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    45 Books (8 Series)
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    January 1950
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    January 2018
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Full Series List in Order


1 - Henry and Beezus (Jun-1952)
2 - Beezus and Ramona (Jun-1955)

Henry Huggins

1 - Henry Huggins (1950)
2 - Henry and Beezus (Jun-1952)
3 - Henry and Ribsy (1954)
4 - Henry and the Clubhouse (Jun-1962)
5 - Henry and the Paper Route (Jun-1957)

Jimmy and Janet

1 - The Real Hole (1960)
2 - Two Dog Biscuits (1961)
3 - Growing-Up Feet (1967)
4 - Janet's Thingamajigs (1987)

Ralph S. Mouse

1 - The Mouse and the Motorcycle (Jun-1965)
2 - Runaway Ralph (Jun-1970)
3 - Ralph S. Mouse (Jul-1982)

Ramona Quimby

1 - Beezus and Ramona (Jun-1955)
2 - Ramona the Pest (1968)
3 - Ramona the Brave (Mar-1975)
4 - Ramona and Her Father (Aug-1977)
5 - Ramona and Her Mother (Oct-1979)
6 - Ramona Quimby, Age 8 (Aug-1981)
7 - Ramona Forever (Aug-1984)
8 - Ramona's World (Aug-1999)
Just for Me (Mar-2013)

Related Books

1 - Dear Mr. Henshaw (Aug-1983)
2 - Strider (Sep-1991)


1 - Henry and Ribsy (1954)
2 - Ribsy (Jun-1964)

The Twins

The Twins Again (1989)
Here Come the Twins (Oct-1990)

Book List in Order: 45 titles

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    Henry Huggins had been wishing for some excitement in his life. He never thought it would come in the form of a lost, hungry dog with big brown eyes that just begged for a taste of his ice cream cone. Of course Henry shared his ice cream, and of c...

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    Sometimes saying sorry is harder than it seems ... Ellen Tebbits is convinced she'll die of embarrassment if any of the girls at school discover her secret. But then she meets Austine Allen, a new girl in class who's hiding the very same secret. Ins...

  • All Henry Huggins wants is his very own bicycle, a shiny red one to ride up and down Klickitat Street. But no matter how Henry tries to raise money for the bike of his dreams -- from selling bubble gum to delivering newspapers -- he always ends up wi...

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    There's never a dull moment at school with Otis Spofford around! He's always brewing up a little excitement. And that means trouble for everyone else -- especially neat and well-behaved Ellen Tebbits. When he's not sending spitballs soaring or sab...

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    Henry Huggins really wants to go salmon fishing with his father. Mr. Huggins won't say "yes," but he doesn't say "no:' either. Instead, he makes a deal with Henry. "If you keep your mischievous dog Ribsy out of trouble for a month, I'll take you alon...

  • Big sister Beezus Quimby tries to be patient with her four-year-old little sister, Ramona, but it isn't easy, not when Ramona powders her nose with marshmallows and invites her nursery school class to a party without telling her family. Sometimes Bee...

  • Having a boyfriend isn't the answer! He'd be at least sixteen, old enough to have a driver's license, and he'd have a sense of humor, and he'd be tall.... Fifteen-year-old Jane Purdy dreams of having such a boyfriend but doesn't think it will e...

  • Ten-year-old Henry Huggins wants a paper route, but he has a problem: All applicants must be at least eleven. That doesn't stop Henry. He sets out to show the boss he can do the job, no matter how many obstacles stand in his way. Unfortunately for...

    • / Contemporary Romance
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    An entire winter in California? Shelley Latham can't wait to get to San Sebastian, where flowers bloom in November, oranges grow on the trees, and the sun shines almost every day. And once she's there, things get even better. In no time, she catches...

  • "I won't have my daughter chasing after a boy. Let him chase after you!" Jean's father just doesn't understand. Johnny is so good looking...popular...older...and he's the very first boy who ever asked her for a dance. How can Jean help being inter...

    • / General Fiction
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    "Emily," Mama often says, "I think your imagination is running away with you again." Emily Bartlett's imagination isn't really so wild. It's just that adventure is pretty scarce in the little farm-town of Pitchfork, Oregon, in the 1920s. Besides, ...

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    There are big dogs, little dogs, curly dogs, dogs that sniff, and dogs that wag their tails. But only one dog will get biscuits from twins Jimmy and Janet -- or will it? Maybe dog biscuits aren't just for dogs after all!


  • Henry and his friends had gone to a lot of trouble to build themselves a clubhouse -- a place where they didn't have to put up with girls. The sign that said NO GIRLS ALLOWED -- THIS MEANS YOU especially meant Ramona. Ramona was only five years old a...

  • Barbara can hardly believe her older sister is getting married. With all the excitement of wedding plans going on, Barbara can't help dreaming of the day she will be the bride. She can't wait to fall in love. But as the big day gets closer, wedding ...

  • Henry Huggins's dog, Ribsy, is hopelessly lost in a huge shopping mall parking lot. It's raining hard, the pavement is slick, horns are honking, and drivers are shouting. When Ribsy thinks he has found the Hugginses' new station wagon at last, he jum...

  • Ralph the mouse was terrified. All he had wanted to do was ride the little motorcycle someone had left on the table. Instead, both Ralph and the motorcycle had taken a terrible fall -- right into the bottom of the wastepaper basket. He was trapped, l...

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    Four-year-old twins Jimmy and Janet can't wait to grow up. So when they go off to get new shoes, they buy bright red boots that will s-t-r-e-t-c-h and grow along with them. "Catches the nuances of preschool concerns with extraordinary precision."--Ki...

  • Even though they're twins, nine-year-old Mitch and Amy Huff are very different from each other. Amy is in the top reading group, while Mitch is still stumbling along. Yet when it comes to math, Mitch is the whiz. Amy doesn't have to be told to practi...

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    Ramona Quimby isn't really a pest. The people who call her a pest are always bigger and so they can be unfair. It's just that Ramona is not a slowpoke grownup. She is a girl who cannot wait. Life is so interesting she has to find out what will happen...

  • Ralph has made up his mind. He is going to run away. He is tired of being bossed around by his mother and Uncle Lester. He's fed up with his silly, pesky little brothers and sisters. Ralph is determined to grow up to be something more than just anoth...

  • Ramona helps guide her fans through the year with this perfect beginning diary. Filled with funny quotes and illustrations from all the Ramona books, it includes stickers, easy-to-fill-in sections, room for photos and drawings, and even a secret code...

  • Socks is one happy cat. . . He lives with a nice young couple called the Brickers who play with him, pet him, feed him treats, and always have a warm lap for him to sit in. Then a new baby joins the family. Suddenly, the Brickers are sharing thei...

  • Ramona Quimby can't wait to begin first grade! She'll finally be in the same grown-up school as her sister, Beezus. Though Ramona has high hopes, life in Mrs. Griggs's class is not what she thought it would be. On the very first day Ramona tells an ...

  • Ramona just wants everyone to be happy. If only her father would smile and joke again, her mother would look less worried, her sister would be cheerful, and Picky-picky would eat his cat food. But Ramona's father has lost his job, and nobody in the Q...

  • Ramona wished her mother would quit her job and stay home all day the way she used to. Then maybe she'd have time to notice that Ramona was not a baby anymore. She was seven and a half and quite grown up! If her mother stayed home, Ramona wouldn't ha...

  • Everything depends on Ramona. Ramona's job is to be nice to fussy Mrs. Kemp, who watches her while her mother works. If Mrs. Quimby didn't work, Mr. Quimby couldn't return to college. On top of all that, third grade isn't turning out as Ramona expec...

  • Ralph "Smart" Mouse is fed up with living at the country inn with his rowdy mouse cousins who always want to ride his motorcycle. When his pal Ryan Bramble takes him to school, Ralph is delighted with his new home and instant rise to fame. But Ralph...

  • When, in second grade, Leigh writes to an author to tell him how much he "licked" his book, he never suspects that he'll still be writing to him four years later. And he never imagines the kinds of things he'll be writing about: Dear Mr. Henshaw, I ...

  • What's going to happen next at the Quimby house? Things are changing quickly for Ramona, who finds that being a grown-up third-grader is hard work. Nothing is the way it used to be. Mr. Quimby worries about finding a teaching job, while Ramona wor...

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    When twins Jimmy and Janet squabble over Janet's collection of "thingamajigs" their mom presents them with a "grown-up" surprise and Janet's collection becomes a thingamajig of the past. "The softly colored illustrations neatly catch the spirit of th...

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    Generations of children have grown up with Henry Huggins, Ramona Quimby, and all of their friends, families, and assorted pets. For everyone who has enjoyed the pranks and schemes, embarrassing moments, and all of the other poignant and colorful imag...

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  • “WHO NEEDS THIS?” Maggie Schultz doesn't have any use for those wiggly, squiggly letters used in grownup handwriting. Even though Maggie's entire third grade class is learning to write, Maggie insists she will continue to print or write on the c...

  • Strider has a new habit. Whenever we stop, he places his paw on my foot. It isn't an accident because he always does it. I like to think he doesn't want to leave me. Can a stray dog change the life of a teenage boy? It looks as if Strider can. He's ...

  • The New Yorker called Beverly Cleary's first volume of memoirs, A Girl From Yamhill, a warm, honest book, as interesting as any novel. Now the creator of the classic children's stories millions grew up with continues her own fascination story. Here i...

  • Aha! Boo! Cock-a-doodle-doo! It's morning on the farm, and there are sights and sounds galore. Donkeys are braying, pigs are grunting, cows are mooing-even the jays are jabbering! From clucks and cackles to rumbles and whoops, this rollicking alphabe...

  • Ramona Quimby is sure fourth grade will be “the best year of her life, so far.” She can show off her calluses from swinging on the rings in the park, sit across the aisle from the boy she calls Yard Ape, and enjoy her cheerful new teacher, Mrs. M...

  • Jimmy and Janet are twins, but that doesn't mean they are just alike. When we first meet Jimmy, he wants to dig a real hole. He likes to use a real, grown-up shovel. While he's working, his sister, Janet, pretends to be a bird! She likes to use her ...

  • Do you ever feel like you have to share everything? Whether it's a bedroom with a sibling or a seat on the bus, there never seems to be anything that's just yours. Ramona Quimby knows this better than anyone else! If you're like her, then look no ...

  • There's simply nothing like growing up, as Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver discovers...the hard way. His older brother Wally is in a more advanced stage of growing pains -- causing Beaver lots of grief. When Wally suddenly gets busy trying to earn money...

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    Beaver's back! Yes, your favorite TV character, Theodore Cleaver, (otherwise known as Beaver) is back again in another series of adventures with his older brother, Wally. In HERE'S BEAVER!, you'll read all about how Beaver masters baseball, finds his...

Award-Winning Books by Beverly Cleary

Dear Mr. Henshaw
1984 Newbery Medal -- Children's
1986 Garden State Children's Book Award -- Children's Fiction
1989 Nene Award -- Children's Fiction
Henry and Ribsy
1957 Young Reader's Choice Award -- Children's
Henry and the Paper Route
1960 Young Reader's Choice Award -- Children's
The Mouse and the Motorcycle
1968 Young Reader's Choice Award -- Children's
1969 Nene Award -- Children's Fiction
1983 Great Stone Face Book Award -- Grades 4-6
Muggie Maggie
1992 South Carolina Childrens, Junior and Young Adult Book Award -- Children's
1993 Garden State Children's Book Award -- Children's Fiction
Ralph S. Mouse
1984 Iowa Children's Choice (ICCA) Award -- Children's
1985 Garden State Children's Book Award -- Children's Fiction
1987 West Virginia Children's Book Award -- Children's
Ramona and Her Father
1979 Nene Award -- Children's Fiction
1980 Garden State Children's Book Award -- Children's Fiction
1980 Land of Enchantment Book Award -- Children/Young Adult
1980 Young Reader's Choice Award -- Children's
1981 Bluebonnet Award -- Children's
Ramona and Her Mother
1981 National Book Award -- Children's Book: Fiction (paperback)
1982 Garden State Children's Book Award -- Children's Fiction
Ramona Forever
1986 Iowa Children's Choice (ICCA) Award -- Children's
Ramona Quimby, Age 8
1984 Garden State Children's Book Award -- Children's Fiction
1985 Buckeye Children's Book Award -- Grades 3-5
Ramona the Pest
1971 Nene Award -- Children's Fiction
1971 Young Reader's Choice Award -- Children's
Ramona's World
2000 Bookseller's Choice -- Beginning Readers
2001 Charlie May Simon Children's Book Award -- Grades 4-6
1968 Nene Award -- Children's Fiction
Runaway Ralph
1972 Nene Award -- Children's Fiction
1994 Young Hoosier Book Award -- Grades 6-8

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Beverly Cleary has published 45 books.

Beverly Cleary does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Beaver and Wally, was published in January 2018.

The first book by Beverly Cleary, Henry Huggins, was published in January 1950.

Yes. Beverly Cleary has 8 series.