Book List in Order: 85 titles

Complete Series List in Order


1) Runaway (Jun-1990)
2) The Way Back Home (Jul-1990)
3) Fugitive (Nov-1990)
4) One Perfect Rose (Jun-1992)
5) The Trouble With Joe (Mar-1994)

Goddesses Anonymous

1) One Mountain Away (Aug-2012)
2) Somewhere Between Luck and Trust (Jun-2013)
3) No River Too Wide (Jun-2014)
4) The Color of Light (Aug-2015)

Happiness Key

1) Happiness Key (Jul-2009)
2) Fortunate Harbor (Jul-2010)
3) Sunset Bridge (Jul-2011)
3.5) Treasure Beach (Jul-2012)


1) Aloha Always (Aug-1987)
2) Island Glory (Sep-1989)

Iron Lace

1) Iron Lace (Jun-1996)
2) Rising Tides (May-1997)

The Men of Midnight

1) Duncan's Lady (Mar-1995)
2) Iain Ross's Woman (Jun-1995)
3) MacDougall's Darling (Aug-1995)

Ministry is Murder

1) Blessed Is the Busybody (Dec-2005)
2) Let There Be Suspects (Dec-2006)
3) Beware False Profits (Nov-2007)
4) A Lie for a Lie (Feb-2009)
5) A Truth for a Truth (Oct-2010)

New Orleans Nights

1) Lady of the Night (Jul-1986)
2) Bayou Midnight (Apr-1987)


1) From a Distance (Oct-1992)
2) Somewhere Out There (May-1993)


1) Once More With Feeling (Aug-1996)
2) Twice Upon a Time (Nov-1997)


1) Runaway (Jun-1990)
2) The Way Back Home (Jul-1990)
3) Fugitive (Nov-1990)


1) Desert Shadows (Oct-1991)
2) Twilight Shadows (Dec-1991)

Shenandoah Album

1) Wedding Ring (Jul-2004)
2) Endless Chain (Jul-2005)
3) Lover's Knot (Jul-2006)
4) Touching Stars (Jul-2007)
5) Sister's Choice (Apr-2008)

Sweet Five

1) Sweet Georgia Gal (Oct-1985)
2) Sweet Sea Spirit (Feb-1986)
3) Sweet Mockingbird's Call (Jun-1986)
4) Sweet Mountain Magic (Nov-1986)
5) Sweet Homecoming (Feb-1987)

Tales of the Pacific

1) From Glowing Embers (Aug-1988)
2) Smoke Screen (Nov-1988)
3) Rainbow Fire (Feb-1989)
4) Out of the Ashes (May-1989)

Multi-Author Series List

American Hero

12) Dragonslayer (Aug-1993)

From Bud to Blossom

Mail-Order Matty (Jul-1997)

Men in Blue

One Moment Past Midnight (Sep-1999)

Sonny's Girls

All Those Years Ago (Jul-1991)

Award-Winning Books by Emilie Richards

1994 Rita Award -- Long Contemporary Romance
From a Distance
1993 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Series Romance Book of the Year
Somewhere Out There
1994 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Series W.I.S.H. Hero