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    32 Books (2 Series)
  • First Book:
    September 1992
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    August 2014
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Full Series List in Order


1 - Arrow Keeper (Sep-1992)
2 - Death Chant (Nov-1992)
3 - Renegade Justice (Jan-1993)
4 - Vision Quest (Mar-1993)
5 - Blood on the Plains (May-1993)
6 - Comanche Raid (Jul-1993)
7 - Comancheros (Sep-1993)
8 - War Party (Dec-1993)
9 - Pathfinder (Mar-1994)
10 - Buffalo Hiders (Jun-1994)
11 - Spirit Path (Sep-1994)
12 - Mankiller (Dec-1994)
13 - Wendigo Mountain (Mar-1995)
14 - Death Camp (Jun-1995)
15 - Renegade Nation (Dec-1995)
16 - Orphan Train (Sep-1996)
17 - Vengeance Quest (May-1996)
18 - Warrior Fury (Jul-1996)
19 - Bloody Bones Canyon (Sep-1996)
20 - Renegade Siege (Dec-1996)
21 - River of Death (Mar-1997)
22 - Desert Manhunt (Jun-1997)
Blood on the Arrows (Sep-1995)

Wild Bill

1 - Dead Man's Hand (Feb-1999)
2 - The Kinkaid County War (Jun-1999)
3 - Bleeding Kansas (Sep-1999)
4 - Yuma Bustout (Jan-2000)
5 - Santa Fe Death Trap (Apr-2000)
6 - Black Hills Hellhole (Sep-2000)
7 - Point Rider (Jan-2001)
8 - Gun Law (May-2001)

Book List in Order: 32 titles

  • When Matthew Hanchon, a Cheyenne Indian raised among Wyoming pioneers who has only known fear and distrust, discovers that his adoptive parents are in danger because of him, he flees into the wilderness where he must call upon his warrior's courage, ...

  • Feared and despised by settlers for his native American heritage, a Cheyenne Indian returns to his people, but he must prove his loyalty to them before they will accept him as one of their own. Reissue....

  • Torn between his Cheyenne blood and his love for his adoptive white settler parents, Touch the Sky risks his relationship with the Cheyenne to protect his adoptive parents from a gang of ruthless outlaws. Original....

  • Raised by white men, Indian Touch the Sky does not fit into either community, but he is determined to try to fit in with the Cheyenne and sets out into the wilderness to prove himself worthy. Original....

  • Vowing to protect the remaining herds of buffalo that provide the Cheyenne with food, clothing, tools, and skins, Touch the Sky encounters a new threat when their lands are invaded by two hundred killer mountain men--and the U.S. Cavalry. Original....

  • Not at peace with the life he was raised in among white settlers, Cheyenne returns to his people to find himself an outcast again, and although a brave warrior, he now finds he must prove himself in battle with Mankiller. Original....

  • Developing the strong powers of his Cheyenne ancestors despite his white upbringing, Touch the Sky reunites with his native people and becomes a shaman but must seek out white doctors when a deadly disease plagues his tribe. Original....

  • The son of a Cheyenne warrior but raised by whites, Touch the Sky is accused of murder when his most hated foe is brutally slain, and must prove his innocence or face the wrath of his people and the hatred of the woman he loves....

  • Raised in the white man's world and scorned by his own people, powerful brave and mystical shaman Touch the Sky pursues a band of cunning rivals who killed his loyal friend in their quest to create a renegade nation. Original....

  • Lured from his Cheyenne camp by a message that his pioneer father is dying, Touch the Sky is shocked when his wife and son are kidnapped and must rely on all of his warrior skills in order to save them. Original....

  • Born the son of a great chieftain but raised by frontier settlers, Touch the Sky returns to protect his tribe from renegades, but he is forced by Cheyenne law to leave to avenge the brutal slaughter of their peace chief, Gray Thunder, and without his...

  • Loyal to both his Cheyenne heritage and the white frontier settlers who raised him, Touch the Sky is torn between his loved ones in the wake of a train robbery that threatens a group of orphaned children. Original....

  • Born the son of a great chief and raised by frontier settlers, Touch the Sky returns to his father's people, and with the help of his white friends, hopes to protect his tribe from a murderous attack that could destroy the settlers and the tribal cam...

  • Returning to his people when they are threatened by enemies who would cut off their river supply and force them from their ancestral lands, Touch the Sky faces death by drowning, a fate that condemns the Cheyenne soul. Original....

  • When Big Tree, a knife-throwing Comanche, kills his beloved wife, Honey Eater, while trying to murder him, Touch the Sky sets out to bring his enemy to justice, embarking on a vengeful quest that only he or Big Tree will survive. Original....

  • When Wild Bill Hickok, a marshal, gunfighter, stage driver, and scout, is hired to protect an eccentric inventor on a train ride through the worst badlands of the West, he goes up against paid assassins, angry Sioux, and a jealous Calamity Jane. Orig...

  • A legend in his own lifetime, Wild Bill Kickok works for the law when he comes to Kinkaid County, Wyoming, but he did not expect to become involved in an all-out range war--one that threatened his own life. Original....

  • The Kansas Pacific Railroad is laying track where someone definitely doesn't want it, and a number of people have been murdered, so the Pinkerton Agency sends Wild Bill Hickok to get to the bottom of the situation...

  • The U.S. Army calls in Wild Bill Hickok when an unknown enemy, intent on driving the Sioux from their lands, embarks on a terroristic campaign against the tribe, slaughtering animals and poisoning water, and Hickok must discover who is responsible be...

  • Wild Bill Hickok was a legend in his own lifetime. Wherever he went his reputation with a gun preceded him-along with an open bounty for ten thousand dollars for his arrest. But Wild Bill was working for the law when he went to Kinkaid County, Wyomin...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Judd Cole has published 32 books.

Judd Cole does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Kincaid County War, was published in August 2014.

The first book by Judd Cole, Arrow Keeper, was published in September 1992.

Yes. Judd Cole has 2 series.