• Length:
    50 Books
  • First:
    April 1989
  • Latest:
    June 1990
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Series List in Order

Order Author Book Series Genre Date Rating
1 MAW-1 Contemporary Romance / CR 4.5 Buy
2 MAW-2 Contemporary Romance / CR 3 Buy
3 MAW-3 Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy
4 MAW-4 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
5 MAW-5 Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy
6 MAW-6 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
7 MAW-7 Contemporary Romance / CR 3 Buy
8 MAW-8 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
9 MAW-9 Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy

10 MAW-10 Romantic Suspense / RS 2 Buy
11 MAW-11 Contemporary Romance / CR 3 Buy
12 MAW-12 Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy
13 MAW-13 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
14 MAW-14 Contemporary Romance / CR 4.5 Buy
15 MAW-15 Contemporary Romance / CR 3 Buy
16 MAW-16 Contemporary Romance / CR 3 Buy
17 MAW-17 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
18 MAW-18 Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy
19 MAW-19 Contemporary Romance / CR 4.5 Buy
20 MAW-20 Historical Romance / HR 4 Buy
21 MAW-21 Contemporary Romance / CR 0 Buy
22 MAW-22 Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy
23 MAW-23 Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy
24 MAW-24 Contemporary Romance / CR 4.5 Buy
25 MAW-25 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
26 MAW-26 Historical Romance / HR 3 Buy
27 MAW-27 Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy
28 MAW-28 Contemporary Romance / CR 4.5 Buy
29 MAW-29 Contemporary Romance / CR 3 Buy

30 MAW-30 Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy
31 MAW-31 Romantic Suspense / RS 3 Buy
32 MAW-32 Contemporary Romance / CR 2.5 Buy
33 MAW-33 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
34 MAW-34 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
35 MAW-35 Historical Romance / HR 4.5 Buy
36 MAW-36 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
37 MAW-37 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
38 MAW-38 Romantic Suspense / RS 4 Buy
39 MAW-39 Contemporary Romance / CR 3 Buy
40 MAW-40 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
41 MAW-41 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
42 MAW-42 Contemporary Romance / CR 1.5 Buy
43 MAW-43 Romantic Suspense / RS 3 Buy
44 MAW-44 Contemporary Romance / CR 1.5 Buy
45 MAW-45 Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy
46 MAW-46 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
47 MAW-47 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
48 MAW-48 Contemporary Romance / CR 3 Buy
49 MAW-49 Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy

50 MAW-50 Historical Romance / HR 3 Buy

Book Descriptions for series: Men at Work (reissues)

  • Diana Palmer
    Book - 1

    WHO WAS JAKE EDWARDS? Secretary Maureen Harris had to find out if this dynamic new plane mechanic was involved in sabotaging her company's jet designs. She'd need to get close to him --- very close. But Maureen had always been too shy to get near ...

  • Dallas Schulze
    Book - 2

    Love cold be the most dangerous game of all An innocent quest for a friend's watch took Holly Reynolds to Tijuana. Holly didn't recover the memento, but after being subjected to the horrors of multiple propositions, a barroom brawl and a dubious r...

  • Lass Small
    Book - 3

    IT WAS ENOUGH TO DRIVE A SANE WOMAN MAD ... John Peal, irritating John Peal, was back in Indiana and courting Talullah Metcalf, teacher and self-confessed spinster. That suited the town matchmakers just fine. Everyone liked Talullah, and John was Ta...

  • Connie Bennett
    Book - 4

    IT SEEMED A PERFECT PARTNERSHIP Teddi O'Brien thrived on danger. She'd handled a rattlesnake, been caught in an avalanche and barely escaped a herd of stampeding African elephants. All in a day's work for the documentary filmmaker. Matt Aberna...

  • Cathy Gillen Thacker
    Book - 5

    A baby was the only solution for complicated lives Neil and Ellie Cavanaugh dreamed of, planned for and talked endlessly about having a child, yet Ellie's pregnancy seemed to happen at the worst possible moment. Her law career was taking off past ...

  • Helen R. Myers
    Book - 6

    ALL IN A DAY'S WORK NAME: Nate Montgomery - Sophisticated, smart...sexy! OCCUPATION: Best Darn Attorney west of the Mississippi LATEST CASE: Someone was blackmailing the successful attorney, and there was only one person he trusted enough...

  • Janice Kaiser
    Book - 7

    He was a haunted man For five long years Derek Cordon had been tortured by the image of his wife as she'd been before illness reduced her to a mere shell of the woman he'd wed. One question robbed him of sleep and informed his daylight hours: when...

  • Elizabeth Bevarly
    • / Contemporary Romance
    • Buy Buy
    Book - 8

    One rash day financial dynamo H. M. Somerset had cashed in her ritzy urban existence for a one-way ticket to a remote Caribbean isle. Now, two years later, she was at peace -- until plane trouble stranded thorny workaholic mogul Silas Duran in her tr...

  • Rachel Lee
    Book - 9

    WHO IS THAT SEXY GUY? NAME: Tim O'Shaughnessy With his seductive grin and rock-hard physique, he was programmed for pure seduction. EXPERIENCE: Top-secret government computer work. OBJECTIVE: Protecting his latest software program and hi...

  • Jasmine Cresswell
    • / Romantic Suspense
    • Buy Buy
    Book - 10

    A deadly game of cat and mouse ... U.S. Customs agent Diana Mackenzie was sent to London to investigate Peter Foxe. But her real target was his stepbrother, Lord Matthew Raleton, who was suspected of masterminding the smuggling of U.S. high-tech e...

  • Anne Stuart
    Book - 11

    WHAT WAS IT THEY SAID ABOUT THROWING STONES? All that stood between Michael Dubrovnik and the creation of Dubrovnik Plaza was a building that begged for demolition--and Glass House's obstinate owner. Michael had met his share of Park Avenue blu...

  • Jennifer Greene
    Book - 12

    MAN OF THE MONTH MR. MARCH Name: Tanner Kind of Man: A proud, elusive loner who, like the Great Snowy Owl he rescued, prized his freedom above all else. His Undoing: A woman named Charly. Carson Tanner lived his life closer to the edge th...

  • Gina Wilkins / Gina Ferris / Gina Ferris Wilkins
    • / Contemporary Romance
    • Buy Buy
    Book - 13

    He was merciless on the stand -- and in the bedroom Testifying in court for one of her patients was routine work for psychologist Melinda James. Being confronted by ex-lover Griff Taylor was the real challenge. An up-and-coming attorney, Griff--...

  • Sherryl Woods
    Book - 14

    Todd Lewis's fatherly fury was explosive enough to make steel girders tremble. How dare some tight-tipped schoolmarm call his little boy disruptive! Prepared to do battle with the formidable Elizabeth Gentry, he was jolted when brainy, beautiful Liz ...

  • Margot Dalton
    Book - 15

    The moonlight carried magic And almost against their wills, Libby Lyndon and Warren McIntyre found themselves falling in love. But in the daylight hours, Warren represented the government. He was determined to build a field museum at a site once...

  • Joan Hohl
    Book - 16

    Mr. December Who? Luke Branson - the most sinfully seductive devil ever to tempt mortal woman. Where? The stark, sun-scorched mountains fo West Texas. With? A fiery passion for heavenly Selena McInnes. Why? He'd finally met his match! ...

  • Cait London
    Book - 17

    SHOWDOWN When J.D. MacLean had been a struggling widowed father with nothing to offer the woman he loved, he let Katherine Kelly go. Then her ultimate betrayal sparked his hungry climb to the top -- making him wealthy, powerful and able to give Ka...

  • Gina Wilkins / Gina Ferris / Gina Ferris Wilkins
    Book - 18

    Violent reality had taught ex-cop Quinn Gallagher the folly of caring. Therefore, moving into gentle Laura Sutherland's guest cottage was a dangerous mistake. Laura's kindness shed light on the darkness of Quinn's soul--but there were shadows within...

  • Annette Broadrick
    Book - 19

    "GRIZZLY ADAMS, I PRESUME." Selena Stanford, sexy star of television's hit espionage series "Derringer Drake," had no clue that when she drove to Yosemite for two weeks of solitude she'd end up acting out a real-life episode of her show. Abduct...

  • Curtiss Ann Matlock
    • / Historical Romance
    • Buy Buy
    Book - 20

    Could the lion lie down with the lamb? The Saint and the Sinner Quaker Maggie Holland wielding a gun? Unthinkable! Yet there she was, at the butt end of a rifle, fending off desperadoes--all to rescue the most tattered specimen of masculinity G...

  • Mary Lynn Baxter
    Book - 21

    KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR .. . Carly Mitchum was serious about being a cop, so the hassling she got from her male colleagues might have been no more than an occupational hazard--if only Rance Knight hadn't seemed to share their views. Rance wasn't j...

  • Joan Johnston
    Book - 22

    OPPOSITES ATTRACT Jenny Smith thought magazine critic Matthew Benson belonged in the Neanderthal era. Hadn't he written that women's equality was a dead issue? But she had a plan. All they had to do was tie themselves to opposite ends of a rope f...

  • Laurie Paige
    Book - 23

    A RARE BREED The day Stassney arrived on the island, Paul Windham made his position perfectly clear. He proved his reckless nature with one jostling jeep ride, a ride that left her clinging to the edge of her seat. Paul led a rugged life in this l...

  • Lindsay McKenna
    Book - 24

    Alanna went to Costa Rica to meet Colonel Matt Breckenridge with all the wrong motives. She had been sent to expose him, but in the end she exposed only her own heart, her own vulnerability where he was concerned. She fell in love with the arrogan...

  • Roseanne Williams
    Book - 25

    Would he respect her in the morning? Blair Sansome was desperate--she had to win back her fiance. So, wearing lacy black lingerie, she slipped into his apartment with just one thing on her mind . . . seduction. Shamelessly, she took control. Their...

  • Elaine Rome
    Book - 26

    Battle of Wills Valentine Stark could outshoot, outride and out rope any man on her father's spread. But she had made more mistakes in the month that Branch Walker had been around than she cared to admit, and she was determined that the handsome cow...

  • JoAnn Ross
    Book - 27

    Once Upon a Time... When she'd still believed in fairy tales, Sabrina Darling had fantasized about becoming a princess. And it happened--sort of .... But she had learned there was no such thing as a happy ending when her marriage collapsed and her...

  • Susan Mallery
    Book - 28

    Across the colossal divide of class and convictions, the mill owner's son and the union leader's daughter forged a bond far stronger than steel. Jenny and Chase were more than friends, they were two halves of one whole, and nothing--but nothing--coul...

  • Linda Randall Wisdom
    Book - 29

    It was a day she'd never forget Sara Murdock was pumping gas in Henderson, North Carolina, when she heard about the new preacher. He was reputed to be a quiet, thoughtful man. His name was Jess Larkin.... That evening Sara walked around the hillsi...

  • Gina Wilkins / Gina Ferris / Gina Ferris Wilkins
    Book - 30

    She could teach him a thing or two... Schoolteacher Gwen DeClerk was stable and reliable - and furious that those were the qualities her new neighbor, international showman Jeremy Kane, found most attractive. She didn't want to be admired for her...

  • Aimee Thurlo
    Book - 31

    Andy O'Riley was dead . . . Suddenly, tragically, violently . . . and no one knew why. His partner, private investigator Melanie Cardenas, was desperate for answers. His estranged son, Patrick, was out for revenge. Their qualifications were excell...

  • Cathy Gillen Thacker
    Book - 32

    WHAT A GREAT BEDSIDE MANNER Dr. Hilary Morgan had accomplished her dream early in life-to practice at a Boston hospital. But when the worst imaginable happened--she was accused of malpractice--the only place she could work until her case came to t...

  • Emilie Richards
    Book - 33

    Though Lizette St. Hilaire's slim shoulders trembled under the burden of her late husband's legacy, she refused to buckle. Somehow she would raise his son, maintain his beloved plantation and please his demanding parents. Jogging was her only indulge...

  • Candace Schuler
    Book - 34

    Trouble in Paradise Mike Quinn-- Ex-firefighter, ex-heavy-rescue expert. Present failure. Hana Jamieson-- Cool headed, warmhearted doctor. She needed a man she could rely on, not a devil-may-care drifter. People called Mike Quinn a hero, but...

  • Patricia Gardner Evans
    Book - 35

    HANG 'EM HIGH... The only reason Jesse McClintock wasn't dangling at the end of a rope, executed for a crime he hadn't committed, was that he'd traded a quick death for what could very well be a slow one: working on the ranch owned by widow Mirand...

  • Muriel Jensen
    Book - 36

    WHO WAS BERNIE EMERSON? She was a woman who had few material possessions, yet carried herself with an air of elegance and breeding. She savored the taste of macadamia-nut ice cream every time she had it. She knew little about fashion, and was a b...

  • Lucy Gordon
    Book - 37

    FRAGILE DREAMS Maurizio Varelli shattered her dreams of love. With businesslike efficiency, the family patriarch informed Vicki the marriage she had come to Italy for would never take place--and that she must marry him instead. Maurizio's s...

  • Caroline Burnes
    Book - 38

    They say that cats have nine lives It was Familiar's most recent life that worried her. Since she'd found the cat in the university parking lot, Professor Eleanor Duncan had been assaulted, interrogated by the CIA, her apartment invaded by a craz...

  • Kathleen Eagle
    Book - 39

    SOMETHING WORTH KEEPING Brenna Sinclair wasn't quite sure what she was looking for when she returned to the Black Hills, but what she found was a challenge of the heart: Cord O'Brien. Cord was a mountain man, as untamed as the mustangs he swore...

  • Leandra Logan
    • / Contemporary Romance
    • Buy Buy
    Book - 40

    He was definitely a bad boy! San Diego deejay Dillon Danvers was not Dr. Kristina Jordan's type. His long, shaggy, blond hair, bedroom eyes and seam-busting shorts spelled trouble. But his velvet voice seduced Kristina--and all the other women in ...

  • Margaret St. George
    • / Contemporary Romance
    • Buy Buy
    Book - 41

    Molly McPherson hated injustice When Gran and the other members of the Heart Club discovered they'd been victimized by a patent-thief, Molly tried to help. But according to Mike Randall, a part-time inventor with a full-time interest in Molly, the...

  • Vicki Lewis Thompson
    • / Contemporary Romance
    • Buy Buy
    Book - 42

    LOVER ...OR LIAR The note, typed on plain bond paper, and addressed to the author, contained a single quote from her latest book. "She searched frantically for a way to save her child, knowing it would be hopeless to try. " Dani Goodwin was ...

  • M.J. Rodgers
    • / Romantic Suspense
    • Buy Buy
    Book - 43

    Even in death she was beautiful Chief Detective Gabe Kincaid had known some gorgeous dames in his day, but the sight of Jennifer Madden's perfect dead body was breathtaking. After all, she was an ex-stripper turned society grand dame. Eden Isla...

  • Cathy Gillen Thacker
    Book - 44

    THE COWBOY FOUGHT DIRTY When his sister-in-law tried to claim the Bar W. Travis Westcott had no choice but to defend his birthright. He employed his devilish double-edged tongue-using one side for witty repartee and the other for kissing his flame...

  • Karen Young
    Book - 45

    THEY WERE AS DIFFERENT AS DAY AND NIGHT To emergency room doctor Jess Brannigan the world was black and white. Guidance counselor Carly Sullivan rejoiced in every brilliant hue that colored her experience. Thrown together on a New Orleans grand ju...

  • Barbara Bretton
    Book - 46

    Life was getting interesting Strange comings and goings, odd disappearances--Joanna Stratton's Manhattan apartment building sizzled with intrigue. At the heart of it was Ryder O'Neal, who was supposedly incapacitated by a broken leg but who got ar...

  • Ginna Gray
    Book - 47

    THREE AGAINST ONE In all her considerable experience, Maggie Trent, television producer, divorcee and mother of a teenaged daughter, had never met anyone more attractive than the man she stumbled over making love to a gorgeous, brainless blonde. C...

  • Kathleen Korbel
    • / Contemporary Romance
    • Buy Buy
    Book - 48

    MR. JULY Name: Devon Kane Preferred Habitat: Dodging bullets and "shooting" back with his camera-preferably in the jungles of Central America. Present Mission: To photograph reclusive painter Libby Matthews. But this snap assignment was more d...

  • Renee Roszel
    Book - 49

    He was the hardest of hard men Ice climber Quaid Perrault was as rugged and dangerous as the frozen monolith he'd come to Alaska to conquer. Four years earlier, Death Scream had tragically defeated him, and he owed his life to Valentine Larrabee's...

  • Bronwyn Williams
    Book - 50

    Shunned Laura Gray was torn from her home and family by the nightmare of an Indian uprising. Lost and alone, the fragile beauty bore her neighbors' contempt--and a murderer's child. Desperate to find a refuge for herself and for the son she had...


Confidentially Yours
1989 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Silhouette Romance
The Forever Rose
1990 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Crossover Romance
1990 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Silhouette Desire
Night of the Hunter
1990 Rita Award -- Short Contemporary Romance
Silver Noose
1990 Rita Award -- Historical Series