Susan Mallery

Susan was studying to be an accountant when she signed up for a "How To Write a Romance Novel" class. She began her first novel that day and is now the New York Times best-selling author of over 100 romance and women's fiction books. Her fun family stories consistently appear on the USA Today bestseller list, and she has won many awards, including the prestigious National Reader's Choice Award.

Susan makes her home in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and toy poodle.

Book List in Order: 174 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Bakery Sisters

1) Sweet Talk (Jul-2008)
2) Sweet Spot (Aug-2008)
3) Sweet Trouble (Sep-2008)

A Blackberry Island Novel

1) Barefoot Season (Apr-2012)
2) Three Sisters (Mar-2013)
3) Evening Stars (Feb-2014)
4) Sisters by Choice (Feb-2020)

Bodyguard and Ms Jones

1) The Bodyguard and Ms. Jones (Jan-1996)
2) Beth and the Bachelor (Aug-1999)

Brides of Bradley House

1) Dream Bride (Mar-1999)
2) Dream Groom (May-1999)

The Buchanans

1) Delicious (Feb-2006)
2) Irresistible (Jul-2006)
3) Sizzling (Jan-2007)
4) Tempting (Jul-2007)

Carlesso Family

1) When We Found Home (Jul-2018)
2) It Started One Christmas (Dec-2018)

Desert Rogues

1) The Sheik's Kidnapped Bride (Apr-2000)
2) The Sheik's Arranged Marriage (May-2000)
3) The Sheik's Secret Bride (Jun-2000)
4) The Sheik and the Runaway Princess (Nov-2001)
5) The Sheik and the Virgin Princess (Mar-2002)
6) The Prince & the Pregnant Princess (Jun-2002)
6.5) The Sheik's Virgin (Aug-2002)
7) The Sheik & The Princess in Waiting (Apr-2004)
8) The Sheik & the Princess Bride (Nov-2004)
9) The Sheik & the Bride Who Said No (Feb-2005)
10) The Sheik and the Virgin Secretary (Dec-2005)
11) The Sheik and the Christmas Bride (Nov-2007)
12) The Sheik And The Pregnant Bride (Mar-2008)
13) The Sheik and the Bought Bride (Oct-2009)

A Fool's Gold Romance

1) Chasing Perfect (May-2010)
2) Almost Perfect (Jul-2010)
3) Sister of the Bride (Aug-2010)
4) Finding Perfect (Sep-2010)
5) Only Mine (Aug-2011)
6) Only Yours (Sep-2011)
7) Only His (Oct-2011)
8) Only Us (Oct-2012)
9) Almost Summer (May-2012)
10) Summer Days (Jun-2012)
11) Summer Nights (Jul-2012)
12) All Summer Long (Aug-2012)
13) A Fool's Gold Christmas (Sep-2012)
14) Halfway There (May-2013)
15) Just One Kiss (Jun-2013)
16) Two of a Kind (Jul-2013)
17) Three Little Words (Aug-2013)
18) Fool's Gold Cookbook (Aug-2013)
19) Christmas on 4th Street (Sep-2013)
20) When We Met (May-2014)
21) Before We Kiss (Jun-2014)
22) Until We Touch (Jun-2014)
23) Yours for Christmas (Nov-2014)
24) Hold Me (May-2015)
25) Kiss Me (Jul-2015)
26) Thrill Me (Aug-2015)
27) Marry Me at Christmas (Oct-2015)
28) Sweeter With You (Mar-2016)
29) Best of My Love (May-2016)
30) A Kiss in the Snow (Oct-2016)
31) A Fool's Gold Wedding (Aug-2020)

Fool's Gold Year One

1) Chasing Perfect (May-2010)
2) Almost Perfect (Jul-2010)
2.5) Sister of the Bride (Aug-2010)
3) Finding Perfect (Sep-2010)

Happily Inc.

1) You Say It First (Aug-2017)
2) Second Chance Girl (Oct-2017)
2.5) A Very Merry Princess (Nov-2017)
3) Why Not Tonight (Sep-2018)
4) Not Quite Over You (Nov-2018)
5) Meant to Be Yours (Oct-2019)
6) Happily This Christmas (Sep-2020)

Haynes Family

1) The Best Bride (Jan-1995)
2) Marriage on Demand (Feb-1995)
3) Father in Training (Jul-1995)
4) Part-Time Wife (May-1996)
5) Holly and Mistletoe (Dec-1996)
6) Husband by the Hour (May-1997)

Hometown Heartbreakers

1) The Best Bride (Jan-1995)
2) Marriage on Demand (Feb-1995)
3) Father in Training (Jul-1995)
4) Part-Time Wife (May-1996)
5) Full-Time Father (Jul-1996)
6) Holly and Mistletoe (Dec-1996)
7) Husband by the Hour (May-1997)
8) Good Husband Material (Nov-2002)
9) Completely Smitten (Feb-2003)
10) One in a Million (Jun-2003)
11) Quinn's Woman (Aug-2003)
12) Baby, It's Christmas (Nov-2017)

Lone Star Canyon

1) Lone Star Millionaire (Jun-1999)
2) The Rancher Next Door (Nov-2000)
3) Unexpectedly Expecting! (Jan-2001)
4) Wife in Disguise (Mar-2001)

Lone Star Sisters

1) Under Her Skin (May-2009)
2) Lip Service (Jun-2009)
3) Straight from the Hip (Jul-2009)
4) Hot on Her Heels (Nov-2009)

Man of Principle

1) A Dad for Billie (Aug-1993)
2) Cowboy Daddy (Jul-1994)
3) Justin's Bride (May-1995)
4) Falling For Gracie (Mar-2005)
5) The Best of Friends (Oct-2010)
6) Already Home (Apr-2011)

Marcelli Sisters of Pleasure Road

1) The Sparkling One (Sep-2003)
2) The Sassy One (Oct-2003)
3) The Seductive One (Nov-2003)
4) The Marcelli Bride (May-2006)
5) The Marcelli Princess (Mar-2007)

The Million Dollar Catch

1) The Substitute Millionaire (Nov-2006)
2) The Unexpected Millionaire (Dec-2006)
3) The Ultimate Millionaire (Jan-2007)

Mischief Bay

1) The Girls of Mischief Bay (Feb-2015)
2) The Friends We Keep (Feb-2016)
3) A Million Little Things (Mar-2017)
4) Sisters Like Us (Jan-2018)

Positively Pregnant

1) Having Her Boss's Baby (Jun-2006)
2) The Ladies' Man (Sep-2006)
3) Her Last First Date (Jun-2007)

Safe Haven

1) Tempting Faith (Mar-1994)
2) The Only Way Out (Jun-1995)

Triple Trouble

1) The Girl of His Dreams (Aug-1997)
2) The Secret Wife (Sep-1997)
3) The Mysterious Stranger (Oct-1997)
4) The Wedding Ring Promise / The Christmas Wedding Ring (Aug-1998)

Wishing Tree

0.5) Say You'll Stay (Jul-2021)
1) The Christmas Wedding Guest (Oct-2021)

Multi-Author Series List

36 Hours

The Rancher and the Runaway Bride (Jan-1998)
Cinderella for a Night (Sep-2000)

Family Business

1) Prodigal Son (Jan-2006)

Logan's Legacy

0.25) Lily's Expecting (May-2004)
1) To Love and Protect (Jun-2004)

Man of the Month

181) High-Powered, Hot-Blooded (Dec-2009)

Merlyn County Midwives

Expecting! (Jan-2004)

Millionaire of the Month

In Bed With The Devil (Aug-2007)

Montana Mavericks

15) Cowgirl Bride (Apr-1998)
18) Wild West Wife (Jul-1998)
20) A Montana Mavericks Christmas: Married in Whitehorn (Dec-1999)
36) Spirit of the Wolf (Aug-2001)
40) Christmas in Whitehorn (Dec-2001)

Prescription: Marriage

2) Prince Charming, M.D. (Nov-1998)
5) Their Little Princess (Jan-2000)

Royally Wed

A Royal Baby on the Way (Nov-1999)

That Special Woman

Part-Time Wife (May-1996)
Husband by the Hour (May-1997)
The Secret Wife (Sep-1997)
Dream Bride (Mar-1999)

That's My Baby

Surprise Delivery (Oct-1999)

A Woman's Way

2) Shelter in a Soldier's Arms (Jun-2001)
4) A Little Bit Pregnant (Nov-2003)

Award-Winning Books by Susan Mallery

Accidentally Yours
2008 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Contemporary Romance
Marriage on Demand
1995 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Silhouette Special Edition
Two of a Kind
2013 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Contemporary Love & Laughter