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    13 Books (2 Series)
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    January 1991
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    October 2005
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1 - Perfect Timing (Aug-1998)
2 - Heat of the Moment (Jul-2001)

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1 - By My Heart Betrayed (Jan-1991)
2 - White Tiger (Oct-1991)

Book List in Order: 13 titles

  • HER BEAUTY WAS THE BAIT... Esmeralda MacClure knew that using her fiery beauty as a weapon was heartless. But her cousin's betrayal had stolen her family estate and now, forced to work as a seamstress, she has no choice if she wants to reclaim her...

  • DANGER AND DESTINY IN A LAND OF SAVAGE ENCHANTMENT... She turned her back on the magnificent leopard and gazed, startled, into the green-gold eyes of the stranger who shot the beast that might have killed her. British-born Nicole Marshall was a br...

  • THE GOLDEN LADY Mercedes de Dreux, exquisite wife of a powerful Creole plantation owner, was the epitome of the gracious lady. But beneath her polished surface struggled a soul in torment, haunted by past sufferings, dedicated to the destruction o...

  • In 1878, two adventurers set out for the unknown wilds of the Arizona territory. Dr. Polly Babcock is an archaeologist in search of a mythical healing jewel. Sir Shane McKinnon is an astronomer after the ancients' secrets of the stars. As enemies -- ...

  • SWEETER THAN DREAMS is a classic love story, a quest for treasure, and a voyage into the unknown. It starts when Leydianna Carstair, bookkeeper and dreamer, meets nobleman Quentin Alexander Rutherford. Lord Ruthless, as she calls him, is handsome, we...

  • Sent back through time by an accident in hypnosis, attorney Chloe Plum falls in love with rogue adventurer Harrison Connors only to return to her own time, but his appearance in modern-day New Orleans offers Chloe a second chance to be with him. Orig...

  • Just when Phoebe Nichols is starting to get cold feet about her Christmas wedding, fate steps in: She's trapped overnight in an elevator with a handsome department store Santa. He's the most impossible man she has ever met --- impossible to resist, i...

  • HOW MUCH WOULD A WOMAN RISK TO BE IRRESISTIBLE TO MEN? Beautiful, brilliant McCall Sayer has unlocked the secret of sexual attraction. To the right buyer, the formula is worth billions. But is it worth dying for? Suddenly, McCall is caught in a dang...

  • Dearest Cherish, Someone tried to kill me today. Watch your back. Contact Conor, he'll know what to do. P.S. You should have picked me, little girl They survived a deadly airplane crash. Conor took the blame, Alec disappeared and Cherish's life ...

  • Sydney Shanks has never run from trouble and she's not going to start now. With plans for an art center underway and her divorce final, she's got everything to gain. But with her vengeful ex-husband, Russell Reck, out of jail, she's also got a lot to...

  • When architect Holly Fairfield lands a dream job renovating a posh San Francisco restaurant, she discovers nothing has happened by chance. Soon she's caught in a dangerous game between Cutty family rivals -- and a dark legacy of obsession and murder....

  • Ana Kimble just wanted a little excitement. Now she's running for her life. After being abruptly handed a pink slip, Professor Ana Kimble finds herself at loose ends. So when Rachel Maza, a friend and former student, offers her a vacation at a sec...

  • Famed nature photographer Clayton Chase survived a lightning strike - only to discover his wife brutally slain. Clay can recall nothing of that fateful night. But when an autopsy revealed that his wife was pregnant with another man's child, the headl...

Award-Winning Books by Olga Bicos

Santana Rose
1994 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- K.I.S.S. ('Knight In Shining Silver') Hero
Sweeter Than Dreams
1995 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Historical Romantic Adventure
Wrapped in Wishes
1996 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Time-Travel

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Olga Bicos has published 13 books.

Olga Bicos does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Deadly Impulse, was published in October 2005.

The first book by Olga Bicos, By My Heart Betrayed, was published in January 1991.

Yes. Olga Bicos has 2 series.