The Hearse You Came In On
  • Length:
    5 Books
  • First:
    March 2000
  • Latest:
    July 2004
  • Rating:

Series List in Order

Order Book Genre Date Rating
1 Amateur Sleuth / AS 3.5 Buy
2 Amateur Sleuth / AS 4 Buy
3 Amateur Sleuth / AS 4 Buy
4 Amateur Sleuth / AS 4 Buy
5 Amateur Sleuth / AS 4 Buy

Book Descriptions for series: A Hitchcock Sewell Mystery

  • Book - 1

    When a beautiful woman shows up at a funeral home wearing a tennis dress, that's cause for suspicion. When that same woman wants to talk about her own funeral arrangements, well.. .what self-respecting mortician could resist? Certainly not Hitchco...

  • Book - 2

    Hitchcock Sewell, Baltimore's hippest undertaker and civilian sleuth, is back in a second sly, original mystery.One of the most charming and offbeat amateur detectives to come around in years, Hitchcock Sewell does for the undertaking profession what...

  • Book - 3

    Baltimore's sexiest undertaker, Hitchcock Sewell, is once again cruising for trouble. A childhood friend has been charged with the murder of a local nightclub owner, but Hitch, in his heart, knows she didn't do it. Problem is, the friend has gone ...

  • Book - 4

    ibby, a former flame of Hitchcock Sewell, has returned to town with her two children, but minus one husband and one nanny. Libby's husband has been accounted for-she left him back in Annapolis. However, the nanny, Sophie, is truly missing. As soon as...

  • Book - 5

    Trouble is on the way when the corpse isn't even cold and Hitch is already on the scene--before the police. The apparent murderer, and Hitch's supposed friend, wants Hitch to scoop up the body and dump it into an unmarked grave. Hitch declines the in...