Judith Bowen was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and grew up in a logging camp in the Rocky Mountain foothills. She had many friends who lived on farms and ranches, a fact to which she attributes her love of the outdoors and of rural life. She bought her first horse at age 12 with money saved from allowances, gifts, and odd jobs—the horse only cost $60 and was fresh off the range! Luckily he was a sweetie, and she trained him and rode him until she left high school. She currently lives in Ladner, British Columbia, is married, with three children, and spends every day of the working week at her word processor, writing the stories she loves, and is also a member of many writing and arts organizations. Weekends and summers are for family.

Judith holds a bachelor's degree in English Literature from Carleton University, Ottawa, and worked for newspapers and magazines, before writing fiction. She was published since 1990 by Harlequin. Her Men of Glory miniseries, set around small-town Alberta, arose directly from her experience of going to school in a small town and living in small towns all over Canada. She has lived in many of Canada's provinces, from Prince Edward Island to B.C., and writes from the heart, of people who live on the land that she knows best.

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