Rachel Lee

Instead of going outside to play, Rachel Lee preferred to hide in her basement reading and writing. She continued this passion into adulthood, making time to write amid a business personal and professional life. She has lived all over the United States and held a variety assortment of jobs from selling mountain top homes to acting as a security specialist for the Department of Defense. She draws upon her diverse life experiences in her writing creating exciting works of suspenseful and contemporary romance.
When she’s not creating award winning fiction, she likes to travel. She also enjoys a good movie, Sudoku and evening walks.

Book List in Order: 102 titles

Complete Series List in Order

The Claiming

1) Claim the Night (Jan-2012)
2) Claimed by a Vampire (Feb-2012)
3) Forever Claimed (Mar-2012)
4) Claimed by the Immortal (Aug-2013)

Conard County

1) Exile's End (Sep-1992)
2) Cherokee Thunder (Dec-1992)
3) Miss Emmaline and the Archangel (Mar-1993)
4) Ironheart (May-1993)
5) Lost Warriors (Dec-1993)
6) Point of No Return (May-1994)
7) Thunder Mountain (Aug-1994)
8) A Question of Justice (Jan-1995)
9) A Conard County Reckoning (Mar-1996)
10) Nighthawk (May-1997)
11) Cowboy Comes Home (Jul-1998)
12) The Catch of Conard County (Sep-1998)
13) Boots & Badges (Sep-1999)
14) Involuntary Daddy (Oct-1999)
15) The Dream Marine (Oct-2002)
16) I'll Be Home (Nov-2004)
17) Holiday Heroes: A Soldier for All Seasons (Nov-2007)
18) A Soldier's Homecoming (Jul-2008)
19) Protector Of One (Apr-2009)
20) The Unexpected Hero (Jul-2009)
21) The Man from Nowhere (Feb-2010)
22) Her Hero in Hiding (Jun-2010)
23) A Soldier's Redemption (Dec-2010)
24) No Ordinary Hero (Feb-2011)
25) The Final Mission (May-2011)
26) Just a Cowboy (Jul-2011)
27) The Rescue Pilot (Sep-2011)
28) Guardian in Disguise (Apr-2012)
29) The Widow's Protector (Jun-2012)
30) Rancher's Deadly Risk (Nov-2012)
31) What She Saw (Mar-2013)
32) Rocky Mountain Lawman (Jun-2013)
33) The Widow of Conard County (Jul-2013)
34) Killer's Prey (Oct-2013)
35) Thanksgiving Daddy (Nov-2013)
36) Reuniting with the Rancher (Feb-2014)
37) Deadly Hunter (Mar-2014)
38) Defending the Eyewitness (Apr-2014)
39) Snowstorm Confessions (Oct-2014)
40) Undercover Hunter (Jan-2015)
41) A Conard County Baby (Mar-2015)
42) The Lawman Lassoes a Family (Jul-2015)
43) Playing with Fire (Aug-2015)
44) A Cowboy for Christmas (Nov-2015)
45) Conard County Witness (Dec-2015)
46) A Secret in Conard County (Feb-2016)
47) Conard County Spy (May-2016)
48) An Unlikely Daddy (Aug-2016)
49) Conard County Marine (Sep-2016)
50) Undercover in Conard County (Jan-2017)
51) His Pregnant Courthouse Bride (Feb-2017)
52) A Conard County Homecoming (Jun-2017)
53) Cornered in Conard County (Aug-2017)
54) A Conard County Courtship (Oct-2017)
55) A Soldier in Conard County (Feb-2018)
56) Conard County Revenge (Mar-2018)
57) A Bachelor, a Boss and a Baby (May-2018)
58) Conard County Watch (Oct-2018)
59) Missing in Conard County (Jan-2019)
60) Murdered in Conard County (Sep-2019)
61) Stalked in Conard County (Jan-2020)
62) Conard County Justice (May-2020)
63) Hard Proof (Sep-2020)
64) Hunted in Conard County (Feb-2021)
65) Traces of Murder (Jun-2021)
66) Christmas Bodyguard (Dec-2021)
67) Conard County Conspiracy (Feb-2022)

Conard County: The Next Generation

1) A Soldier's Homecoming (Jul-2008)
2) Protector Of One (Apr-2009)
3) The Unexpected Hero (Jul-2009)
4) The Man from Nowhere (Feb-2010)
5) Her Hero in Hiding (Jun-2010)
6) A Soldier's Redemption (Dec-2010)
7) No Ordinary Hero (Feb-2011)
8) The Final Mission (May-2011)
9) Just a Cowboy (Jul-2011)
10) The Rescue Pilot (Sep-2011)
11) Guardian in Disguise (Apr-2012)
12) The Widow's Protector (Jun-2012)
13) Rancher's Deadly Risk (Nov-2012)
14) What She Saw (Mar-2013)
15) Rocky Mountain Lawman (Jun-2013)
16) Killer's Prey (Oct-2013)
17) Thanksgiving Daddy (Nov-2013)
18) Reuniting with the Rancher (Feb-2014)
19) Deadly Hunter (Mar-2014)
20) Defending the Eyewitness (Apr-2014)
21) Snowstorm Confessions (Oct-2014)
22) Undercover Hunter (Jan-2015)
23) A Conard County Baby (Mar-2015)
24) The Lawman Lassoes a Family (Jul-2015)
25) Playing with Fire (Aug-2015)
26) A Cowboy for Christmas (Nov-2015)
27) Conard County Witness (Dec-2015)
28) A Secret in Conard County (Feb-2016)
29) Conard County Spy (May-2016)
30) An Unlikely Daddy (Aug-2016)
31) Conard County Marine (Sep-2016)
32) Undercover in Conard County (Jan-2017)
33) His Pregnant Courthouse Bride (Feb-2017)
34) A Conard County Homecoming (Jun-2017)
35) Cornered in Conard County (Aug-2017)
36) A Conard County Courtship (Oct-2017)
37) Conard County Revenge (Mar-2018)
38) A Bachelor, a Boss and a Baby (May-2018)
39) Conard County Watch (Oct-2018)
40) Murdered in Conard County (Sep-2019)
41) Stalked in Conard County (Jan-2020)
42) Conard County Justice (May-2020)
43) Hard Proof (Sep-2020)
44) Hunted in Conard County (Feb-2021)
45) Traces of Murder (Jun-2021)
46) Christmas Bodyguard (Dec-2021)
47) Conard County Conspiracy (Feb-2022)

The Ilduin

1) Shadows of Myth (Jan-2005)
2) Shadows of Prophecy (Jan-2006)
3) Shadows of Destiny (Jan-2007)

Months Trilogy

1) Snow in September (Apr-2000)
2) A January Chill (Apr-2001)
3) July Thunder (Feb-2002)

An Office 119 Novel

1) Wildcard (Feb-2005)
2) The Crimson Code (Feb-2006)
3) The Jericho Pact (May-2007)

Multi-Author Series List

American Hero

4) Cherokee Thunder (Dec-1992)
16) Lost Warriors (Dec-1993)
28) A Question of Justice (Jan-1995)

American Heroes

A Soldier in Conard County (Feb-2018)

Montana Mavericks

12) Cowboy Cop (Jul-1995)
97) A Very Maverick Christmas (Dec-2014)

Montana Mavericks: Rust Creek Cowboys

A Very Maverick Christmas (Dec-2014)

Montana Mavericks: 20 Years in the Saddle

6) A Very Maverick Christmas (Dec-2014)

Award-Winning Books by Rachel Lee

Exile's End
1993 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Series Romantic Suspense
Her Hero in Hiding
2010 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Silhouette Romantic Suspense
Imminent Thunder
1994 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Silhouette Shadows
An Officer and a Gentleman
1991 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Series Romance Book of the Year
A Soldier's Homecoming
2008 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Silhouette Romantic Suspense
The Widow of Conard County
2013 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Harlequin Special Edition