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Cometan is the founder of the Astronist religion and the author of its central text called the Omnidoxy, a 2 million word long philosophical and religious treatise that is now classified as one of the longest books in history. From the age of fifteen, Cometan has been in the spotlight for his revelations about becoming an author which lead to his creation of the Jesse Millette detective character. It was from these humble beginnings that a newly formed philosophy and carved out its own identity that quickly enveloped Cometan's entire identity and message. This philosophy would emerge as Astronism.

It was the obvious astronomical theme of Cometan's new religion of Astronism that later informed his fictional works as he returned back to the ambitions that had triggered his entire journey to become a religious figure and philosopher. It was this intertwinement between his non-fiction and his fiction works that lead to the development of the Spacefaring World franchise, in which Jesse Millette, Cometan's original character, plays a central role. The Spacefaring World is a pseudo-fantasy universe in which the Spacefaring Age is well underway for humanity, but as many people are craving to leave The Earth for faraway exotic worlds with greater economic prosperity, this causes a myriad of issues for the old human society that is being left behind.

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2543188 - Jesse Millette and the Phantom's Curse ()

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