Michelle Celmer was born and raised in Metro-Detroit. In her youth, her dream was to become a cosmetologist but, after three months in beauty school, she decided she was wrong. She went on to become a wife, mother and master of crafting. After her third child, she decided to try writing. After trying to write YA fiction, she found category romance at her local used bookstore and knew that this was the niche for her. After countless rejections, Michelle finally sold her to Silhouette Desire. Since then she has published over 25 books and has no intention of stopping.

She lives in southeastern Michigan with her husband, three children, two dogs, and two cats.

Book List in Order: 41 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Black Gold Billionaires

1) The Tycoon's Paternity Agenda (Dec-2010)
2) One Month With the Magnate (Jul-2011)
3) A Clandestine Corporate Affair (Aug-2011)
4) Much More Than a Mistress (Sep-2011)

The Caroselli Inheritance

1) Caroselli's Christmas Baby (Nov-2012)
2) Caroselli's Baby Chase (Apr-2013)
3) Caroselli's Accidental Heir (May-2014)

Paradise, Colorado

1) No Ordinary Joe (Jun-2012)
2) The Sheriff's Second Chance (Jan-2014)

Royal Seductions

1) The King's Convenient Bride (Jun-2008)
2) The Illegitimate Prince's Baby (Jun-2008)
3) An Affair With The Princess (Oct-2008)
4) The Duke's Boardroom Affair (Jan-2009)
5) Royal Seducer (Jul-2009)
6) Christmas with the Prince (Nov-2009)
7) Virgin Princess, Tycoon's Temptation (Jul-2010)
8) Expectant Princess, Unexpected Affair (Aug-2010)

Multi-Author Series List

Billionaires and Babies

23) The Nanny Bombshell (Jan-2012)
30) Princess in the Making (Aug-2012)
60) Demanding His Brother's Heirs (Aug-2015)

A Cowboy for Every Mood

No Ordinary Joe (Jun-2012)

Daughters of Power: The Capital

2) Bedroom Diplomacy (Feb-2013)

Dynasties: The Newports

5) Back in the Enemy's Bed (Nov-2016)

Kings of the Boardroom

Money Man's Fiancee Negotiation (Apr-2010)

Man of the Month

176) Royal Seducer (Jul-2009)
193) The Tycoon's Paternity Agenda (Dec-2010)

Rich & Reclusive

The Millionaire's Pregnant Mistress (Jul-2006)

Single Father

32) Nanny Next Door (Jan-2011)

The Takeover

Exposed: Her Undercover Millionaire (May-2011)

Texas Cattleman's Club

25) Round-The-Clock Temptation (Oct-2005)
31) The Oilman's Baby Bargain (Oct-2009)
56) More Than a Convenient Bride (Mar-2015)
61) The Doctor's Baby Dare (Feb-2016)

Texas Cattleman's Club: After the Storm

6) More Than a Convenient Bride (Mar-2015)

Texas Cattleman's Club: Lies and Lullabies

4) The Doctor's Baby Dare (Feb-2016)