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    10 Books (2 Series)
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    May 2008
  • Latest Book:
    September 2018
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Full Series List in Order

The Compound

1 - The Compound (May-2008)
2 - The Fallout (Sep-2013)

Shipwreck Island

1 - Shipwreck Island (Aug-2014)
2 - Lost (Aug-2015)
3 - Trapped (Aug-2016)
4 - Found (Feb-2017)

Book List in Order: 10 titles

  • Eli and his family have lived in the Compound for six years. The world they knew is gone. Eli's father built the Compound to keep them safe. Now, they can't get out. He won't let them....

  • Mason has never known his father, but longs to. All he has of him is a DVD of a man whose face is never seen, reading a children's book. One day, on a whim, he plays the DVD for a group of comatose teens at the nursing home where his mother works. On...

  • Robie is an experienced traveler. She’s taken the flight from Honolulu to the Midway Atoll, a group of Pacific islands where her parents live, many times. When she has to get to Midway in a hurry after a visit with her aunt in Hawaii, she gets on t...

  • Eli and his family lived in an underground shelter they called the Compound for six years. They thought they were the only survivors of a nuclear attack, but when Eli learned that it was all a twisted experiment orchestrated by his tech-visionary fat...

  • Sarah Robinson is deeply troubled in the wake of her dad's second marriage. She now has to deal with a new stepmom and two stepbrothers, Marco, who is her age, and Nacho, who's younger. Even though they've all moved from Texas to California to start ...

  • Sarah Robinson and her family are shipwrecked on a remote and mysterious island. Their food is running out, and their fear is escalating-there is no sign of rescue. The mysterious girl they found unconscious at the beach is healing, and what she tell...

  • On her way to a writer's conference, a bestselling teenage author takes a detour that has been deliberately set up by her biggest fans-a mother and daughter who kidnap her. Livvy Flynn is a big deal - she's a New York Times-bestselling author whos...

  • Sarah Robinson and her family are shipwrecked on a remote and mysterious island. Their food is scarce and there's no sign of rescue. They have seen strange creatures, rescued a mysterious girl, and found The Curator, who has captured Sarah's father a...

  • Don't miss the heart-pounding conclusion to the Shipwreck Island middle-grade series, a stunning, wilderness survival adventure from start to finish. Sarah Robinson and her family are shipwrecked on a remote and mysterious island. Their food is s...

  • S. A. Bodeen delivers yet another heart-pounding YA thriller in THE TOMB, where Kiva and Seth must fight to save what remains of human civilization even as they fight their feelings for each other. Nothing is as it seems. These are the first ...

Award-Winning Books by S.A. Bodeen

The Compound
2010 Black-Eyed Susan Award -- Grades 6-9
2012 Golden Sower Award -- Young Adult
2012 Young Hoosier Book Award -- Middle Grades
The Raft
2014 South Carolina Childrens, Junior and Young Adult Book Award -- Junior Book
2014 Truman Readers Award -- Grades 6-8
2015 Nutmeg Book Award -- Teen

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

S.A. Bodeen has published 10 books.

S.A. Bodeen does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Tomb, was published in September 2018.

The first book by S.A. Bodeen, The Compound, was published in May 2008.

Yes. S.A. Bodeen has 2 series.