Book List in Order: 37 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Brotherhood of Warriors

1) Council of Fire (May-2007)
2) Restless Wind (Sep-2007)
3) Stargazer's Woman (May-2008)
4) Navajo Courage (Aug-2009)
5) The Shadow (Jan-2010)

The Brothers of Rock Ridge

1) Redhawk's Heart (Mar-1999)
2) Redhawk's Return (Apr-1999)

Copper Canyon

1) Winter Hawk's Legend (Nov-2011)
2) Power of the Raven (Feb-2012)
3) Secrets of the Lynx (Dec-2012)
4) Falcon's Run (Aug-2013)
5) Undercover Warrior (Jul-2014)
6) Eagle's Last Stand (Dec-2014)

Four Winds

1) Her Destiny (Jul-1997)
2) Her Hero (Nov-1997)
3) Her Shadow (Mar-1998)

Long Mountain Heroes

1) Alpha Warrior (Aug-2010)
2) Twilight Warrior (Jan-2011)

Related Books

1) Shadow of the Wolf (Mar-1993)
2) Spirit Warrior (Oct-1993)
3) Timewalker (May-1994)

Sign of the Gray Wolf

1) When Lightning Strikes (Sep-2002)
2) Navajo Justice (Oct-2002)

Multi-Author Series List

Dangerous Men (Intrigue)

9) Fatal Charm (Sep-1995)


Cisco's Woman (Jul-1996)

Timeless Love

Timewalker (May-1994)

Award-Winning Books by Aimee Thurlo

Undercover Warrior
2014 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Harlequin Intrigue