When her head is not in the clouds or flouncing off through Storyland, Amalie lives with her family and a passel of critters in rural southern Ohio, smack in the middle of the rolling foothills of the Appalachian mountains. Everywhere she looks it's either hills with trees or fields with cows. If you had a view like that, you'd spend lots of time watching the people inside your head too. But honestly, the area is beautiful, the air clean and fresh (if you count out those gassy cows), and the people are the best.

When not cow/hill watching or writing, she loves to read, watch movies, make stuff with her hands, and geek-out over documentaries. Even documentaries on subjects Princess Geekypants previously had no desire to learn about prior to discovering there was a documentary about it!

She also likes to learn various antiquated (yet awesome) skills. In case of Zombiepocalypse, she'll still have bread, cheese, jam, lacy under things (Yay tatting!), granulated sugar, fluffy marshmallows, and always something new to read. Carbs: 1—Zombies: 0!

Book List in Order:16 titles