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1) Roses After Midnight (Jul-2003)
2) After the Midnight Hour (May-2005)
3) Memories After Midnight (Mar-2006)

Related Books

1) Dreams from the Past (Aug-1982)
2) A World of Their Own (Feb-1985)

Related Books - 2

1) Sins of the Past (Jan-1990)
2) Sometimes a Lady (Jan-1992)
3) No Room at the Inn (Dec-1993)

Related Books - 3

1) Under His Spell (Oct-1992)
2) The Countess and the Cowboy (May-1993)

Related Books - 4

1) Twist of Fate (Apr-1996)
2) Naughty 'n Nice (Mar-1997)
3) Bells, Rings & Angels' Wings (Dec-1997)

Multi-Author Series List

"Tis the Season

2) No Room at the Inn (Dec-1993)


Counterfeit Husband (Aug-1995)

Accidental Dads

Mommy Heiress (Nov-1995)
She's Having His Baby (Nov-1998)

Calendar of Romance

Under His Spell (Oct-1992)

Christmas Kisses

4) He's a Rebel (Dec-1994)

Delaney's Grooms

The Last Two Bachelors (May-1999)

Goin' to the Chapel

Vegas Vows (Jul-1994)


Twist of Fate (Apr-1996)

Holiday Homecoming

Bells, Rings & Angels' Wings (Dec-1997)


Single Kid Seeks Dad (Mar-2005)


He's a Rebel (Dec-1994)


Bride of Dreams (Mar-2001)

Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?

Do You Take This Man... (Aug-1996)

With Child...

My Little One (Jun-2000)

Award-Winning Books by Linda Randall Wisdom

A Perilous Affair
1987 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Dell Candlelight Ecstacy Supreme