connors. Under divine orders, the headstrong warrior travels the world, slaying demons and vampires. ...

  • Book - 4.5

    Someone is trying to destroy Christmas for the Connor Clan, so the modern day warriors drop their party plans and set out to hunt down the traitor, but none of them were expecting it to be Santa Claus.It’s almost Christmas, and the Connor Clan is f...

  • Book - 4.6

    A hot highland warrior, a feisty FBI agent, two nosy old ladies, and a mysterious cat that may not actually be a cat, get caught up in a deadly but hilarious assassination attempt on the President. This is a short story, book 2.75 in series reading o...