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Complete Series List in Order

A Family Circle

1) A Very Convenient Marriage (Dec-1994)
2) Another Man's Wife (Jun-1995)
3) Addie and the Renegade (Aug-1996)
4) Tessa's Child (Apr-1997)
5) Lovers and Other Strangers (Nov-2002)

Related Books

1) Tell Me a Story (Feb-1988)
2) Rafferty's Choice (Jun-1991)

Related Books - 2

1) Donovan's Promise (Jul-1988)
2) The Vow (Jan-1990)
3) The Baby Bargain (Apr-1991)
4) Everything But Marriage (Jan-1992)

Related Books - 3

1) Secondhand Husband (Jun-1993)
2) Michael's Father (May-1994)
3) So Much Love (Jan-1989)

Related Books - 4

1) Together Always (Apr-1989)
2) A Practical Marriage (Oct-1991)

Multi-Author Series List

American Hero

21) Michael's Father (May-1994)

Calendar of Romance

A Christmas Marriage (Dec-1992)

Century of Romance

2) Saturday's Child (Jul-1990)

Now and Forever

So Much Love (Jan-1989)

Award-Winning Books by Dallas Schulze

Together Always
1989 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Harlequin American