Annette Broadrick

With over fifty novels to her credit, Annette Broadrick still desires to write great stories for her readers to enjoy. She was married right after high school. A year later, her first child was born. After seven years of marriage, she had four children and the hectic life of a mother. Aside from raising her family, Broadrick also worked as a legal secretary for twenty-five years. When her youngest son finished high school, Broadrick decided to write. The book went through several rewrites and was eventually sold to Silhouette. She has been supporting herself as a writer since the mid-1980s. She lives in the soothing Hill Country of central Texas.

Book List in Order: 66 titles

Complete Series List in Order

The Crenshaws of Texas

1) Lean Mean & Lonesome (Sep-1999)
2) Tall Dark & Texan (Jan-2000)
3) Branded (Sep-2004)
4) Caught in the Crossfire (Oct-2004)
5) Double Identity (Apr-2005)
6) Danger Becomes You (Oct-2005)
7) Man From Stallion Country (Jan-2009)

Daughters of Texas

1) Megan's Marriage (Feb-1996)
2) Instant Mommy (Mar-1996)
3) The Groom, I Presume? (Apr-1996)

Related Books

1) Choices (Jun-1986)
2) Heat of the Night (Nov-1986)

Related Books - 2

1) Return to Yesterday (Jun-1987)
2) Adam's Story (Aug-1987)

Related Books - 3

1) That's What Friends Are for (Dec-1987)
2) Come Be My Love (Oct-1988)

Related Books - 4

1) Irresistible (Jun-1989)
2) A Love Remembered (Oct-1989)
3) Candlelight for Two (Jul-1990)
4) The Gemini Man (Jun-1991)
5) Where There Is Love (May-1992)

Secret Sisters

1) Man In The Mist (Nov-2003)
2) Too Tough To Tame (Dec-2003)
3) Macgowan Meets His Match (Jan-2004)

Sons of Texas

1) Love Texas Style! (Sep-1992)
2) Courtship Texas Style! (Oct-1992)
3) Marriage Texas Style! (Nov-1992)
4) Temptation Texas Style! (Oct-1994)
5) Rogues and Ranchers (Sep-1996)
6) Callaway Country (May-2000)

Multi-Author Series List

2000 Launch

Tall Dark & Texan (Jan-2000)

Bundles of Joy

Instant Mommy (Mar-1996)

Fabulous Fathers

Daddy's Angel (Dec-1993)

Man of the Month

6) Irresistible (Jun-1989)
14) A Loving Spirit (Feb-1990)
33) Lone Wolf (Sep-1991)
41) Where There Is Love (May-1992)
55) Zeke (Jul-1993)
70) Temptation Texas Style! (Oct-1994)
77) Mysterious Mountain Man (May-1995)
86) Megan's Marriage (Feb-1996)
129) Lean Mean & Lonesome (Sep-1999)
134) Tall Dark & Texan (Jan-2000)
153) Hard to Forget (Aug-2001)

Men of the Year

9) Lean Mean & Lonesome (Sep-1999)

Men on a Mission

Hunter's Prey (Jan-1985)
Bachelor Father (Jul-1985)
Hawk's Flight (Nov-1985)
Marriage Prey (Nov-2000)

Red, White and Blue

Zeke (Jul-1993)

That Special Woman

Mystery Wife (Apr-1994)

Under the Mistletoe

Daddy's Angel (Dec-1993)

Virgin Brides

Unforgettable Bride (May-1998)

Written in the Stars

The Gemini Man (Jun-1991)

Award-Winning Books by Annette Broadrick

Heat of the Night
1987 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Silhouette Desire
1989 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Silhouette Desire
Mystery Lover
1988 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Silhouette Romance