Beverly Barton

Beverly Marie Inman was born on 23 December 1946 in Tuscumbia, Alabama, USA, the sixth generation Alabamian, daughter of Doris Marie and Walter D. Inman Jr. She was married Billy Ray Beaver at a young age. She and her husband traveled briefly while he was in the Navy. After leaving the military, they settled back home in Alabama. She then took on the task of raising a family and being a stay-at-home mother. She enjoyed being a wife, mother, and grandmother.

In her mid-30s, she returned to her former passion — writing — as a hobby, but before 40, she decided that she wanted to make writing a career. As Beverly Barton sold her first book, “Yankee Lover” in 1989. It was set in her hometown of Tuscumbia. Since then, she had written over seventy books and has branched out into romantic suspense. She was the creator of the popular “The Protectors” series of Silhouette. Beverly Beaver died suddenly of heart failure on 21 April 2011.

Book List in Order: 84 titles

Complete Series List in Order

3 Babies for 3 Brothers

1) His Secret Child (Mar-1999)
2) His Woman, His Child (Apr-1999)
3) Having His Baby (May-1999)

The Camerons

1) Talk of the Town (May-1992)
2) Cameron (Jul-1993)

Cherokee Pointe

1) The Fifth Victim (Apr-2003)
2) The Last to Die // Beg to Die (Jan-2004)
3) As Good As Dead (Sep-2004)

Griffin Powell

1) After Dark (Dec-2000)
2) Killing Her Softly/Amnesia (Jul-2005)
3) Close Enough to Kill (Jul-2006)
4) The Dying Game (Apr-2007)
5) The Murder Game (Feb-2008)
6) Cold Hearted (Sep-2008)
7) Dead By Midnight // Time of Death (Feb-2010)
8) Dead by Morning (May-2011)
9) Dead by Nightfall (Nov-2011)

The Kendricks

1) Lucky in Love (Mar-1991)
2) Out of Danger (Sep-1991)

The Protectors

1) This Side of Heaven (Oct-1992)
2) Paladin's Woman (Aug-1993)
3) The Outcast (Jan-1995)
4) Defending His Own (Oct-1995)
5) Guarding Jeannie (Jan-1996)
6) Blackwood's Woman (Apr-1996)
7) Roarke's Wife (Sep-1997)
8) A Man Like Morgan Kane (Nov-1997)
9) Gabriel Hawk's Lady (Jan-1998)
10) Emily and the Stranger (Jun-1998)
11) Lone Wolf's Lady (Sep-1998)
13) Keeping Annie Safe (Jul-1999)
14) Murdock's Last Stand (Jan-2000)
15) Egan Cassidy's Kid (Jul-2000)
16) Navajo's Woman (Mar-2001)
17) Whitelaw's Wedding (May-2001)
18) A Child of Her Own (Jun-1997)
19) Sweet Caroline's Keeper (Jun-2001)
20) Jack's Christmas Mission (Nov-2001)
21) The Princess's Bodyguard (Oct-2002)
22) On Her Guard (Nov-2002)
23) Faith, Hope and Love (Nov-2002)
24) Grace Under Fire (Jun-2003)
25) Downright Dangerous (Feb-2004)
26) Keeping Baby Secret (Apr-2004)
27) Laying His Claim (Aug-2004)
28) Worth Dying For (Nov-2004)
29) The Rebel's Return (Aug-2002)
30) Ramirez's Woman (Jul-2005)
31) Penny Sue Got Lucky (Jan-2006)
32) Dangerous Deception (Nov-2006)
33) His Only Obsession (Mar-2007)
34) A Time To Die (Nov-2007)
35) Dying For You (Nov-2007)
36) Don't Cry (Aug-2010)

The Rands

1) The Mother of My Child (Jan-1994)
2) Nothing But Trouble (Sep-1994)

Related Books

1) Yankee Lover (Jul-1990)
2) Sugar Hill (Jan-1992)

Multi-Author Series List

36 Hours

Nine Months (Apr-1998)

The Bachelors

The Wanderer (Feb-1993)

Family Secrets

Check Mate (May-2004)

Fortune's Children

34) In the Arms of a Hero (May-2000)

The Fortunes of Texas

10) In the Arms of a Hero (May-2000)

Lone Star Country Club

Jenna's Wild Ride (May-2002)
The Rebel's Return (Aug-2002)


3) Sanctuary (Jul-2007)

Red, White and Blue

Cameron (Jul-1993)

Romantic Traditions

The Outcast (Jan-1995)

Way Out West

Lone Wolf's Lady (Sep-1998)

A Year of Loving Dangerously

Her Secret Weapon (Oct-2000)

Award-Winning Books by Beverly Barton

In the Arms of a Hero
2000 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Mini Series Romance
2007 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Silhouette Nocturne