Monday's Mob

Only Six Days

The President of the United States had made Mack Bolan an offer he could not refuse...

But it was one he couldn't accept, yet.

The White House was concerned about the growing dangers of international terrorism and paramilitary threats to national security. It was felt that Bolan's expertise must be utilized. Call it patriotism, a military offensive, or an executive action. Whatever, Bolan was asked. The need translated into a command. Now!

Included in the package was total amnesty, a new identity, and the full resources of the mightiest nation on earth. And six days to get ready. The challenge was exciting, even to a hardened old warrior.

First he'd have to complete some unfinished business. And he only had six days. Six days to put the coup de grace on the Mafia! Bolan's never-ending war now had a deadline. The beginning of the end began on Monday, in a small town in Kentucky...
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