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    14 Books (4 Series)
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    February 2001
  • Latest Book:
    November 2013
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Full Series List in Order

Glory, North Carolina

1 - Glory Be! (Jun-2007)
2 - Gone To Glory (Sep-2007)
3 - Grits and Glory (Jul-2008)
4 - Season of Glory (Dec-2008)

The Pippa Hunnechurch Mysteries

1 - A Trifle to Die For (May-2011)
2 - Bauble and Squeak (Jun-2011)
3 - The Curry Killing (Jun-2011)

Related Books

1 - Little White Lies (Feb-2001)
2 - The Second Mile (Sep-2002)

A Royal Tunbridge Wells Mystery

1 - Dead As a Scone (Nov-2004)
2 - The Final Crumpet (Aug-2005)

Book List in Order: 14 titles

  • Having rediscovered her faith after seven years away from God, corporate headhunter Pippa blames herself when a client she encouraged days earlier apparently commits suicide, a situation that is further complicated when she learns he was actually mur...

  • Corporate recruiter Pippa Hunnechurch finds herself in court when a leading software company sues her recruiting company for "consultant malpractice," a situation that turns deadly when the ruthless industrial spy who had orchestrated her legal woes ...

  • When Dame Elspeth falls over dead, presumably poisoned by a suspect creme brulee, can two pretentious prima donnas work together to solve this classically English crime--or will they end up victims of a tainted high tea themselves?...

  • Etienne Makepeace, England's celebrated "Tea Sage," vanished without a trace in 1966, leaving the whole of Great Britain wondering what became of the famed radio personality. Forty years later his hastily buried remains are discovered beneath two sic...

  • An unexpected windfall had greedy church choir members seeing green, taking sides and preparing for battle. Their weapon of choice? Practical jokes. And Emma McCall wanted no part of it...until a VW Bug appeared on her bed-and-breakfast's porch. The ...

  • Con games were unheard of in quiet Glory, North Carolina. But when the local church's financial secretary took some bad investment advice, a million bucks disappeared, someone died and now a local businessman faced murder charges. Undercover inve...

  • A killer tries to make the hurricane that blew through Glory, North Carolina, look like the bad guy. But Storm Channel cameraman Sean Miller knows the body buried under the rubble wasn't the victim of a fallen church steeple. Feisty secretary Ann Tra...

  • DEATH BY DESSERT? Who poisoned British executive Dylan Owen during a Christmas getaway? Dylan knows whoever tried to kill him is also staying at The Scottish Captain in Glory, North Carolina. But to trap the culprit, he'll have to recover first. W...

  • Pippa Hunnechurch -- a Brit by birth, a Marylander, by choice, and a headhunter by occupation -- gets caught in a deadly web of deceit when a little white lie becomes a trifle to die for. Pippa’s one-woman recruiting business -- financed with her l...

  • Pippa Hunnechurch is thrust into her own legal thriller when the hottest software company in town hauls her small headhunting firm into court on a charge of “consultant malpractice.” Pippa struggles to defend herself against the sharpest lawyers ...

  • FLICK ADAMS, NIGEL OWEN, AND THE ROYAL TUNBRIDGE WELLS TEA MUSEUM ARE BACK The Impossible Has Happened! Someone has figured out how to make perfect counterfeits of the Tunbridge Wells Tea Museum’s most valuable silver antiques. Britain’s Serio...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ron Benrey; Janet Benrey has published 14 books.

Ron Benrey; Janet Benrey does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, A Jam of a Different Color, was published in November 2013.

The first book by Ron Benrey; Janet Benrey, Little White Lies, was published in February 2001.

Yes. Ron Benrey; Janet Benrey has 4 series.