Book List in Order: 20 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Gem of a Story

1) String of Pearls (Dec-1985)
2) Diamond in the Sky (Mar-1986)
3) Silver Thaw (Aug-1986)

Royal Dreams

1) Just a Kiss Away (Dec-1986)
2) Summertime Blues (Aug-1987)
3) Imaginary Lover (Aug-1988)
4) The Princess and the Pauper (Aug-1989)
5) Dear Diary (May-1990)
6) Romancing Rachel (Oct-1991)
7) The Princess of Coldwater Flat (Apr-1994)

Stormy Weather

1) Lover or Deceiver (Oct-1984)
2) Stolen Thunder (Apr-1985)
3) Trial by Fire (Jun-1985)
4) Downright Dangerous (Feb-1991)

Sweet Child

1) Saturday's Child (Jul-1984)
2) Valentine's Child (Feb-1997)