Diana Palmer

Susan Eloise Spaeth was born on 12 December 1946 in Cuthbert, Georgia, USA, the eldest daugther of Maggie Eloise Cliatt, a nurse and journalist, and William Olin Spaeth, a college professor. She was a former newspaper reporter, with sixteen years experience on both daily and weekly newspapers. She married James Edward Kyle in 9 October 1972, they had a son, Blayne Kyle. She lives in Cornelia, Georgia.

Susan published her first romance novels in 1979 as Diana Palmer, al also her first science fiction novel, 'The Morcai Battalion', in 1980 as Susan S. Kyle. In the 1980's, she also used the names of Diana Blayne, Katy Currie and Susan Kyle (her married name). Today, renowned as one of North America's top ten romance writers, she has over 150 books in print. She has written contemporary romances as well as some historical romances.

Book List in Order: 171 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Big Spur, Texas

1) Heather's Song (Jul-1982)
2) Passion Flower (Nov-1984)

Blake Donovan

1) Fit for a King (May-1987)
2) Reluctant Father (Jan-1989)

Friends and Lovers

1) Friends and Lovers (Mar-1983)
2) Rage of Passion (Jan-1987)

Hutton & Co.

1) Once in Paris (Dec-1998)
2) Paper Rose (Dec-1999)
3) Lord of the Desert (Oct-2000)
4) The Texas Ranger (Aug-2001)
5) Desperado (Jul-2002)

Iron Cowboy

1) Iron Cowboy (Mar-2008)
2) Silent Night Man / Tony (Oct-2009)

Long Tall Texans

0.5) The Founding Father (Dec-2003)
1) Calhoun (Jun-1988)
2) Justin (Aug-1988)
3) Tyler (Oct-1988)
4) Sutton's Way (Sep-1989)
5) Ethan (Jan-1990)
6) Connal (Aug-1990)
7) Harden (Mar-1991)
8) Evan (Sep-1991)
9) Donavan (Jan-1992)
10) Emmett (Jan-1993)
11) Regan's Pride (Apr-1994)
12) That Burke Man (Mar-1995)
13) Redbird (Mar-1995)
14) Coltrain's Proposal (Sep-1995)
15) Husbands on Horseback: Paper Husband (Oct-1996)
16) A Long Tall Texan Summer (Jun-1997)
17) Christmas Cowboy (Oct-1997)
18) The Princess Bride (Mar-1998)
19) Beloved (Jan-1999)
20) Callaghan's Bride (Mar-1999)
21) Love With a Long Tall Texan (Aug-1999)
22) Matt Caldwell: Texas Tycoon (Jan-2000)
23) The Texas Ranger (Aug-2001)
24) A Man of Means (Apr-2002)
25) Garden Cop (Jun-2002)
26) Desperado (Jul-2002)
27) Lionhearted (Dec-2002)
28) Lawless (Jul-2003)
29) Man in Control (Oct-2003)
30) Cattleman's Pride (May-2004)
31) Renegade / One Night in New York (Aug-2004)
32) Carrera's Bride (Nov-2004)
33) Boss Man (Nov-2005)
34) Outsider (Jul-2006)
35) Heartbreaker (Sep-2006)
36) Lawman (Jun-2007)
37) Winter Roses (Nov-2007)
38) Iron Cowboy (Mar-2008)
39) Fearless (Jun-2008)
40) Heart of Stone (Sep-2008)
41) Heartless (Jun-2009)
42) The Maverick (Dec-2009)
43) Tough to Tame (Apr-2010)
44) Dangerous (Jun-2010)
45) Merciless (Aug-2011)
46) True Blue (Dec-2011)
47) Courageous (Jul-2012)
48) Protector (Jul-2013)
49) Invincible (Aug-2014)
50) Texas Born (Oct-2014)
51) Untamed (Jul-2015)
52) Defender (Jul-2016)
53) Undaunted (Jul-2017)
54) Unbridled (Jul-2018)
55) Unleashed (Jun-2019)
56) Notorious (Jun-2021)
57) Texas Proud (Oct-2020)

Maggie's Dad

1) Maggie's Dad (Nov-1995)
2) Man of Ice (May-1996)

The Marist Sisters

1) His Girl Friday (Oct-1989)
2) Hunter (Nov-1990)

Men of Medicine Ridge

1) Circle of Gold (2000)
2) The Wedding in White (2000)
3) Diamond In The Rough (Apr-2009)
4) Will of Steel (Dec-2010)

Men of the Hour

1) Night of Love (Aug-1993)
2) King's Ransom (Nov-1993)
3) Secret Agent Man (Jan-1994)

Most Wanted

1) The Case of the Mesmerizing Boss (Mar-1992)
2) The Case of the Confirmed Bachelor (Jun-1992)
3) The Case of the Missing Secretary (Sep-1992)


1) The Rancher’s Wedding (Apr-2019)
2) Mistletoe Cowboy (Oct-2020)

Rawhide and Lace

1) Rawhide and Lace (Sep-1986)
2) Unlikely Lover (Dec-1986)

Related Books - 1

1) Magnolia (Jan-1997)
2) The Savage Heart (Sep-1997)
3) Amelia (Jul-1993)
4) Nora (Aug-1994)
5) Noelle (Sep-1995)
Iron Cowboy (Mar-2008)
Silent Night Man / Tony (Oct-2009)

Skylance Ranch

1) To Love and Cherish (1980)
2) The Rancher (Dec-2012)

Soldiers of Fortune

1) Soldier of Fortune (Feb-1985)
2) The Tender Stranger (Sep-1985)
3) Enamored (Apr-1988)
4) Mercenary's Woman (May-2000)
5) The Winter Soldier (Mar-2001)
6) The Last Mercenary (Sep-2001)

Whitehall Saga

1) Lacy (Dec-1991)
2) The Cowboy and the Lady (Aug-1982)
3) Darling Enemy (Oct-1983)

Wyoming Men

1) Wyoming Tough / Rough Diamonds (Oct-2011)
2) Wyoming Fierce (Oct-2012)
3) Wyoming Bold (Nov-2013)
4) Wyoming Strong (Nov-2014)
5) Wyoming Rugged (Nov-2015)
6) Wyoming Brave (Jan-2017)
7) Wyoming Winter (Nov-2017)
8) Wyoming Legend (Nov-2018)
9) Wyoming Heart (Nov-2019)
10) Wyoming True (Nov-2021)
11) Wyoming Homecoming (Nov-2022)

Multi-Author Series List

Fabulous Fathers

Emmett (Jan-1993)
Mystery Man (Mar-1997)

June Grooms

The Case of the Confirmed Bachelor (Jun-1992)

Make-Believe Marriage

Coltrain's Proposal (Sep-1995)

Man of the Month

1) Reluctant Father (Jan-1989)
23) Hunter (Nov-1990)
25) Nelson's Brand (Jan-1991)
39) The Case of the Mesmerizing Boss (Mar-1992)
56) Night of Love (Aug-1993)
61) Secret Agent Man (Jan-1994)
75) That Burke Man (Mar-1995)
89) Man of Ice (May-1996)
106) The Patient Nurse (Oct-1997)
121) Beloved (Jan-1999)

Men of the Year

1) Beloved (Jan-1999)

Montana Mavericks

1) Rogue Stallion (Aug-1994)
15) The Bride Who Was Stolen in the Night (Apr-1998)

The Morcai Battalion

2) The Recruit (Dec-2009)
3) Invictus (Nov-2015)
4) The Rescue (Apr-2017)
5) The Pursuit (Apr-2018)

Virgin Brides

The Princess Bride (Mar-1998)
Callaghan's Bride (Mar-1999)

Award-Winning Books by Diana Palmer

2006 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Silhouette Desire
The Tender Stranger
1986 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Silhouette Desire