Chinatown Beat
  • Length:
    5 Books
  • First Book:
    November 2006
  • Latest Book:
    March 2017
  • Genres:
    Police Procedural, Hard-Boiled
  • Rating:

The Detecttive Jack Yu Investigation Series in Order (5 Books)

Order Book Date Rating
1 4
2 3.5
3 4
4 0
5 3

Book Descriptions for series: A Detecttive Jack Yu Investigation

  • Book - 1

    Detective Jack Yu grew up in Chinatown. Some of his friends are criminals now; some are dead. Jack has just been transferred to his old neighborhood, where 99 percent of the cops are white. Unlike the others, confused by the residents who speak anoth...

  • Book - 2

    There are Chinatowns in many different countries all around the globe. But wherever they are located geographically, Chinatown is one community. Jack Yu, American-born, became one of the few ethnically Chinese officers in the NYPD. Now Jack has been ...

  • Book - 3

    Two bodies are discovered at an address on the Bloody Angle, Chinatown's historic Tong battleground. NYPD Detective Jack Yu's investigation takes him across the country to another Chinatown, this one in Seattle, in pursuit of a cold-blooded Chinese A...

  • Book - 4

    In Death Money novelist Henry Chang returns us to the Chinatown of NYPD Detective Jack Yu, and spins one of his most noir tales yet. When the body of an unidentified Asian man is found in the Harlem River, NYPD Detective Jack Yu is pulled in to in...

  • Book - 5

    Chinatown gang leader “Lucky” Louie was shot outside of a Chinatown off-track betting establishment on the thirteenth of January, and lay in a coma for 88 days, waking on Easter Sunday. The number 88 is a double-helix, double-lucky Chinese number...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are 5 books in The Detecttive Jack Yu Investigation series.

The Detecttive Jack Yu Investigation series does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Lucky (Book 5), was published in March 2017.

The first book in The Detecttive Jack Yu Investigation series, Chinatown Beat, was published in November 2006.

The Detecttive Jack Yu Investigation series primarily falls into the Police Procedural and Hard-Boiled genres.
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