Sherryl Woods

Author Sherryl Woods has been a journalist and television editor as well as an author. She has also been the coordinator for a motivational program for the employees of the University of Miami-Jackson Memorial Medical Center.

She was born on July 23, 1944 in Arlington, Virginia. She graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in journalism. Her first book was published in 1982 under a pseudonym. She also used a pseudonym for her second book. In 1986, she left her job and became a full-time writer. She has written romances and mysteries.

For fun, she gardens, plays tennis and attends the theater. She divides her time between Colonial Beach, Virginia and Key Biscayne, Florida.

Book List in Order: 140 titles

Complete Series List in Order

An Amanda Roberts Mystery

1) Reckless (Feb-1989)
2) Body and Soul (Aug-1989)
3) Stolen Moments (May-1990)
4) Ties That Bind (Nov-1991)
5) Bank on It (May-1993)
6) Hide and Seek (Jan-1994)
7) Wages of Sin (Oct-1994)
8) Deadly Obsession (May-1995)
9) White Lightning (Oct-1995)

And Baby Makes Three

1) A Christmas Blessing (Dec-1995)
2) Natural Born Daddy (Jan-1996)
3) The Cowboy and His Baby (Feb-1996)
4) The Rancher and His Unexpected Daughter (Mar-1996)
5) The Littlest Angel (Dec-1997)
6) Natural Born Trouble (Feb-1998)
7) Unexpected Mommy (May-1998)
8) The Cowgirl and the Unexpected Wedding (Nov-1998)
9) Natural Born Lawman (Dec-1998)
10) The Unclaimed Baby (Feb-1999)
11) The Cowboy and His Wayward Bride (Mar-1999)
12) Suddenly, Annie's Father (Sep-1999)
13) The Cowboy and the New Year's Baby (Jan-2000)
14) Dylan and the Baby Doctor (Mar-2000)
15) The Pint-Sized Secret (Jul-2000)
16) Marrying a Delacourt (Oct-2000)
17) The Delacourt Scandal (Dec-2000)

The Bridal Path

1) A Ranch for Sara (Feb-1997)
2) Ashley's Rebel (Mar-1997)
3) Danielle's Daddy Factor (Apr-1997)

The Calamity Janes

1) Do You Take This Rebel? / Winding River Reunion (May-2001)
2) Courting the Enemy (Aug-2001)
3) To Catch a Thief (Sep-2001)
4) The Calamity Janes (Oct-2001)
5) Wrangling the Redhead (Nov-2001)

The Charleston Trilogy

1) The Backup Plan (Mar-2005)
2) Flirting With Disaster (Dec-2005)
3) Waking Up In Charleston (May-2006)

A Chesapeake Shores Novel

1) The Inn At Eagle Point (Apr-2009)
2) Flowers On Main (May-2009)
3) Harbor Lights (Jun-2009)
4) A Chesapeake Shores Christmas (Oct-2010)
5) Driftwood Cottage (Apr-2011)
6) Moonlight Cove (May-2011)
7) Beach Lane (Jun-2011)
8) An O'Brien Family Christmas (Oct-2011)
9) The Summer Garden (Feb-2012)
10) A Seaside Christmas (Sep-2013)
11) The Christmas Bouquet (Oct-2014)
12) Dogwood Hill (Jan-2015)
12.5) Bayside Retreat (Nov-2015)
13) Willow Brook Road (Oct-2015)
14) Lilac Lane (Oct-2017)

The Devaneys

1) Ryan's Place (Sep-2002)
2) Sean's Reckoning (Oct-2002)
3) Michael's Discovery (Jan-2003)
4) Patrick's Destiny (Jul-2003)
5) Daniel's Desire (Aug-2003)

Million Dollar Destinies

1) Isn't It Rich? (Mar-2004)
2) Priceless (Apr-2004)
3) Treasured (May-2004)
4) Destiny Unleashed (Jun-2004)

A Molly Dewitt Romantic Mystery

1) Hot Property / Island Storms (Apr-1992)
2) Hot Secret / Seaside Lies (Nov-1992)
3) Hot Money / Bayside Deceptions (Aug-1993)
4) Hot Schemes / Troubled Waters (Sep-1994)

An Ocean Breeze Novel

1) Sand Castle Bay (Apr-2013)
2) Wind Chime Point (May-2013)
3) Sea Glass Island (Jun-2013)

Related Books

1) Miss Liz's Passion (Jan-1990)
2) Tea and Destiny (May-1990)

Related Books - 3

1) My Dearest Cal (May-1991)
2) Joshua and the Cowgirl (Dec-1991)

The Rose Cottage Sisters

1) Three Down the Aisle (Feb-2005)
2) What's Cooking? (Apr-2005)
3) The Laws of Attraction (May-2005)
4) For the Love of Pete (Jun-2005)

A Seaview Key Novel

1) Seaview Inn (Mar-2008)
2) Home to Seaview Key (Feb-2014)

The Sweet Magnolias

1) Stealing Home (Feb-2007)
2) A Slice of Heaven (Mar-2007)
3) Feels Like Family (Apr-2007)
4) Welcome To Serenity (Dec-2007)
5) Home in Carolina (Apr-2010)
6) Sweet Tea at Sunrise (May-2010)
7) Honeysuckle Summer (May-2010)
8) Midnight Promises (Jul-2012)
9) Catching Fireflies (Aug-2012)
10) Where Azaleas Bloom (Sep-2012)
11) Swan Point (Aug-2014)

Trinity Harbor

1) About That Man (Jun-2001)
2) Ask Anyone (Mar-2002)
3) Along Came Trouble (Dec-2002)


1) Love (Oct-1992)
2) Honor (Nov-1992)
3) Cherish (Dec-1992)
4) Kate's Vow (Jul-1993)
5) A Daring Vow (Dec-1993)
6) A Vow to Love (May-1994)

A Whispering Wind Novel

1) After Tex (Oct-1999)
2) Angel Mine (Aug-2000)

Multi-Author Series List

2000 Launch

The Cowboy and the New Year's Baby (Jan-2000)

Always a Bridesmaid!

Finally a Bride (Oct-1995)

Man of the Month

40) Dream Mender (Apr-1992)

That Special Woman

Kate's Vow (Jul-1993)
The Parson's Waiting (Sep-1994)
Riley's Sleeping Beauty (Jun-1995)
Ashley's Rebel (Mar-1997)
Unexpected Mommy (May-1998)

That's My Baby

The Cowboy and His Baby (Feb-1996)

A Woman's Way

1) A Love Beyond Words (Mar-2001)