War Against the Mafia


A brand new series of exciting, action-packed reading . . . THE EXECUTIONER will keep you glued to your seat while your pulse beats faster as you follow Vietnam war hero Mack Bolan in his savage, nerve-wracking, highly inventive method of revenge on The Black Hand ...

No one before has ever dared defy THE MAFIA . . . but THE EXECUTIONER not only defies them, he kills, maims and tries to destroy them piece by piece, with his Vietnam-trained tactics . . . using his knowledge of jungle warfare in his one-man crusade to wipe out the evil web of organized crime in America.

Mack Bolan is not the usual hero ... this is not a pretty tale ... it's not for the squeamish or the weak of heart . . . but it will thrill you with the audacity of this underdog, fighting odds no one believes he can survive . . . let alone win!

Follow the action in future books of this series as Mack Bolan continues to harass and plague the largest, most vicious syndicate the world has ever known....!
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