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Related Books

1) Annie in the Morning (Sep-1991)
2) Last of the Good Guys (Aug-1992)
3) True Blue Hearts (Apr-1993)
4) Summertime (Jan-1994)

Related Books - 2

1) The Forever Rose (Jan-1990)
2) Intimate Circle (Apr-1990)
3) Love Finds Yancey Cordell (Jun-1990)

A Valentine Novel

1) Lost Highways (Sep-1999)
2) Driving Lessons (Aug-2000)
3) Cold Tea on a Hot Day (Aug-2001)
4) At the Corner of Love and Heartache (Jul-2002)
5) Recipes For Easy Living / Christmas Comes to Valentine (Oct-2003)
6) Sweet Dreams at the Goodnight Motel (Oct-2004)
7) Chin Up, Honey (May-2009)
8) Little Town, Great Big Life (Jun-2010)

Award-Winning Books by Curtiss Ann Matlock

The Forever Rose
1990 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Crossover Romance