Proper Intentions
  • Length:
    4 Books
  • First:
    January 1994
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1 Historical Romance / HR 5 Buy
2 Historical Romance / HR 5 Buy
3 Historical Romance / HR 5 Buy
4 Romance / R 1 Buy

Book Descriptions for series: Ohio

    • / Historical Romance
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    Book - 1

    For year eighteen-year-old Kate has struggled on her own as a Christian. An orphan at age five when her parents were killed by Indians, Kate and her sisters have been living with Mattie Tucker, a kind, hard-working women who has not accepted Jesus Ch...

  • Book - 2

    Beaver Creek, Ohio, cannot contain Annabelle Larson. She's grown into a striking young woman of seventeen with equally imposing dreams and ambitions. The next stop for Annabelle is the big city, and only her distant cousin Thaddeus Larson stands in h...

    • / Historical Romance
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    Book - 3

    Wrongly accused of a crime, Reverend Luke Wheeler, for the sake of his infant son, determines to persevere after the death of his wife. Subterfuge becomes Luke's stock-in-trade as he, along with Claire Larson, his cousin by marriage, and son Davey...

    • / Romance
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    Book - 4