Code Series    
S36 36 Hours36 Hours
S36M 36 Hours (36 Hours (Mills & Boon)
ACN Acorn (EarAcorn (Early Readers)
AIL AdventuresAdventures in Love
AAR All AboardAll Aboard Reading
AAR1 All AboardAll Aboard Reading: Level 1
AAR2 All AboardAll Aboard Reading: Level 2
AAR3 All AboardAll Aboard Reading: Level 3
AARP All AboardAll Aboard Reading: Picture Readers
AAC All-ActionAll-Action Classics (Graphic Novels)
AHA American HAmerican Heroes: Against All Odds
AMR American RAmerican Regency
AT Angela ThiAngela Thirkell
AMC Anne MatheThe Anne Mather Collection
AH Aston HallAston Hall Romance
AUST AustralianThe Australians
AR Avon RomanThe Avon Romance
ATR Avon True Avon True Romance
BBU Babies & BBabies & Bachelors USA (reissues)
BA Bachelor ABachelor Auction (Mills & Boon)
BSR1 Bank StreeBank Street Ready-to-Read: Level 1
BF Bantam FanBantam Fanfare
BL Bantam LovBantam Love Stories
BLS Bantam LovBantam Love Stories Super Edition
BLH Bantam LovBantam Love Stories: His. Hers. Theirs.
BRR Bantam RedBantam Red Rose Romance
BAN Barbara CaBarbara Cartland - Bantam
CAM Barbara CaBarbara Cartland - Camfield
JOV Barbara CaBarbara Cartland - Jove
PYR Barbara CaBarbara Cartland - Pyramid
BCEC Barbara CaBarbara Cartland - The Eternal Collection
BCPC Barbara CaBarbara Cartland - The Pink Collection
BBN Best of BeBest of Betty Neels
BBN2 Best of BeBest of Betty Neels (Set 2)
BAC BestsellinBestselling Author Collection
BNC Betty NeelThe Betty Neels Collection
BLG Big LittleBig Little Golden Books
BU Born In ThBorn In The USA (reissues)
BRN Branches (Branches (Emerging Readers)
BNR Brand New Brand New Readers
BER Bright andBright and Early Books for Beginning Readers
CMEO Cameo RomaCameo Romance
CES CandlelighCandlelight Ecstacy Supreme
CER CandlelighCandlelight Ecstasy Romance
CR CandlelighCandlelight Romance
MCAS CastonburyCastonbury Park
CTH Cat in theThe Cat in the Hat's Learning Library
AC Changes RoChanges Romance
COL Circle of Circle of Love
CS Classic StClassic Starts (Sterling)
CH Close To HClose To Home (reissues)
HCR Code Red (Code Red (Numbered)
HCR2 Code Red (Code Red (reissues)
COLTM Coltons (MThe Coltons (Mills & Boon)
COLT Coltons (NThe Coltons (Numbered)
COOP Cooper's CCooper's Corner
COOPM Cooper's CCooper's Corner (Mills & Boon)
COT Cotillion Cotillion Regency Romance
MCC Country ClCountry Club
COV CoventryCoventry
CAH Cowboy at Cowboy at Heart
CC Crystal CrCrystal Creek (Numbered)
DT Daisy ThomDaisy Thompson
DLU Dangerous Dangerous to Love USA (reissues)
HDJ Delta JustDelta Justice
DR Denise RobDenise Robins
DPC Diana PalmDiana Palmer Collection
DPCA Diana PalmDiana Palmer Collection - Australia
DPEC Diana PalmDiana Palmer: The Essential Collection
DERP Disney EarDisney Early Reader: Pre Level 1
DK1 DK ReadersDK Readers: Level 1
DK2 DK ReadersDK Readers: Level 2
DK3 DK ReadersDK Readers: Level 3
DK4 DK ReadersDK Readers: Level 4
DKP DK ReadersDK Readers: Pre-Level 1
DWL DreamscapeDreamscapes: Whispers of Love (reissues)
DB Dreamspun Dreamspun Beyond
DD Dreamspun Dreamspun Desires
DER Dutton EarDutton Early Readers
EL Emilie LorEmilie Loring
EN EncantoEncanto
EBL Entangled Entangled Bliss
EBR Entangled Entangled Brazen
ECO Entangled Entangled Covet
ECRA Entangled Entangled Crave
ECRU Entangled Entangled Crush
EDG Entangled Entangled Edge
EMB Entangled Entangled Embrace
EEA Entangled Entangled Ever After
EIG Entangled Entangled Ignite
EIN Entangled Entangled Indulgence
ELV Entangled Entangled Lovestruck
ESC Entangled Entangled Scandalous
ESCO Entangled Entangled Scorched
Entangled Entangled Select Otherworld
EA Ever AfterEver After (Love Inspired Reissues)
FAB Fabulous FFabulous Fathers (reissues)
FAM FamilyFamily (reissues)
SFS Family SecFamily Secrets
FFB Famous FamFamous Families: The Bravos
FFC Famous FamFamous Families: The Cavanaughs
FF Famous FamFamous Families: The Fortunes
FFM Famous FamFamous Families: The McCabes
FR Festival RFestival Readers
FLH First LoveFirst Love UK
FHE For Her EyFor Her Eyes Only (reissues)
HFS Forrester Forrester Square
SFCM Fortune's Fortune's Children (Mills & Boon)
SFC Fortune's Fortune's Children (Numbered)
FCB Fortune's Fortune's Children Brides
FCL Fortune's Fortune's Children: The Lost Heirs
FCG Fortune's Fortune's Childrens: The Grooms
FH Fortune's Fortune's Heirs
FOT Fortunes oFortunes of Texas
FOTR Fortunes oFortunes of Texas Reunion
FOTRM Fortunes oFortunes of Texas Reunion (Mills & Boon)
GLH Grace LiviGrace Livingston Hill
GTL Greatest TGreatest Texas Love Stories of All Time (reissues)
GTL2 Greatest TGreatest Texas Love Stories of All Time (Set 2) (reissues)
GL1 Green LighGreen Light Readers: Level 1
GL2 Green LighGreen Light Readers: Level 2
GL3 Green LighGreen Light Readers: Level 3
GDR Grosset & Grosset & Dunlap Reader
HCC Hard Case Hard Case Crime
HAR Harlequin Harlequin American Romance
HARP Harlequin Harlequin American Romance Premiere
HBZ Harlequin Harlequin Blaze
HC Harlequin Harlequin Crosswinds
HCK Harlequin Harlequin Crosswinds Keepsake
HD Harlequin Harlequin Duets
HE Harlequin Harlequin Everlasting
HFF Harlequin Harlequin Famous Firsts
HFL Harlequin Harlequin Flipside
HG Harlequin Harlequin Gothic
HB Harlequin Harlequin Heartbeat
HHW Harlequin Harlequin Heartwarming
HHWR Harlequin Harlequin Heartwarming (Reissues)
HH Harlequin Harlequin Historical
HH1 Harlequin Harlequin Historical (First Series)
HHS Harlequin Harlequin Historical Subscription
HHU Harlequin Harlequin Historical Undone
HI Harlequin Harlequin Intrigue
HILP Harlequin Harlequin Intrigue Large Print
HKR Harlequin Harlequin Kimani Romance
KISS Harlequin Harlequin KISS
HLA Harlequin Harlequin Love Affair
HLAL Harlequin Harlequin Love and Laughter
HMED Harlequin Harlequin Medical
HN Harlequin Harlequin NEXT
HPT Harlequin Harlequin Petite
HPR Harlequin Harlequin Premiere
HP Harlequin Harlequin Presents
HPE Harlequin Harlequin Presents Extra
HPELP Harlequin Harlequin Presents Extra Large Print
HPLP Harlequin Harlequin Presents Large Print
HPS Harlequin Harlequin Presents Subscription
HRE Harlequin Harlequin Regency
HR Harlequin Harlequin Romance
HREX Harlequin Harlequin Romance Extras
HRLP Harlequin Harlequin Romance Large Print
HRS Harlequin Harlequin Romance Subscription
HSC Harlequin Harlequin Showcase
HSE Harlequin Harlequin Signature Edition
HS Harlequin Harlequin Super Romance
HSU Harlequin Harlequin Super Romance (M&B)
HSLP Harlequin Harlequin Super Romance Large Print
HT Harlequin Harlequin Temptation
HOTW Heart of tHeart of the West
HEA Hearth RomHearth Romance
HSNG Heartsong Heartsong Inspirational Romance
HR1 Hello ReadHello Reader!: Level 1
HR2 Hello ReadHello Reader!: Level 2
HR3 Hello ReadHello Reader!: Level 3
HR4 Hello ReadHello Reader!: Level 4
HCG Here Come Here Come the Grooms (reissues)
HHR2 Holiday HoHoliday House Readers: Level 2
HHR Hometown RHometown Reunion
HHM Hotel MarcHotel Marchand
HHMM Hotel MarcHotel Marchand (Mills & Boon)
HOR House of RHouse of Romance
IAR I Am ReadiI Am Reading
ICR I Can ReadAn I Can Read Book
ICRM I Can ReadI Can Read It All by Myself
ICR1 I Can ReadI Can Read: Level 1
ICR2 I Can ReadI Can Read: Level 2
ICR3 I Can ReadI Can Read: Level 3
ICR4 I Can ReadI Can Read: Level 4
ICRP I Can ReadI Can Read: Picture Book
IGR1 I'm Going I'm Going to Read: Level 1
IGR2 I'm Going I'm Going to Read: Level 2
IGR3 I'm Going I'm Going to Read: Level 3
IGR4 I'm Going I'm Going to Read: Level 4
JDA Janet DailJanet Dailey Americana
JDA1 Janet DailJanet Dailey Americana (Set 2)
JF Jove: FrieJove: Friends
JHH Jove: HaunJove: Haunting Hearts
JHF Jove: HighJove: Highland Fling
JH Jove: HomeJove: Homespun
JIE Jove: IrisJove: Irish Eyes
JL Jove: LoveJove: Love Letters
JM Jove: MagiJove: Magical Love
JO Jove: Our Jove: Our Town
JQ Jove: QuilJove: Quilting
JS Jove: SeduJove: Seduction Romance
JT Jove: Tea Jove: Tea Rose
JTP Jove: TimeJove: Time Passages
KCR1 Kids Can RKids Can Read: Level 1
KCR2 Kids Can RKids Can Read: Level 2
KCR3 Kids Can RKids Can Read: Level 3
TRU Kimani TRUKimani TRU
KIS KismetKismet
LOL Language oLanguage of Love
LFR Leisure: FLeisure: Futuristic Romance
LFG Life, FaitLife, Faith & Getting It Right
LG Little GolLittle Golden Books
LLR Living LigLiving Lights Beginning Readers
SLLM Logan's LeLogan's Legacy (Mills & Boon)
SLL Logan's LeLogan's Legacy (Numbered)
SLL1 Logan's LeLogan's Legacy (Reissue)
LSCC Lone Star Lone Star Country Club (Numbered)
L&L Love & LifLove & Life
LFY Love FindsLove Finds You
LI Love InspiLove Inspired
LIH Love InspiLove Inspired Historical
LILP Love InspiLove Inspired Large Print
LIS Love InspiLove Inspired Suspense
LISLP Love InspiLove Inspired Suspense Large Print
LF Love SpellLove Spell: A Faerie Tale
LWK Love SpellLove Spell: A Wink & a Kiss
LA Love SpellLove Spell: Angel's Touch
LC Love SpellLove Spell: Candleglow
LH Love SpellLove Spell: Heartspell
LD Love SpellLove Spell: It's a Dog's Life
LL Love SpellLove Spell: Legendary Lovers
LP Love SpellLove Spell: Perfect Heroes
LR Love SpellLove Spell: Romance of the Millenium
LT Love SpellLove Spell: The Times of Your Life
LTS Love SpellLove Spell: Timeswept
LST LovestruckLovestruck!
LS LovesweptLoveswept
LSC LovesweptLoveswept Classic (Reissues)
LIL Lucky in LLucky in Love
LW Lucy WalkeLucy Walker
LGC Lynne GrahThe Lynne Graham Collection
MAIT Maitland MMaitland Maternity
MAITM Maitland MMaitland Maternity (Mills & Boon)
MMC Marry Me, Marry Me, Cowboy (reissues)
MAS MasqueradeMasquerade
MCF McFaddenMcFadden
HMN MediterranMediterranean Nights
MAW Men at WorMen at Work (reissues)
MMA Men Made IMen Made In America (reissues)
MMA2 Men Made iMen Made in America 2 (reissues)
MBS Mills & BoMills & Boon Best Seller (reissues)
MBZ Mills & BoMills & Boon Blaze
MZ2 Mills & BoMills & Boon Blaze 2-in-1
MCH Mills & BoMills & Boon Cherish
MCH2 Mills & BoMills & Boon Cherish 2-in-1
MD Mills & BoMills & Boon Desire
MD2 Mills & BoMills & Boon Desire 2-in-1
ME Mills & BoMills & Boon Enchanted
MHW Mills & BoMills & Boon Heartwarming
MBH Mills & BoMills & Boon Heroes
MBH2 Mills & BoMills & Boon Heroes 2-in-1
MHR Mills & BoMills & Boon Historical
MIA Mills & BoMills & Boon Intimate - Australia
MI Mills & BoMills & Boon Intrigue
MI2 Mills & BoMills & Boon Intrigue 2-in-1
MMED Mills & BoMills & Boon Medical
MMED2 Mills & BoMills & Boon Medical 2-in-1
MMR Mills & BoMills & Boon Modern Romance
MRE Mills & BoMills & Boon Modern Romance Extra
MRH Mills & BoMills & Boon Modern Romance Heat
MNR Mills & BoMills & Boon New Romance
MNR2 Mills & BoMills & Boon New Romance 2-in-1
MNOC Mills & BoMills & Boon Nocturne
MBP Mills & BoMills & Boon Presents
MRI Mills & BoMills & Boon Riva
MB Mills & BoMills & Boon Romance
MBA Mills & BoMills & Boon Romance - Australia
MRS Mills & BoMills & Boon Romantic Suspense
MSR Mills & BoMills & Boon Sensual Romance
MSE Mills & BoMills & Boon Special Edition
MSM Mills & BoMills & Boon Special Moments
MSM2 Mills & BoMills & Boon Special Moments 2-in-1
MSH Mills & BoMills & Boon Super Historical
MSU Mills & BoMills & Boon Super Romance
MSUP Mills & BoMills & Boon Supernatural
MBT Mills & BoMills & Boon Temptation
MT Mills & BoMills & Boon Tempted
MTR Mills & BoMills & Boon Tender Romance
MTL Mills & BoMills & Boon True Love
MTL2 Mills & BoMills & Boon True Love 2-in-1
ML Modern LovModern Love (reissues)
M MontanaMontana
MBR Montana BrMontana Brides
MM Montana MaMontana Mavericks (Numbered)
RBS Montana MaMontana Mavericks: Return to Big Sky Country
MM2 Montana MaMontana Mavericks: Wed In Whitehorn (Numbered)
ICRF My First IMy First I Can Read
MFR My First RMy First Reader
MR1 My ReadersMy Readers: Level 1
MR2 My ReadersMy Readers: Level 2
MR3 My ReadersMy Readers: Level 3
HM MystiqueMystique
NOCT NocturneNocturne
PR1 Passport tPassport to Reading: Level 1
PR2 Passport tPassport to Reading: Level 2
PR3 Passport tPassport to Reading: Level 3
PJCE Penny JordPenny Jordan Collector's Edition
PJC Penny JordThe Penny Jordan Collection
PRG Precious GPrecious Gems
PRGH Precious GPrecious Gems Historical
PROM Promise RoPromise Romance
PER1 Puffin EasPuffin Easy-to-Read: Level 1
PER2 Puffin EasPuffin Easy-to-Read: Level 2
PER3 Puffin EasPuffin Easy-to-Read: Level 3
RR Rapture RoRapture Romance
RHM Raven HousRaven House Mysteries
RRG Read It ReRead It Readers: Green Level
RRR Read It ReRead It Readers: Red Level
RRY Read It ReRead It Readers: Yellow Level
RFC Ready-for-Ready-for-Chapters
RTR1 Ready-to-RReady-to-Read: Level 1
RTR2 Ready-to-RReady-to-Read: Level 2
RTR3 Ready-to-RReady-to-Read: Level 3
RTRP Ready-to-RReady-to-Read: Pre-Level 1
RDI Red Dress Red Dress Ink
RHAP Rhapsody RRhapsody Romance
RD River DeepRiver Deep
RDC River DeepRiver Deep Collection
R2R5 Road to ReRoad to Reading: Mile 5
RRP Rookie ReaRookie Reader Preschool
ROR Rookie ReaRookie Readers
RRL Rookie ReaRookie Ready to Learn
RN Royal HousThe Royal House of Niroli (Numbered)
SH Safe HavenSafe Haven (reissues)
SRB Scarlet RiScarlet Ribbons
SR1 ScholasticScholastic Reader: Level 1
SR2 ScholasticScholastic Reader: Level 2
SR3 ScholasticScholastic Reader: Level 3
SR4 ScholasticScholastic Reader: Level 4
SRP1 ScholasticScholastic Reader: Pre-Level 1
SC Second ChaSecond Chance at Love
SERS Serenade SSerenade Saga
SER Serenade SSerenade Sonata
SRR Signet RegSignet Regency Romance
SBO SilhouetteSilhouette Bombshell
SD SilhouetteSilhouette Desire
SFL SilhouetteSilhouette First Love
SI SilhouetteSilhouette Inspirations
SIM SilhouetteSilhouette Intimate Moments
SR SilhouetteSilhouette Romance
HSR SilhouetteSilhouette Romance UK
SEN SilhouetteSilhouette Sensation
SS SilhouetteSilhouette Shadows
SSE SilhouetteSilhouette Special Edition
SSELP SilhouetteSilhouette Special Edition Large Print
SYT SilhouetteSilhouette Yours Truly
SE St. ElizabSt. Elizabeth's Children's Hospital
SE2 St. ElizabSt. Elizabeth's Children's Hospital (Mills & Boon)
STS Steepwood The Steepwood Scandal
SIRE Step Into Step Into Reading: Early
SIR1 Step Into Step Into Reading: Level 1
SIR2 Step Into Step Into Reading: Level 2
SIR3 Step Into Step Into Reading: Level 3
SIR4 Step Into Step Into Reading: Level 4
SIR5 Step Into Step Into Reading: Level 5
SJCE Stephanie Stephanie James Collector's Edition
HSM Stolen MomStolen Moments
SAR1 Stone ArchStone Arch Readers: Level 1
SAR2 Stone ArchStone Arch Readers: Level 2
SAR3 Stone ArchStone Arch Readers: Level 3
SNF SunfireSunfire
SWD Sweet DreaSweet Dreams
TAP TapestryTapestry
TTF This Time This Time Forever
TT TimetwistTimetwist (reissues)
THTH To Have anTo Have and To Hold
TLA To Love AgTo Love Again
TD Trueblood Trueblood Dynasty
HTT Trueblood Trueblood Texas
TY TylerTyler
TYM Tyler (MilTyler (Mills & Boon)
VAL ValentineValentine
VG Velvet GloVelvet Glove
WAR Warner RegWarner Regency
WBDW Weddings BWeddings By DeWilde
WBDW3 Weddings BWeddings By DeWilde (Mills & Boon 2)
WBDW2 Weddings BWeddings By DeWilde (Mills & Boon)
WL Western LoWestern Lovers (reissues)
WL2 Western LoWestern Lovers (Set 2) (reissues)
WS Windswept A Windswept Mystery/Romance
WOR1 World of RWorld of Reading: Level 1
WOR2 World of RWorld of Reading: Level 2
WOR3 World of RWorld of Reading: Level 3
WORP World of RWorld of Reading: Level Pre-1
WMEB World's MoWorld's Most Eligible Bachelors
WWM Worldwide Worldwide Mysteries
YR1 Young ReadYoung Readers: Level 1
YR2 Young ReadYoung Readers: Level 2
YR3 Young ReadYoung Readers: Level 3
YR4 Young ReadYoung Readers: Level 4
BQ Zebra BouqZebra Bouquet
ZH Zebra HearZebra Heartfire
ZL Zebra LoveZebra Lovegram
ZR Zebra RegeZebra Regency Romance
ZS Zebra SpleZebra Splendor
ZB Zebra: BalZebra: Ballad