Book List in Order: 56 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Big Bad Wolfe

1) Wolfe Waiting (Sep-1993)
2) Wolfe Watching (Jul-1994)
3) Wolfe Wanting (Oct-1994)
4) Wolfe Wedding (Jan-1996)
5) Wolfe Winter (Dec-1998)
6) Wolfe Wonder (Jan-2004)


1) The Gentleman Insists (Feb-1989)
2) Handsome Devil (Dec-1990)

Jonas Thorne

1) Thorne's Way (Oct-1982)
2) Thorne's Wife (Jul-1989)

Related Books

1) A Taste for Rich Things (Jan-1985)
2) The Scent of Lilacs (Aug-1985)

The Sharps & Friends

1) Texas Gold (Jul-1986)
2) California Copper (Oct-1986)
3) Nevada Silver (Jan-1987)
4) Lady Ice (May-1987)
5) One Tough Hombre (Aug-1987)
6) Falcon's Flight (Nov-1987)


1) Window on Yesterday (Nov-1988)
2) Window on Today (Jan-1989)
3) Window on Tomorrow (Mar-1989)

Multi-Author Series List

Gifts From a Billionaire

The M.D.'s Mistress (Sep-2008)

Man of the Month

2) The Gentleman Insists (Feb-1989)
24) Handsome Devil (Dec-1990)
44) Convenient Husband (Aug-1992)
49) Lyon's Cub (Jan-1993)
67) Wolfe Watching (Jul-1994)
85) Wolfe Wedding (Jan-1996)
102) A Memorable Man (Jun-1997)
143) The Dakota Man (Oct-2000)

Rich, Rugged Ranchers

3) Beguiling the Boss (Mar-2013)

Award-Winning Books by Joan Hohl

A Much Needed Holiday
1985 Golden Medallion -- Short Contemporary