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    19 Books (2 Series)
  • First Book:
    January 1997
  • Latest Book:
    October 2012
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Full Series List in Order

Mirror Image

1 - Stranger in the Mirror (Dec-1999)
2 - Rich Girl in the Mirror (Feb-2000)
3 - Star in the Mirror (Apr-2000)
4 - Flirt in the Mirror (Dec-2000)


1 - Trash (Jun-1997)
2 - Love, Lies, Video (Jun-1997)
3 - Good Girls, Bad Boys (Jul-1997)
4 - Dirty Big Secrets (Sep-1997)
5 - The Evil Twin (Nov-1997)
6 - Truth or Scare (Feb-1998)

Multi-Author Series List

Famous Characters: Superman

See No Evil (Oct-2002)
Flight (Dec-2002)
Speed (Apr-2003)
Greed (Dec-2003)
Sparks (Apr-2004)


See No Evil (Oct-2002)
Flight (Dec-2002)
Speed (Apr-2003)
Greed (Dec-2003)
Sparks (Apr-2004)

Smallville YA

2 - See No Evil (Oct-2002)
3 - Flight (Dec-2002)
5 - Speed (Apr-2003)
8 - Greed (Dec-2003)
10 - Sparks (Apr-2004)

Book List in Order: 19 titles

  • In one moment Nicole Burns's life changes forever. The sound of gunfire at an Anne Frank exhibit, the panic, the crowd, and Nicole is no longer Nicole. Whiplashed through time and space, she wakes to find herself a privileged Jewish girl living in Na...

  • Karma Kushner has always felt different -- even in her own family. This self-made stockbroker genius and fashionista was adopted from Korea by two granola munching, ex-hippie parents. And she is so over being categorized as "the cute Asian girl"... N...

  • Chelsea Jennings can't believe she's involved with this out-of-control show. She is just so...well, ordinary! A valedictorian from Tennessee who spent her free time working retail is now surrounded by stylish, well-traveled, sophisticated people...Ho...

  • Coming back to New York to escape her former boyfriend, Harley, Lisha takes a job as an intern at the TV talk show Trash, but she soon realizes that Harley has followed her, calling her on the phone, sending frightening notes, and threatening...

  • Chelsea does not know who to believe when intern Jazz says she is pregnant and that Chelsea's boyfriend, Nick, is the father, and things turn worse when Jazz is invited to be interviewed for a show about the children of murderers. Original....

  • The series about interns who work for the trashiest TV talk show in history continues as Chelsea's terrible secret is aired on national television--and Karma's family asks her to make a scary sacrifice. Original....

  • In the continuing adventures of several interns for television's trashiest talk show, Roxanne seeks revenge on a behind-the-scenes spy, Lisha finds herself dreaming about Sky despite her romance with Alan, and Sky lets nothing stand in the way of att...

  • How would you like to be drop-dead gorgeous?

    Fifteen-year-old Callie Bailey just wants to be beautiful, like her model-sister Laurel. Only her best friend Addison knows her terrible secret: she has the world's biggest crush on Laurel's...

  • When does a dream become a nightmare? Find out in Mirror Image as a teenage girl finds a glittering meteorite, places it under her pillow, and awakens to discover that her greatest wish has come true....


  • Before the legend ...before the icon... there was a teenager named Clark Kent. Clark inadvertently lands the lead in the school play, opposite his favorite leading lady, Lana Lang. Aside from stage fright wracking his nerves, there's an unexplaine...

  • Before the legend...before the icon... there was a teenager named Clark Kent. Clark meets 15-year-old Tia Haines and knows she is different. He understands that Tia's father isn't kind to her, that her mother left years ago, and that she is painfu...

  • When Clark Kent and his friends serve as counselors at a summer camp for children from Metropolis and Smallville, Pete urges Clark to use his powers to play Robin Hood, even as Clark helps a camper cope with his own special power....

  • Is the Confederate battle flag a racist symbol -- or a proud reminder of Southern heritage?

    When Kate’s liberal-minded family moves from the suburbs of New York City to a small town near Nashville, Kate is convinced her life is over. Redfor...

  • Even with his growing super powers, Clark Kent cannot resist his classmate Chloe after green sparks from a fireworks display land on her and she becomes the object of almost every boy's desire at Smallville High School....

  • When Natalie Shelton and her family move from Minnesota to Beverly Hills, more changes than their zip code. Natalie's mom accepts a position as pastor with the Church of Beverly Hills -- and Natalie's along for the ride. Before she can blink, she's l...

  • Perfect for fans of Lauren Conrad's L.A. CANDY series, this e-original sequel to "Amen, L.A". is full of sizzle, scandal, and secrets. Before she moved to L.A., Natalie and her boyfriend, Sean, got really close. She's not sure how she feels abou...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Cherie Bennett; Jeff Gottesfeld has published 19 books.

Cherie Bennett; Jeff Gottesfeld does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Little Lies, was published in October 2012.

The first book by Cherie Bennett; Jeff Gottesfeld, Anne Frank and Me, was published in January 1997.

Yes. Cherie Bennett; Jeff Gottesfeld has 2 series.