Book List in Order: 33 titles

Complete Series List in Order

A Calvin Stewart Thriller

1) Final Warning (Feb-2022)

A DCI Harry McNeil Crime Thriller

1) Return to Evil (Dec-2019)
2) Sticks and Stones (Aug-2019)
3) Back to Life (Oct-2019)
4) Dead Before You Die (Jan-2020)
5) Hour of Need (Feb-2020)
6) Blood and Tears (May-2020)
7) Devil to Pay (Jul-2020)
8) Point of no Return (Oct-2020)
9) Rush to Judgement (Dec-2020)
10) Against the Clock (Apr-2021)
11) Fall from Grace (Jul-2021)
12) Crash and Burn (Oct-2021)
13) Dead and Buried (May-2022)

DCI Sean Bracken

1) Starvation Lake (Nov-2020)
2) Think Twice (Feb-2021)
3) Crossing Over (May-2021)
4) Life Extinct (Aug-2021)
5) Over Kill (Dec-2021)

A DI Frank Miller Crime Thriller

1) Crash Point (Oct-2017)
2) Silent Marker (Oct-2017)
3) Rain Town (Sep-2017)
4) Watch Me Bleed (Sep-2017)
5) Broken Wheels (Jul-2016)
6) Sudden Death (Aug-2017)
6.5) Old School ()
7) Under The Knife (Aug-2017)
8) Trial and Error (Feb-2018)
9) Warning Sign (Jul-2018)
10) Cut Throat (Sep-2018)
11) Blood from a Stone (Dec-2018)
12) Time of Death (Mar-2019)
13) God Complex ()