Vicki Lewis Thompson

Bestselling author Vicki Lewis Thompson has written over seventy romance novels. After earning her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in English, Thompson has been both a journalist and high school teacher. It was her husband who encouraged her to write a romance. She sold her first book in 1984 to the Harlequin Temptation line. Her steamy writing led her to be one of the launch authors for the Harlequin Blaze and Harlequin duets lines. She is also the author of “Nerd in Shining Armor” which was a 2003 Reading with Ripa selection. She lives in Arizona with her husband where they share the hobbies of travel and laughter.

Book List in Order: 169 titles

Complete Series List in Order

A Babes On Brooms Novel

1) Blonde With a Wand (Feb-2010)
2) Chick with a Charm (Mar-2010)

The Buckskin Brotherhood

1) Sweet-Talking Cowboy (Feb-2020)
2) Big-Hearted Cowboy (Apr-2020)
3) Baby-Daddy Cowboy (Jun-2020)
4) True-Blue Cowboy (Aug-2020)
5) Strong-Willed Cowboy (Oct-2020)
6) Secret-Santa Cowboy (Dec-2020)
7) Stand-Up Cowboy (Feb-2021)
8) Single-Dad Cowboy (May-2021)
9) Marriage-Minded Cowboy (Aug-2021)
10) Gift-Giving Cowboy (Nov-2021)


1) Mystery Lover (Jul-2001)
2) Notorious (Aug-2001)


1) Over Hexed (Oct-2007)
2) Wild & Hexy (Jun-2008)
3) Casual Hex (Mar-2009)

McGavin Brothers

1) A Cowboy's Strength (Feb-2017)
2) A Cowboy's Honor (Apr-2017)
3) A Cowboy's Return (May-2017)
4) A Cowboy's Heart (Sep-2017)
5) A Cowboy's Courage (Nov-2017)
6) A Cowboy's Christmas (Dec-2017)
7) A Cowboy's Kiss (Jan-2018)
8) A Cowboy's Luck (Mar-2018)
9) A Cowboy's Charm (Jun-2018)
10) A Cowboy's Challenge (Jun-2018)
11) A Cowboy's Baby (Nov-2018)
12) A Cowboy's Holiday (Nov-2018)
13) A Cowboy's Choice (Feb-2019)
14) A Cowboy's Worth (Apr-2019)
15) A Cowboy's Destiny (Jul-2019)
16) A Cowboy's Secret (Oct-2019)
17) A Cowboy's Homecoming (Dec-2019)


1) Nerd in Shining Armor (Apr-2003)
2) The Nerd Who Loved Me (Aug-2004)
3) Nerd Gone Wild (Feb-2005)
4) Gone with the Nerd (Aug-2005)
5) Talk Nerdy to Me (Feb-2006)
6) Nerds Like It Hot (Aug-2006)
7) My Nerdy Valentine (Jan-2007)
8) Nerds Are From Mars (Nov-2013)

Perfect Man

1) One Night With a Billionaire (May-2013)
2) Tempted By a Cowboy (Jun-2013)
3) Safe in His Arms (Jul-2013)

Rowdy Ranch

1) Having the Cowboy's Baby (Feb-2022)
2) Stoking the Cowboy's Fire (May-2022)

A Sexy Texans Novel

1) Crazy for the Cowboy (May-2015)
2) Wild about the Wrangler (Nov-2015)

Sons of Chance

1) Wanted! / What a Cowboy Wants (Jun-2010)
2) Ambushed! / A Cowboy's Temptation (Jul-2010)
3) Claimed! / Claimed by the Cowboy (Aug-2010)
4) Should've Been a Cowboy (Jun-2011)
5) Cowboy Up (Jul-2011)
6) Cowboys Like Us (Aug-2011)
6.1) Merry Christmas, Baby: It's Christmas, Cowboy! (Dec-2011)
6.2) Already Home (May-2012)
7) Long Road Home / Count on a Cowboy (Jun-2012)
8) Lead Me Home / The Way to a Cowboy's Heart (Jul-2012)
9) Feels Like Home / Trust in a Cowboy (Aug-2012)
10) I Cross My Heart / Only a Cowboy Will Do (Jun-2013)
11) Wild at Heart (Jul-2013)
12) The Heart Won't Lie (Aug-2013)
13) Cowboys & Angels (Dec-2013)
14) Riding High (Jun-2014)
15) Riding Hard (Jul-2014)
16) Riding Home (Aug-2014)
17) A Last Chance Christmas (Dec-2014)
17.5) It's Christmas, Cowboy (Nov-2021)

Three Cowboys and a Baby

1) The Colorado Kid (Apr-2000)
2) Two in the Saddle (May-2000)
3) Boone's Bounty (Jun-2000)
4) That's My Baby (Sep-2000)

Thunder Mountain Brotherhood

1) Midnight Thunder (Jun-2015)
2) Thunderstruck (Jul-2015)
3) Rolling Like Thunder (Aug-2015)
4) A Cowboy Under the Mistletoe (Dec-2015)
5) Cowboy All Night (Jun-2016)
6) Cowboy Untamed (Aug-2016)
7) Cowboy After Dark (Jul-2016)
8) Cowboy Unwrapped (Dec-2016)
9) In the Cowboy's Arms (Jun-2017)
10) Say Yes to the Cowboy (Jul-2017)
11) Do You Take This Cowboy? (Aug-2017)

Urban Cowboys

1) The Trailblazer (Sep-1995)
2) The Drifter (Oct-1995)
3) The Lawman (Nov-1995)


1) Be Mine, Valentine (Feb-1989)
2) Forever Mine, Valentine (Feb-1990)

A Wild About You Novel

1) A Werewolf in Manhattan (Jan-2011)
1.5) Werewolf in Greenwich Village (Sep-2011)
2) Werewolf in the North Woods (Oct-2011)
3) Werewolf in Seattle (Apr-2012)
4) Werewolf in Denver (Oct-2012)
5) Werewolf in Alaska (Jul-2013)
6) Werewolf in Las Vegas (Mar-2014)

Multi-Author Series List

Bachelor Auction

Single, Sexy...and Sold! (Mar-1999)


Pure Temptation (Aug-1999)

Cooper's Corner

Double Exposure (Jun-2002)

Crystal Creek

She Used to Be Mine (Jul-2002)


The Nights Before Christmas (Nov-2001)
Drive Me Wild (Apr-2003)

Invitations to Seduction

Illicit Dreams (Jul-2003)

It Happened One Night

Santa in a Stetson (Dec-1997)

Lovers Apart

Your Place or Mine (Apr-1991)

Maitland Maternity Clinic

13) Her Best Friend's Baby (Apr-2001)


3) Manhunting in Montana (Apr-1998)

Matchmaking Moms

One Mom Too Many (Apr-1997)

Midnight Fantasies

Acting on Impulse (Jan-2002)

Montclair Emeralds

Impulse (Sep-1988)


Adam Then and Now (Mar-1995)

Texas Men Magazine

Holding Out for a Hero (Aug-1996)
Single in the Saddle (Aug-1998)
Every Woman's Fantasy (Apr-2001)

Trueblood, Texas

17) Truly, Madly, Deeply (Aug-2002)


Hero in Disguise (Dec-1996)

Weddings, Inc.

Wedding Song (Aug-1994)

Award-Winning Books by Vicki Lewis Thompson

After Hours
2003 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Harlequin Blaze
Claimed! / Claimed by the Cowboy
2010 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Harlequin Blaze
Cowboy Up
2011 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Harlequin Blaze
Holding Out for a Hero
1996 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Harlequin Temptation
Nerd in Shining Armor
2003 All About Romance Reader Award -- Most Annoying Lead Character
2003 All About Romance Reader Award -- Most Disappointing Read
2003 Romance Readers Anonymous Award -- Best Humorous Romance
Pure Temptation
1999 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Harlequin Temptation