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    November 1986
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    March 2024
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About the Author

At seventeen, Stella married her high school sweetheart: Harrell, and they had a son Jason. One of her greatest joys was to see Jason, her only son, graduate from college with degrees in math and physical education. She began her writing career almost by accident. She was a hairdresser and worked in her sister's beauty shop. Ironically, Stella developed a severe allergy to hairspray and was forced to resign. With time on her hands, Stella wanted to do something creative. She remembered a high school English teacher telling her she could be a writer if she wanted. Although she always loved reading romances, she never thought to write one herself. Armed with that now notion and an old, manual typewriter, she went to work, attempting to create a story similar to those she liked reading. The result‚ her first book, purchased by Mills & Boon and issued under the Harlequin imprint. After that, she became a full time writer and today, has close to forty published novels. Her for the future is to continue writing romance novels as long as there's an audience to enjoy her work.

Full Series List in Order

Heartland Holidays

1 - Their First Thanksgiving (Nov-1992)
2 - The Best Christmas Ever (Dec-1992)
3 - New Year's Baby (Jan-1993)

Men of the West

1 - Should Have Been Her Child (Oct-2003)
2 - His Defender (Dec-2003)
3 - Her Texas Ranger (Jul-2004)
4 - A Baby on the Ranch (Nov-2004)
5 - Redwing's Lady (Jul-2005)
6 - From Here To Texas (Aug-2005)
7 - Taming A Dark Horse (Sep-2005)
8 - A South Texas Christmas (Nov-2006)
9 - The Rancher's Request (Jan-2007)
10 - The Best Catch In Texas (Mar-2007)
11 - Having The Cowboy's Baby (May-2007)
12 - Her Texas Lawman (Jul-2008)
13 - Hitched To The Horseman (Sep-2008)
14 - The Christmas She Always Wanted (Nov-2008)
15 - Cowboy To The Rescue (Jan-2009)
16 - A Texan On Her Doorstep (Mar-2009)
17 - Lone Star Daddy (Jul-2009)
18 - Branded with His Baby (Jan-2010)
19 - The Deputy's Lost and Found (Apr-2010)
20 - His Texas Wildflower (Mar-2011)
21 - Daddy's Double Duty (Jun-2011)
22 - His Medicine Woman (Sep-2011)
23 - Christmas With the Mustang Man (Dec-2011)
24 - His Texas Baby (Jul-2012)
25 - The Doctor's Calling (Sep-2012)
26 - A Daddy for Dillon (May-2013)
27 - The Deputy Gets Her Man (Jun-2013)
28 - The Baby Truth (Jun-2014)
29 - One Tall, Dusty Cowboy (Aug-2014)
30 - Wearing the Rancher's Ring (Sep-2014)
31 - The Lawman's Noelle (Dec-2014)
32 - Daddy Wore Spurs (Jul-2015)
33 - Christmas on the Silver Horn Ranch (Dec-2015)
34 - Her Rugged Rancher (May-2016)
35 - His Badge, Her Baby...Their Family? (Aug-2016)
36 - The Cowboy's Christmas Lullaby (Dec-2016)
37 - Her Kind of Doctor (May-2017)
38 - The Arizona Lawman (Jan-2018)
39 - Her Man on Three Rivers Ranch (Apr-2018)
40 - A Ranger for Christmas (Dec-2018)
41 - His Texas Runaway (May-2019)
42 - Home to Blue Stallion Ranch (Sep-2019)
43 - The Rancher's Best Gift (Dec-2019)
44 - The Texan Tries Again (Apr-2020)
45 - Her Man Behind the Badge (Aug-2020)
46 - His Forever Texas Rose (Mar-2021)
47 - The Baby That Binds Them (Jun-2021)
48 - Sleigh Ride With the Rancher (Dec-2021)
49 - The Wrangler Rides Again (Mar-2022)
50 - The Other Hollister Man (Aug-2022)
51 - For the Rancher's Baby (Feb-2023)
52 - Rancher to the Rescue (Aug-2023)

Twins on the Doorstep

1 - The Sheriff's Son (Apr-1997)
2 - The Rancher's Bride (May-1997)
3 - The Tycoon's Tots (Jun-1997)
4 - The Rancher's Blessed Event (May-1998)
5 - The Ranger and the Widow Woman (Aug-1998)
6 - The Cowboy and the Debutante (Nov-1998)
7 - Millionaire on Her Doorstep (May-1999)
8 - Penny Parker's Pregnant! (Jul-1999)
9 - Baby on Her Doorstep (Apr-2000)
10 - Twins Under the Tree (Nov-2001)
11 - A Texan On Her Doorstep (Mar-2009)

Multi-Author Series List

2000 Launch

The Bridal Bargain (Jan-2000)

The Coltons

15 - White Dove's Promise (Jul-2002)

A Cowboy for Every Mood

27 - His Texas Baby (Jul-2012)

Fabulous Fathers

Daddy Lessons (Jun-1995)

Fortune's Children

32 - The Heiress and the Sheriff // An Innocent Woman (Mar-2000)
50 - In a Texas Minute (Apr-2005)
107 - Fortune's Perfect Valentine (Feb-2016)
113 - Her Sweetest Fortune (Feb-2017)
129 - Guarding His Fortune (Apr-2019)
133 - Fortune's Texas Surprise (Feb-2020)

Fortunes of Texas: All Fortunes Children

2 - Fortune's Perfect Valentine (Feb-2016)

Fortunes of Texas: The Secret Fortunes

2 - Her Sweetest Fortune (Feb-2017)

The Fortunes of Texas: The Lost Fortunes

4 - Guarding His Fortune (Apr-2019)

The Fortunes of Texas

8 - The Heiress and the Sheriff // An Innocent Woman (Mar-2000)
62 - Fortune's Perfect Valentine (Feb-2016)
68 - Her Sweetest Fortune (Feb-2017)
84 - Guarding His Fortune (Apr-2019)
88 - Fortune's Texas Surprise (Feb-2020)

The Fortunes of Texas: Rambling Rose

2 - Fortune's Texas Surprise (Feb-2020)

Home on the Ranch

51 - Cowboy's Honor (Mar-2018)
69 - A Nevada Cowboy's Honor (Mar-2020)

Maitland Maternity Clinic

8 - Just for Christmas // For the Sake of a Child (Nov-2000)
19 - The Missing Maitland (Oct-2001)

Montana Mavericks

For His Daughter's Sake (Aug-2021)
The Maverick's Marriage Pact (Oct-2022)
The Maverick for Her Mom (Sep-2023)
63 - Paging Dr. Right // Mr. Right? (Aug-2007)
110 - The Maverick's Bride-To-Order (Sep-2017)
117 - The Little Maverick Matchmaker (Sep-2018)

Montana Mavericks: Striking it Rich

2 - Paging Dr. Right // Mr. Right? (Aug-2007)

Montana Mavericks: The Great Family Roundup

3 - The Maverick's Bride-To-Order (Sep-2017)

Montana Mavericks: The Lonelyhearts Ranch

3 - The Little Maverick Matchmaker (Sep-2018)

Montana Mavericks: The Real Cowboys of Bronco Heights

2 - For His Daughter's Sake (Aug-2021)

Montana Mavericks: Brothers and Broncos

4 - The Maverick's Marriage Pact (Oct-2022)

Montana Mavericks: Lassoing Love

3 - The Maverick for Her Mom (Sep-2023)


Because of the Ring (May-2002)

The Stanbury Crown

1 - The Expectant Princess (Mar-2001)

Under the Mistletoe

A Cowboy for Christmas (Dec-1994)

Virgin Brides

15 - The Bridal Bargain (Jan-2000)

Book List in Order: 112 titles

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Stella Bagwell has published 112 books.

The next book by Stella Bagwell, The Cowboy's Road Trip, will be published in March 2024.

The first book by Stella Bagwell, Golden Glory, was published in November 1986.

Yes. Stella Bagwell has 3 series.