Book List in Order: 71 titles

Complete Series List in Order

All-American Sweethearts

1) Cara's Beloved (Feb-1993)
2) Sally's Beau (Mar-1993)
3) Victoria's Conquest (Apr-1993)

Canyon Country

1) Second-Time Lucky (Jul-2006)
2) Under The Western Sky (Sep-2006)
3) Acquiring Mr. Right (Nov-2006)
4) A Place To Call Home (Jan-2007)

Homeward Bound

1) A Season for Homecoming (Jun-1990)
2) Home Fires Burning Bright (Jul-1990)

Related Books

1) Only One Groom Allowed (Jun-1997)
2) Wanted: One Son (Sep-1997)

Seven Devils

1) Claiming His Own: Something to Hide (Mar-2003)
2) Showdown! (Apr-2003)
3) The One and Only (Jun-2003)
4) Found In Lost Valley (Aug-2003)
5) The Devil You Know (Oct-2004)
6) A Kiss in the Moonlight (Dec-2004)
7) The Other Side Of Paradise (Sep-2005)

Wild River

1) Home for a Wild Heart (Jul-1993)
2) A Place for Eagles (Sep-1993)
3) The Way of a Man (Nov-1993)
4) Wild Is the Wind (May-1994)
5) A Rogue's Heart (Jun-1994)
6) A River to Cross (Sep-1994)

The Windraven Legacy

1) Something to Talk About (May-2001)
2) When I See Your Face (Jul-2001)
3) When I Dream of You (Sep-2001)

Multi-Author Series List

2000 Launch

A Family Homecoming (Jan-2000)

Bundles of Joy

An Unexpected Delivery (May-1996)

The Coltons

8) The Housekeeper's Daughter (Dec-2001)

Crown and Glory

The Princess Is Pregnant! (Apr-2002)

Fabulous Fathers

Caleb's Son (Mar-1994)
Wanted: One Son (Sep-1997)

Fortune's Children

26) The Baby Pursuit (Oct-1999)
55) Lone Star Rancher (Sep-2005)

The Fortunes of Texas

2) The Baby Pursuit (Oct-1999)
16) Lone Star Rancher (Sep-2005)

Hotel Marchand

3) The Unknown Woman (Aug-2006)

Logan's Legacy

0.75) Jenna's Having a Baby (May-2004)
3) Royal Affair (Aug-2004)

Lone Star Country Club

Heartbreaker (Sep-2002)

Montana Mavericks

4) The Once and Future Wife (Nov-1994)
9) Father Found (Apr-1995)
17) A Hero's Homecoming (Jun-1998)
21) A Family Homecoming (Jan-2000)
25) Cheyenne Bride / His Forever Bride (Jul-2000)
34) Outlaw Marriage (Apr-2001)
45) Her Montana Man (Aug-2002)
48) One Baby to Go, Please (Nov-2002)

The Parks Empire

Romancing the Enemy (Jul-2004)

So Many Babies

Make Way for Babies (Apr-2000)

That's My Baby

Molly Darling (Apr-1996)
Father-To-Be (Oct-1998)

Virgin Brides

The Guardian's Bride (Sep-1998)

Written in the Stars

Man from the North Country (Feb-1991)

Award-Winning Books by Laurie Paige

Molly Darling
1996 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Silhouette Special Edition
Nothing Lost
1986 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Silhouette Romance