Book List in Order: 38 titles

Complete Series List in Order

A Family Bond

1) A Man Apart (Jun-2000)
2) In Search of Dreams (Aug-2000)
3) The Ties That Bind (May-2001)

Related Books

1) Golden Illusion (Jun-1984)
2) Sweet Promise (Jul-1986)

Related Books - 2

1) Fools Rush In (Nov-1987)
2) Where Angels Fear (Jul-1988)
3) Once in a Lifetime (Apr-1991)
4) A Good Man Walks in (Feb-1992)
5) Building Dreams (Jan-1993)
6) Forever (Dec-1993)
7) Always (Jun-1994)
8) Meant for Each Other (Jan-1999)

Related Books - 3

1) The Gentling (Mar-1984)
2) If There Be Love (May-1989)

Multi-Author Series List

That Special Woman

Building Dreams (Jan-1993)
The Bride Price (Aug-1995)

That's My Baby

Alissa's Miracle (Aug-1997)

Written in the Stars

Sting of the Scorpion (Nov-1991)