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    18 Books (3 Series)
  • First Book:
    December 1984
  • Latest Book:
    September 2015
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Full Series List in Order

Iris Cooper

1 - Death in a Deck Chair (Dec-1984)
2 - Murder in a Mummy Case (Dec-1986)
3 - Peril Under the Palms (Jun-1989)

A Jane Da Silva Mystery

1 - A Hopeless Case (May-1992)
2 - Amateur Night (Jul-1993)
3 - Electric City (Aug-1994)
4 - Cold Smoked (1995)

Workplace Mystery

1 - The Body in the Volvo (Nov-1987)
2 - The Body in the Cornflakes (Oct-1992)
3 - We Interrupt This Broadcast (Nov-1997)
4 - Tipping the Valet (Sep-2015)

Book List in Order: 18 titles

  • Near the end of her round-the-world cruise, young Iris Cooper is called upon by the ship's captain to assist him in his investigation of a murder committed by someone with a fondness for brass-handled ship's knives...

  • WHEN A FOUL TEMPERED PROFESSOR IS FOUND DEAD, THE INVESTIGATION IS MORE THAN ACADEMIC When Professor Charles Carstairs was refused tenure at the university, he was delighted to accept the gift of an auto-repair shop from his Uncle Cosmo. The unpai...

  • Sunny Sinclair hasn't seen her fellow spy and
    wartime lover Alex Markoff since V-E Day. But their once-passionate love affair is about to come back to haunt her
    She must find her former lover For years, she has thought he was dead. But now, w...

  • Rebecca Kendall is being stalked by Benjamin Knapp, but when his blood is found in her car, she is accused of his murder, and the case seems simple--until Rebecca vanishes and is held hostage by Benjamin...

  • An exotic cruise churns up a murder wave. A Hawaiian haunting... When sugarcane heiress Antoinette Caulfield docks in Hawaii to visit her grandparents, she's met by a ghost: her school chum and chaperon, Iris Cooper, spots the figure of a woman i...

  • Jane da Silva knows a Cole Porter tune and a silky voice will only carry you so far through the urbane cabarets of Europe. So when the young widow's "eccentric" Uncle Harold dies, she jets back to the States to claim the fortune she dearly needs to r...

  • THE SUPERMARKET SPECIAL OF THE WEEK IS MURDER.... Ted is at his wit's end. Between pampering the assorted temperaments of his employers, the Krogstad family, and orchestrating Galaxy Foods's grand reopening, the last thing he needs is a dead body ...

  • The homicide case that convicted young Kevin Shea looks perfect...perfectly hopeless, that is, and just right for Jane da Silva to investigate. Under the terms of her rich uncle's will, Jane has to run his eccentric Foundation for Righting Wrongs to ...

  • PRIVATE LIES A mousy, secretive researcher at a news clipping service who recently won $20,000 on Jeopardy! is missing. Who is Irene March? That's the answer (In the form of a question) facing Investigator Jane da Silva, who can collect on her ec...

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    FISHING FOR CLUES What would you expect at a seafood convention in Seattle? A lot of cold fish? Certainly not a red-hot murder... and another hopeless case for detective Jane da Silva to solve. Jane--who can only collect on her trust fund by investi...

  • Alice Jordan's dentist husband has just run off with his hygienist and she is desperate for a job. Because Alice has done some volunteer work for the symphony, she manages to talk herself into a job as a commissioned ad rep for a Seattle classical mu...

  • Nadia Wentworth is a Hollywood star. A big star. And she's so dreadfully bored on location in the South Pacific, she begins reading the first thing her assistant can dig up: a piece of gloriously bad pulp fiction by 1920s author Valerian Ricardo. Nad...

  • Return to the roaring twenties with Iris Cooper and her Aunt Hermione as they encounter murder in paradise in the novella "Peril Under the Palms". Mirth and mystery are included in this novel and the four other stories that appear here....

  • Anita and David Jamison are having a hard time. Anita is bitter that David is a slacker househusband while she works hard to earn the family’s only income. David feels undervalued by his wife and is frustrated with his failed advertising career. Wi...

  • Affable young parking valet Tyler Benson, a master of bad timing, is accidentally involved in cases of auto theft and murder on the lot at Alba, an upscale Seattle restaurant. There’s a body in a parked car, and someone shooting at tech zillionaire...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

K.K. Beck has published 18 books.

K.K. Beck does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Tipping the Valet, was published in September 2015.

The first book by K.K. Beck, Death in a Deck Chair, was published in December 1984.

Yes. K.K. Beck has 3 series.