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    36 Books (5 Series)
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    October 1987
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    September 2015
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Full Series List in Order

Absolutely Lucy

1 - Absolutely Lucy (Jan-2000)
2 - Lucy on the Loose (Aug-2007)
3 - Look at Lucy! (Jun-2009)
4 - Lucy on the Ball (Jan-2011)
5 - Lucy's Tricks and Treats (Jul-2012)
6 - Thanks to Lucy (Aug-2013)
7 - Lucy's Holiday Surprise (Sep-2015)

Frances in the Fourth Grade

Frances Dances (Jul-1991)
Frances and Friends (Oct-1991)

The Holiday 5

1 - Trick or Trouble ()
2 - The Worst Noel ()
3 - Stupid Cupid ()
4 - Star-Spangled Summer ()
5 - No-Thanks Thanksgiving ()

Hollywood Wars

1 - My Co-Star, My Enemy ()
2 - Lights, Camera, Attitude ()

Little Lucy

Little Lucy (Jul-2011)

Book List in Order: 36 titles

  • Miss Ryan is unlike any teacher Carrie's ever had. She's pretty and glamorous -- and she picks favorites. Carrie would do anything to be in that circle of favorites, and at last she's found a project that will let her shine. But the campaign to win M...

  • After helping her supposed best friend Veronica found the sixth grade's secret club, the Awesome Kennedy Girls, Robin accidentally gets on her wrong side and discovers how bossy and cruel Veronica really is....

  • Jon enjoyed playing basketball until his school got an official team and a gung-ho coach. "Cooper's view is keenly focused and convincing. The plot unfolds at a sprightly pace....Even older reluctant readers will take to this newest entry in an attra...

  • When Gretchen's new slimmed-down figure and jazzy haircut earn her admiration from the class and an invitation for a date from a boy, she finds herself unprepared for so much attention, and almost wishes she were overweight again....

  • Bobby Quinn is shy. In fact, he's so shy, he has trouble making friends. But that changes when he gets a squirmy little puppy for his birthday. Unlike Bobby, Lucy isn't shy at all. And to his surprise, she keeps dragging him into all sorts of adventu...

  • For Jewish people every year is punctuated by special days when families rejoice in a rich heritage, recall history, renew the spirit and remember what it means to be Jewish. This illustrated book introduces the richness of the Jewish tradition and t...

  • When Sam realizes his interfaith parents can't figure out how to celebrate the holidays, he turns to God for answers.

    Twelve-year-old Sam Goodman knows the holidays are going to be difficult when his dog knocks over the Hanukkah bush/Christmas...

  • Tim has a big problem. A big, tall problem named Jon. Jon always teases Tim. Then Tim gets the idea to start the Annoying Team. With the help of other kids who hate being picked on, Tim can bug Jon back. But will being annoying ever get . . . annoyin...

  • Grandpa explains that the golden rule is a simple statement on how to live that can be practiced by people of all ages and faiths, then helps his grandson figure out how to apply the rule to his own life. 20,000 first printing....

  • When Bobby Quinn got a beagle puppy for his eighth birthday, his whole life changed. Lucy helped him forget his shyness and make new friends. But now Lucy's taken off after a fat orange cat, and no one in the neighborhood has seen her anywhere. What ...

  • Bobby is so proud of his puppy Lucy. She's a terrific friend, and a great dog. So when a local store has a pet contest, he happily enters Lucy in it. But it turns out the pet that wins the contest may be featured on TV -- with its owner! Bobby is shy...

  • Every kid loves soccer, right? Not Bobby. He'd rather play with his beagle puppy, Lucy. But when Bobby's friend Shawn begs him to join up, Bobby finds himself stuck on a soccer team with a stern coach and several kids who have a knack for the sport....

  • When seventh-grader Bette finds an angel coin she puts it in her pocket and forgets it but soon the mysterious and kind Gabby moves into her building and helps her face her major losses, and then the coin connects her with three classmates who all fi...

  • Learn to read with Ilene Cooper's adorable beagle puppy, Lucy! Lucy likes to run. She likes to bark. She likes to chew and howl. But when Bobby and his family take her to a lake, she finds out there's one thing she doesn't like -- the water! St...

  • Ilene Cooper's fifth story of a boy and his beagle follows Bobby and Lucy as they roll with the tricks and treats of Halloween. Tricks and treats-that's what Halloween is all about. This year, Bobby has lots of both! He has a special treat planned...

  • Ilene Cooper's sixth story of a boy and his beagle follows Bobby and Lucy as they celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday in their own doggy way. Bobby has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. He might soon become a big brother, his grandmother...

  • Learn to read with Ilene Cooper’s adorable beagle puppy, Lucy! What does Bobby do all day at school? Lucy wants to know! So when Bobby’s mom takes her there, Lucy takes off! She finds the lunchroom. She finds the library. But can she find B...

  • Adopted twin girls, a precocious pup, and a busy holiday season make Christmas at the Quinns’ house a bit crazy!   Bobby is excited to have two adopted baby sisters, but he’s also excited for Christmas. While his parents take care of the babi...

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    Lisa, Maddy, and Kathy are looking forward to their summer together at Camp Wildwood, but it does not look as if Erin and Jill will be able to go there this year, so the girls have to devise a plan in order to change things and keep their special gro...

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ilene Cooper has published 36 books.

Ilene Cooper does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Lucy's Holiday Surprise, was published in September 2015.

The first book by Ilene Cooper, The Winning of Miss Lynn Ryan, was published in October 1987.

Yes. Ilene Cooper has 5 series.