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    800 Books (27 Series)
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    March 1969
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    December 2020
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Full Series List in Order

The American Trilogy

1 - Patriot Gambit (Jun-1997)
2 - Hour of Conflict (Jul-1997)
3 - Call to Arms (Aug-1997)

The Armageddon Project

1 - Judgment in Blood (Dec-2000)
2 - Doomsday Directive (Feb-2001)

Arms Trilogy

1 - Select Fire (Feb-1995)
2 - Triburst (Mar-1995)
3 - Armed Force (Apr-1995)

Ashton Ford

1 - Ashes to Ashes (Apr-1986)
2 - Eye to Eye (Aug-1986)
3 - Mind to Mind (Mar-1987)
4 - Life to Life (Jul-1987)
5 - Heart to Heart (Nov-1987)
6 - Time to Time (Mar-1988)

The Border Fire Trilogy

1 - Warning Shot (Oct-1999)
2 - Kill Radius (Nov-1999)
3 - Death Line (Dec-1999)

The Carnivore Project

1 - Entry Point (Jun-2005)
2 - Exit Code (Jul-2005)


1 - Trigger Point (Sep-2000)
2 - Iron Fist (Nov-2000)
3 - Ultimate Price (Jan-2001)

The Conspiracy Trilogy

1 - Shattered Trust (Mar-2001)
2 - Shifting Shadows (Apr-2001)
3 - Judgment Day (May-2001)

Doomsday Trilogy

1 - Devil's Army (Jul-2002)
2 - Final Strike (Aug-2002)
3 - Armageddon Exit (Sep-2002)

The Executioner

1 - War Against the Mafia (Mar-1969)
2 - Death Squad (Sep-1969)
3 - Battle Mask (Apr-1970)
4 - Miami Massacre (Oct-1970)
5 - Continental Contract (Jan-1971)
6 - Assault on Soho (Apr-1971)
7 - Nightmare in New York (Jul-1971)
8 - Chicago Wipe-Out (Sep-1971)
9 - Vegas Vendetta (Nov-1971)
10 - Caribbean Kill (Feb-1972)
11 - California Hit (Apr-1972)
12 - Boston Blitz (Jul-1972)
13 - Washington I.O.U. (Sep-1972)
14 - San Diego Siege (Nov-1972)
15 - Panic in Philly (Mar-1973)
16 - Sicilian Slaughter (Jun-1973)
17 - Jersey Guns (Jan-1974)
18 - Texas Storm (Mar-1974)
19 - Detroit Deathwatch (Jun-1974)
20 - New Orleans Knockout (Nov-1974)
21 - Firebase Seattle (Jan-1975)
22 - Hawaiian Hellground (May-1975)
23 - St. Louis Showdown (Oct-1975)
24 - Canadian Crisis (Dec-1975)
25 - Colorado Kill Zone (Mar-1976)
26 - Acapulco Rampage (Jun-1976)
27 - Dixie Convoy (Dec-1976)
28 - Savage Fire (Mar-1977)
29 - Command Strike (Jun-1977)
30 - Cleveland Pipeline (Oct-1977)
31 - Arizona Ambush (Dec-1977)
32 - Tennessee Smash (Apr-1978)
33 - Monday's Mob (Oct-1978)
34 - Terrible Tuesday (Jan-1979)
35 - Wednesday's Wrath (May-1979)
36 - Thermal Thursday (Aug-1979)
37 - Friday's Feast (Nov-1979)
38 - Satan's Sabbath (Mar-1980)
39 - The New War (Apr-1981)
40 - Double Crossfire (Jan-1982)
41 - Violent Streets (Feb-1982)
42 - Iranian Hit (Apr-1982)
43 - Return to Vietnam (Jul-1982)
44 - Terrorist Summit (Aug-1982)
45 - Paramilitary Plot (Sep-1982)
46 - Bloodsport (Oct-1982)
47 - Renegade Agent (Nov-1982)
48 - Libya Connection (Dec-1982)
49 - Doomsday Disciples (Jan-1983)
50 - Brothers in Blood (Feb-1983)
51 - Vulture's Vengeance (Mar-1983)
52 - Tuscany Terror (Apr-1983)
53 - The Invisible Assassins (May-1983)
54 - Mountain Rampage (Jun-1983)
55 - Paradine's Gauntlet (Jul-1983)
56 - Island Deathtrap (Aug-1983)
57 - Flesh Wounds (Sep-1983)
58 - Ambush on Blood River (Oct-1983)
59 - Crude Kill (Nov-1983)
60 - Sold for Slaughter (Dec-1983)
61 - Tiger War (Jan-1984)
62 - Day of Mourning (Feb-1984)
63 - The New War Book (Mar-1984)
64 - Dead Man Running (Apr-1984)
65 - Cambodia Clash (May-1984)
66 - Orbiting Omega (Jun-1984)
67 - Beirut Payback (Jul-1984)
68 - Prairie Fire (Aug-1984)
69 - Skysweeper (Sep-1984)
70 - Ice Cold Kill (Oct-1984)
71 - Blood Dues (Nov-1984)
72 - Hellbinder (Dec-1984)
73 - Appointment in Kabul (Jan-1985)
74 - Savannah Swingsaw (Feb-1985)
75 - The Bone Yard (Mar-1985)
76 - Teheran Wipeout (Apr-1985)
77 - Hollywood Hell (May-1985)
78 - Death Games (Jun-1985)
79 - Council of Kings (Jul-1985)
80 - Running Hot (Aug-1985)
81 - Shock Waves (Sep-1985)
82 - Hammerhead Reef (Oct-1985)
83 - Missouri Deathwatch (Nov-1985)
84 - Fastburn (Dec-1985)
85 - Sunscream (Jan-1986)
86 - Hell's Gate (Feb-1986)
87 - Hellfire Crusade (Mar-1986)
88 - Baltimore Trackdown (Apr-1986)
89 - Defenders and Believers (May-1986)
90 - Blood Heat Zero (Jun-1986)
91 - The Trial (Jul-1986)
92 - Moscow Massacre (Aug-1986)
93 - The Fire Eaters (Aug-1986)
94 - Save the Children (Sep-1986)
95 - Blood and Thunder (Oct-1986)
96 - Death Has a Name (Nov-1986)
97 - Meltdown (Dec-1986)
98 - Black Dice (Jan-1987)
99 - Code of Dishonor (Feb-1987)
100 - Blood Testament (Apr-1987)
101 - Eternal Triangle (May-1987)
102 - Split Image (Jun-1987)
103 - Assault on Rome (Jul-1987)
104 - Devil's Horn (Aug-1987)
105 - Countdown to Chaos (Sep-1987)
106 - Run to Ground (Oct-1987)
107 - American Nightmare (Nov-1987)
108 - Time to Kill (Nov-1987)
109 - Hong Kong Hit List (Dec-1987)
110 - Trojan Horse (Feb-1988)
111 - The Fiery Cross (Mar-1988)
112 - Blood of the Lion (Apr-1988)
113 - Vietnam Fallout (May-1988)
114 - Cold Judgment (Jun-1988)
115 - Circle of Steel (Jul-1988)
116 - Killing Urge (Jul-1988)
117 - Vendetta in Venice (Sep-1988)
118 - Warrior's Revenge (Oct-1988)
119 - Line of Fire (Oct-1988)
120 - Border Sweep (Nov-1988)
121 - Twisted Path (Jan-1989)
122 - Desert Strike (Feb-1989)
123 - War Born (Mar-1989)
124 - Night Kill (Mar-1989)
125 - Dead Man's Tale (Apr-1989)
126 - Death Wind (Jun-1989)
127 - Kill Zone (Jul-1989)
128 - Sudan Slaughter (Aug-1989)
129 - Haitian Hit (Aug-1989)
130 - Dead Line (Sep-1989)
131 - Ice Wolf (Oct-1989)
132 - The Big Kill (Nov-1989)
133 - Blood Run (Jan-1990)
134 - White Line War (Jan-1990)
135 - Devil Force (Mar-1990)
136 - Down and Dirty (Apr-1990)
137 - Battle Lines (Apr-1990)
138 - Kill Trap (May-1990)
139 - Cutting Edge (Jun-1990)
140 - Wild Card (Jul-1990)
141 - Direct Hit (Sep-1990)
142 - Fatal Error (Oct-1990)
143 - Helldust Cruise (Nov-1990)
144 - Whipsaw (Nov-1990)
145 - Chicago Payoff (Jan-1991)
146 - Deadly Tactics (Feb-1991)
147 - Payback Game (Mar-1991)
148 - Deep and Swift (Apr-1991)
149 - Blood Rules (Apr-1991)
150 - Death Load (May-1991)
151 - Message to Medallion (Jul-1991)
152 - Combat Stretch (Aug-1991)
153 - Firebase Florida (Sep-1991)
154 - Night Hit (Oct-1991)
155 - Hawaiian Heat (Oct-1991)
156 - Phantom Force (Nov-1991)
157 - Cayman Strike (Dec-1991)
158 - Firing Line (Jan-1992)
159 - Steel and Flame (Feb-1992)
160 - Storm Warning (Mar-1992)
161 - Eye of the Storm (Apr-1992)
162 - Colors of Hell (Jun-1992)
163 - Warrior's Edge (Jun-1992)
164 - Death Trail (Jul-1992)
165 - Fire Sweep (Aug-1992)
166 - Assassin's Creed (Sep-1992)
167 - Double Action (Nov-1992)
168 - Blood Price (Dec-1992)
169 - White Heat (Jan-1993)
170 - Baja Blitz (Feb-1993)
171 - Deadly Force (Mar-1993)
172 - Fast Strike (Apr-1993)
173 - Capitol Hit (Apr-1993)
174 - Battle Plan (May-1993)
175 - Battle Ground (Jun-1993)
176 - Ransom Run (Jul-1993)
177 - Evil Code (Aug-1993)
178 - Black Hand (Oct-1993)
179 - War Hammer (Nov-1993)
180 - Force Down (Dec-1993)
181 - Shifting Target (Jan-1994)
182 - Lethal Agent (Jan-1994)
183 - Clean Sweep (Feb-1994)
184 - Death Warrant (Mar-1994)
185 - Sudden Fury (Apr-1994)
186 - Fire Burst (May-1994)
187 - Cleansing Flame (Jun-1994)
188 - War Paint (Jul-1994)
189 - Wellfire (Aug-1994)
190 - Killing Range (Oct-1994)
191 - Extreme Force (Nov-1994)
192 - Maximum Impact (Nov-1994)
193 - Hostile Action (Dec-1994)
194 - Deadly Contest (Jan-1995)
195 - Select Fire (Feb-1995)
196 - Triburst (Mar-1995)
197 - Armed Force (Apr-1995)
198 - Shoot Down (May-1995)
199 - Rogue Agent (Jun-1995)
200 - Crisis Point (Aug-1995)
201 - Prime Target (Sep-1995)
202 - Combat Zone (Oct-1995)
203 - Hard Contact (Nov-1995)
204 - Rescue Run (Dec-1995)
205 - Hell Road (Jan-1996)
206 - Hunting Cry (Feb-1996)
207 - Freedom Strike (Mar-1996)
208 - Death Whisper (Apr-1996)
209 - Asian Crucible (May-1996)
210 - Fire Lash (Jun-1996)
211 - Steel Claws (Jul-1996)
212 - Ride the Beast (Aug-1996)
213 - Blood Harvest (Sep-1996)
214 - Fission Fury (Oct-1996)
215 - Fire Hammer (Nov-1996)
216 - Death Force (Dec-1996)
217 - Fight or Die (Jan-1997)
218 - End Game (Feb-1997)
219 - Terror Intent (Mar-1997)
220 - Tiger Stalk (Apr-1997)
221 - Blood & Fire (May-1997)
222 - Patriot Gambit (Jun-1997)
223 - Hour of Conflict (Jul-1997)
224 - Call to Arms (Aug-1997)
225 - Body Armor (Sep-1997)
226 - Red Horse (Oct-1997)
227 - Blood Circle (Nov-1997)
228 - Terminal Option (Dec-1997)
229 - Zero Tolerance (Jan-1998)
230 - Deep Attack (Feb-1998)
231 - Slaughter Squad (Mar-1998)
232 - Jackal Hunt (Apr-1998)
233 - Tough Justice (May-1998)
234 - Target Command (Jun-1998)
235 - Plague Wind (Jul-1998)
236 - Vengeance Rising (Aug-1998)
237 - Hellfire Trigger (Sep-1998)
238 - Crimson Tide (Oct-1998)
239 - Hostile Proximity (Nov-1998)
240 - Devil's Guard (Dec-1998)
241 - Evil Reborn (Jan-1999)
242 - Doomsday Conspiracy (Feb-1999)
243 - Assault Reflex (Mar-1999)
244 - Judas Kill (Apr-1999)
245 - Virtual Destruction (May-1999)
246 - Blood of the Earth (Jun-1999)
247 - Black Dawn Rising (Jul-1999)
248 - Rolling Death (Aug-1999)
249 - Shadow Target (Sep-1999)
250 - Warning Shot (Oct-1999)
251 - Kill Radius (Nov-1999)
252 - Death Line (Dec-1999)
253 - Risk Factor (Jan-2000)
254 - Chill Effect (Feb-2000)
255 - War Bird (Mar-2000)
256 - Point of Impact (Apr-2000)
257 - Precision Play (May-2000)
258 - Target Lock (Jun-2000)
259 - Nightfire (Jun-2000)
260 - Dayhunt (Jul-2000)
261 - Dawnkill (Aug-2000)
262 - Trigger Point (Sep-2000)
263 - Skysniper (Oct-2000)
264 - Iron Fist (Nov-2000)
265 - Freedom Force (Dec-2000)
266 - Ultimate Price (Jan-2001)
267 - Invisible Invader (Feb-2001)
268 - Shattered Trust (Mar-2001)
269 - Shifting Shadows (Apr-2001)
270 - Judgment Day (May-2001)
271 - Cyberhunt (Jun-2001)
272 - Stealth Striker (Jul-2001)
273 - Uforce (Aug-2001)
274 - Rogue Target (Sep-2001)
275 - Crossed Borders (Oct-2001)
276 - Leviathan (Nov-2001)
277 - Dirty Mission (Dec-2001)
278 - Triple Reverse (Jan-2002)
279 - Fire Wind (Feb-2002)
280 - Fear Rally (Mar-2002)
281 - Blood Stone (Apr-2002)
282 - Jungle Conflict (May-2002)
283 - Ring of Retaliation (May-2002)
284 - Devil's Army (Jul-2002)
285 - Final Strike (Aug-2002)
286 - Armageddon Exit (Sep-2002)
287 - Rogue Warrior (Oct-2002)
288 - Arctic Blast (Nov-2002)
289 - Vendetta Force (Dec-2002)
290 - Pursued (Jan-2003)
291 - Blood Trade (Feb-2003)
292 - Savage Game (Mar-2003)
293 - Death Merchants (Apr-2003)
294 - Scorpion Rising (May-2003)
295 - Hostile Alliance (Jun-2003)
296 - Nuclear Game (Jul-2003)
297 - Deadly Pursuit (Aug-2003)
298 - Final Play (Sep-2003)
299 - Dangerous Encounter (Oct-2003)
300 - Warrior's Requiem (Nov-2003)
301 - Blast Radius (Dec-2003)
302 - Shadow Search (Jan-2004)
303 - Sea of Terror (Feb-2004)
304 - Soviet Specter (Mar-2004)
305 - Point Position (Apr-2004)
306 - Mercy Mission (May-2004)
307 - Hard Pursuit (Jun-2004)
308 - Into the Fire (Jul-2004)
309 - Flames Of Fury (Aug-2004)
310 - Killing Heat (Sep-2004)
311 - Night of the Knives (Oct-2004)
312 - Death Gamble (Nov-2004)
313 - Lockdown (Dec-2004)
314 - Lethal Payload (Jan-2005)
315 - Agent of Peril (Feb-2005)
316 - Poison Justice (Mar-2005)
317 - Hour of Judgement (Apr-2005)
318 - Code of Resistance (May-2005)
319 - Entry Point (Jun-2005)
320 - Exit Code (Jul-2005)
321 - Suicide Highway (Aug-2005)
322 - Time Bomb (Sep-2005)
323 - Soft Target (Oct-2005)
324 - Terminal Zone (Nov-2005)
325 - Edge of Hell (Dec-2005)
326 - Blood Tide (Jan-2006)
327 - Serpent's Lair (Feb-2006)
328 - Triangle Of Terror (Mar-2006)
329 - Hostile Crossing (Apr-2006)
330 - Dual Action (May-2006)
331 - Assault Force (Jun-2006)
332 - Slaughter House (Jul-2006)
333 - Aftershock (Aug-2006)
334 - Jungle Justice (Sep-2006)
335 - Blood Vector (Oct-2006)
336 - Homeland Terror (Nov-2006)
337 - Tropic Blast (Dec-2006)
338 - Nuclear Reaction (Jan-2007)
339 - Deadly Contact (Feb-2007)
340 - Splinter Cell (Mar-2007)
341 - Rebel Force (Apr-2007)
342 - Double Play (May-2007)
343 - Border War (Jun-2007)
344 - Primal Law (Jul-2007)
345 - Orange Alert (Aug-2007)
346 - Vigilante Run (Sep-2007)
347 - Dragon's Den (Oct-2007)
348 - Carnage Code (Nov-2007)
349 - Firestorm (Dec-2007)
350 - Volatile Agent (Jan-2008)
351 - Hell Night (Feb-2008)
352 - Killing Trade (Sep-2007)
353 - Black Death Reprise (Apr-2008)
354 - Ambush Force (Nov-2007)
355 - Outback Assault (Nov-2007)
356 - Defense Breach (Dec-2007)
357 - Extreme Justice (Feb-2008)
358 - Blood Toll (Nov-2007)
359 - Desperate Passage (Oct-2008)
360 - Mission To Burma (Oct-2007)
361 - Final Resort (Jul-2008)
362 - Patriot Acts (Jan-2009)
363 - Face Of Terror (Feb-2009)
364 - Hostile Odds (Mar-2009)
365 - Collision Course (Apr-2009)
366 - Pele's Fire (May-2009)
367 - Loose Cannon (Jun-2009)
368 - Crisis Nation (Jul-2009)
369 - Dangerous Tides (Aug-2009)
370 - Dark Alliance (Sep-2009)
371 - Fire Zone (Oct-2009)
372 - Lethal Compound (Nov-2009)
373 - Code of Honor (Dec-2009)
374 - System Corruption (Jan-2010)
375 - Salvador Strike (Feb-2010)
376 - Frontier Fury (Mar-2010)
377 - Desperate Cargo (Apr-2010)
378 - Death Run (May-2010)
379 - Deep Recon (Jun-2010)
380 - Silent Threat (Jul-2010)
381 - Killing Ground (Aug-2010)
382 - Threat Factor (Sep-2010)
383 - Raw Fury (Oct-2010)
384 - Cartel Clash (Nov-2010)
385 - Recovery Force (Dec-2010)
386 - Crucial Intercept (Jan-2011)
387 - Powder Burn (Feb-2011)
388 - Final Coup (Mar-2011)
389 - Deadly Command (Apr-2011)
390 - Toxic Terrain (May-2011)
391 - Enemy Agents (Jun-2011)
392 - Shadow Hunt (Jul-2011)
393 - Stand Down (Aug-2011)
394 - Trial by Fire (Sep-2011)
395 - Hazard Zone (Oct-2011)
396 - Fatal Combat (Nov-2011)
397 - Damage Radius (Nov-2011)
398 - Battle Cry (Jan-2012)
399 - Nuclear Storm (Feb-2012)
400 - Blind Justice (Mar-2012)
401 - Jungle Hunt (Apr-2012)
402 - Rebel Trade (May-2012)
403 - Line of Honor (Jun-2012)
404 - Final Judgment (Jul-2012)
405 - Lethal Diversion (Aug-2012)
406 - Survival Mission (Sep-2012)
407 - Throw Down (Oct-2012)
408 - Border Offensive (Nov-2012)
409 - Blood Vendetta (Dec-2012)
410 - Hostile Force (Jan-2013)
411 - Cold Fusion (Feb-2013)
412 - Night's Reckoning (Mar-2013)
413 - Double Cross (Apr-2013)
414 - Prison Code (May-2013)
415 - Ivory Wave (Jun-2013)
416 - Extraction (Jul-2013)
417 - Rogue Assault (Aug-2013)
418 - Viral Siege (Sep-2013)
419 - Sleeping Dragons (Oct-2013)
420 - Rebel Blast (Nov-2013)
421 - Hard Targets (Dec-2013)
422 - Nigeria Meltdown (Jan-2014)
423 - Breakout (Feb-2014)
424 - Amazon Impunity (Mar-2014)
425 - Patriot Strike (Apr-2014)
426 - Pirate Offensive (May-2014)
427 - Pacific Creed (Jun-2014)
428 - Desert Impact (Jul-2014)
429 - Arctic Kill (Aug-2014)
430 - Deadly Salvage (Sep-2014)
431 - Maximum Chaos (Oct-2014)
432 - Slayground (Nov-2014)
433 - Point Blank (Dec-2014)
434 - Savage Deadlock (Jan-2015)
435 - Dragon Key (Feb-2015)
436 - Perilous Cargo (Mar-2015)
437 - Assassin's Tripwire (Apr-2015)
438 - The Cartel Hit (May-2015)
439 - Blood Rites (Jun-2015)
440 - Killpath (Jul-2015)
441 - Murder Island (Aug-2015)
442 - Syrian Rescue (Sep-2015)
443 - Uncut Terror (Oct-2015)
444 - Dark Savior (Nov-2015)
445 - Final Assault (Dec-2015)
446 - Kill Squad (Mar-2016)
447 - Missile Intercept (Jun-2016)
448 - Terrorist Dispatch (Sep-2016)
449 - Combat Machines (Dec-2016)
450 - Omega Cult (Mar-2017)
451 - Fatal Prescription (Jun-2017)
452 - Death List (Sep-2017)
453 - Rogue Elements (Dec-2017)
454 - Enemies Within (Mar-2018)
455 - Chicago Vendetta (Jun-2018)
456 - Thunder Down Under (Sep-2018)
457 - Dying Art (Dec-2018)
458 - Killing Kings (Mar-2019)
459 - Stealth Assassin (Jun-2019)
460 - Lethal Vengeance (Sep-2019)
461 - Cold Fury (Dec-2019)
462 - Cyberthreat (Mar-2020)
463 - Righteous Fear (Jun-2020)
464 - Blood Vortex (Dec-2020)
Willing to Kill (Nov-2018)

The Four Horsemen Trilogy

1 - Initiation (Feb-1999)
2 - Cloud of Death (Apr-1999)
3 - Termination Point (Jun-1999)

Freedom Trilogy

1 - Battle Plan (May-1993)
2 - Battle Ground (Jun-1993)
3 - Battle Force (Jul-1993)

Frontier Wars

1 - Line Of Control (Jul-2003)
2 - Breached (Sep-2003)

The Hydra Trilogy

1 - Evil Reborn (Jan-1999)
2 - Doomsday Conspiracy (Feb-1999)
3 - Assault Reflex (Mar-1999)

Joe Copp

1 - Copp for Hire (Sep-1987)
2 - Copp on Fire (Aug-1988)
3 - Copp in Deep (May-1989)
4 - Copp in the Dark (May-1990)
5 - Copp on Ice (May-1991)
6 - Copp in Shock (May-1992)

Lord of the Seas

1 - Target Lock (Jun-2000)
2 - Nightfire (Jun-2000)
3 - Dayhunt (Jul-2000)

Medellin Trilogy

2 - Evil Kingdom (Jun-1991)

The Medellin Trilogy

1 - Blood Rules (Apr-1991)
2 - Death Load (May-1991)
3 - Message to Medallion (Jul-1991)

Moon Shadow Trilogy

1 - Nuclear Game (Jul-2003)
2 - Deadly Pursuit (Aug-2003)
3 - Final Play (Sep-2003)

OrgCrime Trilogy

1 - Into the Fire (Jul-2004)
2 - Flames Of Fury (Aug-2004)
3 - Killing Heat (Sep-2004)

The Power Trilogy

1 - Target Command (Jun-1998)
2 - Plague Wind (Jul-1998)
3 - Vengeance Rising (Aug-1998)

The Red Dragon Trilogy

1 - Fire Lash (Jun-1996)
2 - Steel Claws (Jul-1996)
3 - Ride the Beast (Aug-1996)

Stony Man

1 - Stony Man Doctrine (Jun-1983)
2 - Stony Man II (May-1991)
3 - Stony Man III (Sep-1991)
4 - Stony Man IV (Feb-1992)
5 - Stony Man V (Sep-1992)
6 - Stony Man VI (Feb-1993)
7 - Stony Man VII (Jun-1993)
8 - Stony Man VIII (Sep-1993)
9 - Strikepoint (Feb-1994)
10 - Secret Arsenal (Apr-1994)
11 - Target America (Jun-1994)
12 - Blind Eagle (Aug-1994)
13 - Warhead (Oct-1994)
14 - Deadly Agent (Dec-1994)
15 - Blood Debt (Feb-1995)
16 - Deep Alert (Apr-1995)
17 - Vortex (Jun-1995)
18 - Stinger (Aug-1995)
19 - Nuclear Nightmare (Oct-1995)
20 - Terms of Survival (Dec-1995)
21 - Satan's Thrust (Mar-1996)
22 - Sunflash (May-1996)
23 - The Perishing Game (Jun-1996)
24 - Bird of Prey (Sep-1996)
25 - Skylance (Nov-1996)
26 - Flashback (Jan-1997)
27 - Asian Storm (Mar-1997)
28 - Blood Star (May-1997)
29 - Eye of the Ruby (Jul-1997)
30 - Virtual Peril (Sep-1997)
31 - Night of the Jaguar (Nov-1997)
32 - Law of Last Resort (Jan-1998)
33 - Punitive Measures (Mar-1998)
34 - Reprisal (May-1998)
35 - Message to America (Jul-1998)
36 - Stranglehold (Sep-1998)
37 - Triple Strike (Nov-1998)
38 - Enemy Within (Jan-1999)
39 - Breach of Trust (Mar-1999)
40 - Betrayal (May-1999)
41 - Silent Invader (Jul-1999)
42 - Edge of Night (Sep-1999)
43 - Zero Hour (Nov-1999)
44 - Thirst for Power (Jan-2000)
45 - Star Venture (Mar-2000)
46 - Hostile Instinct (May-2000)
47 - Command Force (Jun-2000)
48 - Conflict Imperative (Aug-2000)
49 - Dragon Fire (Oct-2000)
50 - Judgment in Blood (Dec-2000)
51 - Doomsday Directive (Feb-2001)
52 - Tactical Response (Apr-2001)
53 - Countdown to Terror (Jun-2001)
54 - Vector Three (Aug-2001)
55 - Extreme Measures (Oct-2001)
56 - State of Aggression (Dec-2001)
57 - Sky Killers (Feb-2002)
58 - Condition Hostile (Apr-2002)
59 - Prelude to War (Jun-2002)
60 - Defensive Action (Aug-2002)
61 - Rogue State (Oct-2002)
62 - Deep Rampage (Dec-2002)
63 - Freedom Watch (Feb-2003)
64 - Roots of Terror (Apr-2003)
65 - The Third Protocol (Jun-2003)
66 - Axis Of Conflict (Aug-2003)
67 - Echoes Of War (Oct-2003)
68 - Outbreak (Dec-2003)
69 - Day of Decision (Feb-2004)
70 - Ramrod Intercept (Apr-2004)
71 - Terms of Control (Jun-2004)
72 - Rolling Thunder (Aug-2004)
73 - Cold Objective (Oct-2004)
74 - The Chameleon Factor (Dec-2004)
75 - Silent Arsenal (Feb-2005)
76 - Gathering Storm (Apr-2005)
77 - Full Blast (Jun-2005)
78 - Maelstrom (Aug-2005)
79 - Promise To Defend (Oct-2005)
80 - Doomsday Conquest (Dec-2005)
81 - Sky Hammer (Feb-2006)
82 - Vanishing Point (Apr-2006)
83 - Doom Prophecy (Jun-2006)
84 - Sensor Sweep (Aug-2006)
85 - Hell Dawn (Oct-2006)
86 - Oceans Of Fire (Dec-2006)
87 - Extreme Arsenal (Feb-2007)
88 - Starfire (Apr-2007)
89 - Neutron Force (Jun-2007)
90 - Red Frost (Aug-2007)
91 - China Crisis (Oct-2007)
92 - Capital Offensive (Dec-2007)
93 - Deadly Payload (Feb-2008)
94 - Act Of War (Apr-2008)
95 - Critical Effect (Nov-2007)
96 - Dark Star (Aug-2008)
97 - Splintered Sky (Oct-2008)
98 - Primary Directive (Apr-2008)
99 - Shadow War (Feb-2009)
100 - Hostile Dawn (Apr-2009)
101 - Drawpoint (Jun-2009)
102 - Terror Descending (Aug-2009)
103 - Sky Sentinels (Oct-2009)
104 - Extinction Crisis (Dec-2009)
105 - Season of Harm (Feb-2010)
106 - High Assault (Apr-2010)
107 - War Tides (Jun-2010)
108 - Extreme Instinct (Aug-2010)
109 - Target Acquisition (Oct-2010)
110 - Unified Action (Dec-2010)
111 - Critical Intelligence (Feb-2011)
112 - Orbital Velocity (Apr-2011)
113 - Power Grab (Jun-2011)
114 - Unconventional Warfare (Aug-2011)
115 - Extermination (Oct-2011)
116 - Terminal Guidance (Nov-2011)
117 - Armed Resistance (Feb-2012)
118 - Terror Trail (Apr-2012)
119 - Close Quarters (Jun-2012)
120 - Incendiary Dispatch (Aug-2012)
121 - Seismic Surge (Oct-2012)
122 - Choke Point (Dec-2012)
123 - Perilous Skies (Feb-2013)
124 - Nuclear Intent (Apr-2013)
125 - Counter Force (Jun-2013)
126 - Precipice (Aug-2013)
127 - Prodigy Effect (Oct-2013)
128 - Revolution Device (Dec-2013)
129 - Pulse Point (Feb-2014)
130 - Atomic Fracture (Apr-2014)
131 - Triplecross (Jun-2014)
132 - Cold Snap (Aug-2014)
133 - Domination Bid (Oct-2014)
134 - Death Dealers (Dec-2014)
135 - Mind Bomb (Feb-2015)
136 - Double Blindside (Apr-2015)
137 - Citadel of Fear (Jun-2015)
138 - War Tactic (Aug-2015)
139 - Death Minus Zero (Oct-2015)
140 - Exit Strategy (Dec-2015)

Storm Trilogy

1 - Storm Warning (Mar-1992)
2 - Eye of the Storm (Apr-1992)
3 - Storm Burst (Jun-1992)

Super Bolan (Mack Bolan)

1 - Stony Man Doctrine (Jun-1983)
2 - Terminal Velocity (Apr-1984)
3 - Resurrection Day (Feb-1985)
4 - Dirty War (Oct-1985)
5 - Flight 741 (May-1986)
6 - Dead Easy (Sep-1986)
7 - Sudden Death (Jan-1987)
8 - Rogue Force (May-1987)
9 - Tropic Heat (Aug-1987)
10 - Fire in the Sky (Feb-1988)
11 - Anvil of Hell (Mar-1988)
12 - Flash Point (Jul-1988)
13 - Flesh and Blood (Oct-1988)
14 - Moving Target (Jan-1989)
15 - Tightrope (Apr-1989)
16 - Blowout (Aug-1989)
17 - Blood Fever (Oct-1989)
18 - Knockdown (Feb-1990)
19 - Assault (Apr-1990)
20 - Backlash (Sep-1990)
21 - Siege (Nov-1990)
22 - Blockade (Mar-1991)
23 - Evil Kingdom (Jun-1991)
24 - Counterblow (Aug-1991)
25 - Hardline (Nov-1991)
26 - Firepower (Feb-1992)
27 - Storm Burst (Jun-1992)
28 - Intercept (Aug-1992)
29 - Lethal Impact (Nov-1992)
30 - Deadfall (Jan-1993)
31 - Onslaught (May-1993)
32 - Battle Force (Jul-1993)
33 - Rampage (Nov-1993)
34 - Takedown (Jan-1994)
35 - Death's Head (Mar-1994)
36 - Hellground (Jun-1994)
37 - Inferno (Jul-1994)
38 - Ambush (Sep-1994)
39 - Blood Strike (Nov-1994)
40 - Killpoint (Jan-1995)
41 - Vendetta (Mar-1995)
42 - Stalk Line (May-1995)
43 - Omega Game (Aug-1995)
44 - Shock Tactic (Sep-1995)
45 - Showdown (Nov-1995)
46 - Precision Kill (Jan-1996)
47 - Jungle Law (Apr-1996)
48 - Dead Center (Jun-1996)
49 - Tooth and Claw (Aug-1996)
50 - Red Heat (Oct-1996)
51 - Thermal Strike (Dec-1996)
52 - Day of the Vulture (Feb-1997)
53 - Flames of Wrath (Mar-1997)
54 - High Aggression (Jun-1997)
55 - Code of Bushido (Aug-1997)
56 - Terror Spin (Oct-1997)
57 - Judgement in Stone (Dec-1997)
58 - Rage for Justice (Jan-1998)
59 - Rebels and Hostiles (Apr-1998)
60 - Ultimate Game (Jun-1998)
61 - Blood Feud (Aug-1998)
62 - Renegade Force (Oct-1998)
63 - Retribution (Dec-1998)
64 - Initiation (Feb-1999)
65 - Cloud of Death (Apr-1999)
66 - Termination Point (Jun-1999)
67 - Hellfire Strike (Aug-1999)
68 - Code of Conflict (Oct-1999)
69 - Vengeance (Dec-1999)
70 - Executive Action (Feb-2000)
71 - Killsport (Apr-2000)
72 - Conflagration (Jun-2000)
73 - Storm Front (Jul-2000)
74 - War Season (Sep-2000)
75 - Evil Alliance (Nov-2000)
76 - Scorched Earth (Jan-2001)
77 - Deception (Mar-2001)
78 - Destiny's Hour (May-2001)
79 - Power of the Lance (Jul-2001)
80 - A Dying Evil (Jan-2002)
81 - Deep Treachery (Nov-2001)
82 - War Load (Jan-2002)
83 - Sworn Enemies (Mar-2002)
84 - Dark Truth (May-2002)
85 - Breakaway (Jul-2002)
86 - Blood and Sand (Sep-2002)
87 - Caged (Nov-2002)
88 - Sleepers (Jan-2003)
89 - Strike and Retrieve (Mar-2003)
90 - Age of War (May-2003)
91 - Line Of Control (Jul-2003)
92 - Breached (Sep-2003)
93 - Retaliation (Nov-2003)
94 - Pressure Point (Jan-2004)
95 - Silent Running (Mar-2004)
96 - Stolen Arrows (May-2004)
97 - Zero Option (Jul-2004)
98 - Predator Paradise (Sep-2004)
99 - Circle of Deception (Nov-2004)
100 - Devil's Bargain (Jan-2005)
101 - False Front (Mar-2005)
102 - Lethal Tribute (May-2005)
103 - Season of Slaughter (Jul-2005)
104 - Point of Betrayal (Sep-2005)
105 - Ballistic Force (Nov-2005)
106 - Renegade (Jan-2006)
107 - Survival Reflex (Mar-2006)
108 - Path To War (May-2006)
109 - Blood Dynasty (Jul-2006)
110 - Ultimate Stakes (Sep-2006)
111 - State Of Evil (Nov-2006)
112 - Force Lines (Jan-2007)
113 - Contagion Option (Mar-2007)
114 - Hellfire Code (May-2007)
115 - War Drums (Jul-2007)
116 - Ripple Effect (Sep-2007)
117 - Devil's Playground (Nov-2007)
118 - The Killing Rule (Jan-2008)
119 - Patriot Play (Sep-2007)
120 - Appointment In Baghdad (Nov-2007)
121 - Havana Five (Jul-2008)
122 - The Judas Project (Oct-2007)
123 - Plains Of Fire (May-2008)
124 - Colony Of Evil (Jan-2009)
125 - Hard Passage (Mar-2009)
126 - Interception (May-2009)
127 - Cold War Reprise (Jul-2009)
128 - Mission: Apocalypse (Sep-2009)
129 - Altered State (Oct-2009)
130 - Killing Game (Nov-2009)
131 - Diplomacy Directive (Jan-2010)
132 - Betrayed (Mar-2010)
133 - Sabotage (Apr-2010)
134 - Conflict Zone (Jun-2010)
135 - Blood Play (Jul-2010)
136 - Desert Fallout (Sep-2010)
137 - Extraordinary Rendition (Oct-2010)
138 - Devil's Mark (Dec-2010)
139 - Savage Rule (Jan-2011)
140 - Infiltration (Mar-2011)
141 - Resurgence (Apr-2011)
142 - Kill Shot (Jun-2011)
143 - Stealth Sweep (Jul-2011)
144 - Grave Mercy (Sep-2011)
145 - Treason Play (Oct-2011)
146 - Assassin's Code (Nov-2011)
147 - Shadow Strike (Jan-2012)
148 - Decision Point (Mar-2012)
149 - Road of Bones (Apr-2012)
150 - Radical Edge (Jun-2012)
151 - Fireburst (Jul-2012)
152 - Oblivion Pact (Sep-2012)
153 - Enemy Arsenal (Oct-2012)
154 - State of War (Dec-2012)
155 - Ballistic (Jan-2013)
156 - Escalation Tactic (Mar-2013)
157 - Crisis Diplomacy (Apr-2013)
158 - Apocalypse Ark (Jun-2013)
159 - Lethal Stakes (Jul-2013)
160 - Illicit Supply (Sep-2013)
161 - Explosive Demand (Oct-2013)
162 - Ground Zero (Dec-2013)
163 - Jungle Firestorm (Jan-2014)
164 - Terror Ballot (Mar-2014)
165 - Death Metal (Apr-2014)
166 - Justice Run (Jun-2014)
167 - China White (Jul-2014)
168 - Payback (Sep-2014)
169 - Chain Reaction (Oct-2014)
170 - Nightmare Army (Dec-2014)
171 - Critical Exposure (Jan-2015)
172 - Insurrection (Mar-2015)
173 - Armed Response (Apr-2015)
174 - Desert Falcons (Jun-2015)
175 - Ninja Assault (Jul-2015)
176 - Lethal Risk (Sep-2015)
177 - Dead Reckoning (Oct-2015)
178 - War Everlasting (Dec-2015)

Terror Trilogy

1 - Fire Burst (May-1994)
2 - Cleansing Flame (Jun-1994)
3 - Inferno (Jul-1994)

The Tyranny Files

1 - Destiny's Hour (May-2001)
2 - Power of the Lance (Jul-2001)
3 - A Dying Evil (Jan-2002)

Book List in Order: 800 titles

  • INTRODUCING ... A BRAND NEW ALL-AMERICAN HERO! A brand new series of exciting, action-packed reading . . . THE EXECUTIONER will keep you glued to your seat while your pulse beats faster as you follow Vietnam war hero Mack Bolan in his savage, nerv...

  • THE EXECUTIONER ... TIMES TEN! Here's the second in the new series of fast- moving, action-packed novels -- as up-to-the- minute as your daily paper -- about Mack Bolan, The Executioner, and his all-out war against the underworld. The Executioner ...

  • THE EXECUTIONER CLOSES IN FOR THE KILL... In the third book of the best-selling Executioner series, war hero Mack Bolan, wearing a new Sicilian-style face fashioned for him by a plastic surgeon and ex-war buddy, infiltrates the inner family of the...

  • THE EXECUTIONER CRUSHES A MAFIA SUMMIT MEETING! Mack Bolan is informed that Mafia overlords are meeting in Florida to make arrangements to wipe him out--permanently! He penetrates their inner council, only to encounter the guns of the dreaded Tal...

  • "A QUICK KILL IS NOT MY IDEA OF JUSTICE. I WANT HIM DYING SLOW ... AND KNOWING IT!" These are the instructions the Mafia master of Washington has given his henchmen: "Get Mack Bolan, the Executioner, and bring him back alive." The largest priva...

  • PICK UP THE EXECUTIONER! The car was taking repeated hits and swerving erratically when Bolan reached it. A door flew open -- Bolan dived in. Off they went -- He had an impression of soft curves, a nice fragrance, a leather skirt high on gleamin...

  • THE EXECUTIONER VERSUS THE ASSASSINS In this book, seventh of the best selling Executioner series, Mack Bolan continues his war against the Mafia. Back in America after crippling the French and British Syndicates, he discovers the five families of t...

  • WHO IS THIS MAN? Meet Mack Bolan. combat hero of Korea and Viet Nam and now a one-man army fighting America's most insidious enemy -- the Mafia. In Viet Nam the military ledgers credit Bolan with more than 90 VC "Kills." He was an extraordinary...

  • "GET BOLAN!" As usual, these are the words awaiting our hero whenever there is a suspicion of his being in the vicinity. Because of his all-consuming mission -- to permanently eradicate the Mafia -- Mack Bolan fights a lonely war. His methods are u...

  • The police in thirty states are on the lookout for him. The FBI is on his trail. He's on the VIP list at Interpol. There's virtually no law enforcement agency that isn't familiar with his name, and his game. But the people most anxious to put him ...

  • Firefight! Fight fire with fire! The heat is on as Mack Bolan's one-man crime crusade against the Mafia moves west. The sunny Golden Gate city finds out what the Executioner is all about when he explodes into their midst, hot on the trail of th...

  • BOSTON! He rarely kills in anger; his is a war of cold methodology and precise maneuvers--but in this Boston campaign we find our warrior moving with a blazing determination to shake that town apart and to reduce its underworld to ashes. His only ...

  • POWER PLAY... That's the Washington game. When Mack Bolan crashes onto the scene he discovers a rat's nest of mobsters and so-called political untouchables building a new game in town. Here, at the nerve center of America, the Executioner finds his ...

  • WANTED: MACK BOLAN The police in every state are on the lookout for him. The FBI is on his trail. He's on the VIP list at the CIA and Interpol. There's virtually no law enforcement agency that isn't familiar with his name, and his game. But the...

  • SPECIAL OPERATOR! That's the word that goes out from the Philadelphia mob. The Philly underground is in danger of coming apart at the seams, rocked from within by a succession of power plays by ambitious lieutenants of aging capo Stefano Angeletti. T...

  • School for Assassins! The hot and arid island of Sicily is infamous as the birthplace of the Mafia. From this Mediterranean spawning ground the deadly forces of evil and corruption have spread to all points of the globe. In the U.S. the Mafia's in...

  • Hemmed in by killers, the Executioner fertilizes the Garden State with blood Mack Bolan bombs down the Jersey Turnpike in a stolen Mustang, a bullet lodged in his ribs and blood seeping down his leg. A dragnet is closing in on the Executioner, whose ...

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    Don Pendleton's The Godmakers A fantastic adventure into cosmic consciousness and the unknown... The United States government's executive intelligence gathering agency, the Inter-agency Intelligence Group, has largely supplanted the clumsy machinery ...

  • ONE NUMBER AT A TIME ... Texas was hard territory, a giant state with a Mafia operation to match. But Mack Bolan would handle it one number at a time. In order of appearance. A single man against well-armed killers. It was a hell of a way to live .....

  • $150 MILLION PLUS That's the mob's annual "take" in Detroit. Fact, not fiction. The Mafia has big muscles in autotown. 'V S fl NI 031NIEld Sure, the usual rackets and scams like gambling, prostitution, loansharking and such pull in plenty of ready c...

  • INTERMOB WAR! And Mack Bolan jumps right in the middle. On target in the center of the deadliest battle since the Mafia was destroyed in Boston. Now the Executioner hits New Orleans, and it will never be the same. The odds are long, but the time is ...

  • Mack Bolan's relentless one-man war on the Mafia has taken him on a cross-country, city-blitzing itinerary that has left various pockets of the mob's organization bleeding and in wild disarray. Of course, a single warrior can only do so much damage, ...

  • ON THE RAMPAGE The big picture window at the north wall popped and vibrated as something sizzled into that room and exploded into the face of Puli's escort, jerking the guy like a rag doll and sending pieces of him spraying everywhere. The window ...

  • ST LOUIS BLOWS! The show-me state of Missouri sees war in the Streets of St. Louis when the Executioner arrives to do battle with the local Mafia. And the New York mob has already sent reinforcements to aid the St. Luuis boys in their campaign to ...

  • "The most insidious and powerful elements of the America Mafia have moved into Montreal ... they have taken a firm grip on a situation that threatens to blow up friendly relations between Canada and the U.S.... a trade crisis develops ...political re...

  • IT IS A TRAP... And Bolan knows it. He also knows that these men are not the usual Mafia goons. This is a highly trained paramilitary team, armed with the most sophisticated weaponry. They are going to fight Bolan in his own style, and then some Th...

  • A MEXICAN SLAYRIDE! Take the most chic resort city in the Western Hemisphere, add some of the better-known names in American show biz, throw in a collection of top international politicians and industrialists, season the pot with a congress of the p...

  • Do or die in Dixie... Mack Bolan finds that the Mafia is moving over one billion dollars a year in stolen goods, drugs, and contraband along the Dixie Corridor into Atlanta. Then they repackage the hot stuff and sell it via seemingly legitimate mark...

  • PITTSFIELD REVISITED! Blitzkrieg! Blood and thunder! Fire and terror and death! These are the weapons of the man whom the whole world has come to know as The Executioner! Now he is back where it all began -- and perhaps this is where it shall inev...

  • MISSION UNTHINKABLE... Long live the king, the king is dead. Angie Marinello, Boss of All the Bosses, has paid the final tab to the Executioner. But from the ashes of Augie's defeat is rising a new and stronger syndicate -- better than ever. The b...

  • Bolan vs. Morello In the wake of Bolan's strike against Mafia headquarters in New York, the mob is experiencing its darkest hours -- its member families pulling back into semi-isolated territorial groups, concerned chiefly with their own survival. T...

  • Beat the Devil Hinshaw . . . Worthy . . . Morales -- names with ghostly echoes from Mack Bolan's military past. Add an abandoned combat training center in the Arizona wasteland, a kinky U.S. Senator, a badly soiled "businessman," a self-exiled Mafia...

  • Mack Bolan slams into Nashville, the golden capital of country music...and a new Mafia headquarters!...

  • Only Six Days The President of the United States had made Mack Bolan an offer he could not refuse... But it was one he couldn't accept, yet. The White House was concerned about the growing dangers of international terrorism and paramilitary threat...

  • Five Days To Go If this is Tuesday, it must be Southern California ...and the second day in the Executioner's all-out, go-for-broke blitz against the Mafia's stranglehold on America. Mack Bolan's daring California Concept involves the really big boy...

  • Four Days, and Counting... It is Wednesday of Bolan's Last Week, his finale against the Mafia. Three days down, four to go. After years of relentless warring on the mob, The Executioner had to attempt a mop-up operation with a seven-day deadline. A ...

  • Three Days Left It's Thursday of Bolan's Big Week ... four days etched in blood have been recorded, with three days left to complete his final deadline in the war against the Mafia. The Executioner visits Florida today, to seek and destroy whatever...

  • Two Days Left... Day Five of Mack Bolan's raging six-day Terminal Blitz takes this superb warrior into the new stronghold of the eastern Mafia forces! The town is Baltimore...the pace is frantic...and the situation is bloody as the Executioner smash...

  • The Last Day! This is it...the end of Mack Bolan's long second mile into hell...the day to end all days of the Executioner's one man war against the Mafia. If you were there in the beginning or at any point along the way, then you will certainly w...

  • Rescue or terminate... Bolan's mission: rescue and evacuate the American agent known as Laconia ... or terminate him. Laconia had been tracking a group of Arab terrorists across three continents until he suddenly disappeared in the remote jungl...

  • Caught in the crossfire... It began in Beverly Hills outside a typical neighborhood mansion ...a savage shootout between Mack Bolan and a crew of Mafia hitmen. This was followed by the kidnapping of a Washington diplomat... and Bolan was on his way...

  • Mack is back! The call to Mack Bolan is urgent, almost frantic. Rosario Blancanales's kid sister, Toni, has been raped and beaten --but at least she is still alive, unlike the five other victims whose throats were slashed by the Minneapolis maniac...

  • Mercy Mission: POW As Bolan jumped into the blackness, he thought of that terrible day thirteen years earlier when The Executioner left the war-torn jungles of Vietnam for home, to bury his parents and sister. Now he was returning as Colonel Phoen...

  • A chilling congress of killers The daughter of a top U.S. hi-tech contractor had been kidnapped in Algiers--a classic terrorist act in broad daylight. It looked like the girl's father was about to give the perpetrators what they wanted: a low-y...

  • Warning: Black Death! The disappearance of a leading U.S. biochemist was handled routinely by the Department of Justice... until their agent on the case was found dead in Florida, his body ravaged by a plague bacillus. Enter Mack Bolan. The mur...

  • He deals in death Frank Edwards, a busted CIA agent, was trafficking with terrorists in Europe. His illegal-weapons' supplier was a Defense Department contractor in Massachusetts. His European connection was a high-ranking British Intelligence off...

  • Mack is mad as all hell This time, all the stops were out. Mack Bolan became a single-minded, death-spewing avenger the minute Eve disappeared.... Someone he cared about, Eve had been swallowed up by the voracious bloodthirst of international t...

  • Love means ‘death to all others’! Using the American tradition of freedom of religion as a smoke screen, a cultist group had gone mad in the streets of San Francisco. People were being slaughtered in the name of a bizarre new sacrilege, The Univ...

  • A headlong rush into Hell No human can go on forever without respite. But even on well-earned R & R in the pristine wilderness, Mack Bolan is again called to the howling hellgrounds of justice and death. Through the steep-walled canyons of Idah...

  • Flying into the face of terror! Mack Bolan knew it was now or never-never land as he reached for the ejection-seat handle. He rocketed into the night above the exploding fighter jet... and directly into the path of his pursuer's lead-spitting plan...

  • Let the bastards beware! Crazed communist killers had the Italian government and NATO in a stranglehold. The terrorists were, literally, holding trump-- the wife and infant daughter of a high-ranking U.S. Army officer. The bloodthirsty vermin ha...

  • Deadlier than the Mafia! An American computer expert was cut down on a dark street in front of Mack Bolan's eyes. Within hours The Executioner was on his way to Japan, where he faced fanatical hatreds that were keener than a swordblade. Alone i...

  • High-altitude horror A terrorist organization coiled within the crannies of the Colorado Rockies was creating venomous drugs that cause mind surrender, then death. The entire United States is in peril of becoming a terminal rest home. Mack Bola...

  • A world in flames Carnage is unleashed on a horrifying scale throughout the United States, triggered by an international troika of terror. The President calls for dirty war. Mack Bolan blasts into action with his paramilitary strike squads, Pho...

  • Through the gates of madness! Bolan was up against a master adversary -- Paradine. The terrorist tsar, presumed dead after an earlier encounter with The Executioner, had returned with a vengeance. Paradine has hijacked a plane filled with an in...

  • Live Free or Kill! A foreign terrorist group had taken over a small island off the coast of Maine as a conduit for the importation of men and arms into the U.S. To ensure the secrecy of their hardsite, the criminals needed the help of the local...

  • Heliground hostage: April Rose Violence was inevitable when America's most vicious leftist group, the Weatherman, switched sides and resurfaced on the far Right. The beautiful April Rose had made contact with one of the terrorists, a former cam...

  • Bolan and the Force A soldier-for-hire named Scarr led a troop of Cubans back into the darkest heart of Africa. Scarr and his band of renegade mercs, under the control of the KGB, had returned to retrieve a fortune buried there by mercenaries year...

  • Treachery below deck Lutfi, a master terrorist, had commandeered the largest oil tanker in the world. The vandal threatened to blow up the ship and turn the Mediterranean into a giant oil slick. Mack Bolan boarded the tanker as a one-man assaul...

  • Assault on Algiers! A federal government agent was missing, a very special agent. Mack Bolan found her in a chicken coop in Kansas. At first the sultry beauty did not recognize Mack. At first she could only moan. Her name was Smiley Dublin, a Range...

  • A trap! So much for undercover operations, thought Bolan. His nighttime parachute drop into Thailand had become an open secret. Enemy gunfire zeroed in on his position. It was survival time in the jungle again! The Executioner was in Southeast ...

  • Stony Man smashed! Mack Bolan sensed danger when he lost contact with Stony Man Farm. The Phoenix fortress in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains should be impenetrable. But was it? Bolan returned home to find the Stony stronghold's security violat...

  • From Nam to the loneliest war... Mack Bolan always knew he was right for the job. A soul-toughening sojourn in a hell called Nam taught him that an evil Hydra was out to rape the world and eat it whole. Nothing was stopping it. Someone had to, and...

  • Mack is back with a vengeance! Mack Bolan returns from Russia to find the CIA has lifted its liquidation mandate. He is granted a stay of execution--for twelve hours. But no one can stay The Executioner's hand as he sets out on his mission of r...

  • KILL MACK BOLAN Bolan, bereaved and all but beaten, stands in the shambles of Stony Man Farm. The legendary warrior, whose sacred mission began in the jungles of Vietnam and who came home to battle the savage mob in the urban jungle, now faces an ...

  • Bloody flight to freedom! America has known all along of the POWs' existence in a Cambodian camp. But Washington refuses to acknowledge the documented proof. The League of Families--a group desperate to see the prisoners freed, and sick of bein...

  • Red Alert: The World Midnight. Suddenly the Moscow sky bursts into broad daylight. Eight hours later a similar flash also bathes Washington, D.C., in its glaring spill. Twenty-five thousand miles above the two capitals, exploding hydrogen warhe...

  • Is Beirut burning? Mack Bolan learns that archenemy Greb Strakhov is in Lebanon. The Executioner has a personal vendetta with the KGB terror merchant. Bolan's mission is twofold: to settle the score with Strakhov, and to avenge the 240 U.S. Mar...

  • Spirit of the heartland Mack Bolan, wounded and run to earth, is trapped in an isolated Kansas farmhouse. Outside, the dogs of death are waiting for nightfall before they rip him apart. As a hired killer, The Cowboy" sells his services only to ...

  • HOSTAGED MIND Lasers! The word holds a promise for peace in the world. And the U.S. is twenty years ahead of its nearest rival in the latest use of the device. But the secret of this technology lies in the tangled psyche of a former POW, brainwashed...

  • Iron curtain call! A crack Soviet scientist has invented a computer that can "think" like a human being. And the West sees the development as a lethal threat if this brilliant mind is allowed to remain in the U.S.S.R. Disenchanted with the Russ...

  • NEW MIAMI WAR! Rumors and rumbles of a Cuban exile connection with the Mafia crime machine in Miami have come to Bolan's ears. The Executioner enters an old battleground, only to find hordes of Cuban outcasts crowding the city center, and the teemin...

  • "This land is min..." The Syrians are seeking territorial control of the Middle East, and they have a plan to annex Israel and drive the Israelis into the sea. The Syrian weapon: canisters of deadly nerve gas stolen from the United States. B...

  • THE RUSSIANS WANT AFGHANISTAN But not its people. And a Soviet cannibal has found a weapon to annihilate the populace--a chemical called Devil's Rain. With intel supplied by a CIA spook, Mack Bolan leads a unit of the feared mujahedeen, the ...

  • BLOOD TIES Mack Bolan, nemesis of human evil, has come full circle. The unending odyssey of a blood-filled career pits him face-to-face once more against his oldest foe. After an uneasy sleep, the Mafia is disturbed by rumbles of Bolan's return...

  • BOLAN GOES TO JAIL! The Executioner poses as a convict to spring a man marked for death by a mystery assassin. Mack Bolan wants to know why a petty embezzler is the target of an international hit man. But Bolan's plan is foiled by a group known...

  • THERE'S A WILD CARD IN VEGAS The Mafia, the Japanese yakuza and the Vegas Old Guard each want control of the city. Mack Bolan is the new player and he's dealing in death, with skills learned in a hell called Nam and honed to a sharp edge in the...

  • A TIME BOMB IS TICKING IN IRAN Ayatollah Khomeini, a power-mad tyrant. is using religion to mesmerize his people and enforce his crazed will. Thousands of Iranians are butchered in acts that are pitching the country into a relentless downward s...

  • THE ROOTLESS AND THE RUTHLESS Each year thousands of teenage runaways are cast adrift in Hollywood. Lured by the lights of the city of illusion, many of these "chickens'. wind up in porno flicks. And many of them wind up dead -- as snuff-film vict...

  • SOMEONE MUST DIE Mack Bolan knows the Cuban security force has programmed the kidnapped daughter of a U.S. senator to kill. But he doesn't know who her victim will be. The Executioner can't let the huntress succeed. Even if it means clashing w...

  • THE LONE WOLD VS THE LOAN SHARKS The bloody trail of a loan sharking operation in Oregon leads Mack Bolan to a massive shipload of illegal arms bound for Portland. Bolan refuses to consider the cost in innocent lives if the weapons fall into M...

  • SCHOOL FOR SLAUGHTER A new wave of crime is rocking the stability of France. And each incident is made to look like the work of foreign terrorists. But the atrocities are only part of a more ambitious plan. In a desolate highland region, Mack B...

  • CROWNING THE CAPO OF CRIME Mack Bolan persuades a Mafia target to betray the brotherhood, as a trade for a new life in the federal witness program. But the Mob snatches the informant before he has a chance to "sing." The trail of the traitor le...

  • FALL OF THE DRUG LORDS Mack Bolan answers a journalist's desperate cry for help, but arrives in Florida to find the reporter mysteriously murdered. And clues left by the man lead to a billion-dollar drug empire. Narcotics smugglers seem to be a...

  • IT WAS A WAR THAT ATE MEN'S SOULS Five men break all the rules to fight the Vietnam War according to their own moral vision. To these five Conghunting, mud-eating dog soldiers, rank means nothing. Mack Bolan, Gunsmoke Harrington, Whispering Dea...

  • ANATOMY OF A BLOOD DEBT A Mafia hit team is trying to gain control of St. Louis. The Executioner is only too aware that if the attack succeeds, it would be a major setback in his everlasting war. Mack Bolan returns to the Missouri killground to sett...

  • CHINA -- A STINKING PLACE TO DIE IN! Word from the sewer says that Bolan's sworn enemy, Greb Strakhov, is about to surface in Peking. Rumor links his presence there with a deadly new bacteria. The deathmongers face off in an ancient land: Russi...

  • FOR EXPORT ONLY: CRIME The KGB makes an offer to the European Mafia that it cannot refuse: create a single worldwide syndicate in return for an unlimited arms supply. The Russians believe that such a crime force would destabilize the West, pavi...

  • RACE WITH DEATH Enemy bullets have left Mack Bolan seriously wounded. Weak from blood loss and with a fever approaching danger point, he has to keep running without medical aid. Faceless gunners relentlessly pursue the Executioner across the U....

  • BLUEPRINT TO ARMAGEDDON The militant brother of an Arab ruler has kidnapped a brilliant young American. And Mack Bolan knows that in wrong hands the teenager's knowledge of nuclear devices could change the course of history. The Executioner fac...

  • Meet Ashton Ford He's been a spy and a naval officer. A scholar and an adventurer. A man whose knowledge of cryptology and philosophy is exceeded only by his capability with handguns. But what Ashton Ford does best is hardly so conventional. You see,...

  • LAW REFORM -- BOLAN STYLE A police chief betrays his code of honor to the Mafia and tries to persuade fellow officers to accept money from the Mob. Those who refuse are killed. Through all his miles along the hellfire trail, the Executioner has alwa...

  • HIJACK! FLIGHT 741 Departs Munich for New York. It will never arrive. Beneath the scorching Mideast sun, a nightmare begins to come true as Flight 741 sits like a silver coffin at Beirut International Airport. U.S. foreign policy is on the l...

  • FROZEN HELL Mack Bolan, exhausted by the firestorm that is his life, decides to take a well-deserved R and R. But instead of some tropical resort, the Executioner plans to challenge nature's whims in the depths of an Icelandic glacier. On a perilous...

  • JUDGMENT DAY I am not their judge. I am their judgment. I am their executioner. With those words Mack Bolan, a Vietnam hero, embarked on an odyssey of blood that would mark him as the most controversial warrior of modern times. With ultimate fa...

  • Meet Don Pendleton's Ashton Ford..Psychic Detective, a Renaissance man with special supernatural powers. In EYE TO EYE, both America's and Russia's most brilliant astronomers and space scientists have mysteriously vanished. The CIA, KGB, and Ashton F...

  • ACADEMY OF DEATH The bizarre killing of an ex-Vietnam buddy brings Mack Bolan to a military academy in California. In his role as survival instructor at the school, the Executioner uncovers a plot so sinister, it rivals any atrocity he has yet enc...

  • LOADED FOR BEAR Mack Bolan agrees to bury the hatchet with the CIA to help an imperiled Company mole in Moscow. Under official U.S. sanction the Executioner penetrates the Kremlin with a personal vendetta in mind. Bolan ends the blood feud ...

  • TERROR AT DAWN A high-speed train races across the Italian countryside on the overnight run from Rome to Vienna. Suddenly a powerful explosion rips through the predawn darkness, buckling coaches and derailing the express. The toll: sixty dea...

  • DESTROYING A NATION'S FUTURE Someone is stealing America's children, and the disappearances are shattering the structure of U.S. society, leaving families in total despair. With the police and federal agencies handcuffed by laws and procedures,...

  • SPECTER OF A DIRTY WAR Vietnam, the conflict that spawned heroes and rogues, still haunts America. Years after the war, a renegade CIA adviser from Nam reopens an opium pipeline he had started in Southeast Asia, using the profits to supply arms...

  • TARGET: ISRAEL Israel--a nation born of war and nurtured under siege--is the target for a daring raid by a Palestinian suicide squad. More than six thousand miles away in a Florida safehouse, Mack Bolan learns of the plot from a mortally wounde...

  • NUCLEAR REACTION A series of "accidents" at nuclear power stations across the United States is destabilizing America's energy program. In the fallout of this highly complex plot, the United States will be forced to rely on Third World oil, oil ...

  • ALASKAN KILLHUNT The KGB has sent a murder squad to silence an agent who defected to the U.S. But the CIA is holding the Russian, and they hope to trade him for two Company operatives caught selling military secrets to the Soviets. Mack Bolan wants ...

  • ASSASSIN Not since the Jackal has an assassin cast such a shadow of fear over the political elite of Europe. Baraka operates with cold efficiency. He is a man who has been programmed to kill, a man who leaves no footprints and whose tradecraft is ...

  • BLOOD ON THE GINZA Billowing clouds of smoke violate the neon glow of the Nishi-Ginza when an explosion rips through one of Tokyo's crowded pachinko parlors. It's a deadly beginning to a trail of deceit and revenge that leads Mack Bolan to a gr...

  • Ashton Ford has special powers, powers some call supernatural. A former naval intelligence officer, Ford will shatter your ideas of reality. What intrigued Ashton Ford about this sadistically brutal Jane Doe case was that there were no clues except a...

  • FRIENDSHIP TWO MEN take the same pledge- o see justice done. Mack Bolan, a self-styled executioner, made his 'I vow in silence and alone. Hal Brognola took his oath for all America to see. Hunter and prey in former years, they are now lifelong fri...

  • CLASH OF THE GLADIATORS On a hot August night in a small U.S. town, a high-powered rifle cracks out five times. Five men are executed, without trial or jury. The shots will have a profound effect on the lives of two people: the gunman, Mack Bol...

  • AN EAGLE FOR THE KILLING A covert clique within the U.S. military is set to launch an all-out war in Central America. This secret cabal of generals believes the American people are being betrayed by a soft U.S. government. Their idea is to stage ...

  • BEAR HUNT One U.S. pilot in exchange for three Bulgarians convicted of spying. It was a routine swap between the superpowers--until the American vanishes on his first night in the States. Mack Bolan is brought in to track down the fugitive flie...

  • THE ENEMY BELOW The savage murder of a U.S. diplomat leads Mack Bolan to Italy and into the deadly domain of a former enemy -- the reborn Red Justice Column. From its headquarters in the labyrinthine catacombs beneath the streets of Rome, this kille...

  • Meet Ashton Ford, Psychic Detective ... Private Investigator Ashton Ford has special powers, powers some call supernatural. A former naval intelligence officer, Ford will shatter your ideas of reality and take you into a mystical world of vision, i...

  • DEATH TREK TO BANGKOK America's most horrible plague is given new life when a deadly batch of heroin hits the streets of New York. Mack Bolan traces the source to the Golden Triangle and finds himself in the clutches of a powerful syndicate in Thail...

  • A thin white line to nowhere Drug czar Diego Cardona understands the allure of cocaine, how it enslaves a man's soul. He has spent his life scheming his way to the top of a vast narcotics empire, brutally eliminating his competitors to protect his i...

  • CRIME. VIOLENCE. CORRUPTION. DIRTY TRICKS. NASTY SECRETS...ALL IN A DAY'S WORK. Joe Copp's heard all the jokes about his name. He's heard and seen a lot of things. Things you wouldn't believe. Things they edit out of the late night news. Joe wa...

  • EMERALD ISLE CONSPIRACY British engineers are developing a revolutionary supersonic pursuit plane with VTOL capability. The Pentagon is determined to collaborate with their allies, but intelligence has revealed that U.S.-U.K. relations are about t...

  • DESERT SIEGE A private army of killers bursts across the Mexican border into Arizona, seeking revenge for an attack on their narcotics stronghold. They discover their quarry holed up in a tiny desert town and issue an ultimatum: surrender the target ...

  • PRIMARY TARGET A professional hit team embarks on an odyssey of murder and mayhem that sweeps across America. What appear to be random killings are part of a diabolical plan for revenge. The next victim: a publicity-hungry politician who craves hi...

  • He's a government-trained spy and a former naval officer. A globe-hopping adventurer and unparalleled lover. But Ashton Ford also has special powers, powers people sometimes call supernatural, like his ability to see into the future -- and sometimes,...

  • DEATH HUNT Mack Bolan's soft probe into Soviet arms dealing soon exposes a much more sinister scheme. An elite force of Russian commandos has taken up secret residence in Scotland, bringing murder and intrigue to the quiet countryside. In the r...

  • HELL IN A HOSTILE LAND A ruthless army of young Communist fanatics prepares to unleash a series of terrorist atrocities throughout Red China. The brutal acts of sabotage, hijacking and assassination are designed to appear U.S. or Soviet backed, an...

  • INVISIBLE ASSASSIN A German-Arab alliance prepares to inflict a bloodbath on Europe, unparalleled in the previous four decades. The terrorist arm of the organization plans to use nuclear warheads and nerve gas to lay the groundwork for the rise of t...

  • APOCALYPSE! On January 23, 1986, millions watched in horror as the space shuttle Challenger exploded during takeoff. But NASA's greatest disaster was only a grim prelude to the nightmare to come. A conspiracy has taken root at the core of the U...

  • SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT When a human rights activist is brutally murdered in America's Deep South, his father's suspicions fall on the Aryan Vanguard, a close-knit brotherhood dedicated to the legacy of Adolf Hitler. Desperate to bring justice to h...

  • Private investigator Ashton Ford is hired by the husband of an aging--but still beautiful--movie star to help with his wife's obsessions with UFOs and the occult by disproving her convictions that someone, somewhere in space is calling her...

  • POWER PLAY Colonel Hector Alchupa is about to launch the most daring coup the lower Americas have ever seen. Backed by dirty money and corrupt officials, this man who would be king assembles five of the world's premier assassins in his Amazon ...

  • SEARCH AND DESTROY When a top-level Vietnamese diplomat is targeted for assassination, a New York cop gets caught in the cross fire and dies in the arms of his former war buddy, Mack Bolan. Bolan prowls the seedy back alleys of Little Saigon an...

  • ASSASSIN'S CREED The world is being held hostage, terrorized by fanatical mercenaries whose services are available to anyone who can pay the price. Intel from Stony Man Farm reveals that a zealous desert sheikh has resurrected the centuries-old...

  • UNDER THE GUN A ruthless army of renegade mercenaries, led by a Vietnam veteran, joins forces with international assassins to expand their U.S.-based arms-dealing operation. But the ex-soldier's reputation for deception and double cross finally jeop...

  • Mason Harlow trafficks in death A renegade spook turned arms trader, Mason Harlow has one foot in Langley, the other in hell. If it kills or maims, he can get it for you--for the right price. Life's been good to Harlow--he's got it all: a horse...

  • FAMILY BUSINESS To avoid federal prosecution, high-ranking members of the Giancarlo Family turn state's evidence against Benito Villani, Chicago's biggest crime boss. But when a security leak permanently silences two of the witnesses, one Fed decide...

  • Don Pendleton's Private Investigator, Joe Copp is drawn into the corporate halls and backlots of Hollywood, behind the glamorous facade of the movie industry. The down-and-dirty scenario of death and mayhem becomes the focal point of the whole bloody...

  • DEATH RUN Mack Bolan's probe into a secret European escape network uncovers a much more sinister scheme: the Mafia plans to take over the operation and extend its pipeline of corruption across the Globe. Posing as an escaped convict anxious to ...

  • California killing fields Ngo Tien, ruthless king of Orange County's Asian underworld, has built his empire of drugs, prostitution and pornography by extorting the people he pretends to serve: the refugees of Southern California's Vietnamese commu...

  • HEAVY TRAFFIC A powerful cartel of Colombians tightens its stranglehold on the U.S. cocaine trade despite efforts of the DEA to infiltrate the organization. In a desperate bid to cut off the supply at the source, Washington sends one man to wag...

  • RETURN TO VIETNAM A covert CIA operation to locate American MIAs held captive in Southeast Asia turns sour when Langley's recon operative disappears. Washington knows that Mack Bolan is the man who can find him. But the red dust of South Vietna...

  • LABOR PAINS The brutal elimination of several small-time Mexican coyotes and the discovery of a boxcar full of dead illegals tell the Arizona Border Patrol that something big is up--someone is trying to corner the market in cheap labor. It's a ...

  • DIRTY MONEY One of America's most powerful corporations is selling war, reaping huge profits by dealing in arms with anyone who can pay the price. No intelligence source has been able to find out who or what is behind the shadowy dealer. With t...

  • GUERRILLA WAR Aggressive, primitive and violent, the Shining Path murders in the name of freedom. Fanatical terrorists who are trying to destroy Peru's government, the Path's "low budget" warfare has suddenly turned high-tech--someone is selling t...

  • POWER PLAY The murder of the king of Saudi Arabia turns the entire Gulf area into a powder keg. Officially the U.S. government's hands are tied. Unofficially the - President wants to know who's behind the assassination--and he wants the killer ter...

  • SOULS FOR SLAUGHTER Suspicions about the existence of a nationwide Satanic "mafia," which deals in drugs, pornography and contract killings, are growing. The atrocities committed by psychopaths and serial killers are being linked to these devil wo...

  • WILD CARD Special surveillance on a top Star Wars systems designer turns into a vital security mission for Mack Bolan. Intel predicts an imminent Russian strike on the munitions man. It's up to the Executioner to stop it. But the cryptic words ...

  • MISSING LINK An American agent is gunned down in Luxembourg before he reveals the code to a hologram that contains the blueprint for a sweeping Mafia takeover in Europe. The Mob wants in on what the U.S. government knows. They're certain that one ...

  • A DEADLY BALANCE One by one. the top officials of international intelligence agencies are murdered, spearheading a new wave of terrorist atrocities throughout Western Europe. The White Front is using acts of violence in an effort to destabilize go...

  • Joe Copp is hired by old buddy ex-cop Tom Chase to protect him from the FBI. Chase is the security chief for a defense contractor, and Uncle Sam is following him and setting up his executives for a sting. Sure enough, two of them are stung...permanen...

  • TROPIC HELL A hard probe into a cocaine pipeline leads Mack Bolan to a Caribbean drug lord and into a shadowy KGB conspiracy. Increased Soviet activity on the island of Grenada points to something more sinister than drug trafficking--and much more...

  • THE LIBYAN CONNECTION A new crowd of heroin suppliers have muscled and murdered their way into American and European markets. The drugs are coming in from the Middle East, transported through troubled waters by Libyan gunboats, ignored by the U.S....

  • ISLAND HEAT Ravaged by years of tyranny, Haiti is a hellhole of poverty, disease and violence. The new ruling military junta plans to change that - with some assistance from the Mafia. The syndicate's proposed face-lift would turn the island into ...

  • INTO THE FIRE The pro-American Sudanese government in Khartoum has been overthrown in a Libyan-backed military coup. The trump card against U.S. interference: three hostages. The military won't touch it -- a commando force tried and failed. One Fe...

  • OUT IN THE COLD Mack Bolan is on the avenging trail of a drug baron in Hamburg, when the sudden appearance of a big-time American syndicate hit man puts the Executioner on a lethal sidetrack. Evidence of a growing Mafia protection-extortion racket...

  • OLD ENEMIES NEVER DIE An undercover Fed is murdered at Boston's Logan Airport while investigating a Mob-backed network of air cargo hijackings. When Mack Bolan learns that the agent was a friend, he returns home to renew his war of attrition again...

  • OUT OF THE ASHES In the heat of an upcoming U.S.-Soviet summit. a dozen people in the Washington, D.C., Federal Witness Protection Program are executed. While acting as a security consultant for the President, Mack Bolan starts digging -- and disc...

  • FINAL SALE A renegade mercenary calling himself the Major has cornered the violence-for-profit market, selling state-of-the-art death to anyone willing to pay. Now he's moving into a higher grade of merchandise: nuclear weapons -- manufactured wit...

  • SINS OF THE FATHER Unknown to Dominick Fontanelli, the subsidiaries of his multinational corporation have become fronts for major Mob activities, thanks to his father's ties to organized crime. But a fatal error in judgment by the old man forces D...

  • A PIGEON FOR THE KILLING The major mover in the cocaine trade has always escaped U.S. government indictment. Now, with a little persuasion from the DEA, the drug king's top lieutenant has turned stoolie. His testimony will topple a million-dollar ...

  • WINNER LOSE ALL In a push to seize control of East Coast cocaine distribution from Mob hands, a Colombian drug lord has turned the Miami-New York interstate into a killing zone. Innocent citizens are the victims of his ruthless campaign to elimina...

  • CONTRACT The Mob is muscling in on New York's building trade, their web of corruption extending from union racketeering to controlling supplies. The law seems powerless to stop it, and the ruthless Five Families are playing rougher by the minute. ...

  • WAR WOUNDS Soldiers attached to a CIA-sanctioned death squad in Vietnam, reportedly killed in action, are now turning up dead. This time for real. Their names are being systematically obliterated from the war memorial in Washington, D.C. The lid i...

  • FOREIGN BODIES While chasing down leads on a missing shipment of deadly warfare chemicals in Bulgaria, Mack Bolan decides to check out an offshore oil rig -- a suspect operation that may have cost a U.S. agent and a planeful of innocent passengers...

  • LONDON BLITZ A powerful group of contractors is building an undersea tunnel to link Britain with the rest of Europe--a project vital to British national and economic security. But deliberate acts of sabotage have left workers dead, fueling antigov...

  • VALLEY OF DEATH A terrorist hunt through the streets of New York puts Mack Bolan on to a much more urgent crisis. A Shiite-Mafia drug connection, ruled by a powerful cartel of fanatics and independent warlords, is preparing to supply huge quantiti...

  • PRIVATE EYE JOE COPP HATES THE DARK ... ESPECIALLY WHEN HIS ONLY COMPANY IS A KILLER Ex-cop Joe Copp takes a case, and he's not even sure who he's working for. Surrounded by a cast of frightened actors, and the theater's gorgeous director, he's bo...

  • THE DEADLY SKIES America's top-secret prototype helicopter - a flying arsenal of high-tech death - is maneuvering for a test kill when the aircraft suddenly erupts into a fireball. Sabotage is suspected, but the evil mole is well hidden. Mack B...

  • THE HUNTER Mack Bolan's war takes him south of the border, following a trail he thinks will lead him to the heart of the Medellin drug cartel. Saddled with a bush-league mercenary coerced into fingering key Medellin strike zones, the Executioner i...

  • WINNER TAKE ALL A quick strike on a new cocaine pipeline flooding Miami puts Mack Bolan in the middle of a pressure cooker ready to explode. And the Executioner wants to make sure the right people burn. Mafia-backed bikers, the DEA, their FBI w...

  • RUNNING INTERFERENCE Following a tip on a drug run off the coast of Miami, Mack Bolan kicks open a hornet's nest. A dead courier turns out to be a government spook working free-lance for a Nicaraguan power monger, who is running drugs to finance t...

  • RETURN TO TERROR Worldwide thefts of massive amounts of radioactive material have plunged Mack Bolan into the globe's greatest terrorist threat. Bolan is there when a French convoy of fissionable plutonium is violently taken, and he knows what the en...

  • BLOOD RED, CHINA WHITE An anonymous assassin is knocking off Mob kingpins--and Mack Bolan is getting the blame. At the center of a syndicate shipping uncut China white to the States lurks a phantom hitman whose life's obsession is to see Bolan bur...

  • DEADLY SEAS Mack Bolan begins a soft probe into the suspected cartel-related death of an undercover federal agent. Rusty links in the drug chain lead him to a fellow avenger in the narcotics wars, and into a sideline mission as troubleshooter on a...

  • RED SUN RISING Japanese-held businesses in the U.S. are being systematically annihilated and innocent people are dying. A joint CIA-Justice Department investigation in Tokyo is turning into a house of cards -- compromised by leaks. dangerously mou...

  • LAND OF DEATH Torn by political struggles and underground revolution, the Philippines are wide open to powermongers and would-be messiahs. Now the deadliest and most elusive terrorist-bomber in the world stalks its crowded streets, plotting an act...

  • UNFINISHED BUSINESS There's vermin on the streets of Chicago, and Mack Bolan is sent in as exterminator. He's got the right equipment... a .44 Magnum Desert Eagle and a lifelong vendetta against men like Hector Gurrola. The drug lord rules an e...

  • SECRETS AGENT While the world watches videotaped "confessions" of a top CIA operative being held prisoner in the Republic of Tongasa, Mack Bolan embarks on a rescue mission in that African country and uncovers a nightmare: Acid Bath. A brain-dr...

  • NO OPTIONS A new faction of Irish freedom fighters known as the Curran Brigade is in fact a group of ruthless terrorists using patriotism as a front for a horrifying conspiracy. Financing a growing arsenal of sophisticated weapons by drug smugglin...

  • NO TERMS Horrifying film footage of the hanging, lifeless body of a U.S. Marine colonel executed by Middle East terrorists stuns the nation--and propels Mack Bolan into action. The President wants aboveboard negotiations only and issues a direc...

  • STONY MAN FIREPOWER The White House war on drugs has run into a snag. Customs and the DEA don't have the muscle to counter the bureaucratic stalls and paper shuttling. Now it's Stony Man's turn. The Feds are betting everything this time. The Execu...

  • CITY OF FEAR New York, long a narcotics-trading hotspot, explodes with war. The Colombian cartel members, infamous kings of cocaine, are facing their fiercest competition yet. A new breed of heartless killers and dealers have swept in from Vietnam...

  • Acting Police Chief of the overdeveloped, out-of-control town of Brighton, California, laid-back ex-cop and private eye Joe Copp must contend with stress on the job when five policemen are found dead twenty-four hours after he takes charge. Reprint....

  • JUNGLE HEAT Thailand's border explodes with violent conflict. Ruthless Khmer Rouge guerrillas are herding hundreds of refugees to be marched to Kampuchea and used as slaves... or worse. Now, however, the guerrillas have gone too far. A State Depar...

  • STONY MAN Nestled in the hills of Virginia, equipped wit-state-of-the-art intelligence hardware, tracking devices and weapons, sits Stony Man Farm. Sanctioned by the President, it's run by a dedicated SOG man -- with a computer genius and a brilliant...

  • FINISH LINE In a daring plan to strike a crippling blow to the Medellin cartel, Mack Bolan, Phoenix Force and Able Team are forged into a supreme fighting unit with a ten-day mission to turn the tide in America's war on drugs. Dispatched to the...

  • DEATH ON THE WIND A cure for a raging disease suddenly goes wrong and becomes far worse than the disease itself. Inside an isolated research center, the new viral nightmare is contained by a Japanese scientist while he seeks a solution. If it gets...

  • HIGH STAKES The upsurge in high-grade heroin on the West Coast is ringing alarm bells all over Washington. It's clear there's a new player at the table, someone setting up a Turkish heroin pipeline through Pakistan. One man's war just found a new ...

  • MIAMI BATTLE ZONE War erupts in South Florida. Mack Bolan is summoned by old friends to battle a wave of terror in underground Miami. It will be a surgical operation, performed quickly and fatally without attracting undue police attention. The ...

  • Backed by state-of-the-art Intelligence hardware and weapons, Stony Man is the nerve center for the most elite commandos anywhere: Mack Bolan, Able Team and Phoenix Force -- fighting for justice -- any way they can. They enter the complex arena of hi...

  • STATE OF EMERGENCY For two hundred years, Hawaii has been a melting pot of pleasure and sin. Now, the pot is boiling over. The Yakuza, lords of the Japanese underworld, and the ruthless Chinese Triads have declared war for total control of America...

  • HOME FIRES America comes under siege as a frighteningly efficient group of unknown terrorists begin hitting the nation's biggest cities with stunning impact, turning them into war zones and graveyards, then vanishing into the night. No one know...

  • GRAVE CONSEQUENCES A consortium of corrupt electronics tycoons is set to make a killing by sponsoring the sale of ultrasecret military hardware to anyone with the cash. One of their targets is a man with one foot in the grave, an occult-obsessed d...

  • TIME WARRIORS A lightning strike against the Japanese underworld finds Mack Bolan the target of a secret army of extremists. Part religious cult, part crime clan, the Unseen Powers share an insane vision of restoring Japan's feudal glory. But firs...

  • HEADHUNTER A DEA special agent has sufficient evidence to wipe out the notorious Lima drug cartel. But when his plane crashes on Grand Cayman Island in the Caribbean, the head of the cartel dispatches a squad of gunners to silence the agent -- and...

  • DIE HARD A soft probe into a shadowy right-wing terrorist organization leads Mack Bolan to Seattle and another group that rules by fear, money and the blood of innocent victims -- the Mafia. The Mob's million-dollar price tag on Bolan's head st...

  • ARMS AND THE MAN America's leading defense contractors are hit by catastrophic acts of sabotage. The Feds suspect a ruthless scheme backed by dirty men and dirty money to control the weapons industry -- a scheme that could jeopardize U.S. national...

  • BLOOD RIVER Big-time drugs have hit the Ohio Valley. But when a terrorist group, in a ruthless show of force, tries to sabotage commerce on the great waterway, Mack Bolan suspects that the flow of narcotics down the mighty river is financing a muc...

  • Mack Bolan. Phoenix Force. Able Team. The most elite strike force in the world. Backed by the resources of Stony Man Farm, a sophisticated command base hidden deep in the Virginia forest, these combat specialists are forged into a hard-hitting, tacti...

  • DESERT RUMBLES America has destroyed the Iraqi war machine in the Mideast. Now It's payback time: Terrorist atrocities against the US. have citizens paralyzed with fear. Mack Bolan and Phoenix Force are dispatched to the Persian Gulf, while Able T...

  • STRIKE FORCE A ruthless Arab terrorist force has pushed its campaign of fear into high gear, spreading its message in blood across America -- and feeding daily propaganda to a hungry news machine. With an agenda of their own, Mack Bolan and the St...

  • PRIVATE EYE JOE FOR MURDER Someone shaved Copp's head with a bullet. When he comes to, he can't remember his own name. The basics come back fast, but the facts aren't pretty. A beautiful woman lies dead in the L.A. County Morgue, killed with Copp'...

  • YOUNG BLOOD Hunting season never closes on the mean streets of San Francisco's Hunter's Point -- a hellzone of violent crime, crack shacks and teenage triggermen. Here, modern gang war means strafing school yards with machine-gun fire. The innoce...

  • DOOMSDAY COUNTDOWN An Arab conspiracy backed by Soviet firepower has launched an all-out strike against the U.S. with a massive wave of terrorist atrocities. The President has sanctioned Mack Bolan, Phoenix Force and Able Team, America's elite ant...

  • KNIGHT STALKER A small African nation comes under siege when its president and his cabinet are kidnapped by a band of ruthless guns for hire. Their leader is a glory-seeking, modern-day Teutonic warrior who wields a machine pistol instead of a sword....

  • HIDDEN TARGET Advance-Tech Arms supplies state-of-the art ammo and hardware to a client list that includes the world's most ruthless terrorists. Now, owner Gus Webster has something big going down, stockpiling enough arms to launch an invasion. ...

  • PRIME EVIL U.S. officials suspect a conference in the Netherlands is a target for a terrorist attack. The area needs a preemptive strike and Mack Bolan is the man for the job. The key players are all in place: a defecting Czech physicist, a kin...

  • DESERT SHOWDOWN What civilization has feared most since Hitler is about to happen: deadly technology reaching the hands of a madman. His name: Ahmed Faisal Khan. The unstable dictator of the United Islamic Republic has come into possession of adva...

  • DESERT STORM Mack Bolan's soft probe into terrorist atrocities on Israel's West Bank goes hard courtesy of an American-grown Zionist group called the Samson Warriors. A growing embarrassment to the U.S. government, these extremists have brought th...

  • Possessing superior military efficiency and state-of-the-art weapons. Stony Man is more effective than all of the combined forces of law enforcement in the Western world. A unit of combat-ready commandos -- Mack Bolan with Able Team and Phoenix Force...

  • COLD WAR U.S. Intel has uncovered a plot to import a crack team of Mideast terrorists into the West. Mack Bolan is called into action to stop these renegades from unleashing unbridled terror in America's backyard. An initial strike at a Califor...

  • TROPIC SNOW A desperate cry for help sends Mack Bolan to the Far East and Australia to plug an expanding heroin pipeline run by the Chinese mafia. Sydney feels the heat of the first strike in an effort to crush the Triads and stem the flow of Chin...

  • SNAKE PIT Hoshab Nassim, a ruthless Mideast leader, is holding eight international hostages, one a top-level CIA operative. Soon there will be "trials" followed by "executions." In the language of terrorism, Mack Bolan knows this means torture and...

  • REGIME OF TERROR Somewhere outside Munich. the kidnapped head of the CIA is being brainwashed, while in the hills of Bavaria. a secret gathering of Aryan supremacists puts Mack Bolan on the trail of the free world's worst nightmare: a cabal determ...

  • SAVAGE LAW Miami drug lord Antonio Espinosa wants to enter the Colombian big leagues via a ruthless Panamanian supplier. The DEA agent who discovers the plan is powerless to act and calls in an old friend from the Justice Department. Mack Bolan...

  • MACK ATTACK Fifteen Mexicans are gunned down execution-style while making an illegal crossing at the California-Baja border. Horrified by the atrocity, Johnny Bolan calls in big brother Mack to probe the incident. Intel reveals the trigger men ...

  • A covert command base hidden deep in the Virginia woods. Stony Man Farm takes its orders directly from the Oval Office. Backed by state-of-the-art intelligence-gathering and computer networks. Stony Man fields an elite team of combat-ready specialist...

  • Seven US citizens are abducted at gunpoint in Paris by an organization calling itself the Armenian People's Struggle. Mack Bolan is dispatched to France on a rescue mission with his only lead the terrorist believed to be the brains behind the atrocit...

  • D.C. DEATH ZONE Washington DC is rocked by sudden violence that's linked to a group of Vietnamese believed to have brought their freedom fight to American soil. But Mack Bolan's hard probe uncovers a conspiracy orchestrated by someone high up in t...

  • BERLIN BURNOUT Germany is still raw from forty years of Cold War. But someone is turning up the heat by assassinating top German citizens int he streets of Berlin. Evidence suggests that a dirty covert war is being waged between the superpowers, f...

  • FIRST BLOOD The Baltic has become a powder keg, and the fuse is communist North Haakovia. Its egomaniacal leader has an arsenal of nuclear and chemical weapons and an elite cell of terrorists. Unless the U.S. acts quickly, Eastern Europe will fall...

  • BLOOD MONEY The Brotherhood--an alliance between a North American Mafia family and a South American drug cartel--could spell doom for a newly free Russia. Fearing that a sudden crime wave might shift the balance of power back to Communism, the U.S...

  • BROTHERHOOD OF COURAGE Fighting has broken out in the Baltic and only U.S. involvement can avert World War III. Mack Bolan does double duty, protecting South Haakovia's new president and leading the country's defense against the onslaught by the N...

  • A state-of-the-art mission control unit operating with cutting-edge electronic and surveillance equipment in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Stony Man's hellfire warriors -- Mack Bolan, Able Team and Phoenix Force -- comprise an ultrasecret, s...

  • FINAL SALVO War rages in Eastern Europe and the superpowers are taking sides, facing off in a global disaster. As communist-led North Haakovia begins to lose its momentum with Mack Bolan leading the defense of the tree South. brutal dictator Frank...

  • CHANGING FACE OF EVIL Easy money and fast living have made Italy's kidnapping industry one of the most profitable -- and bloody -- in the underworld. Sinistra, a deadly organization extorting ransom from the wealthy, has mutated into something bigger...

  • NO IMMUNITY A Burmese delegate to the United Nations is smuggling heroin into the U.S. via diplomatic pouches. The Feds attempt to pursue the matter through official channels, but Mack Bolan knows that red tape is a poor weapon against the world's...

  • Standing on the front line of global terrorism, Stony Man's counterinsurgency apparatus is unparalleled in the world. Elite paramilitary commandos, superior electronics hardware and ultrasophisticated weaponry are at the President's disposal when cri...

  • TURKISH BLOODBATH A string of terrorist attacks against U.S. citizens in Turkey fuels America's demands for immediate action. The President orders Mack Bolan to eliminate the terrorist group called the Black Hand -- any way he can. Diplomatic r...

  • When members of the Blood Against Oppression terrorist group turn the French Riviera into a bloody killing ground and kidnap the daughter of the U.S. president, Mack Bolan intends to dispense justice. Original....

  • LETHAL WEAPON When valuable high-tech weaponry components are stolen from a U.S. electronics company, an undercover Fed suspects a technician from the firm. But soon after filing his report the agent is found dead and the employee has vanished. Th...

  • JUNGLE WARFARE Forca Militar is a frontier army, spawned in a no-man's-land of murder, trafficking and kidnapping. Occupying major cities from Brazil to the Caribbean, its killer legions are now headed for America's shores. Mack Bolan's counte...

  • UNFRIENDLY PERSUASION Driven by revenge, an ex-Soviet major is staging a strike against Afghanistan. His weapon of choice is a deadly nerve gas, concocted at the jungle base of a Laotian drug lord. Local CIA agents don't want any interference, ...

  • RISKY BUSINESS If Rosey Tosca can steal it, sell it or push it, he'll get a piece of it in Talville, Michigan. The small-time hood has turned major player in the flood of crime and corruption sweeping the nation. He's selling top-secret chemica...

  • LEAGUE OF KILLERS War has come back to the Old World, carried out by a former Romanian Securitate chief and his army of professional killers. Konrad Lorenz's underground railroad for ex-East Bloc secret policemen had amassed a lethal force to back...

  • KEYS TO DEATH A storm is brewing in Florida, involving the Romanian secret police, Castro's hardmen and the U.S. Mob. Key West is Mack Bolan's target of operations, where a stricken Romanian freighter holds the key to the mission. Sixty million...

  • With a combination of state-of-the-art technology, weapons and combat skills, the covert defense organization known as Stony Man battles the enemies of civilized man, fast and furious -- no negotiations, no treaties, no diplomacy. BARBARIANS AT TH...

  • TO KILL A KINGPIN Uzi-toting drug smugglers surprise and slaughter members of a DEA-led Special Forces RAT mission. And somewhere on the face of the earth, a gorgeous informant is counting her blood money while a sadistic drug lord called Rocha is...

  • FINAL SOLUTION While in Berlin on a Mafia search and destroy, Bolan uncovers not only a leak in the U.S.-German Intelligence pipeline, but also a covert cadre of ex-Soviets working with German neo-Nazis and other right-wing nationalists. A loos...

  • STONY MAN A desperate situation is brewing in Europe, putting top secret Stony Man defense teams in full metal jacket--on the battlefield and in the War Room at mission control base in Virginia. Mack Bolan's crack paramilitary commandos and the teams...

  • OUT OF BUSINESS The Colombians are moving into Jamaica and the U.S. asks Mack Bolan to shut down the operation. Bolan's mission goes sour from the start with a welcoming barrage of autofire and a gift of murdered DEA agents. The enemy is formid...

  • STOKING THE FLAMES The presence of neo-Nazis among Arab guerrillas at the Iraqi-Jordanian frontier indicates a sinister terrorist clique in the making and puts Washington on red alert. Mack Bolan hits the streets of Los Angeles, gunning for a para...

  • FIRES OF HATRED Washington has hard Intel linking Iraqi terrorists and white supremacists -- fanatics whose common agenda is hatred of Israel and the U.S. Mack Bolan's opening blitz In L.A. scattered American neo-Nazis, and now he's tracking his q...

  • THE ABYSS Ramon Iberra is a new breed narco dealer using the black arts as business "insurance." He's got Mexico's most powerful cult king on his payroll, offering grisly sacrifices any time there's a gang war brewing or a shipment to be protected...

  • In the field are elite tactical neutralization squads -- battle honed in an era of urban violence and global terrorism. Mission command in Virginia supplies state-of-the-art weapons and Intelligence. Operating under Presidential directive, Stony Man ...

  • WHITE-HOT CRUCIBLE Washington has uncovered one of the deadliest alliances the world has ever seen -- neo-Nazis in bed with Arab terrorists. A covert search-and-destroy campaign led by Mack Bolan has toppled the neo-Nazi power base. But the final ...

  • TRAIL OF BLOOD Mack Bolan follows a trail of cocaine to the hills of South Dakota where a hard probe places Virgil Detheridge in Bolan's line of fire. A Native American who is turning his ancestors' land into a hellground of drugs and death, De...

  • As conflict in the Middle East threatens to draw the United States into a world war, the Stony Man confronts a shadowy enemy with ties within his own agency, who possesses a powerful technology capable of rendering spy satellites inoperable. Original...

  • FLAMES OF WAR Long promised retribution for the Gulf War is set to explode throughout Oklahoma when a terrorist group plots to ignite the state's oil wells. Once the fiery carnage begins, it would be unstoppable. Mack Bolan must go under cover...

  • TERROR, INC. Former Nazi Bernhardt Ennslin reigns rich and untouchable over the largest cocaine manufacturing empire in South America. Now his "corporation" has extended its payroll to an army of seasoned terrorists hired to massacre U.S. judges. ...

  • BLOOD LUST South Africa's White Wolves are working overtime to reinstate apartheid's brutal code--with a racial bloodbath as their goal and terrorism as their means. But Mack Bolan is hitting the White Wolves where they live, spreading a loud an...

  • RULES OF THE GAME Command center for an elite antiterrorist operation, Stony an has the equipment and personnel needed to gather Intelligence and make war on the nation's most elusive enemies. Taking orders directly from the President, Stony Man isn...

  • NO COMEBACKS The Sword of Erin, a renegade faction of the IRA, had gambled with the lifeblood of their own movement when they massacred federal agents in New York -- and staged the escape of the group's leader, William Connolly. Connolly had be...

  • BIRD OF PREY An elusive weapons lord known as the Vulture is one of the world's most wanted arms dealers--supplying a full range of killing devices to anyone who considers the U.S. an enemy. Mack Bolan's hard probe begins stateside and takes hi...

  • PERIL IN PARADISE Carib Command is a powerful cartel of traffickers and terrorists with a campaign to plunge the tiny Caribbean islands of St. Andreas into chaos. With American lives at stake, Mack Bolan hunts the enemy from back alleys to wate...

  • Attempting to undermine a madman's plot to create a new Bohemian empire through the use of germ warfare missiles, Mack Bolan, Able Team, and Phoenix Force scramble for ways to dismantle the deadly arsenal. Original....

  • FLASHPOINT A humanitarian aid agency in Europe is being used as a front to smuggle arms into a drought-ridden African nation on the brink of starvation. Mack Bolan's hunt begins in Rotterdam, where a grim play of cross and double-cross deals th...

  • CLEAN SWEEP The island of New Amsterdam is fast becoming a major drug depot, money laundry and haven for criminals -- the effort of a Colombia-Cuba alliance. Elections are approaching, and the cartel wants its man in power. The opposition badly...

  • DEADLY SHADOWS Violent global chaos has erupted, and Bolan is fighting it head-on. Sudden death is rocking the free world as old-guard KGB moles are reactivated to carry out assassinations -- among those targeted are the Joint Chiefs of Staff. ...

  • A series of terrorist attacks between Lima and Berlin is revealed to be the result of a deadly plot, and the Stony Man team prepares a retaliatory three-pronged attack in the hopes of identifying the plot's source. Original....

  • THE WILD HUNT An assassin known as the Huntsman is plying his lethal skills across the globe. Mack Bolan has taken down the killer--twice--only to have him resurface in another part of the world. Arms deals, counterfeit currency and the eerie,...

  • THE CHANGING FACE OF EVIL A conspiracy of terror puts Mack Bolan on the front line, tracking a cadre of killers carefully placed across the globe. Five years earlier in Monaco, a "free vacation" for ex-cops ended in a bloody massacre. But the d...

  • ENEMY NUMBER ONE Hard hit by new-blood ethnic gangs, the Mafia is scrambling to regain lost ground and establish Family dominance again. Mack Bolan comes full circle as he squares off against Julio DiBiase, a New York-based don with a brillian...

  • MORTAL WOUNDS His name is Alexander De Moray. Ex-Special Forces, ex-CIA and prototype of the Huntsman, an army of stone killers created by hypnosis and brainwashing. Arms industrialist Hayden Thone has unleashed his immortal enforcers who are p...

  • STONY MAN FARM Terrorists exact a high price from America in fear and bloodshed, but the Stony Man action teams pay back with interest. The technowarriors at the Virginia command base provide state-of-the-art intelligence for the surgical strike fo...

  • TARGET ACQUISITION The Golden Triangle's most powerful drug lord is protecting his poppy empire with the Yak-14113, a formidable jet fighter also known as the Freehand. Mack Bolan and air ace Jack Grimaldi CI are sent to take out the deadly air...

  • LIGHTNING STRIKES America needs a front-line man in Africa's toughest battle zone, where the world's hands are tied. With unofficial White House sanction, Mack Bolan takes on the mission, determined to make it lethal and to the point. Bolan en...

  • SPECTER OF DOOM Novichok-5, the most lethal chemical weapon in existence, is on the global auction block. And the world's terrorists are bidding for the prize -- and the right to commit genocide. Mack Bolan joins the race to stop the chemical f...

  • The world casts anxious eyes e bloodbath in eastern Africa -- while at Stony Man's secret Virginia hideaway the staff of the Strategic Operations Group works around the clock to provide intelligence and space-age hardware to the strike force on the ...

  • THE ULTIMATE CONSPIRACY An elite clique in the U.S. military is conspiring against an Administration that they believe has weakened America's armed forces. Using Middle East terrorists as triggermen, they unleash a wave of atrocities to alert the ...

  • BOMBS AWAY Mack Bolan's worst nightmare is now a reality: the Mob is going nuclear. At the helm is Don Luigi Calo, whose burgeoning global syndicate, the Star, has branched out beyond routine Mafia trafficking to infringe on international diplomac...

  • America's finest tactical neutralization arm, Stony Man is the Presidents wild card in the deadly game of global terrorism. Acting both within and beyond the law, these dedicated combat and techno warriors operate on one principle: terrorists must pa...

  • HAWAIIAN HELLGROUND Techno-warfare expert and mercenary Gunther Schneider is a formidable power in the underworld. Now hired out to a Taiwanese arms cartel, he's planning a double cross that promises devastating global ramifications. Mack Bolan...

  • KILL FEVER War has been proclaimed on the human race -- in the name of protecting the environment. A fanatic "green warrior" wages his war using robbery, extortion and mass murder. Now he is about to send a one-two-three punch that will shock Amer...

  • HELLFIRE DIPLOMACY To protest American trade policies with Mexico, Adolfo Valdez has organized commando-style hit teams to assassinate U.S. businessmen south of the border. Mack Bolan has to find Valdez, a former Special Forces soldier, who posse...

  • STONY MAN The President's secret weapon is Stony Man, the most covert arm of America's Sensitive Operations Group. From their Virginia command center, the cybernetic geniuses and the in-field commandos are ready to strike when diplomacy ties the coun...

  • DEATH DUTIES A cell of Middle Eastern extremists has a deadly score to settle with the U.S. and has deployed an execution squad on a fanatical crusade to America. In his Everlasting War against terrorism, Mack Bolan deals himself into a game th...

  • CALLING THE SHOTS Bolan's hard probe into rampant gang violence unearths a greater conspiracy -- the long arm of a determined opponent intent on influencing American foreign politics. But the violence is just the prelude to a bloodbath as U.S. ...

  • CIRCLE OF DEATH Mack Bolan lands in civil war-ravaged Rwanda on a search-and-rescue mission that's a direct violation of U.S. policy. But this time its personal. A friend is trapped in the massacre, and Bolan is his one chance of getting out aliv...

  • Taking orders directly from the President, the country's most covert defense unit reacts swiftly when global chaos brings atrocities to America's doorstep. Stony Man's cyber warriors and battlefield commandos deliver a hellfire defensive sweep. PE...

  • BLOODY HORIZON The world's most wanted terrorist is being held captive in an Israeli prison. awaiting extradition to the U.S. But Intel on a strike to tree Kamal from the desert compound forces Mack Bolan into a deadly shadow game where everyone ...

  • KILLING EDGE When the DEA headquarters takes a direct missile hit, Mack Bolan begins a single-minded hunt for the terrorists. The trail soon leads to the Wizard, a computer and electronics mastermind selling no-tail microchip processors that ensur...

  • SPOILS OF WAR A new white slavery ring is being set up in Europe, and Mack Bolan's mandate is to shut down the operation, by any means necessary. His take-no-prisoners blitz begins in Bosnia, with and lightning pimps strikes who are against th...

  • TERMINATE WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE South Africa has a new democratic government, elected by the people. But hatred and violence are still the order of the day. The streets are awash with blood as neotascist whites clash with fanatical blacks. It'...

  • The nation's elite extralegal arm remains ready for action in the covert gray area between diplomatic pressure and military intervention. Only word from the President sanctions Stony Man's deployment in a crisis. But when the Commander-In-Chief is ou...

  • FIREBASE ARIZONA To the unwary, Red Star is a small mining complex near the Arizona-Mexico border. But Mack Bolan sees the camp for what it really is -- a firebase and a launch point for illegal arms and drugs into the U.S. The enemy: former Spets...

  • BLOOD SPORT Brazil is locked in the murderous grip of death squads targeting and executing innocent citizens as "subversives." Terror permeates Rio as the law.officials look the other way and allow the carnage to escalate. Bolan's offensive beg...

  • IN-COUNTRY A rogue CIA agent is masterminding a plot to involve an angry America in a Southeast Asian conflict. He has produced a POW held by the Communists for twenty years, and he's got the Chinese Mafia fanning the fires with bloody strikes alo...

  • LETHAL FORCE America's best defense capability is based at Stony Farm in Virginia. The dedicated cybernetic and field teams function in ready-reaction mode, prepared to put their lives on the line. GHOST OF CHERNOBYL Canyon, then worldwide acc...

  • FIRE STORM IN VENICE An old-line mafioso's death and the abduction of the capo's young great-grandson launch a turf war that reaches all the way to Romania's most powerful crime boss. Mack Bolan's Everlasting War reunites him with his oldest f...

  • MONSTER WAR The Triads and the Red Chinese have struck a bargain sealed in hell -- with a quick payoff in escalating terrorism, murder and heroin traffic. But long- range plans include a conspiracy of terrifying global consequence. Mack Bolan's...

  • THE STONY MAN DOCTRINE In a world struggling for peace, Stony Man commands a covert vigil against the madmen and murderers harnessing terrorism for personal gain. Now the enemy is an evil just this side of hell.... CONTAGION A mysterious virus h...

  • DRAGON FIRE A grim conspiracy is emerging as Red China moves the People's Revolution -- and its murderous dogma -- into the West via the Chinese mafia, the Triads. Mack Bolan has begun a massive counterstrike, with two members of Phoenix Force...

  • RED TIDE The Chinese are ready to reclaim Hong Kong. but they're already delivering a grim vision of the future. While hit teams are working the island. world governments look the other way. Mack Bolan. the lone man who can make a difference, i...

  • DEATH GAMES Red China is the pulsing heart of global Communism, exporting death to Europe and America in a devil's bargain with the Chinese underworld. Mack Bolan's commitment to eradicate these human predators has produced a bloodbath, from San ...

  • COMMAND CENTER At Stony Man Farm in Virginia. world trouble spots are monitored around the clock. And when watch-and-wait tactics aren't enough, the -- elite field teams go behind the lines -- and beyond the law. PREEMPTIVE STRIKE After a ...

  • PROBING THE DARKNESS A macabre wave of death puts Mack Bolan on the streets of New Orleans. where human organs are being sold to the highest bidders.... The dark side of human depravity is familiar territory for Bolan, but now CI he's up agains...

  • MANHUNT A nearly bankrupt Russia turns to the U.S. when three top nuclear scientists are kidnapped by a former KGB general turned mafia don. The President sends the ransom -- and Mack Bolan. Bolan's mission is compromised by those who've put a ...

  • RED STRONGHOLD America's top missile scientist is poised to defect to North Korea, and Mack Bolan hits the streets of Seoul to stop him. But the mission goes sour, and the defector crosses the border, aided by a former KGB officer. Joining forc...

  • DEADLY EXPOSURE A radical Chinese group is determined to free the People's Republic of its Communist oppressors at any cost, including genocide and nuclear blackmail. Mack Bolan's bid to stop the terrorism begins in the U.S. at the headshed of ...

  • When a crisis calls for covert intervention, the most effective counterterrorist installation in the world is called into action. Stony Man Farm, Virginia, is the nerve center where state-of-the-art computers and satellites can target anything on lan...

  • ARMED AND DANGEROUS While passing through the Colorado Rockies on some well-deserved R and R. Mack Bolan steps into the middle of a firelight and a sinister conspiracy of hate. A network of rogue lawmen turned paramilitary fanatics are set to p...

  • AMERICAN NIGHTMARE In covert circles, they're known as backpack nukes--lethal and portable--and now they are in the hands of the world's most wanted terrorist. New York City and Washington, D.C., are targeted for annihilation. An unprecedented dis...

  • CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE A search-and-rescue mission of a prominent U.S. doctor turns grim and bloody when Mack Bolan penetrates the mountain stronghold of a self-styled Serbian warlord. Wounded. Bolan holes up in a remote village that has so ta...

  • TAKE NO PRISONERS As the President's extralegal arm, Stony Man never draws a job that the U.S. armed forces could do just as well. The dedicated cybernetics experts and crack field commandos take on the black operations, the covert hit-and-run missi...

  • DEATH FOR HIRE The world's most wanted terrorist is caught, only to make a vicious and successful bid for freedom. Now the Vulture and his underground army are moving across the U.S.A., eluding a nationwide dragnet and leaving a blood trail in the...

  • THE DOOMSDAY CLOCK IS TICKING... Mack Bolan is tracking a stolen nuclear weapon along a violent global trail that begins in Scotland, then takes him high into the mountains of Afghanistan, and finally to a Caribbean island stronghold. The ultimat...

  • BASED IN AMERICA Stony Man Farm is the ops center of the greatest clandestine strike force the world has ever known. Where the line between right and wrong is blurred. the Stony Man commandos and dedicated cyber warriors move the action back on the ...

  • WINDOW TO HELL An Israeli raid on terrorists holding an American congressman goes to hell when the hostage and the commandos led by Mack Bolan are suddenly consumed in flames. The only survivor is Bolan, who becomes a target of Massed. As the Presi...

  • SILENCED VOICE A suicide bombing in Egypt kills a busload of foreign tourists. The Holy Voice, an extremist faction with an agenda of open aggression. claims responsibility. Mack Bolan gets executive approval to hunt down the terrorists before mor...

  • LONG SHOT An American diplomat disappears in civil-war-torn Sri Lanka when he arrives to initiate peace talks between radical rebel factions and the government. Mack Bolan jumps into the carnage resulting from the conflict between the revolutionary ...

  • RECON BY FIRE The newest player in the narcotics game is a secret cartel with a designer drug that's cheap and deadly. Stateside, heavily armed Jamaican gangs are being used as the muscle and the distributors. The DEA investigation has been jeopardiz...

  • WORLDWATCH The ops center of a covert defense force, Stony Man is mandated to safeguard American interests and to deploy worldwide against overt aggression. When diplomacy or direct military intervention won't stop disaster, Stony Man is the Presiden...

  • MAXIMUM EXPOSURE A hard probe into a Siberian opium smuggling operation becomes an international crisis when Russian gangsters hijack the remote-access hardware for a U.S.-Russian spy satellite. Intended to monitor Chinese aggression against Ti...

  • TWISTED ALLEGIANCE The Paul Revere Militia has been linked to acts of right-wing terrorism, including million-dollar holdups, bombings and assassination. Mack Bolan infiltrates militia headquarters in Idaho to defuse a deadly public menace. ...

  • EYE OF THE STORM Advanced electronic and space-based surveillance capabilities enable the ultrasecret operations force of Stony Man Farm to monitor a volatile international climate. Now a storm is brewing in the Pacific, and the field commandos move...

  • RETURN FIRE A paramilitary fringe group linked to acts of right-wing terrorism has come under Mack Bolan's lethal assault. One leader is down, but the other. a hard-core mercenary, escapes the firelight in Idaho and regroups with an arms-smuggling...

  • KILLING GROUND A cross-country blitz against a paramilitary group terrorizing America now brings Mack Bolan to the Everglades, where a collaborating force of ultra conservatives is unleashing an all-out assault against their homeland. But a gre...

  • TERROR LAUNCH Accused of the most brutal terrorist strike in U.S. history, a cadre of Arab radicals are set to go on trial in Chicago, even as angry Americans demand blood retribution. Mack Bolan brought down these killers, and now he must keep t...

  • INVINCIBLE Mack Bolan has opposed many kinds of enemies in the past, but none more formidable than the Juggernauts. Special helmets, body armor and superior hardware make these warriors impervious to bullets and steel. Their tactics are simple, di...

  • NERVE CENTER Stony Man is hardwired into battle when crisis strikes. But with the ground forces fully engaged, the struggle escalates to another dimension, putting at risk every commando, every mission. TERROR DOWNLOAD When North Korea captu...

  • GROUND ZERO A specter of fire has turned the streets of inner-city Boston into a smoke-choked nightmare of terror. As the city weeps for its dead, Mack Bolan returns to his old hunting ground to challenge a new breed of evil. Suspicions that th...

  • UNHOLY WAR A diehard extremist group, the Spear of Allah, has a grim record that includes death and destruction throughout Europe. But now they've brought their carnage to America, and have effectively thrown down the gauntlet. After heinous blood...

  • GIANT KILLER Igor Baibakov is a seven-foot-tall instrument of death. Narrowly escaping termination by Mack Bolan in a previous offensive, this killer is discovered leading terrorist sorties in war-torn Sarajevo. In a united effort to stop the g...

  • FULL ALERT Stony Man's unique capabilities both on the battlefield and from the command hardsite in Virginia enable the country's most effective defense unit to achieve results where traditional channels of enforcement fail. When the cartel becomes t...

  • FRONTAL ASSAULT An ex-spook who can provide anything for a price, Thomas Quinn is a high-visibility player in the security industry. His business has a legitimate side. but his steady customers include the cartel, the mob, dictators and terrorists...

  • TERMINATE WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE The slaughter of three feds by foreign terrorists in Washington, D.C., reveals a deadly conspiracy. Rogue Company agents are trying to create a new world order in a project of ethnic cleansing. Mack Bolan's inve...

  • RIGHTEOUS WAR In today's global hot zones, Stony Man puts out the fires that threaten world peace. The battle-hardened tactical unit backed by elite cyber warriors remains in ready-reaction mode, to go where the law can't or won't -- to terror at ...

  • BLOOD TIES Bootleg electronic goods are manufactured by slave labor in a remote part of China, then imported by a Houston-based mob family and sold below market prices. This unholy alliance is making huge profits off U.S. consumers and the misery ...