Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death
  • # of Books:
  • First Book:
    December 1992
  • Latest Book:
    September 2023
  • Genres:
    Cozy Amateur Sleuth Mystery
  • Setting:
    The Cotswolds, England
  • Characters:
    Agatha Raisin, early retiree
  • Series Rating:
  • Description:
    Agatha Raisin mysteries are traditional British amateur sleuth novels that are all about food and her life of early retirement in the Cotswolds, at the picture-book village of Carsely. Born and raised in a Birmingham slum, she later works in a PR office in London, finally taking early retirement after slaving away promoting other people’s success.

    If you’re looking for that humorous amateur sleuth cozy mystery set in jolly old England, then the Agatha Raisin Mystery series is for you. These books are a great blend of food (quiche!), suspense and fun!

    First launched in 1992, the series is written by M.C. Beaton, a pen name of Marion Chesney. Agatha Raisin mysteries have also been made into both radio and TV series. Marion Chesney is a prolific Scottish writer who has authored romance titles (as Marion Chesney) and other series, including the Hamish Macbeth series as M.C. Beaton.
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The Agatha Raisin Series in Order (37 Books)

Order Book Date Rating
0.5 (e) 4
1 3.5
2 4.5
3 4.5
4 4.5
5 4.5
6 4
7 4.5
8 4.5

9 4
10 4
11 4.5
12 4
13 4.5
14 4
15 4
16 4
17 4
18 4.5
19 4
20 4.5
21 4.5
22 4
23 4
23.5 (e) 4
24 4.5
25 4.5
26 4.5
27 4

28 4
29 4
30 4
31 5
32 4
33 5
34 0
(e) 5

Book Descriptions for series: An Agatha Raisin Mystery

  • Book - 0.5

    At age twenty six, Agatha Raisin has already come a long way. She has clawed her way up since leaving the Birmingham slum where she was born. She's lost her Birmingham accent, run away from her drunken husband, and found a job at a public relation...

  • Book - 1

    AH-H-H... THE CLOUDLESS PEACE OF THE BEAUTIFUL COTSWOLDS... After Agatha's years of slaving to promote other people's success, her new life in a picture-book English village is a dream come true. And how better to make friends than by entering th...

  • Book - 2

    ROMANCE--ANDMURDER--WAFT UPON THE SWEET COTSWOLD AIR.... The feisty Agatha Raisin, until recently a London public-relations executive, believes that the attractive new village vet has taken a shine to her. Yet before romance can bloom, Dr. Paul Bl...

  • Book - 3

    Never say die. That's the philosophy Agatha Raisin clings to when she comes home to cozy Carsely and finds a new woman ensconced in the affections of her attractive bachelor neighbor, James Lacey. The beautiful newcomer, Mary Fortune, is superior in ...

  • Book - 4

    After six months in London, Agatha Raisin returns to her beloved Cotswold village--and to her attractive neighbor, James Lacey. True, James is less than thrilled to see her, but Agatha is soon consoled by a sensational homicide. The victim, found ...

  • Book - 5

    WEDDING BELLS SOUND A DEATH KNELL Moonstruck Agatha Raisin is tying the knot with distinguished but reserved James Lacey before he can have second thoughts. After all, her first husband Jimmy must be long since dead of alcohol poisoning. But Jimmy...

  • Book - 6

    COLD-BLOODED MURDER HEATS UP AGATHA'S GREEK HOLIDAY... Everyone loves Agatha! Called "a glorious cross between Miss Marple, Auntie Mame, and Lucille Ball" by the St. Petersburg Times and "refreshingly sensible, wonderfully eccentric, thoroughly li...

  • Book - 7

    AGATHA IS AT IT AGAIN! This time, the feisty sleuth stumbles upon the victim of an unnatural death in a Cotswold village's famous natural spring. Who was the unlucky corpse? The Ancombe Parish Council chairman--and the only uncommitted member voti...

  • Book - 8

    HE WAS A HAIRDRESSER TO DYE FOR -- UNTIL SOMEONE DID HIM IN... The local ladies deemed him a "wizard." So when, to Agatha's horror, she finds several coarse gray hairs poking out of her head-and the rinse she tries at home turns her hair a lovel...

  • Book - 9

    EYE OF NEWT, TOE OF FROG..AND MURDER Left with bald patches thanks to the wicked doings of a murderer from a previous investigation, Agatha flees to Wyckhadden to grow her tresses back in privacy. When a local witch provides her with hair tonic (a...

  • Book - 10

    DANCING LIGHTS, DISAPPEARING VALUABLES....AND MURDER--A FANCIFUL MYSTERY FOR THE INDOMITABLE AGATHA Feeling jilted, cross and desperate to reclaim James, the love of her life, Agatha Raisin follows a fortune-teller's advice and rents a cottage in...

  • Book - 11

    AGATHA RAISIN HAS FINALLY MARRIED THE MAN OF HER DREAMS, BUT NOW HER LIFE IS NOTHING SHORT OF A NIGHTMARE... The honeymoon is most definitely over for Agatha Raisin and her new husband, James Lacey. It's only been a short time since their wedding-...

  • Book - 12

    'TIL DEATH DO YOU PART... Crankier than ever, Agatha Raisin wants to forget that her husband left her to enter a monastery--a turn of affairs more humiliating than when she caught him with a mistress. She feels abandoned, fat, frumpy, and absolute...

  • Book - 13

    Wretched after being dumped by her husband, bored with pottering about Carsely, and wishing every man would sod off, including her neighbor John Armitage, Agatha Raisin is unmoved by news of the captivating new curate. But when she meets the golden-h...

  • Book - 14

    THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT... Agatha Raisin, snug and warm in her Carsely cottage, has that same old feeling--boredom--until a report of a haunted house sends her and handsome new neighbor Paul Chatterton to investigate. Suddenly, middle-ag...

  • Book - 15

    SHE'S OUTCLASSED, OUTMATCHED, AND OUTGUNNED Infuriated that her holiday was ruined by a mugging, Agatha Raisin decides to open up her own detective agency. The romance-minded sleuth is thrilled by visions of handsome fellow gumshoes and headline-m...

  • Book - 16

    AGATHA RAISIN...AND THE CASE FROM HELL She's nosed in on murder investigations, annoyed law enforcement on two continents, and been targeted by everyone from a hit man to a killer secretary. But now Agatha Raisin must take on her greatest nightmar...

  • Book - 17

    OLD HABITS DIE HARD Agatha Raisin is lonely. Busy as she is with her detective agency and the meetings of the Carsely Ladies' Society, she still misses her ex-husband, James Lacey. So when he suddenly resurfaces and invites her on holiday at a sur...

  • Book - 18

    BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR Agatha Raisin is bored. Her detective agency in the Cotswolds is thriving, but she'll scream if she has to deal with another missing cat or dog. Only two things seem to offer potential excitement: Christmas, and her ex...

  • Book - 19

    THIS TIME, SHE'S GOT HERSELF IN A JAM Agatha Raisin's detective agency has become so successful that now all she wants is some R&R. But as soon as she cuts back her hours, Agatha remembers that when she has too much quality time, she doesn't know wh...

  • Book - 20

    For whom the wedding bells toll... Much as it goes against the grain, Agatha Raisin is trying to be a good sport. Even though her ex-husband James Lacey's upcoming marriage to the beautiful Felicity Bross-Tilkington fills her heart with dread, she t...

  • Book - 21

    This Christmas, be careful what you wish for... Cranky yet lovable Agatha Raisin has always been ambivalent about holiday cheer, though her cozy village of Carsely has long prided itself on its Christmas festivities. Until now. This year, local He...

  • Book - 22

    Winter Parva is a "picturesque" (touristy) Cotswold village with gift shops, a medieval market hall, and thatched cottages. After a disappointing Christmas season, the parish council has decided to hold a special event in January, complete with old-f...

  • Book - 23

    If only the bossy, beloved Agatha Raisin were as lucky at finding the right man as she is at catching killers in M. C. Beaton's New York Times bestselling mystery series Celebrating the twentieth anniversary of everyone's favorite sleuth, M. C. Be...

  • Book - 23.5

    Christmas Crumble continues the tradition in M. C. Beaton's beloved Agatha Raisin mystery series -- now a hit show on Acorn TV and public television.

    At home alone for the holidays, Agatha Raisin decides to host a dinner party for the elder ...

  • Book - 24

    Gloria French was a jolly widow with dyed blonde hair, a raucous laugh and rosy cheeks. When she first moved from London to the charming Cotswolds hills, she was heartily welcomed. She seemed a do-gooder par excellence, raising funds for the church ...

  • Book - 25

    "Fee, fie, fo, fum. I smell the blood of an Englishman..." Even though Agatha Raisin loathes amateur dramatics, her friend Mrs. Bloxby, the vicar’s wife, has persuaded her to support the local pantomime. Stifling a yawn at the production of "Bab...

  • Book - 26

    When therapist Jill Davent moved to the village of Carsely, Agatha Raisin was not a fan. Not only was this therapist romancing Agatha's ex-husband but she dug up details of Agatha's not-too-glamorous origins. Jill also counsels a woman, Gwen Simple, ...

  • Book - 27

    Agatha Raisin, private detective, resident in the Cotswold village of Carsely, should have been a contented and happy woman… But things are about to get a little less cozy. Lord Bellington, a wealthy land developer, wants to turn the community g...

  • Book - 28

    Cotswolds inhabitants are used to inclement weather, but the night sky is especially foggy as Rory and Molly Devere, the new vicar and his wife, drive slowly home from a dinner party in their village of Sumpton Harcourt. They strain to see the road a...

  • Book - 29

    New York Times bestseller M. C. Beaton's cranky, crafty Agatha Raisin―now the star of a hit T.V. show―is back on the case again in THE DEAD RINGER. The idyllic Cotswolds village of Thirk Magna is best known for the medieval church of St. Ethe...

  • Book - 30

    New York Times bestseller M. C. Beaton's cranky, crafty Agatha Raisin―now the star of a hit T.V. show―is back on the case again. When private detective Agatha Raisin comes across a severed leg in a roadside hedge, it looks like she is abou...

  • Book - 31

    Beloved New York Times bestseller M. C. Beaton's cranky, crafty Agatha Raisin-now the star of a hit T.V. show-is back on the case again in Hot to Trot. When Private Investigator Agatha Raisin learns that her friend and one-time lover Charles F...

  • Book - 32

    Beloved New York Times bestseller M. C. Beaton's cranky, crafty Agatha Raisin -- now the star of a hit T.V. show -- is back on the case again in Down the Hatch. Private detective Agatha Raisin, having recently taken up power-walking, is stridi...

  • Book - 33

    Beloved New York Times bestseller M.C. Beaton's cranky, crafty Agatha Raisin -- the star of her own hit T.V. series -- is back on the case again in Devil's Delight.Toni and Agatha are in the car the way to Officer Bill Wong’s long-awaited wedding w...

  • Book - 34

    Beloved New York Times bestseller M. C. Beaton's cranky, crafty Agatha Raisin—the star of her own hit T.V. series—is back on the case again in Dead on Target.A visit to the local village fete for a spot of fun and relaxation turns into a ...

  • This book is a celebration of all things Agatha Raisin. It includes an introduction by M C Beaton, Agatha's biography, her background and retirement to the Cotswolds, her complex love life and the details of village life in Carsely. There are bri...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are 37 books in The Agatha Raisin series.

The next book in The Agatha Raisin series, Dead on Target (Book 34), will be published in September 2023.

The first book in The Agatha Raisin series, Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death, was published in December 1992.

The Agatha Raisin series primarily falls into the Cozy Amateur Sleuth Mystery genre.
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