Lindsay McKenna

Lindsay McKenna is the pseudonym of award winning author, Eileen Nauman. She comes from a Navy family and her father served in WWII. She joined the U.S. Navy and served from 1964-1967. She has also been a volunteer firefighter, pioneering women as firefighters. Additionally, she was an EMT is Arizona for many years. She is a pilot and has flown many planes, including an Air Force T-38 “chase plane” while researching her book about test pilots. She is known as the “Top Gun of Women’s Military Fiction”. She is also the originator of the military adventure/romance genre. She is the bestselling women’s fiction author to release a new book exclusively through electronic medium.

Book List in Order: 150 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Cowboys of the Southwest

1) Wild Mustang Woman (Apr-1998)
2) Stallion Tamer (May-1998)
3) The Cougar (Jun-1998)


Last Chance (May-2015)
1) Nowhere to Hide (Sep-2015)
2) Secret Dream (Jul-2015)
3) Tangled Pursuit (Oct-2015)
4) Unbound Pursuit (Sep-2016)
5) Secrets (Nov-2016)
6) Forged in Fire (Dec-2016)
7) Never Enough (Mar-2016)
8) Broken Dreams (Apr-2016)
9) Dream of Me (May-2016)
10) Hold On (Oct-2016)
11) Hold Me (Nov-2016)
12) Snowflake's Gift (Feb-2017)
13) Trapped (Jul-2017)
14) Taking A Chance (Aug-2017)
15) Course of Action: Hidden Heart (Jun-2015)
16) Boxcar Christmas (Nov-2017)
17) Sanctuary (Feb-2018)
18) Dangerous (May-2018)


1) Heart of the Eagle (Oct-1986)
2) A Measure of Love (Apr-1987)
3) Solitaire (Aug-1987)

Love and Glory

1) A Question of Honor (Jun-1989)
2) No Surrender (Jul-1989)
3) Return of a Hero (Aug-1989)
4) Dawn of Valor (Feb-1991)

Men of Courage

1) Shadows and Light (Apr-1994)
2) Dangerous Alliance (May-1994)
3) Countdown (Jun-1994)

Moments of Glory

1) Captive of Fate (Mar-1983)
2) Ride the Tiger (Feb-1992)
3) One Man's War (Mar-1992)
4) Off Limits (Apr-1992)

Morgan's Mercenaries

1) A Question of Honor (Jun-1989)
2) No Surrender (Jul-1989)
3) Return of a Hero (Aug-1989)
4) Dawn of Valor (Feb-1991)
5) Heart of the Wolf (Jun-1993)
6) The Rogue (Jul-1993)
7) Commando (Aug-1993)
8) Morgan's Wife (Oct-1995)
9) Morgan's Son (Nov-1995)
10) Morgan's Rescue (Dec-1995)
11) Morgan's Marriage (Jan-1996)
12) Heart of the Hunter (Dec-1998)
13) Heart of the Jaguar (Jan-1999)
14) Hunter's Woman (Jul-1999)
15) Hunter's Pride (Oct-1999)
16) The Untamed Hunter (Jan-2000)
17) Man of Passion (Jul-2000)
18) Heart of the Warrior (Aug-2000)
19) A Man Alone (Nov-2000)
20) Man With a Mission (Feb-2001)
21) Heart of Stone (Mar-2001)
21.5) The Five Days of Christmas (Nov-2001)
22) Woman of Innocence (Jan-2002)
23) Destiny's Woman (Mar-2002)
23.5) To Love and Protect (Oct-2002)
24) The Heart Beneath (Aug-2002)
25) Ride the Thunder (Sep-2002)
26) The Will to Love (Oct-2002)
27) Protecting His Own (Nov-2002)
28) Her Healing Touch (Feb-2003)
29) An Honorable Woman (Mar-2003)
29.5) Comrades in Arms (Sep-2003)
30) First Born (Jun-2004)
31) Daughter of Destiny (Jul-2004)
32) Sister of Fortune (Dec-2004)
33) Wild Woman (Apr-2005)
34) Enemy Mine (May-2005)
35) Beyond the Limit (Dec-2006)
35.5) Mission: Christmas: The Christmas Wild (Nov-2008)
36) Dangerous Prey (Nov-2007)
37) Shadows from the Past (Dec-2009)
38) His Woman in Command (Mar-2010)
39) Deadly Identity (Nov-2010)
40) Operation: Forbidden (Mar-2011)
41) Deadly Silence (Jun-2011)
42) The Last Cowboy (Nov-2011)
43) His Duty to Protect (Feb-2012)
44) The Wrangler (Jun-2012)
45) The Defender (Nov-2012)
46) Beyond Valor (Feb-2013)

Morgan's Mercenaries: Sisters of the Ark

1) Daughter of Destiny (Jul-2004)
2) Sister of Fortune (Dec-2004)
3) Wild Woman (Apr-2005)

Morgan's Mercenaries: Black Jaguar Squadron

0.5) Mission: Christmas: The Christmas Wild (Nov-2008)
1) His Woman in Command (Mar-2010)
2) Operation: Forbidden (Mar-2011)
3) His Duty to Protect (Feb-2012)
4) Beyond Valor (Feb-2013)

Morgan's Mercenaries: Maverick Hearts

1) Man of Passion (Jul-2000)
2) A Man Alone (Nov-2000)
3) Man With a Mission (Feb-2001)

Morgan's Mercenaries: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

1) Shadows from the Past (Dec-2009)
2) Deadly Identity (Nov-2010)
3) Deadly Silence (Jun-2011)
4) The Last Cowboy (Nov-2011)
5) The Wrangler (Jun-2012)
6) The Defender (Nov-2012)
7) The Loner (Jul-2013)
8) High Country Rebel (Sep-2013)
9) Wolf Haven (Nov-2014)
10) Night Hawk (Jan-2016)
11) Out Rider (May-2016)

Morgan's Mercenaries: Love and Danger

1) Morgan's Wife (Oct-1995)
2) Morgan's Son (Nov-1995)
3) Morgan's Rescue (Dec-1995)
4) Morgan's Marriage (Jan-1996)

Morgan's Mercenaries: The Hunters

1) Heart of the Hunter (Dec-1998)
2) Hunter's Woman (Jul-1999)
3) Hunter's Pride (Oct-1999)
4) The Untamed Hunter (Jan-2000)

Morgan's Mercenaries: The Jaguars

1) Heart of the Jaguar (Jan-1999)
2) Heart of the Warrior (Aug-2000)
3) Heart of Stone (Mar-2001)

Morgan's Mercenaries: Ultimate Rescue

1) The Heart Beneath (Aug-2002)
2) Ride the Thunder (Sep-2002)
3) The Will to Love (Oct-2002)
4) Protecting His Own (Nov-2002)

Morgan's Mercenaries: Women of Destiny

1) Woman of Innocence (Jan-2002)
2) Destiny's Woman (Mar-2002)
3) Her Healing Touch (Feb-2003)
4) An Honorable Woman (Mar-2003)

Related Books

1) Hangar 13 (Mar-1994)
2) Seeing Is Believing (Oct-1994)

Shadow Warriors

1) Danger Close (Sep-2013)
2) Down Range (Dec-2013)
3) Risk Taker (Feb-2014)
4) Degree of Risk (Mar-2014)
5) Breaking Point (May-2014)
6) Never Surrender (Jun-2014)
7) Taking Fire (Feb-2015)
8) Running Fire (May-2015)

Silver Creek

1) Silver Creek Fire (Nov-2020)
2) Courage Under Fire (Mar-2021)
3) Strength Under Fire (Oct-2021)
4) Silver Creek Bodyguard (Apr-2022)


1) Lord of Shadowhawk (Jan-1992)
2) King of Swords (May-1992)

Warriors of the Light

1) Unforgiven (Oct-2006)
2) Dark Truth (Jul-2007)
3) The Quest (Feb-2008)
4) Reunion (Apr-2010)
5) The Adversary (May-2010)
6) The Guardian (Jun-2010)

Wind River

1) Wind River Wrangler (Oct-2016)
2) Wind River Rancher (Jan-2017)
3) Wind River Cowboy (Apr-2017)
4) Wrangler's Challenge (Nov-2017)
5) Lone Rider (Mar-2018)
6) Wind River Lawman (Sep-2018)
7) Kassie's Cowboy (Oct-2018)
8) Home to Wind River (Dec-2018)
9) Wind River Wedding (Apr-2019)
10) Wind River Protector (Aug-2019)
11) Wind River Undercover (Apr-2020)

Women of Glory

1) No Quarter Given (May-1991)
2) The Gauntlet (Jun-1991)
3) Under Fire (Jul-1991)

Multi-Author Series List

2000 Launch

The Untamed Hunter (Jan-2000)

Man of the Month

166) Ride the Thunder (Sep-2002)

Military of the Month

His Woman in Command (Mar-2010)


1) Course of Action: Out of Harm's Way (Nov-2013)
2) Course of Action: The Rescue: Jaguar Night (Sep-2014)
3) Course of Action: Hidden Heart (Jun-2015)

That Special Woman

Point of Departure (Dec-1993)
White Wolf (Nov-1997)

Time Raiders

1) The Seeker (Aug-2009)

The Travis Family

Red Tail (May-1985)

Award-Winning Books by Lindsay McKenna

Beyond Valor
2013 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Harlequin Romantic Suspense